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Chapter 733: Shocking The Flower Fairys Eyes!

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“Damn it!”

The sudden change in the situation made Xu Xiaoshous heart jump to his throat.

He couldnt understand it at all.

The fake storyteller was clearly suppressed by the Three Loathsome Eyes and the holy power…

How did he escape from Jiang Xians control

From the beginning, Jiang Xian had controlled the wrong person and had been fighting against the illusion clone created by the Flower Fairy Eyes.

At the end, when Jiang Xians Three Loathsome Eyes were activated and the fake storyteller was clearly controlled, how could he explain the identity of the “Yama” that he had unconsciously revealed


The only possible explanation was that the person that Jiang Xian was controlling was a real person!

However, the fake storyteller still used some kind of method to break away from the control of the Three Loathsome Eyes!


“What kind of method is it” Xu Xiaoshou was at a loss and couldnt figure it out after thinking for a long time.

He was thinking.

The scene in the distance did not wait for him.

As Jiang Xian screamed and wailed, the white beams of light in the hands of the masked man in the red dress isolated the holy power and pulled Jiang Xians eyes out bit by bit.

At this moment, the holy power seemed to be on alert.

The space-time power that enveloped the masked man in the red dress seemed to be able to isolate the perception of the holy power for only a moment.

After sensing Jiang Xians crisis, the blurry outline of the holy statue in the white fog solidified in an instant.

Then, a huge force spread out.

With a loud boom, not only was the power of time and space on the red-dressed masked man shattered but his body was also sent flying hundreds of feet away by the holy power.

However, even when he spat out blood and his face was pale, the deadly white light beam on the red-robed masked mans hand still did not move at all.

It was firmly attached to Jiang Xians eyes through the void.

The two extremely long white beams were like chains, unusually eye-catching.

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“Hundred Ghosts!”

The red-robed masked man suddenly cried out in surprise, as if he could not withstand the impact of the holy power.

“Yin Cao, hold on!”

The green-robed masked man, who had been suppressed underground all this time, moved when he heard the sound.

In the code name of Yama, the red-robed man was called Yin Cao, the visitor from the Netherworld while the green-robed man was the Hundred Ghost Night Walk.

During the crisis, the two of them did not care about each others identities and had already revealed their real names.

At this moment, the green-robed masked man, Hundred Ghost Night Walk, forcefully supported himself on the ground with one hand.

Then, he took out a resplendent golden pearl-like elixir from his ring and swallowed it in one gulp.

As the elixir entered his mouth, the lower half of the Night Walkers body quickly grew back to normal.

His condition had also gone from extreme weakness to the peak.

“Gods Blessing”

Even though the elixir disappeared in a flash.

Xu Xiaoshou still recognized it from the elixir book that Elder Sang had given him.

He had a deep impression of this first-grade elixir, “Gods Blessing.” It was because this elixir was also known as a saint-grade elixir, which allows the consumer to avoid death once.

Whether it was consumed due to severe injuries or swallowed before using a forbidden move…

As long as the person wasnt instantly destroyed by the power that surpassed Holy Power, Gods blessing would definitely be able to save his life.

And now, Lei Shuangxing, who had consumed Gods Blessing before he cast his move, was undoubtedly trying to stir up a big wave.

“Cross-shaped Eyes…”


Xu Xiaoshou didnt even need to think much to understand what this person who was called the Hundred Ghosts wanted.

At this moment, he felt that he couldnt watch the battle anymore.

Jiang Xians Three Loathsome Eyes was too terrifying!

That ultimate move, “Mind-changing aperture”, could even allow Jiang Xian to forcefully control the red-robed masked man, who was at the cutting path level, at that critical moment earlier.

Although the price paid was a little high.

But the fake storyteller was still controlled!

Xu Xiaoshou could not bring himself to imagine what would happen should such a powerful Three Loathsome Eyes were to fall into the hands of Yama, and be used by a cutting path or even a higher void…

Or in a more severe situation…

It would be installed by Yamas boss, the person who controlled the power of time.

At that time, Xu Xiaoshou did not even know if Bazhunan would be able to resist the other partys control.

— this is too terrifying!

Xu Xiaoshou couldnt see anything when the Three Loathsome Eyes were on Jiang Xian.

But when he saw the scene of the fake storyteller being forcefully controlled…

He immediately understood why Yama would take the risk of losing the “Flower Fairy Eyes” and the “Cross-shaped Eyes” under the holy power to snatch the “Three Loathsome Eyes”.

— All the risks are worth it!

In short…

At this moment, Xu Xiaoshou stepped out of the disappearing state.

He only wanted to prevent Jiang Xian from dying in Yamas hands.

He also didnt want the Three Loathsome Eyes to fall into the hands of Yama, who coveted the God Devil Eyes of his junior sister.

As Xu Xiaoshou rushed out, the future appeared in front of his eyes.

Jiang Xian of today.

Mu Zixi of the future!


Under the power of Gods Blessing, the green-robed Hundred Ghosts Night Walk suddenly raised his eyes and aimed at the saint statue that was gradually solidifying as the white fog rose.

Following his angry roar.

The green and orange oval-shaped pearls in the Cross-shaped Eyes suddenly shrank and entered his pupils.

At this moment, his eyes turned blood-red and exploded with a crimson red light.

Then, there was a bang on the back of his head and blood blossomed.

He flew backward and his body was almost shattered into pieces by the backlash of the ocular power.

At this moment, the radiance of the elixirs of Gods Blessing spread out and tried its best to repair his broken body.

Even so.

The Hundred Ghosts Night Walk with the cultivation level of the cutting path was still knocked out on the spot by the backlash of this move.

However, the effect of him exhausting all his power to extinguish the Saint Statue was also very obvious.

The process of Jiang Xian summoning the Saint Statue was too slow!

After all, his cultivation level was too low, so it was difficult for him to achieve the holy power in one go.

Instead, he was slowly rising and getting stronger bit by bit.

However, the Hundred Ghost Night Walk seemed to have noticed this flaw.

Before the Saint Statue could be fully formed, he ended Jiang Xians summoning.

After all, the Cross-eyed Eyes had killed a thousand enemies and destroyed 800 of its own, the Saint Statue that had yet to form seemed to have met with an irresistible force.

After a loud bang, the Saint Statue started to flicker and then disintegrate bit by bit.

Sparkling light sprinkled down.

The flow of time seemed to have slowed down at this moment.

A “Saint” had transcended.

However, the Cross-shaped Eyes were also a power that was beyond the way of the heavens.

If the two were to be compared, a conclusion could be reached.

Without a doubt, the power of the Saint Statue was much greater than the Cross-shaped eyes.

But the problem was…

It was Jiang Xian who summoned the Saint Statue that had no consciousness and only the power of self-defense.

And the one who controlled the Cross-shaped Pupil and used the desperate counterattack was the Hundred Ghosts Night Walk.

The difference in cultivation level between the two was like the difference between the clouds and the mud!

There was no lack of supreme treasure in this world.

Perhaps every supreme treasure had a different level under the effect of human power.

However, the most important thing was the user.

Under such circumstances, it was obvious that the cultivation level determined the final outcome.


The visitor from the Netherworld in the red dress could no longer maintain the white beam in his hand under the holy power.

However, the powerful attack of the Hundred Ghost Night Walk had directly ended the source of the nightmare — the power of the Saint Statue!

In the plan, if he, Yama, and the other two were to watch carefully…

Jiang Xian had no choice but to open the Saint Statue in front of them.

The visitor from the Netherworld could help the Hundred Ghost Night Walk to end the Saint Statue, and then the two of them could deal with Jiang Xian, who had no strength at all.

But Jiang Xian was not stupid.

This guy was too good at waiting.

Only when he, the visitor from the Netherworld, had no time to care about anything else and came forward to steal his eyes, would Jiang Xian be willing to open the Saint Statue.

In this way, all the consequences of stopping the Saint Statue could only be borne by the Hundred Ghosts alone.

The only thing Yin Cao could hope for was the Gods Blessing and Lord Huang Quans power of time and space to protect the life of the Hundred Ghost who had ended the Saint Statue.

Even though…

Everything was developing to the worst-case scenario that he had expected.

At the end of the day, only Yin Cao had the strength to fight.

However, sometimes, plans do go astray.

At this moment, it was already pretty good to have such an outcome.

“Come over here!”

Yin Cao roared, and the white light beam in his hand became stronger.

After the Saint Statue collapsed, Jiang Xian had no strength to resist.

In front of a Cutting path, he was like a dead fish on a chopping board, and could only be slaughtered easily by the other.

Not long after.

The Three Loathsome Eyes left his body and were finally drawn out by the white light beam.

“This is the time!”

Xu Xiaoshou, who was flying halfway, immediately ascended to the sky.

He suddenly arrived in front of the Three Loathsome Eyes and was about to reach out and intercept them halfway.

However, at this moment, a sudden change occurred.

After Jiang Xians eyes left his body, it only took an instant.

A blood-colored light shadow on his body actually followed the white light beam from the hands of the Visitor from the Netherworld and entered his body with a swish.

“This is…”

The Visitor from the Netherworld was stunned.

Then, he reacted and was at a loss.

“Bloodline imprint”

He panicked!

At this moment, wasnt this the situation that the Yama and the Visitor from the Netherworld were afraid of That they would accidentally kill Jiang Xian and this bloodline imprint would appear

But now, Jiang Xian was clearly still immersed in the fantasy realm of the Flower Fairy Eyes.

Even his roars stopped.

He wasnt dead at all!

So, this bloodline imprint…

“The Jiang clan has placed it above the Three Loathsome Eyes”

Xu Xiaoshou, who suddenly stopped, also realized this point.


A small number of people would know the legend of the immortal descendant of the demi-saint.

However, they seemed to have forgotten this point.

The bloodline imprints were personally given by a demi-saint from a demi-saint family.

If he could place it before the death of a descendant of his family, why couldnt he place it above the three loathsome eyes

“Let it go…”

A fearless sigh suddenly appeared in the air.

After tracing the source of that voice, Xu Xiaoshou and the visitor from the Netherworld actually discovered at the same time that it was coming from Yin Caos body!

“Its being anchored by a demi-saint…”

Xu Xiaoshou swallowed his saliva.

At this moment, he was extremely afraid of what he had done earlier.

If he had not stopped his hand a little earlier, would the bloodline imprint that appeared on the Three Loathsome Eyes have followed the white beam and fused into the hands of the first person who came into contact with the eyes

In other words…

He, Xu Xiaoshou

Being locked onto by a demi-saint, the person was almost certain to die… this was what Xu Xiaoshou had determined.

However, in the next second, the scene in front of him once again exceeded his expectations.

“Let it go”


Yin Caos eyes were about to split open.

He actually struck his forehead with a palm, as if his body and soul were about to be destroyed at the same time.


The pieces of flesh in the air exploded.

This wave of self-extinguishing life force really made Xu Xiaoshou dumbfounded.

However, it was like a golden cicada that had escaped its shell after being controlled by the Three Loathsome Eyes.

Through Xu Xiaoshous “Perception”, he actually discovered another red figure in another direction.

The visitor from the Netherworld!

This fellow had appeared in such a manner again!

“His self-awareness of life force is real…”

“This newly appeared Visitor from the Netherworld is also real…”

Xu Xiaoshou was extremely certain of these two points.

This was because he could see a flash of red dot at the position where Yin Cao had originally cut off his life force.

This was a bloodline imprint!

The bloodline imprint seemed to be dumbfounded as well.

It worked on the soul.

As long as a person did not die, it could not disappear.

But this time, the person was really dead!

It, which was supposed to be destroyed, discovered the truth in the next second.

Thus, it chased after the new Yin Cao and shot in another direction.

The demi-saint seemed to have rehearsed this scene before.

Without the help of the Hundred Ghosts, he opened his Flower Fairy Eyes as soon as he appeared.

In an instant, the cherry powder in his eyes drowned everything.

The power of illusion was unleashed, and the fantasy realm that covered the entire Heaven Prayer Forest disappeared in an instant.

The Flower Fairy Eyes that had gathered all its power now only aimed at the demi-saint bloodline imprint that was rushing over.

Yin Cao suddenly took out a drop of saint blood and swallowed it.

Then, looking at the bloodline imprint that was shooting towards his forehead, he cried out in a low voice,

“You dont exist…”


The way of the heavens in the void was instantly thrown into chaos.

Yin Caos eyes instantly exploded with blood.

His body was hit by the backlash of the holy power and exploded in all directions.

And the bloodline imprint that was shooting towards his forehead seemed to have fallen into endless chaos.

It flashed, flashed, flashed again…

Then it disappeared.

Xu Xiaoshou was surprised.

At this moment, his eyes widened to the maximum, as if he had seen the most inexplicable part of life.

In his mind, he suddenly recalled the moment when Yin Cao broke Jiang Xians neck and whispered,

“Hold on, youre not dead yet, dont give up…”

Combined with this sentence that could make a demi-saints bloodline imprint disappear on the spot,

“You dont exist…”

This sentence was like the words of evil godhood that bewitched peoples hearts.

In a different magical way, it turned into reality in front of Xu Xiaoshou!

What Yin Cao said was nothing but empty talk.

However, what reality gave him was the most real and direct feedback.

“He brought the illusion into reality”

Xu Xiaoshou, who was suddenly enlightened, instantly understood the ultimate Upanishad of the Flower Fairy Eyes.

The ultimate ability of the Flower Fairys Eyes was to replace the non-existence of subjective consciousness with existence.

This was also the highest level of illusion, putting the illusion into reality!

This was also the reason why Yin Cao could break free from the control of the Three Loathsome Eyes and be anchored by the demi-saints bloodline imprint.

The one controlled by the Three Loathsome Eyes was indeed a real person.

However, as long as the Flower Fairy Eyes thought that it was fake, another real person would appear.

The illusion changed the judgment of reality.

As long as Yin Cao paid the same price, the Flower Fairy Eyes could turn the illusion into reality.


The one who was anchored by the demi-saints bloodline imprint was also a real person.

The one that Yin Cao killed was really himself.

Only in this way would the bloodline imprint appear and disappear.

However, Yin Cao couldnt let himself die.

He could only use the Flower Fairy Eyes ability to turn the illusion into reality.

After leading himself to death, he would trigger the illusion that the real person was still alive.

In this way, the Yin Cao that was recognized by the Order of the Heavens was dead, and the bloodline imprint would be forced out of his soul.

And the Yin Cao in the illusion world was still alive.

As long as he paid the same price, he would be able to turn his virtual image into reality.

The two were combined.

The demi-saint bloodline imprint was forced out of his soul by this method.

Then, the Flower Fairy Eyes used the same method to replace the “existence” of the bloodline imprint on the continent with “non-existence”.

Thus, there were the last words by Yin Cao.

“You dont exist….”


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