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Situ Yongs eyebrows jumped wildly.

At this moment, he felt his heart being struck by a blow.

He had seen many arrogant people in his life, be it his peers or his elders.

However, this was the first time he had seen someone who dared to speak so arrogantly in front of him!

Situ Yong, who was inexperienced, was immediately filled with righteous indignation and did not know how to refute such insulting words.

“You barbarian…”

Situ Yongs face turned red.

It took him a long time to say this.

The chiefs of the four divisions were almost amused by this kids words.

The Chief of the Combat Division, Teng Shanhai, could not hold it in anymore and burst out laughing.

Wang Dachui was not only a pervert but also a hungry ghost.

His mouth had caused a lot of trouble in the past.

This was something only the older generation knew.

It was extremely interesting that such a young man was rendered speechless.

Yu Zhiwen couldnt stand it anymore.

After all, this was her senior brother.

Even though he had little experience in the world, he was still a respectable figure.

How could he be insulted like this

However, when she looked back at Situ Yongs defeated look, she wanted to speak up for him out of kindness.

Then, when she thought back to the persistent pursuit of this family, Yu Zhiwen finally chose to shut up.


That seemed quite good…

She wanted Situ Yong to come out and see the world so that he wouldnt return to the Holy Divine Palace with that same arrogant look.

When this thought appeared in her heart, Yu Zhiwen felt quite guilty.

She felt that she had become mean.

Ever since she had partnered with Xu Xiaoshou in the White Cave, that random guy had taught her many manners that she would never be able to learn in the path division.

For example, fighting violence with violence, fighting evil with evil, an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth…

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Hmm, or a bit more decent.

Perhaps, she should say…

To report the truth with honesty

Yu Zhiwen had also learned to find an excuse for justice for herself.

But obviously, Yu Zhiwen, who had learned to see injustice, could ignore it.

In the end, there were still people present who would speak up.

Rao Yaoyaos beautiful eyes stared at Wang Dachui, but she did not say anything.

She only said calmly, “I just want to remind you that the person in front of you is Dao Qiongcangs disciple.”


Immediately, the happiness Wang Dachui felt after succeeding in his provocation dropped.

His secretly delighted expression froze.

Teng Shanhai also quickly stopped smiling.

He looked left and right as if he was not mocking him just now.

“You are the disciple of that flirtatious old Daoist” Wang Dachuis balls started to hurt.

He looked at Yu Zhiwen and Situ Yong in surprise.

He suddenly understood why the Path division had sent these two young men to take action.


After a pause, Wang Dachui waved his hand and left.

He didnt want to offend them anymore.

However, he didnt say anything.

As a senior, it was even more impossible for him to apologize for his words.

After hurriedly walking to the tall black feather coat of the night owl, the chief of the Dark division, Wang Dachui poked his head out, then, he said slyly, “Disciple of that flashy old Daoist, you have to be careful.

Dont die in this operation!”


Situ Yong was stunned.

It was not his original intention to use his master as an excuse.

This was a display of his lack of ability.

But what did Wang Dachui mean by his words

Situ Yong frowned.

Before he could say anything, the usually quiet Ye Xiao opened his mouth and said, “You are Dao Qiongcangs disciple”

The moment he spoke, the other three chief executives all looked like they were watching a good show.

Situ Yong looked back in shock.

However, at this moment, when he saw Ye Xiaos face, which was hidden in the dark haze and his facial features could not be seen, he only felt a chill.

The pressure that looked like the gaze of the Grim Reaper suddenly arrived, making it difficult for him to breathe.

“Cough cough!”

This pressure was too great.

Situ Yong coughed and changed the pace of his breathing.

Then, he immediately attacked.

However, before the path patterns on his hands appeared, Rao Yaoyao had already turned her cold eyes to Ye Xiao.

“Ye Xiao! Please take note of your identity!”

“The past between you and Dao Qiongcang, the two of you should settle it yourselves.

Dont vent your anger on a junior.”

Ye Xiao silently turned his head and stared at Rao Yao Yao for a long time before finally withdrawing his gaze and returning to his normal state.


The pressure suddenly disappeared.

Situ Yong panted heavily as a sense of relief that he had survived a disaster arose spontaneously.

For a moment, he was shocked.

What kind of grudge did this person have with his master

To the extent that he was shameless enough to vent his anger on a junior


These ghosts and demons of the six divisions were simply too terrifying!

At this moment, Situ Yong recalled the request he had made after he had thought highly of himself.

Because Dao Qiongcang was already the current Hallmaster of the Holy Divine Palace, he was only given the title of Chief in the Path division.

Basically, he, Situ Yong, was in charge of managing the affairs.

Therefore, Situ Yong had once boldly asked for the position of Chief of the Path division.

However, what his Master Dao Qiongcang had said to him at that time was a direct rejection.

The general meaning was,

“You have almost mastered the divine secret technique, but you have too little experience in dealing with people.”

“As the leader of the six divisions, once the new chief takes the position, it will be suicide if you cant control the Chief of the other five divisions

“Instead of allowing that to happen, it would be better for the position of the chief to remain vacant.”

Situ Yong had thought that the competition for the position of chief was just like the competition between peers.

It might be cruel.

But it was not to the extent of death.

He had never thought that.

This position of chief was actually related to the dispute of the previous generation


If the conditions for the younger generation to be qualified for the position of Chief of the six divisions is to be able to withstand the pressure of the four mutants in front of them, then who else could take the position.

Then, who else could take the position

Situ Yong used to think that he was not far away from that position.

Now, he felt that he would not be able to take the position for more than ten years.

However, if he continued to think like this…

How could Yu Lingdi, the spirit division chief of the younger generation, take the position directly How was he able to hold on to the position for so long to the point where he was praised by the other four chiefs of the Spirit Division

At the moment, Situ Yongs expression changed.

He didnt care much for the insulting words of Wang Dachui, he only cared if he was the one who stood at the top of the younger generation.

If not, Situ Yong will only feel that he has let down Master Dao Qiongcangs name and reputation!

“Young man…”

At this time, the hunchbacked old man actually sneaked over again, jumped up, and hit Situ Yongs thigh.

He rubbed his hands and suggested, “Hey hey, lets make a deal”

Situ Yong lowered his head.

He did not expect this old mans attitude to change… so naturally after knowing his identity.

He said neither humbly nor arrogantly, “Senior, please speak.”

“You dont blame me for scolding you before, right” Wang Dachui was the first to glare at him.

Then, he said earnestly, “This old man is doing this for your own good.

A person can not become a man without being beaten.

A genius like you will not be alerted if you dont receive any scolding.”

Situ Yong saw that the other party was giving him a way out, so he immediately walked down the stairs.

“Of course not.

Senior is right.

It was indeed my thoughtlessness just now.”

“Thats good, thats good…”

Wang Dachui continued to rub his hands.

Even the mud had been rubbed out.

He waved his hand toward the top and said, “Lower your head.

Ill tell you a secret.

Dont tell this to that shameless master of… uh, just dont tell that master of yours about the bad things I did just now.”

“Of course not.” Situ Yong immediately promised, then squatted down and tilted his head.

Wang Dachui whispered into his ear, “I told you to be careful this time, not to trick you.

Back then, among the ten thrones, Ye Xiao stole three golden thrones.

Originally, it was a sure thing to be on the list, but in the end, it was your perverted… Well, your master made a move and secretly schemed against everyone.

Ye Xiao was seriously injured and had no choice but to be eliminated.

Do you understand”

His voice was very low.

But it wasnt telepathic communication.

The arenas people all had an extraordinary hearing, so how could they not hear it

Therefore, when he said this, everyone was shocked again.

Situ Yong was almost dumbfounded when he heard it.

Yu Zhiwen also secretly glanced at the tall man who was hiding in the darkness in surprise.

The surrounding white-clothed and red-clothed commanders were also shocked.

Then, they looked at each other and didnt dare to react.

“Three” Situ Yong really did not believe it.

Ten seats in total meant ten golden seats.

This was close to one-third of the total number of seats for the Chief of the Dark Group, the Night Owl, Ye Xiao!

This kind of person was only the chief of the Dark Group

This could be considered as an unusual and unknown person!

“It really is three.”

Wang Dachuis voice clearly contained some elements of intimidation, however, his words were truthful.

“Even though its only obtained in the early stages, if you can get three cards, you can at least keep one card in the end.

So… HMM, lets not talk about it.

Anyway, the hatred between the two of you is very, very big! Do you understand”

Situ Yong felt a chill run down his spine when he heard that.

This was really too much!

Such a dangerous figure and yet his master sent him here just like that.

He was even told to ask everyone to work together without any explanation

He was courting death!

How resounding was the title of the ten thrones

The entire continent seemed to know everything!

Therefore, what his master had snatched was not the thrones, but the future of Ye Xiao and thePath!

The battle for the robbing path.

It was a life-and-death situation.

At this moment, Situ Yongs legs were a little weak.

The gaze he used to look at Ye Xiao had already become cautious.

Wang Dachui seemed to be unsatisfied.

He continued to turn the young mans head over and threatened him.

“Kid, you only need to remember that a dog that bites doesnt bark.”

“A person like Ye Xiao is very disgusting.

When we were traveling together, he might suddenly stab you in the back.

You wont even know how you died!”

The young man, Situ Yong, was so frightened that he did not look like a human being.

His face was ashen and he did not dare to respond.

At this moment, Rao Yaoyao could not take it anymore.

She scolded, “Youre the one who is enjoying this situation the most.

Why dont you shut up and scram Dont you see how much you have scared him…”

She turned around and said gently, “Situ, those who should be reconciled have already reconciled.

Otherwise, Ye Xiao would not have come to the Dark division.

You should have your own judgment and not be influenced by others.”

“Oh, oh.”

Situ finally reacted.

It turned out that this Wang Dachui was not really afraid of Dao Qiongcang.

Instead, he was using this opportunity to scare him!

For a moment, he was so angry that his teeth were itching.

However, when he turned his head again, that hunchbacked old man ran off to play somewhere.

At that moment, Situ Yong could not help but feel that this old man was a villain in his heart.

Too detestable!

The demeanor of a senior was simply not there at all, he was simply…

Humiliating the refined!

“A dog that bites, doesnt bark.”

All of a sudden, a cold and gloomy voice came from behind, like a snake spitting its tongue, which was abnormally horrifying.

— this was clearly the voice of Ye Xiao!

Situ Yongs heart skipped a beat, and he turned around.

However, behind him, there was only a little loli with a high ponytail who had a mouthful of ice-sugar gourd in her mouth.

She was blinking her big eyes and staring at him.

“Do you want to eat it too”

The Little Loli saw that Situ Yong had been staring at her after he turned around.

She suddenly took out the ice-sugar gourd from her mouth and passed it to him.

She even pulled out a long line of ice-silver saliva.

Situ Yongs mouth twitched.

He was really going to break down because of these monsters.

If it was him, no one would have thought that such a cute little loli would be one of the chiefs of the six divisions, the chief of the Different division!

“No, senior, you can enjoy it yourself.”

He waved his hand and refused.

Situ Yong retreated to Yu Zhiwens side.

He glanced at the delicate face on the side and calmed down a little.


The Little Loli Yi held the ice-sugar gourd in her mouth as she considered such a high-level word.

Then, she bounced away.

“Everyone, do you want to enjoy some ice-sugar gourd”

“Its time for dinner.”

Yi took out a big handful of ice-sugar gourd from his pocket.

The first one he passed to was actually Ye Xiao.

Situ Yong felt that he was being ridiculed again.

It was clearly a polite phrase, but when it was put into the mouths of these vulgar people, he felt that even the words were tainted.

“How could he eat it…”

After calming down, Situ Yong looked at the Little Loli who had a look of anticipation on her face, and stretched out her hand to hand over the ice-sugar gourd.

He felt that this scene was ridiculous.

How could a cold and sinister person like the owl eat such low-level food like the ice-sugar gourd!

However, in the next second, Situ Yongs worldview was refreshed once again.

The Silent Ye Xiao really stretched out his hand and took the ice-sugar gourd.

Then, the whole root went deep into the darkness of his face and he swallowed it completely.

Situ Yong was surprised.


A strange cry sounded.

Wang Dachui jumped to his side at some point and said while jumping, “How is it Isnt it incredible”

Situ Yong tilted his head.

Wang Dachui waved his hand, signaling him to lower his head.

Then, he whispered into his ear again, “Let me tell you another secret.

They are lovers.”

Situ Yong was stunned.

This time, Yu Zhiwen was a little scared and looked at him in surprise.

“Wahaha, Wahaha…”

Wang Dachui patted his thigh happily and said while wiping his tears, “Let me tell you two youngsters another forbidden secret.

That Little Loli, Yi, is a man.”

Both Situ Yong and Yu Zhiwen were shocked.

The two of them felt that their worldview had been turned upside down, and they couldnt turn it around at all.


Wang Dachui was so happy that he jumped three feet high.

This was his favorite expression.

Immediately, he wiped his red nose, sniffed his nose, and wiped away the tears from the corners of his eyes that were smiling.

Wang Dachui still had something to say.

“The last absolutely exclusive secret is that Ye Xiao is a woman.”

At this moment, not only Situ Yong and Yu Zhiwen could not take it anymore.

The eyes of the white-clothed and red-clothed commanders also narrowed, and they were shocked beyond words.

Such a cold, dark, tall, and burly chief of the Dark division…

Is a woman


Rao Yao Yao was simply fed up with this Wang Dachui.

She stepped forward and kicked him away.

“Lets get back to business…”

Who would have thought that the chief of Physical Division, which had been kicked away like a rubber ball, would return while panting heavily and blushing.

“Good kick, one more kick!”

Rao Yao Yaos face was as cold as ice.

She pulled out the black Xuan Cang divine sword on her back.

“Hum –”

The sword cries in the night sky resounded, and space cracked on the spot.

TheWang Dachui disappeared with a swish.

In an instant, he had jumped a few kilometers away.

It was also at this moment.

“Roar –”

A wild beast roar sounded from the Spirit Gem Trade Fair.


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