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On the other side, Teng Shanhai, who had just finished a fight with the storyteller and relied on his powerful cultivation level to gain the upper hand, was now looking at Xu Xiaoshou, who was staring at him like a grim reaper.

He felt a little uncomfortable.

Xu Xiaoshous gaze was not scary.

However, the phantom of the nine dragons behind him stopped dancing as he spoke, and all the pressure was poured onto Teng Shanhais head.


The floor under his feet started to crack.

The power of the Saint Statue locked onto Teng Shanhai, and at this moment, he felt the difference between the power of the Higher Void and the Holy Power.

“Where did this thing come from”

Teng Shanhai was truly shocked.

He could see that the youth in the distance was actually the youth who had been forced to flee after blocking his path.


How long had it been

Why did it seem like he had changed into a different person When he charged back again, there was a Saint Statue behind him

With this thing, why did he run away earlier!

He must be teasing him!


At this moment, the sound of a gentle breeze could be heard.

Just a moment ago, Teng Shanhai was cursing in his heart.

In the next second, Xu Xiaoshou, who was about to kill another Higher Void, was already in front of him.

“How do you want to die” Xu Xiaoshou tilted his head.

After Ascending to the Heavens in A Single Step, he was now only a step away from Teng Shanhai.

There was no other movement.

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However, when his aura of victory and pursuit reached its peak, he was also supported by the pressure of the Holy Power.

At this moment, Xu Xiaoshou came with the Saint Statue.

With just this sentence, he gave Teng Shanhai a sense of oppression.

It was as if he was in the fantasy realm of “Swallow the Mountains and Rivers”, the giant that gave Xu Xiaoshou endless pressure.


The ground suddenly collapsed, and space rippled and shot out.

Teng Shanhai bent his legs and back, almost unable to withstand the terrifying pressure from Xu Xiaoshous question.

“Kid, do you really think that with the Saint Statue, you can ignore the Higher Void just because you caught Yi off guard” Teng Shanhai was furious.

However, there was an insurmountable gap when the Higher Void faced the Holy Power – the suppression of the Holy Path!

As Teng Shanhai fought against the Holy Power, he retreated at the speed of light.

He took out a jade bottle from his ring and crushed it.

A dot of golden light bloomed.

Saint Blood!

Teng Shanhai opened his mouth without hesitation and was about to swallow it.

He could look down on the Innate, but to fight against the power of the pinnacle Saint Statue, the first thing he had to fight against was the suppression of the Holy Power.

Otherwise, in the upcoming battle, he would be restricted in every aspect.

However, the arenas situation was completely out of everyones expectations.

Teng Shanhai retreated, and Xu Xiaoshou understood.

He smiled and performed the Ascending to the Heavens in A Single Step.

Teng Shanhai took out the jade bottle, and Xu Xiaoshou teleported again.

He moved closer, and his smile grew wider.

The moment the Saint Blood appeared.

Xu Xiaoshous face revealed an expression ofas expected.



Xu Xiaoshou suddenly sucked at the void.

This sucking was not a big deal.

At least in front of the Higher Void, it was like childs play.

At most, there was a funny sound of wind being sucked in.

However, when the nine dragons Saint Statue behind Xu Xiaoshou also used its Holy Power, the Saint Blood that was supposed to fly into Teng Shanhais mouth immediately changed its direction in mid-air and shot straight into Xu Xiaoshous mouth.

Even Teng Shanhai himself jerked forward, almost losing his balance and dying in Xu Xiaoshous bloody mouth.

This was the Breathing Technique!

The Saint Blood flew over.

Xu Xiaoshou naturally couldnt drink the second drop of Saint Blood.

This kind of Saint Blood wasnt specially made by Demi-Saint Infernal.

According to Elder Sang, the backlash was very terrifying.

One drink and he would be gone.

After all, he was only at the Innate…


However, Xu Xiaoshou was calm and prepared.

He took out a jade pill bottle and filled it with the Saint Blood.

Then, he sealed the bottle and placed it back into his Yuan Mansion.

Using the power of his small world, he suppressed Saint Bloods resistance.

This series of actions was done in one go as if he had rehearsed it many times in his mind.

Everyone was stupefied.

Teng Shanhai, who had just barely suppressed the spiritual source in his body, came back to his senses and realized that the Saint Blood was gone…

Teng Shanhais state of mind was about to explode.

What kind of spiritual technique was this

This spiritual technique was a little disgusting!

Before using it, there wasnt even the slightest fluctuation of spiritual source, nor the fluctuation of the Way of the Heavens

Even the Chief of Teng Shanhais combat division, after Xu Xiaoshou had sucked in the Saint Blood, had foolishly thought that this fellow was preparing for the upcoming great battle and had begun to take a deep breath…



How was this a deep breath

This was a life-threatening breath!

Teng Shanhais heart was still going crazy.

At this moment, Xu Xiaoshou, who had just finished absorbing the Saint Blood, took a step forward and crushed Teng Shanhai like a mountain.

His back was arched like a prawn, and the Cang God Armor was cracking with a buzzing sound.

“Still have some”

Xu Xiaoshou smiled and said calmly, “If you still have the Saint Blood, I will kill you later.”

Teng Shanhai was so angry that his lungs were about to explode.

He was a mighty Higher Void, but he was actually suppressed by an Innate junior using the Saint Statue

The key point was that this guy still acted as if nothing had happened.

It was as if he was an Innate that suppressed the Higher Void.

He spoke so calmly as if everyone in the world should acknowledge him and take it for granted.

The storyteller at the back was dumbfounded.

He had long been beaten by Teng Shanhais terrifying Cang God Armor, causing his body to crack and blood to flow all over his body.

However, at this moment, Xu Xiaoshou was in front of him.

A mere Innate gave him a great sense of security!

The storytellers eyes were filled with splendor as he watched.

At this moment, Xu Xiaoshou, who was carrying the Saint Statue, was practically comparable to his elder brother in his heart.

His figure had become so majestic…

His voice had become so magnetic…

His actions did not move at all, no longer stirring up the hearts of others!

“Revered, Passive Points 1.”

“You are going too far!”

On the other side, Teng Shanhai could not take it anymore.

This young man in front of him was too hateful, too hateful!

Losing the Saint Blood did not mean that the Higher Void would not be able to fight against the Saint Statue.

It just meant that they would have to divert some of their mental energy to fight against the suppression of the Holy Path.

And to throw all this away, Teng Shanhai knew that even if he suppressed his cultivation level to the level of Cutting Path… No, the level of the Sovereign, if he went to deal with Xu Xiaoshou, he would be able to crush this guy like an ant with two fingers.

“Cang God Armor, open!”

A shout rang out.

The path patterns of the Cang God Armor on Teng Shanhais body shone brightly.

At this moment, he seemed to be possessed by an ancient demon god.

The black and red mystic light shone, covering his entire body in the divine power of the Cang God.

Then, his back suddenly straightened, and he actually managed to do it a few steps away from Xu Xiaoshou… as straight as a spear.

Higher Void, looking directly at the Holy Power.

It was so terrifying!

“Xiao Divine Spear…”

Teng Shanhais right hand gently released the void.

As the Cang God Armor clanked, a ten feet long overlord spear that was as thick as a rock suddenly appeared in his palm.

This spear was too domineering!

The same black-red evil Gods expression and the same murderous aura swirled around.

When it landed in Teng Shanhais hand, the Cang God Armors mystic light shone brightly.

It was like a redoubled power.

The Xiao Divine Spear was a lost divine instrument recorded on the ancient inscription tablet.

There were millions of souls that died under the spear over the years.

One spearhead could be as big as three heads of an ordinary person.

If an ordinary person was pierced through by this spear… it would be better to say that it could pierce a person into two halves!

“Xiao Divine Spear, godhood breaks the vast ocean!”

Teng Shanhai roared in rage.

He raised the thick Xiao Divine Spear with both hands and twisted his waist in mid-air.

The Cang God Armor was twisted.

This combination of Qi and strength, strength and will.

The power of the Higher Void was born from the Earth.

It entered the feet and went through the waist.

It was sublimated and reached the arms.

Then, it poured its energy into the Xiao Divine Spear.


In the nameless land of the nine heavens, there seemed to be an illusion.

The withered bones were mournful, and the blood flowed.

The lives were in misery, and there were millions of corpses.

Sand and stones flew in the sky, and evil Qi filled the void.

The Xiao Divine Spear swung in the air, and the illusion was immediately destroyed.

And the destroyed illusion of the way to kill actually became real at this moment.

In the form of blood-colored flowing light, the wind whistled and poured into the Xiao Divine Spear, as if it wanted to help Teng Shanhai.

“Die for me!”

At this moment, Teng Shanhai, who had swung his weapon around, felt as if his eyes were about to explode.

The Xiao Divine Spear was a lost divine instrument.

He wanted to make the name of the Xiao Divine Spear shine again.

He wanted to resist the saint, nail the saint, and even exterminate the saint!

“Threatened, Passive Points, 1.”

As he spoke, Xu Xiaoshou was shocked.

Ever since Teng Shanhais Cang God Armor had been fully activated and he had even taken out the Xiao Divine Spear, he felt that the flow of time had changed.

The power of the Higher Void was not only affecting the Way of the Heavens, but it was also affecting his own judgment.

And in the blink of an eye, it seemed like it would last forever.

Teng Shanhai had already finished accumulating his power, and the bloody move that could kill millions of people was also about to arrive.

The scene was extremely terrifying.

Xu Xiaoshou was only at the Innate, but he already had a virtual image.

How could he dare to forcefully take the Higher Void move

His subconscious choice was to escape with Ascending to the Heavens in A Single Step.

However, with a single step, his spiritual senses sensed that this world had been completely sealed off by the Xiao Divine Spear.

More importantly…

The Saint Statue was furious!


Xu Xiaoshou felt that the Saint Statue behind him seemed to have suddenly come to life.

The Higher Void in front of him refused to grovel and even swung his spear at him.

This was looking down on the Holy Path!

This was looking down on the hierarchy!

Xu Xiaoshou felt this absurd feeling in his heart.

He didnt even have time to resist this absurd idea of wanting to help the Saint Statue to kill the scoundrel in front of him.

Out of the blue, he raised his hand.

“Death to those disgraces the holy one!”

It was clearly an old voice that resounded in his mind.

Xu Xiaoshou also read it out in a calm tone.

This voice sounded like the grim reaper reading people and the judge urging him.

The order of reincarnation between heaven and earth was completely overturned after Xu Xiaoshous voice.

No matter what the death soul team was like, the next person who needed to enter the reincarnation in Hell must be this saint-shaming person in front of him!

The holy words shook the world.

The dragon shocked the sea and the phoenix faced the south.

Almost at the same time, the storyteller, Mei Siren, the distant Wang Dachui, the scruffy-looking man, or Rao Yaoyao, who had rushed over with her sword at the scene of the trade fair, they saw another heaven and earth phenomenon that appeared after Xu Xiaoshous Nine Dragons Burning the Ancestor – the Dragon and Phoenix Phenomenon.

Then, everyone realized that their bodies… froze.


This was slowness!

“Time has slowed down…”

Xu Xiaoshous spiritual senses also sensed that everything in the world had become as fast as a tortoise.

The people in the distance, the wind on the long street, the spear in front of him…

Everything was like this!

He even had the spare energy to look at the broken signboard outside the battle that had been swept down by the Holy Power.

When it fell, it suddenly slowed down.

And the smoke and sand flew slowly.

The arena could hear the heartbeats of the people in the arena suddenly stop.

And in the bodies of the people, the gurgling sound of blood intertwined into a beautiful music score.

They could smell the fragrant night scene after the rain in the four directions of the Imperial City, the clear and quiet grass, the fishy smell of snakes and insects…

And at this time, time and space gathered together and transformed into a unique fragrance.

It was the fragrance of all living things.

It was life and death under the understanding of the Holy Path.

It was an extraordinary understanding of the existence of nothing and space, the definition of time and space, and the judgment of the past and the future.

In the morning, one could listen to the path, but in the evening, one could die!

At this moment, Xu Xiaoshou felt that he did not understand anything, but he understood everything.

He had truly transcended from the world in terms of soul and spirit, and then looked down on all living things, unperturbed.

Heaven and earth were not benevolent, and all things were treated like dogs.

The saint was not benevolent, and the common people were treated like dogs.

Equality, inaction, letting nature take its course…

That was it.

That was it.


The Dragon and Phoenix Phenomenon lasted for an instant, and reality returned.

The Xiao Divine Spear came from the left, and Xu Xiaoshou indifferently raised his left hand.

He felt that the Innate was too weak, and his strength needed to be strengthened.

Thus, without moving his mind, the power of the Infernal Original Seed crazily gathered in his left hand, and the power of the Way of the Heavens and the Holy Path also gathered in his left hand.

He felt that there should be a move that could be used to block life and death.

Therefore, Elder Sangs obscure inheritance in the Eighth Palace appeared in his mind, but at this moment, it was as clear as fire.

“Pfft, pfft.”

A faint white flame sounded.

Xu Xiaoshous clothes on his left sleeve began to turn into black ashes.

They were like flowers that withered with the wind.

Then, his left arm began to turn from his fingertips to his wrist, to his elbow, to his shoulder, inch by inch, it turned into a charred and rotten state.

That was the extreme compression of the white flame.

It was the complete convergence of the Way of the Heavens and the Holy Path.

It was the absolute control of power!

“Sleeveless, Red Scorched Hand.”

Xu Xiaoshou muttered softly.

The sound fell.

Saints words were dispelled, and heavens punishment was removed.

Everyones expression changed in shock.

They continued to think about the attack of the Xiao Divine Spear.

How could Xu Xiaoshou receive it with his bare hands

However, in the next second, only the Seven Sword Deity, such as Mei Siren and Rao Yaoyao, who stood at the peak of the world, could react.

Xu Xiaoshous left arm was filled with endless Holy Power!



While everyone was thinking, the spear and palm in the arena collided and exploded.

However, in just an instant, there was no sound at all.

The world was completely sucked into a vacuum by Teng Shanhais spear.

Everyone opened their mouths and dropped their jaws in shock.

All they could see was Xu Xiaoshous body, which had been completely blown up by the Xiao Divine Spear after the smoke exploded.

“Its gone”

Everyone was stunned.

After summoning the Saint Statue, Xu Xiaoshou, who had been arrogantly trying to kill the Higher Void, was blown up by the spear


Holding the Xiao Divine Spear, Teng Shanhai laughed out loud, “Saint Statue In my eyes, its just… Eh”

His words came to an abrupt end because when he wanted to pull back the Xiao Divine Spear, Teng Shanhai realized that the spear couldnt be pulled back at all.

It was as if the Xiao Divine Spear was restrained by the saint and couldnt be pulled back…


It wasnt as if!

When the smoke finally disappeared, everyone was shocked to see that Xu Xiaoshous entire body had indeed been blown up by the Xiao Divine Spear.

However, there was still a charred and rotten left arm on the body of the Xiao Divine Spear.

It did not have a sleeve to cover it…

It was as tall as a mountain and did not move at all!

This spear had blown up a person, but it had not blown up a persons arm

Suddenly, the sound of the wind rose.

Specks of starlight and Holy Power gathered.

From the charred left arm, little by little, the body began to recover.

In less than three breaths, Xu Xiaoshous body was restored to its original state by Holy Power.

And his left arm was holding the Xiao Divine Spear, which was thicker than the others!

It really hurt…

Xu Xiaoshou, who had come back to his senses, cursed in his heart.

He didnt even know how he had done that move just now, but now that everyone was watching, he was inexplicably shocked.

Since the atmosphere had reached this point, he couldnt let everyone down.

Thus, Xu Xiaoshou turned to look at Teng Shanhai and grinned at the stupefied Higher Void.

Then, he pulled out the Xiao Divine Spear from Teng Shanhais hands and kept it in his Yuan Mansion.

“Thank you.

Ill take your spear as well.”

Xu Xiaoshou took a step forward.

With a boom, Teng Shanhai was crushed to the ground by the pressure of the Holy Path of the Nine Dragons wrath behind him.

At this moment, the backlash of the Xiao Divine Spear finally arrived.

Teng Shanhais entire body trembled as he bled non-stop.

He raised his head.

Xu Xiaoshou, who was on top of his head, had already bent over.

He had a friendly expression on his face as he spoke as if he was looking at a treasure.

“Teng Shanhai, right If you give me another divine object, I will spare your life.”


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