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Chapter 736: Bazhunan Appeared

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The Storyteller in red cloth landed from the sky.

He covered his red lips with one hand and held the Yin Yang Life and Death Trap with the other.

This Land Realm had become his replicated version of Heaven Prayer Forest.

The three Great Cutting Path experts and Xu Xiaoshou were trapped in this small world without noticing.

“Saint Servant”

The three Great Cutting Path experts felt a chill in their hearts when the real Saint Servant landed.

When the fake Storyteller saw the Yin Yang Life and Death Trap in the real Storytellers hand, his eyelids began to twitch.

With this method of duplicating the world…

To be honest.

The Three Great Cutting Path experts had heard of it.

That was the power of the Space Order of the Yin Yang Life and Death Trap.

Jiang Chaotian entered this space accidentally because he was so eager to save others.

He hadnt even figured out the situation.

He didnt even know who had the Three Loathsome Eyes now, but he was already in this inexplicable vortex.

The duo of Yama didnt expect that they were pretending to be Saint Servant a while ago, right next, the actual Saint Servant officials were here.

The key was that for some reason…

After they obtained half of the Three Loathsome Eyes, they didnt run away in advance.

Now that they were trapped, it was even harder for them to escape!

Cutting Path was said to be a sub-level of the third level of the Sovereign, but it was actually more like a high level.

Between Cutting Path and Higher Void, there was a heavenly chasm, the Nine Death Thunder Calamity.

Nine Death Thunder Calamity, a total of nine tribulations.

There was one death in each tribulation, and one would achieve another level after each death.

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Among the ranks, the difference was huge.

In terms of cultivation level alone, not to mention the Lei Familys Eyes.

In the current situation, the Yama duo who were at the peak of Cutting Path, were definitely weaker than Jiang Chaotian, who had passed the three tribulations of the Nine Death Thunder Calamity.

But there were only three tribulations after all.

Everyone knew that the Storyteller had passed all of the tribulations in the Nine Death Thunder Calamity.

He had appeared out of nowhere, trapping everyone in his domain.

The Yama duos cultivation level was weak to begin with, and now that the Storyteller acted faster, how could they possibly break out of the situation

“Seventh Chief of the Saint Servant…”

Jiang Chaotian looked at the Storyteller who was descending gracefully.

His eyes flickered with uncertainty.

He didnt recognize the two people behind, but he had long heard of the great name of the Saint Servant.

“Are you guys here to snatch the Three Loathsome Eyes from Jiang clan too” Jiang Chaotian asked in a deep voice.

“No, no, no, old man, youve misunderstood.”

The Storyteller waved his hand lightly when he heard this, “I have nothing to do with Jiang clan here.

I just saw someone ruining the name of Saint Servant and I couldnt stand it.”

Jiang Chaotian narrowed his eyes and said, “In that case, the life of Young Master Jiang…”

“It has nothing to do with me!”

The Storyteller smiled and continued, “I have no interest in the Three Loathsome Eyes at all.

Its not with me now anyway.

Instead, the two behind you…”

As he spoke, he looked at the Yama duo and shrugged.

“One of them is the Flower Fairy Eyes while the other is the Cross-shaped Eyes.

Think carefully.

Who would be interested in Young Master Jiangs Three Loathsome Eyes”

Jiang Chao Tian turned around calmly.

Among the Yama duo, one had very eye-catching Flower Fairy Eyes, while the other had his ears hidden and his eyes tightly shut.

It was also very mysteriously intriguing.

Jiang Chaotian was not stupid.

He immediately understood who was the greater suspect.

But before he could ask, Yin Cao angrily rebuked the Storyteller, “You didnt take the Three Loathsome Eyes, but Xu Xiaoshou did.”

“Xu Xiaoshou” The Storyteller was stunned.

He looked around but could not see anyone else.

“What Xu Xiaoshou Are you talking about a person”

Xu Xiaoshou was speechless.

He was indeed invisible.

But he was still here!

This Storyteller was being insensitive.

Why would he insult him at this point

Jiang Chaotian also couldnt see anyone else here.

But now, this was the Storytellers space.

Even if he was hiding something, it was understandable that it wasnt discovered by others.

Thinking of this, Jiang Chaotian hugged Jiang Xian, and his expression started to change.

If they were all enemies…

As a Cutting Path, was he going to fight three people alone

At this moment, Yin Cao calmly took out one of the Three Loathsome Eyes and looked at Jiang Chaotian.

“As you can see, I only took one of these.

The other one is with the Saint Servant, Xu Xiaoshou.” Yin Cao couldnt take the blame for the Saint Servant.

“How can you accuse others out of nowhere”

The Storyteller wasnt happy.

He pointed at Yin Cao and said, “I told you, Xu Xiaoshou isnt here.”

Yin Cao replied with a cold laugh.

The two of them started to argue under such a strange situation.

However, Jiang Chaotian couldnt hold back his anger when he saw the Three Loathsome Eyes in Yamas hand.

He was the descendant of Jiang clan.

The Jiang clan, Demi-Saint family.

At this moment, in such a situation, the two factions in front of him treated the Jiang clan as a fool.

How could he stand it

“Youre messing with the Jiang clan…”

“Dont even think of leaving tonight!”

Without a second word.

Jiang Chaotian carried the unconscious Jiang Xian on his back.

Raising his hand, the space began to crack slowly.

With a cracking sound, Jiang Chaotians body floated into the air, and white clouds rose up from his hands.

“Cracking Way of the Heavens!”

He shouted in rage.

The boundless spiritual source exploded.

Under his palm strikes, the rules path pattern that trapped the space around him were exploded like the clouds in the sky being blown away by the wind.


There was an explosion in the night sky.

Qingming split into two.

It looked like a big hole in the sky above Heaven Prayer Forest.

Everyone here knew that Jiang Chaotians palm strike had split open the Storytellers space.


The Storyteller raised his eyebrows.

The Jiang clans Cutting Path was indeed worthy of its reputation.

However, there were thousands of barrier s and he only broke one.

What was the point of doing this

Jiang Chaotian split open the small space world of the Yin Yang Life and Death Trap.

Before the Storyteller could trap him in another small space, he did not try to break through this sealed space.

Instead, he tried to connect with the Force of Rules of Shengshen Continent.

Cutting Path on the continent, using the rules of the continent.

“Cloud descent!”

Jiang Chaotian punched down heavily.

A white cloud descended from the huge hole in the sky.

Next, a cloud pillar descended to the mortal world.

Its target was Yin Cao who was holding one of the Three Loathsome Eyes.

“Madman!” Yin Cao cursed in a low voice.

Was Jiang Chaotian mad

He didnt think about breaking through the Storytellers multiple spaces trap first.

Instead, he chose to attack here.

Wouldnt this only benefit the Storyteller who would just sit and watch them fight

The cloud pillar surged down, shocking the world.

This Cloud Punishment Tribulation might not seem powerful.

But, it completely melted the space as soon as they came into contact.

One could imagine how the human body would end up if it was enveloped by this cloud pillar!


At that moment, the Hundred Ghost Night Walk suddenly raised his head.

Opening his eyes, he aimed the Cross-shaped Eyes at the cloud pillar that descended from the sky.


The sound of shattering suddenly resounded in the air.

Nirvana was originally silent.

The melting cloud pillar withered under the power of the Cross-shaped Eyes.

However, the ground that was rich in the power of Force of Rules exploded with anger after receiving the order of Nirvana from the Cross-shaped Eyes.

Way of the Heavens.

It should not to be blasphemed.

Let alone Nirvana

“Pfft!” Hundred Ghost suddenly spat out a mouthful of blood, and the light in his eyes immediately dimmed.

Calamity power…

Hundred Ghost reacted the moment they started fighting.

He noticed the difference in cultivation level between them.

He hadnt passed any tribulation of the Nine Death Thunder Calamity.

Also, he rarely fought with any Cutting Path expert who had done so.

In his imagination.

He originally thought that this was just a spiritual technique that was great in melting power, so it could be destroyed with the Cross-shaped Eyes.

However, he didnt expect that Jiang Chaotians heaven-splitting technique had already secretly attracted the calamity power of the laws of the continent.

Such a forceful attack had triggered the Way of the Heavens, so the backlash would certainly be severe.

“Cross-shaped Eyes”

On the other side, Jiang Chaotians beard and hair flew in the wind, and his eyes were filled with astonishment.

He looked at Hundred Ghost Night Walk as if he was shocked by the powerful attack too.

Such a power that could even extinguish the Order of the Heavens was truly shocking.

However, after a moment of daze, he took out a drop of Golden Light Saint Blood from his ring and opened his mouth.

“Stop him!”

This time, Hundred Ghost got anxious.

Demi-Saint family was indeed rich.

In the previous battle, he had killed three drops of Jiang Xians Saint Blood.

He didnt expect Jiang Chaotian to drink Demi-Saints blood without a second thought.

However, he was already heavily injured and used the Cross-shaped Eyes forcefully.

The price to activate it again was too high!

The moment he used the Saint Blood, Hundred Ghost panicked.

The Storyteller who was watching from the side was even more frightened.

“You scared me to death.

Are you going to use your trump card just like that”

The Storyteller wanted to use the Force of Rules to forcefully remove the Saint Blood.

However, from the corner of his eye, he noticed that Yin Cao was anxiously trying to activate it too.

He immediately withdrew his divine ability and took a few steps back, giving way to the battlefield.

“Flower Fairy Eyes, Illusion!”

Yin Cao made a hand seal, and cherry blossom appeared in his eyes.

He wanted to use the same trick of removing the Demi-Saint bloodline imprints to remove the Saint Blood.

However, as soon as he made a move…

Jiang Chaotian and the Saint Blood in his hands turned into clouds and disappeared on the spot.


This move caught everyone off guard.

Cloud attribute.

They would neither be restricted by the form nor the mind.

As a cloud, nothing in the world could restrict them.

Yin Cao aimed his Flower Fairy Eyes at Jiang Chaotian.

Jiang Chaotians shadow was still seenon the spot.

But his body and mind…

Form and mind…

All disappeared at the same time with a thought!

“Are you messing with the Jiang clan”

There was a twist in the battle, and a low voice appeared came to Yin Caos ears.

When Jiang Chaotian appeared again, he was behind the Yin Cao.

His face was dark and pale, and his eyes were filled with pain and indignation.

“Go to hell!”

With that, Jiang Chaotian took out the Saint Blood and was about to swallow it.

At this moment, even the Storyteller couldnt react in time.

Yin Cao made a mistake!

His Flower Fairy Eyes failed to control Jiang Chaotian in the first moment!

Jiang Chaotian was about to swallow the Saint Blood and gave out his attack in this place.

It would be so powerful that even the Storyteller would be shocked.

It was not Jiang Xian.

It was Jiang Chaotian who was at Cutting Path level.

His utilization rate of the Saint Blood was hundreds or even thousands of times greater than Jiang Xian!


He cursed in his heart.

This time, the Storyteller wanted to run away.


“Xu Xiaoshou, where is he”

He wanted to call Xu Xiaoshou.

However, he couldnt reach Xu Xiaoshou in the invisible state with his own strength.

He had sensed that no one could escape from this space.

Nevertheless, Xu Xiaoshou had completely disappeared from this space.

At the very least, the Storyteller had no idea where he was.

At the same time.

Before the Saint Blood entered his throat.

In a flash, Xu Xiaoshou, who had been secretly watching the battle, chose to attack at the speed of light.

He saw Jiang Xian taking out the Saint Blood before.

It was something that even Hundred Ghost had to worry about, something that would immediately cause Nirvana the moment it appeared.

He was tempted to make a move before, but he didnt dare to.

That was because there was no one behind him.

Now that the Storyteller was here, why would he stay still

Most importantly, after Jiang Chaotian consumed the Saint Blood, he would definitely become the leader of this battle.

How could Xu Xiaoshou, put himself in such a dangerous situation

“Saint Blood Give it to me!”

Xu Xiaoshou used Ascending to the Heavens in A Single Step.

Xu Xiaoshou, who was observing the entire situation, appeared beside Jiang Chaotian and Yin Cao before anyone could react.

Then, he stuck out his hand in black gloves, which he had changed into when he was in the invisible state.

In an instant, he blocked the Saint Blood from entering Jiang Chaotians bloody mouth.

“Vanishing Technique, dispelled!”

He chanted in his heart.

Ripples appeared in the air.

In the spiritual senses of everyone, they saw a black-robed masked man suddenly appear at the center of the battle.

He used two fingers to block the Saint Blood from entering Jiangs throat.

Then, he flicked his fingertip to the left in the direction of Jiang Chaotian.

With a bang, the sword energy exploded.

Jiang Chaotian reacted extremely fast at the critical moment.

With spiritual source gathered on his head, he received this unexpected attack.

In the next second, his body was ruthlessly split open by the two fingers.

Spiritual source was cut.

A bloody scar was left on Jiang Chaotians face, as well as a sword energy that resembled a thought.

Everyone was shocked.

They saw the masked man wrap his fingers around the Golden Light Saint Blood and keep it in his pocket.


Everyone was stunned.

This person appeared out of nowhere…

Jiang Chaotian was not prepared in time, he barely defended himself.

But to be able to break the spiritual source of Cutting Path and leave such a bloody wound…

Who was this person

At this moment, almost no one thought that this was Xu Xiaoshou.

Even Yamas impression of Xu Xiaoshou remained on the time when he met Elder Sang last time.

And the move that the masked man used…

It was sword finger!

It was a sword move!

This was clearly a new character!

Everyone was speechless.

Xu Xiaoshou landed behind Yin Cao and covered his face.

He said in a hoarse voice, “Everyone, give me some face and lets stop here.

How about it”

Until then.

Jiang Chaotian stopped retreating.

He wiped the blood on his face and found that the spiritual source was used to recover the remaining power.

He was stunned.

He looked up at the masked man and suddenly realized something.

He exclaimed, “Is this… sword cognition”

At the same time.

Jiang Qi and Jiang Si, who had been watching and kept silent, looked at the familiar figure.

The person who trespassed the Tianyang Manor appeared in their minds.

At that moment, the two of them were so scared that they took half a step back.

Their faces were full of doubts.

“The… the Eighth Sword Deity”

The Storyteller was even more dumbfounded in mid-air.

He looked at the figure that should have been in the Yunlun Mountain Range, but mysteriously appeared in Heaven Prayer Forest.

He fell into a muddle-headed state.

“Brother, Brother”

Xu Xiaoshou turned back when he heard the voice and looked at the Storyteller.

He controlled his expression and scolded in anger, “What are you doing, what took you so long”

The Storyteller was confused.

At this moment, he immediately recollected.

It was not his brother!

It was Xu Xiaoshou!



The Storyteller stretched his neck and his face suddenly turned red.

After he thought deeply about the situation of the realm, he realized that it was probably Xu Xiaoshou…

At that moment, he was so shocked that he could not make a sound.


Was this kid addicted to role-playing

How dare he

In the current chaotic situation, there were Cutting Path experts around.

How could an Innate like him act so recklessly

For what

It couldnt be for that drop of Saint Blood, right..

The Storyteller roared crazily in his heart while trying his best to cooperate with the act.

He rolled his fingers and stammered, “Yes, I was wrong…”

As soon as he said that, the Storyteller suddenly realized something.

Xu Xiaoshou couldnt have come out at this time to take revenge for what he had said just now, right


That shouldnt be the case….


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