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Following the voice.

A two-meter-tall man dressed in gray armor walked out from the interior of the spatial passageway.

The armor on this mans body was too ostentatious.

It had sharp edges, making him look like a human-shaped hedgehog.

It directly suppressed the aura of the red-clothed armored men.

“Teng Shanhai, you one-eyed man, what the f*ck did you say If you have the guts, say it again!”

The hunchbacked old man, Wang Dachui, who had appeared first, was so angry that he was hopping mad.

What he hated the most was others mocking his height.

Of course, ever since he had been hammered by Kui Leihan when he was sitting on the ten thrones, another hunchback had been added to the taboos of his life.

And this person before his eyes immediately pulled out two of his greatest pain points and fiercely whipped him as soon as he appeared.

Who could endure this

The armored man Teng Shanhai laughed as he landed on the ground.

He looked down at the hunchbacked old dwarf who was only knee-high.

Suddenly, he bent his knees and raised them, he slapped his thigh and said, “Come, Wang Dachui, jump up and hit my knee.

If you managed to hit me, then you win.

Ill clean your shoes for you.”

“YOU MOTHERF*CKER, do you really think that this godhood armor can block my hammer”

The hunchbacked old man, Wang Dachui, flew into a rage.

He took out a thorn hammer that was five to six times taller than him from his ring and suddenly jumped up, trying to hit his knee.

“Whoosh whoosh!”

Teng Shanhais figure seemed to be standing still, but two extremely fast sounds of rushing wind suddenly appeared in the void.

After these two sounds, Wang Dachuis Hammer of thorns only passed through the middle of his knees and did not touch his body at all.

“Hahaha, Wang Dachui, Wang Dachui, you piece of trash.

It has been so many years, but this broken hammer still hasnt hit anything.

Do you still have the face to continue living in this world” Teng Shanhai laughed loudly.

Wang Dachuis face was red with anger.

He pointed with his finger and shouted, “One-eyed man, if you have the balls, take off the Cang God Armor and fight me fair and square!”

Hearing the mention of one-eyed, Teng Shanhai couldnt help but squint his left eye.


He only had one eye.

The other eye had already been pierced by someone during the fight for the ten thrones.

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At this moment, it was covered with an eye mask.


Seeing that Teng Shanhai was speechless from the piercing pain, Wang Dachui held his stomach and laughed.

Tears even flowed out.

“Teng Shanhai, Oh Teng Shanhai, in the end, the combat division still borrowed the external power of the Cang God Armor.

In the end, they still cant beat the true body tempering.”

“The path of body tempering is the strongest path in this world!”

“Even a godhood can blind you.

If you provoke me again, do you believe that I will f*cking smash your head open!”

White-clothed, Red-clothed, and the others beside him were already beginning to tremble when they heard this.

These people were all seniors!

Although they already knew in advance who would come this time.

But when they truly heard these chiefs of the six divisions talk about what had happened back then without any scruples, they all felt some reverence.

Ten High Noble Thrones…

The last ten seats were simply the peak of combat strength that the Shengshen continent had developed in the past thousand years.

Ten golden seats were simply not enough to snatch!

Those who could not snatch the ten thrones and the title of ten thrones did not necessarily have lower combat strength than the real ten thrones.

That was because, in that battle, the arena.

Aside from cultivation level, there were too many uncertain factors.

And the two in front of them could not be ranked among the ten thrones because of various reasons.

However, they still took the equally famous position of the chief of the six divisions, which belonged to the Holy Divine Palace.

In a sense, they were even more powerful!

Chief of the Physical division, Wang Dachui.

Chief of the Combat Division, Teng Shanhai.


Looking at the two seniors bickering without any scruples, everyones eyes were filled with hope as they looked at the spatial passageway, hoping to see more legendary figures.

At the right time, two tall figures walked out from the passageway.

One of them was dressed in black feathered clothes and wore a black mask on his head.

His shoulders were extremely wide and his body looked as strong as an ox.

He was the size of three normal humans but his entire body was covered in black feathered clothes.

On his left shoulder, there was a three legged black owl.

The Owls eyes were like ink.

Those who were stared at felt as if death had descended and their scalps turned cold.

“Chief of the Dark Division, Night Owl!”

Everyone understood the identity of the newcomer and looked to the side.

The person on the side was even more ruthless.

That was because he looked and dressed exactly like the chief of the Dark Division, Owl!

Even the three-legged black owl on his shoulder looked exactly the same!

“Which one is different, which one is owl”

At this moment, even the hunchbacked old man, Wang Dachui, was stunned.

He could only recognize that one of them was the chief of the Different Division.

He was the person who could imitate anyone in the world and anything, but his name was not even known.

He was only called “Yi”.

The other person was the real night owl.

“He is Yi.”

At this moment, the Night Owl on the right pointed at the Night Owl on the left.

Immediately, Wang Dachui and Teng Shanhai reacted.

The one who spoke was Yi.

This was because the Night Owl was a man of few words.

He could determine life and death with a single word, and he was like a judge urging his life.

Normally, he would not speak.


Seeing that his disguise had been seen through, Yis body shook, and he immediately revealed himself.

At this moment, he had transformed into a little loli with a long ponytail.

‘Her height was exactly the same as a hunchbacked old man.

‘She even had a piece of ice-sugar gourd inher mouth asshe sucked on it one mouthful at a time.

With a blink ofher big eyes, the Loli form Yi turnedher head in the direction of Wang Dachui.

‘She asked, “Do I look good”

Even though Wang Dachui was a lustful and hungry ghost, his eyelids could not help but twitch wildly at this moment.

Outsiders didnt know, but he knew.

Yi has a gender, and he is a man!

“Where are the other two” Without answering, Wang Dachui even started to change the topic and looked toward the spatial passageway.

Four of the six divisions chiefs had arrived.

Physical, combat, dark, and different.

Presumably, the Path division and Spirit Division wouldnt be absent.

However, at this moment, Situ Yong interrupted the relay and closed the spatial passageway.

“Ive disappointed the seniors.

The people from the path division are the two of us.”

“As for the Spirit Division…”

Situ Yong stopped talking.

He thought that there was no need to say it out loud.

Everyone should understand.

“Two little kids”

Wang Dachui frowned.

It was understandable that Dao Qiongcang himself did not come, but what use could these two little kids have other than to build a spatial passageway and call for people

However, when he turned his head and looked at Yu Zhiwen, Wang Dachui immediately gave a sly look and laughed:

“The girl is good, the girl is good…”

“What about the Spirit Division Why didnt the Spirit Division send anyone”

After circling around Yu Zhiwen, Wang Dachui frowned as if he had thought of something.

“The Great Demon King Yu cant come either”

“Yu Mo died a long time ago!” Teng Shanhai mocked from the side.

“He died at the hands of Bazhunan.

Have you forgotten that youre senile Now, the Spirit Division chief is his son, Yu Lingdi.”

“Thats right, Yu Lingdi.

Water-type Upanishad.

This little guy is better than the blue one.

I think I even hugged him before…”Wang Dachui remembered, “Then where is he”

Everyone was silent.

After a long pause, Teng Shanhai said with a speechless expression, “He died too.”


Wang Dachui cried out, “How could he die How could the water-type Upanishad die… He also met Bazhunan Was he killed”

“No, he met Sang Qiye,” Teng Shanhai said.

“Sang Qiye Who” Wang Dachui looked confused.

Teng Shanhai was defeated by this persons forgetfulness.

Ever since he was struck by the Lightning Hammer, not only did this persons back become hunched, but his brain was also not functioning well.

He could only explain, “How many people are there with the surname Sang Sleeveless, Red Scorched Hand, understand”

“Its him…” Wang Dachuis eyes immediately became round, but he still couldnt understand, “Infernal White Flame, the ultimate fire against the water of an Upanishad.

No matter what, it should be an equal fight, right Yet he was gone just like that It cant be that bad, right”

Teng Shanhai held his forehead, almost kicking the hunchbacked old man away.

“I already said it!”

“Yu Mo died a long time ago.

The one who fought Sang Qiye was Yu Lingdi, an entire generation apart!”

While everyone was speechless, Wang Dachui muttered, “Is he really dead”

He suddenly stretched out his hand.

The palm of his hand was soon filled with water.

The rain that fell from the sky kept splashing in circles in the vortex of water in his hand.

After this sentence.

There was this rain again.

The heads of the six tribes all felt a chill run down their spines.

They all recalled the fear of being controlled by the water-type Upanishad.

Other than Dao Qiongcang, the chief of the path division, the water-type Upanishad was an existence that looked down on the six tribes.

In this world, anything that walked to the extreme was the peak.

And in this era where the way of the sword had declined and spiritual cultivation was the priority, the Great Demon King Yu had reached the pinnacle of the path of water.

Since he had the wild power of the sea and the gentleness of tears… back then, the Great Demon King Yu was a nightmare-like existence.

If it werent for the fact that he had encountered Bazhunan during the expedition to the Abyss Island that year…

The Great Demon King Yus name would have dominated the current era!

“Everyone has arrived”

At this moment, a seductive female voice interrupted their emotions.

Everyone in the teahouse looked up when they heard the voice.

They saw a lady in a pink dress floating down from the sky.

She had a graceful figure and was well-proportioned.

Her back was hollow and she carried a long sword.

The three-foot-long sword was green and white.

It was carved with dragons and crouching phoenixes, and it was surrounded by auspicious clouds.

When one looked at it, one would feel lost.

It was as if one had traveled the nine heavens and was drunk in the immortal realm.

One would not know the taste of the human world.

After waking up, one would feel as if they had just woken up from a dream.

It was as if they had walked through a lifetime, entered the mortal world, and then mercilessly left the mortal world.

Everyones thoughts turned slightly cold.

They knew that this was one of the Five Great Divine Instruments of Chaos.

It was a treasure that suppressed fate in the Holy Divine Palace.

It was equally famous with the vicious sword and the fourth sword — the Divine Sword, Xuan Cang!

The bewitching woman landed gracefully.

Her beautiful eyes were filled with love, and her veins were glowing.

There were four Night Guardians at the Red-clothed table.

When they saw this person, they were shocked and lowered their heads.

They bowed slightly and said, “Red-clothed of the white cave greets Senior Rao!”

The four people in white also bowed in shock.

“White-clothed of the Imperial City greets Sword Deity Rao!”

Rao Yaoyao was one of the seven sword deity and the Red-clothed ruler of the Holy Divine Palace.

As soon as this woman appeared, Wang Dachuis attention was instantly diverted.

As he walked towards Rao Yaoyao, he asked, “Fairy Rao, why did you bring out Xuan Cang the Divine Sword Dao Qiongcang is willing to let you bring out the Holy Divine Palaces fate suppression treasure”

Rao Yaoyao lowered her head and chuckled.

“Naturally, bringing out the Divine Sword Xuan Cang is for self-protection.”

Wang Dachui replied, “Come on, to use the Divine Sword Xuan Cang for self-protection You stolen this thing and even brought it out, Im afraid you would have to be extra careful, in case someone wants to steal the Holy Divine Palaces Fortune Suppression Treasure!”

“Who dares” Rao yaoyao tilted her head and smiled.

“Its hard to say,” Said Wang Dachui, rubbing his hands as he moved closer.

At this time Rao Yaoyaos pretty face turned serious, and her face turned cold.

She shouted in a low voice, “Wang Dachui, if you dare to take another half a step forward, believe it or not, I will chop off your perverted head with my sword!”

“Wa Ha Ha, I have been discovered”

Wang Dachuis face stiffened and he smiled, but he was not embarrassed.

He only reluctantly glanced at Rao Yao Yaos skirt for the last time before turning around and walking back in Yu Zhiwens direction.

Situ Yongs eyebrows jumped when he saw this.

This bunch of ghosts and demons was simply an eye-opener for him.

In the past, he knew that other than the path division his masters lead, the rest of the six tribes were not very serious.

Seeing this today, he was shocked.

At that moment, seeing how this lecherous and hungry ghost Wang Dachui was not able to harass Sword Deity Rao and was about to return to his junior sister, Situ Yong stepped forward and blocked Wang Dachuis path.


Wang Dachui casually waved his hand.

A terrifying force almost shattered Situ Yongs calves.

Situ Yong staggered to the side and pressed his hand into the air.

Only then did he manage to stop himself from falling.

At this moment.

The expression in his eyes changed on the spot.

It became cold and gloomy, but it only lasted for an instant before it returned to normal.

He did not dare to say anything.

Situ Yong chose to remain silent.

On the other side.

Yu Zhiwen saw the old dwarf walking towards her again.

She could not help but cover her skirt and take a step back.

“Senior, please have some self-respect.

My master is Dao Xuanji!”


This time, the expressions of the four division chiefs changed.

Wang Dachui said in shock, “Your master is that crazy woman Dao Xuanji Not Dao Qiongcang”

“Yes.” Yu Zhiwen nodded.


Wang Dachui sucked another mouthful of rainwater and left silently.

After a long while, he finally stopped.

The hunchbacked old man looked back and asked in shock, “I havent done anything yet.

I havent started to look at anything.

You little girl, you dont seem like the type of person who would snitch, right”

Yu Zhiwen nodded.


She naturally knew the deterrent power of her master.

Therefore, she also understood that at this time, only by using her masters honorific name could she truly suppress these six uncontrollable mutants.

“Thats enough!”

At this time, Rao Yaoyao waved her hand.

Obviously, she did not want to fuss over this.

She turned her head and looked at Lan Ling, who was sitting at the table with the red-clothed.

She asked, “How is the situation in the trade fair”

Lan Ling replied, “The progress is still very smooth.

Now, we have almost checked the majority of the people.

Other than some small stains, there is nothing worthy of the attention of the white-clothed and red-clothed people.

However, the capable people are all at the back.

The people at the back may not necessarily be.”

Yao Yao Rao looked at the tavern where the signboard had been taken off.

“I smell something.”

A baldys confidence trembled.

She smelled…

They were separated by a barrier, yet she could still smell it from such a distance

Wasnt this the strengthened version of himself

“Senior, are you serious” Lan Ling was also surprised.

“Yes!” Rao Yaoyao nodded.

“There are more than one, but it doesnt matter.

These people are just waiting to die.

We will follow your pace and not expose our existence for the time being.”

“Why” Situ Yong suddenly interrupted.

He had expected that there would be four chief and seven sword deity Rao Yaoyao from the six divisions.

If he directly entered the scene and wiped them out, would there be so many things

Yu Zhiwen secretly shook her head when she heard this.

He was still young!

If Xu Xiaoshou was here, he would definitely not ask this question.


According to Xu Xiaoshous standpoint, he could probably directly figure out senior Rao Yaoyaos actions and then give a counterattack and response

However, people like Situ Yong, who had rarely been out of the Holy Divine Palace and had always been flattered to the highest point, were still in the greenhouse.

This kind of question seemed normal, right

After all, most people were smart.

However, without experience, they could not think of a backup plan.

Naturally, they could not understand the true thoughts of these higher-ups.

Yu Zhiwen thought about it.

She felt that Situ Yong was her senior brother after all, so she wanted to send a telepathic communication to remind him.

But at this time, before Rao Yaoyao could say anything, Wang Dachui jumped on the ground again to highlight his presence.

When everyone turned to look at him.

Wang Dachui rolled his eyes and said sarcastically, “Are you stupid Why are you here In my opinion, even that little girl is smarter than you.”

He pointed at Yu Zhiwen and continued to mock her mercilessly:

“Play the long game and catch the Big Fish!”

“Fairy Rao wants to see who will come to save them..

You have grown up and you still cant tell.

Did you grow up eating sh*t”


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