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Box 209.

A Beasts roar and a scorpions tail.

Everyone in the box stood up in shock.

Xiao Wanfeng, Liu Lu, and the others thought that there really was a ghost beast

Mo Mo, Xin Gugu, Liu Changqing, and the others were surprised that there were other ghost beasts besides them

Xu Xiaoji, who was sitting cross-legged and chanting, was so frightened that he opened his eyes.

What was going on

Ghost beast

The great demon king Xu didnt mention this when he asked me to come out!

Didnt they agree that danger was only a possibility As long as he came out and closed his eyes to chant, nothing would happen

But what was this ghost beast !

If a ghost beast appeared, it would be definitely accompanied by red-clothed people.

And he, Xu XIaoji had seen more than one ghost beast around the great demon king Xu while living in his Yuan mansion.

If the red-clothed people appeared now…

If he was captured as the new “Young Master Xu”, wouldnt he be dead for sure


Did the great demon king Xu call him out this time to be a shield

“Young Master Xu!”

At this moment, Liu Changqing saw Young Master Xu open his eyes and immediately became excited.

He found it hard to believe in Mo Mos ability.

At this moment, the only one who could break the situation was obviously Young Master Xu, the demi-saints descendant who dared to take in the ghost beast as a companion.

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“Young Master Xu, is your Demi-Saint Discrimination Path over”

Liu Changqing was very excited.

He stepped forward and wanted to help Young Master Xu up, “What have you realized We Cant stay here anymore.

We have to leave immediately!”

Xu Xiaoji turned his head and saw the stranger.

Without any hesitation, he closed his eyes again.

“Tao that can be described is not universal and eternal Tao,name that can be named is not universal and eternal name.

What a joke!

Demi-Saint Discrimination Path

I, Xu Xiaoji, dont even know what “Demi-Saint Discrimination Path”means.

How dare you treat me as your savior

If you believe me now, you might as well choose to believe in metaphysics.

I believe that a huge meteorite will fall from the sky and break through the spiritual array, then the great demon king Xu will come out of it and save you!

Liu Changqing was halfway there when he saw Young Master Xu ignore him and even close his eyes.

He immediately froze.

Continue the enlightment

The state of “Demi-Saint Discrimination Path”can be interrupted

If it can be interrupted, why not respond to other peoples problems

This was a very critical question!

Liu Changqing was about to go crazy.

At this moment, Mo Mo stepped forward and stopped him.

She shook her head slightly, indicating that he should not go forward and disturb Young Master Xus enlightenment.

At the same time.

Mo Mo keenly noticed that Xin Gugus expression didnt seem right.

This fellow was staring at the huge scorpion tail in the arena in a daze..

After thinking for a moment, Mo Mo finally reacted.

“Do you know him”

Xin Gugu quickly retracted his gaze, pursed his lips, and frowned, not saying anything.

Scorpion tail..

This made him think of two seniors from the Xu Yue Grey Palace who were on a mission outside.

However, those two seniors left because they were two righteous that they were dissatisfied with the orders of the higher-ups in the palace that went against the goals set by the Xu Yue Grey Palace at the early-stage of establishing the Palace.

They had not been heard from for too many years.

Xin Gugu had only met the two of them when he was young, and they were also his goals when he was young.

But now, he, Xin Gugu, was like an old city cowboy trying not to fall out of his saddle.

How could he spare the energy to verify the other partys identity and then lend a helping hand

“I dont think so…”Xin Gugu replied with hestitation.

However, when Mo Mo heard this, her eyebrows twitched.

I dont think so…

This one word could explain a lot of things.

However, Mo Mo also had the same worry.

Now that Xu Xiaoshou was no longer around, she couldnt lead everyone to their deaths.

Even if the scorpion-tailed ghost beast could be an acquaintance of Xin Gugu, she, Mo Mo, couldnt act rashly.

After that.

Seeing the red-clothed people enter the arena with the several great Cutting Path (stage) in supression, Mo Mos heart could not help but beat wildly.

“Xu Xiaoshou, where are you exactly”

Mo Mo called out in a low voice.

She felt that she was not as powerful as Xu Xiaoshou had imagined.

Even if the grey mist figure came out of the current situation, all he could do was to leave the scene after possessing her.

How could he still have the strength to get everyone out of here

Xu Xiaoshou was obviously different.

He was a weirdo who could create miracles and was not limited by the thoughts of ordinary people!

Even in such a dangerous situation, Mo Mo, who had seen Xu Xiaoshous many abilities, still felt that perhaps if it were that person, he could make it.


“Where have you gone and what are you doing now”

In Room 6.


Hearing Mo Qings words, the six expert with the aura of a six-pointed star couldnt help but turn their heads to look at her.

In the room next door, a veiled woman in a green dress was being bound by thick black mist chains, and her clothes were being strangled into weird shapes.

Her neck was even more tightly bound.

The upper half of her face, which was covered by the green gauze, was visibly reddened and weakened.

“Xiu Mingyue”

Cheng Ji was stunned.

This woman was the Pavilion Master of the Guiyin Pavilion, Xiu Mingyue.

However, how could Guiyin Pavilion be taken down so easily

“Two ghost beasts”

Night Guardian was also stunned.

He didnt expect that the explosion in Room 6 would result in two ghost beasts.

Not only that, one of the two ghost beasts was humanoid!

The scorpion-tailed ghost beast was at most at the cultivation level of the cutting path (stage), which everyone could see.

However, this human-shaped ghost beast that had turned into fog was able to control Xiu Mingyue in an instant.

This really made the red-clothed people present think of the grey mist figure that had been born in the White Cave.

“Oh God!”

At this moment, a cry of surprise sounded from outside the arena.

It turned out that there was no movement from the private room for the time being, which led some people to investigate the scene from afar.

However, this investigation was not a big matter until they saw that even the master of the Guiyin Pavilion, Xiu Mingyue, had been taken down, which led everyone fall into despair.

“Oh My God… even Pavilion Master Xiu has been tied up”

“How are we going to fight this!”

“Seniors of the red-clothed people, can you really guarantee our safety”

“If it really cant be assured, please let everyone out for the time being.

This damned place is so small.

Once the battle breaks out, only innocent and wronged people like us will die!”

“Senior red-clothed people, please let us go –”

As the last person shouted, everyone seemed to have reacted and shouted that they wanted to leave the scene.

Xiu Mingyue was captured, which was not a simple matter.

The leader of an overlord-tier faction had already ended up like this.

If they continued to stay in this damned place, everyone would be finished.

“Shut up!”

However, at this moment, the Night Guardian coldly looked back and instantly suppressed the noisy crowd.

He turned his head and looked at the illusory black shadow that was binding Xiu Mingyue but did not make any move at all.

“How are you” The Night Guardian asked.

The black shadow behind Xiu Mingyue was too illusory so that ordinary people would not even be able to tell that this person existed.

Certainly very few people knew about it.

Some human-shaped ghost beast could actually be communicated with.

As soon as the Night Guardian asked this question, everyone looked over in surprise.

Then, they heard the illusory black shadow actually reply in a human voice, “Maybe you wont believe me, but although we are ghost beasts, we have never done anything bad.”

Everyone was shocked.

ghost beast, human language

Baldy Xin chuckled and retorted, “Ive heard this more than once, and its not just ghost beast, but many people say this before they go to prison or before they die.”

The black shadow fell silent.

After a long while, he seemed to be sighing helplessly:

“I understand…”

“After hiding for so long, Ive actually thought that such a day would come, but I didnt expect that I would be so muddle-headed and break into your encirclement.”

Xin still wanted to speak, but the Night Guardian stopped him.

Ghost beast was indeed a ghost beast!

There were many things that could bewitch peoples hearts, and it was useless to say too much.

What should be talked about could be spoken freely and open-heartedly in the red-clothed people prison with no problems at all.

The most urgent matter at hand..

“How are you” Night Guardian looked at Xiu Mingyue and asked in a serious tone.

“If you red-clothed people goes out without a result, you wont give up.

I understand that…”after a pause, the black shadow said, “How about this, let her go and Ill go with you.”

As the black shadow spoke, he pointed at the scorpion-tailed ghost beast.

The scorpion-tailed ghost beast lying on the ground was extremely terrifying.

The ghostly energy around its body had already spread to a height of several feet and even went above the private room.

However, upon hearing the black shadows words, the eyes of the scorpion-tailed ghost beast that was covered in scorpion armor suddenly turned scarlet red and the aura around its body became unstable.

“Roar –”

Another berserk beast roar.

This time, everyone could hear it.

This scorpion-tailed ghost beast was expressing its resistance.

Immediately, the crowd watching from afar with their spiritual senses immediately exploded.

“F * ck, it is mind-blowing today!”

“Ghost beast actually has feelings”

“That scorpion-tailed ghost beast should be a girl… female, right Whats with that human-shape black shadow Are there two types of ghost beasts”

“Those in animal form cant talk, but those in human form can”

“Thats amazing.

Im going to be moved by the love of the ghost beast.

Im begging red-clothed people to let them go… No, let us go!”

“At least let us go first.

I dont want to see the ghost beast!”

Someone was wailing again.

However, the people who were stunned by red-clothed people obviously didnt dare to announce it out loud.

They only discussed it in low voices.

In the private room.

The voice of the black shadow was very sincere.

In the past, when the Night Guardian heard similar words, he could always laugh it off and treat it coldly.

But now, when the black shadow said something similar, the first thing that appeared in his mind was actually Xu Xiaoshous figure.

Also, that kid had once despised his knowledge of the ghost beast in the White Cave..

“Im sorry!”

After pausing for a moment, the Night Guardian chose to ignore him and looked at Xiu Mingyue, “Can you speak”

Xiu Mingyue was tightly bound and couldnt make a sound.

The Night Guardian laughed, “Higher void (level) has been taken down just like that Its hard for me not to believe… that the two of you are actually in cahoots.”

The moment he said this.

Even Cheng Ji was shocked.

He turned his eyes and exclaimed, “Elder Night Guardian, although Pavilion Master Xiu has targeted me before, I can guarantee this…”

Night Guardian waved his hand and interrupted, “Theres no need to use your self-knowledge to interfere with red-clothed peoples judgment.

I only believes what I saw with my own eyes.”


The black shadow also spoke up, and at this time, his voice was filled with ridicule, “I only kidnapped this one person.

I dont know what her identity is, but I dont want to hurt her.

Of course, I also dont want to hurt everyone present.

I only have one last request…”

As he spoke, the illusory figure looked at the scorpion-tailed ghost beast again and his dark eyes were filled with tenderness.

However, it was only a moment of distraction.

Night Guardian resolutely chose to make his move.

“Since you dont intend to hurt others, then please stop your actions immediately…”

“Night Curtain!”

Night Guardian pounced forward.

At the same time, he shouted, and the bright trading venue was instantly enveloped by a dark bounded domain.

It became pitch-black.

Xin moved at the same time.

They had worked together for many years.

Almost at the same time as the muscles on the Night Guardians body tightened, he could predict what his next move would be.

Immediately, the two split into two groups, pouncing at the illusory black shadow from the two wings.

“Get lost!”

The black shadow seemed to be really enraged at this time.

At the critical moment, the black chain on his chest went out again.

Even in the dark bounded domain, which was as black as ink and sealed by his six senses, he felt as if it was daytime.

The black chain accurately pierced through the Night Guardian and Xin who were pouncing on him.


The two red-clothed people snorted and were shocked at the same time.

Their techniques, Spiritual Source, and the cultivation power were unable to stop the black chain from piercing through their bodies.

It seemed that the black chain came out from outside the Way of the Heavens and was not within the range of any defensive means or resistance of the six realms.


The moment the black chain entered his body, the dark bounded domain was instantly shattered.

As for Night Guardian and Xin, they were lifted up high into the air as if they had been pierced by a scorpions tail.

Following that, their faces flushed red at a speed visible to the naked eye, and their bodies began to weaken.

“What ability”

Night Guardian was shocked.

The black chain had actually completely cut off his communication with the Way of the Heavens, and it had also cut off his Spiritual Source.

When a Spiritual Cultivator was pierced by this black chain, he was like a soldier on the battlefield that was forcefully stripped of his sword and armor, becoming completely powerless.

At that moment.

Night Guardian suddenly understood why Xiu Mingyue was unable to resist at all.

Higher void (level) !

This black shadow was the old higher void (level) !

Although Xiu Mingyue was also a higher void (level) , how could Xiu Mingyue, who had just seen the path of the higher void (level) , fight against such an old higher void (level) expert

The gap between the higher void (level) and the higher void (stage) , even if it was a sub-level, was far greater than the gap between the path of the cutting path (stage) and the Nine Death Thunder Calamity (level) .

The higher ones cultivation level was, the more they valued the comprehension and ability to control the Way of the Heavens.

Not to mention, the ghost beast itself was invincible among its peers!

The people stood by were shocked.

The two senior red-clothed people were instantly hung up, unable to resist at all, which had everyone in shock.

What was even more shocking was the scorpion-tailed ghost beast that tried to start a riot after the black shadow made its move, but was once again shouted down by the black shadow, not daring to make a move.

“Dont kill!”

If this sentence had come from the red-clothed people, no one would have felt that there was a problem.

But coming out of ghost beast…

At this moment, the people around felt a sense of absurdity that could completely change their worldview!

In the blink of an eye, two of the red-clothed people were captured.

The remaining Pitch Black Flame also froze on the spot, as if he felt that the situation was getting out of control.


At this moment, Lan Ling appeared.

The arenas spirit-gathering array was taken over by Lan Ling, and she finally arrived in front.

However, she was a step too late.

Night Guardian and Xin were already in the hands of the ghost beast.

“I am the higher void (level) .”

The black shadow took down the two red-clothed people without a trace of pride.

He continued to speak indifferently, “If you really want to fight, none of you will be able to leave this place alive.”

He looked at Pitch Black Flame and Lan Ling as he spoke, “If you return with the battle record of a higher void (level) ghost beast in exchange for merit, it will be enough for you, red-clothed people, to be in honour for the rest of your lives.

So, as I said, I only have one request…”

“I agree to your request!”

Lan Ling suddenly said, “You let all of them go.

Ill let the other ghost beast leave.”

“Roar –”

The scorpion-tailed ghost beast was furious.

She could not speak, but she could express everything with her emotions.

At this moment, the black shadow did not care about the protest of his companions.

He directly withdrew the black chain that had pierced into Xins body, but he did not put the Night Guardian down.

“I have shown half of my sincerity.

What about you guys”

The black shadow asked seriously, “Can I believe the words of your red-clothed people”


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