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The rain was pitter-pattering, and it didnt seem like it was going to subside anytime soon.

Before him stood a masked person covered in black.

His whole body was so tightly covered that even his fingers were enveloped by a pair of thick gloves.

The only party of him exposed, a pair of eyes, was so murky that it looked like only shades of dusks resided within.

If he were to see this pair of eyes again in the future in a sea of people, he wouldnt be able to recognize them.

They belonged to an ordinary person!

But could this dude really be an ordinary person

Xu Xiaoshou stared at Hiding Pain, which was stuck between them.

In one quick moment, it sprung toward him, and yet he was able to react to it.

The sword came extremely close to the masked persons heart, but he directly stopped it with two fingers.

Xu Xiaoshou was completely puzzled.

This was a ninth-grade spiritual sword that had cost him thousands of spiritual crystals.

On top of that, it also carried a powerful innate sword will with it when itd sprung at him, yet this man had easily blocked it.

And, looking at his next move, it looked like if he were to cross his fingers, the sword would simply break in half.

“Hey, dont!”

Xu Xiaoshou closed the gap between them in a flash and grabbed the masked mans fingers.

“Dont break it,” he said, a look of shock on his face.

“This is my life.

If you break it, who will I cry to”

The masked person was really shocked.

Xu Xiaoshous reaction was…

“Hes not scared of me” he thought.

“Im not going to break it.

Take your hands off me…

“Hmm And your legs too!”

His expression turned serious, although this wasnt visible to the others, as he was covered in a black rag.

But this boy…

He had actually encircled him with his arms within such a short moment and now he couldnt move either of his hands.

At the same time, both of his legs had also crawled up on his own thighs, making the lower half of his body unsteady and exposing its instability, making it prone to attacks.

That was a very powerful body manipulating technique…

A human lock

Was his zodiac sign the octopus


“Let go!”

“I just wanted to ask for directions!”

Xu Xiaoshou listened to this coarse voice that was like a saw on his ears, and got goosebumps.

His eardrums were experiencing hell.

Was this a voice of a human It was so disgusting!

However, judging from the voice, the masked man was probably quite old, at least of a middle-aged uncle level.

Xu Xiaoshou increased his strength for his human lock.

“No, who the h*ll would ask for directions in such wee hours of the morning

“And its raining heavily.

Are you a psycho!”


The masked man let out a deep sigh.

“Dont you think youd already be dead right now if I wanted to kill you”

“Ho!” Xu Xiaoshou laughed coldly.

“Or maybe the only reason why Im alive right now is because I have you locked up like this.”


The masked man was completely p*ssed.

What the h*ll was that He was definitely toxic!

“Let go!”


“Are you sure”


Xu Xiaoshou kept quiet for a moment, then he took advantage of the masked mans momentary relaxation to push the black sword into his heart with his chest.


The masked mans eyes widened with disbelief and shock.

Even with his black mask on, Xu Xiaoshou could smell the blood.

After ensuring that he was safe, he finally asked, “Okay, what did you want to ask me”


Cursed, Passive point, 1.

Spited, Passive Point, 1.

Marked, Passive Point, 1.

Hoho, hed been marked

Did that mean the man was planning on killing him someday in the future

Xu Xiaoshou became murderous suddenly and continued to thrust the sword forward to impale the masked man.


At this time, his palm felt a painful sensation, and he involuntarily released his fingers.

The masked man flicked his finger, and the black sword was sent flying.


Not letting go of the opportunity, the masked man clashed head-on with Xu Xiaoshous head, intending to knock him back.

However, the next moment he clutched his forehead and moaned instead.

“What the…

“Are you made of iron!”

Xu Xiaoshous legs were still on his thighs, and he immediately bounced back to lock him up.

Now the masked man couldnt even move his head.

After doing all this, Xu Xiaoshou felt a little scared.

What did this guy do just now How could he pierce his palm with just two fingers

To be frank, Xu Xiaoshous body was enhanced with the eight great innate passive skills…

This masked uncle felt odd!

Xu Xiaoshou glanced over and caught a glimpse of the fading sword will on the tip of his fingers.

Sword will

What a weak sword will!

If it wasnt for his highly sensitive Sense, he wouldnt have even detected it.

So here was the question: if this man could pierce through his palm, then why did he feel pain from a headbutt

It was weird.

This man was really weird!

He wanted to take off the black mask that covered the masked mans hair but was afraid that hed be killed for knowing that mans real identity.

This strength of this masked man was a mystery.

“If you dont belong to Tiansang Spirit Palace, then how did you get in” Xu Xiaoshou probed.

The masked man fell silent and didnt talk.

After a while, he finally let out a cough, which made Xu Xiaoshou realize that he was choking him.

He relaxed his grip on the mans throat.

“Ugh! Cough cough…”

The masked man declared naturally, “I am!”

“Cheated, Passive Point, 1.”


Xu Xiaoshou was a little speechless.

He wanted to laugh but couldnt.

Although this man was shameless, it meant that hed come in from outside the spirit palace, since he had lied blatantly.


Xu Xiaoshou was a little panicky.

The spirit palace was guarded by a powerful array.

The two hed just killed were probably from within the palace.

With their strength, they probably hadnt entered from the outside.

However, this masked man had really come in from the outside Didnt that mean he was an expert among experts

But why was he so weak

This didnt match up with his actual strength.

“Who the heck are you…” But Xu Xiaoshou abruptly stopped mid-way through saying this, thinking it could be problematic for him to learn the masked mans identity, so he changed the question.

“What do you want”

“To ask for directions!” the masked man yelled.

“To heaven”


“Cursed, Passive Points, 1.”

Ha, his psychological activity was still abundant!

Xu Xiaoshou tightened his grip.

“Spit it!”

“Cough cough! Let go…” The masked man struggled violently, and his two fingers made to project a faint sword will.

This startled Xu Xiaoshou, so he let go slightly.


The masked man panted heavily and suppressed the desire to attack, telling himself that Xu Xiaoshou was an irrelevant small fry and he shouldnt startle more people.

After resting for a long time, he asked slowly, “The inner yard, where is it”

Xu Xiaoshou: “”

“Just that”

All this time just to ask where the Inner Yard was

Why didnt he just say so earlier!

This provoked the masked man again, but he managed to suppress his anger and nodded in response.

This was probably the most ridiculous thing that had ever happened to him in his few decades of life.

All hed wanted to do was ask for directions and had ended up injured and even gotten stabbed in the heart instead.

And worse still, hed gotten a sarcastic reply after asking…



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