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At the trade fair.

The atmosphere was completely different from the comical battle in the Central Zone which everyone was paying attention to.

In no.

208 private room, Hua Ying took a glance at Xu Xiaoshou, who was involved in the battle, before withdrawing her gaze in shock.

“Uncle Xu…”

There was no doubt.

This young man, who claimed his master was Sang Qiye and his grandmaster was Long Rongzhi, was her masters brother, Uncle Xu.

The person she had been looking for!

At this moment, Hua Ying did not even have the time to marvel at Uncle Xus true age.

As she had expected, he was at the same age as his friend Zhou Tianshen.

What really surprised her was…

If Uncle Xu was confirmed to be involved in the battle at the Central Zone…

Then who was that Young Master Xu next door, in no.

209 private room The one who Zhou Tianshen was so sure that he was her masters brother, Uncle Xu

Or perhaps, they were the same person.

Perhaps, at some point in time, her incredibly powerful Uncle Xu used some kind of heaven-defying method to escape early… no, he escaped from the trade fair and went somewhere else to cause trouble

This possibility was too small after all.

Hua Ying decided to confirm it.

At this moment, the scene of the trade fair was very chaotic.

If it wasnt because that group of White-clothed and Red-clothed appeared and surrounded the crowd like shepherds.

Having lost the blockade, this group of people had long fled.

Hua Ying turned her body away from the crowd.

Under the puzzled gazes of Dong Ling, Shi Ti, Zhou Tianshen, and the others, she pushed the door open and walked out of the private room.

She was about to enter the room next door, private room no.

209, to confirm one or two things.

However, when Hua Ying raised her hand and was about to knock on the door.

The door to no.

209 private room creaked and was pushed open.

Under Mo Mos instructions, three people walked out of the room.

They also looked in the direction of the Central Zone with reverence and shock.

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It seemed as if…

They came out simply because none of them could see clearly from the room and wanted to take a few more glances.

Among these three people.

Besides Mu Zixi and Xiao Wanfeng, there was also Xu Xiaoji who had been chanting the scriptures.

At this moment, Xu Xiaoji was actually fighting two battles, but he mustered his courage and walked out.

His imitation had always been fine, but he lacked a bit of confidence.

However, when he really pushed open the door and walked out, he had no choice but to brace himself.

Acting according to Mo Mos words, his presence was exposed in the sight of many Red-clothed and White-clothed people.

Then, he raised his eyes.

Xu Xiaoji used a 30% surprised, 30% disdainful, and 40% indifferent gaze to look at the Great Demon King Xu who was flying higher and higher with Rao Yaoyao.


After he entered the character, he was in good condition.

Xu Xiaoji even began to shake his head slightly.

Although he didnt say anything, he had an expression that said, “The Saint Statue is just so-so.

I can do it myself.”.

On the other side.

Hua Ying, who had just arrived at the entrance of the private room, was stunned.

After a long while, she finally spoke in bewilderment, “Young… Young Master Xu, are you really here”

Young Master Xu is still here

And her masters brother, Uncle Xu is also fighting Sword Deity Rao at the same time


Doesnt this mean that there are two of them

Hua Ying suddenly came to a realization.

Her beautiful eyes widened, and her beautiful face began to tremble in anger.

Damn that Zhou Tianshen!

If he cant recognize someone, he should have told her earlier.

Its not like she would blame him.

He was blind… and pointed his finger randomly.

It was like he had pointed at a deer and called it a horse.

Was he treating his life like a joke

Does he still want to live

At this moment, Hua Ying even wanted to turn around and throw Zhou Tianshen into a big bathtub to be refined!

But she still couldnt help but be surprised.

She wanted to open her mouth to clarify, but for a moment, she didnt know where to start, so although she wanted to say something, she paused.

Xu Xiaoji hesitated.

As soon as he made his appearance, he was very cautious.

Naturally, he could see that the girl in front of him was coming for him.

In other words, she knew the Great Demon King Xu.

But the important point was that he didnt know this girl!

When she came over, she bumped into him and Mu Zixi leaving the room together.

She even made such a surprised and furious expression…

Could it be that this was an affair the Great Demon King Xu left behind outside the Abrogated Origin Residence

In the past, Demon King Xu concealed it very well and didnt let Mu Zixi and this girl bump into each other.

Now that it was his turn, he accidentally exposed himself.

While thinking of the current situation in the most normal way, Xu Xiaoji wanted to die.

He immediately turned around and planned to ignore all of this.

However, Hua Ying pulled him back and asked with a trembling voice, “Young Master Xu, do y-you really not…”

Hua Ying stopped in time.

There were too many people here, and the identity of her masters brother should not be exposed.

When these words fell into Xu Xiaojis ears, it was as if she was confirming his inner thoughts.

Now that he was being targeted, Xu Xiaoji could not resist and turned around helplessly.

He considered his words and thought about how he would answer if he was the Great Demon King Xu himself.

Most people, at this point, should clarify their true feelings, right

Thus, after hesitating for a moment, Xu Xiaoji spoke out, his voice full of coldness, “Im sorry, I really dont like you.”


Xu Xiaoji slapped Hua Yings hand away, turned around, and walked into the private room.

He also swung the door and slammed it shut.

Hua Ying was confused.

The young lady was dumbfounded on the spot.

Her mind was blank.

In the dilapidated venue of the trade fair.

The representatives of the other factions, who were watching the battle in the Central Zone while secretly using their spiritual senses to observe the scene outside room 209, all revealed a look of understanding when they saw the situation.

It turned out that there was a much profound meaning under no.

209 private rooms act of giving away treasures…

No wonder…

No wonder!

In mid-air, at the most eye-catching location.

The Night Guardian and the others, who had already escaped from the dark chains of the Ghost Beast Wu Xia, had taken over Rao Yaoyaos mission.

They were now the ones responsible for keeping an eye on Wu Xia.

However, at this moment, the attention of the Night Guardian was no longer on Wu Xia, who had surrendered.

He had also fallen into a trance-like state.

It was because of Young Master Xu!

From the moment he came out to the moment he returned into the room, he had only cast a glance in the direction of the battle in the Central Zone.

He felt like a real stranger in the Imperial City.

When his gaze passed by the Night Guardian, there was not even the slightest fluctuation.

The Night Guardian fell into a daze.

However, at this moment, the only thing he could be sure of was this.

“He is not Xu Xiaoshou!”

If he had followed his previous deduction and deduced that the First Pavilion in the Sky had been brought out by Xu Xiaoshou, this Young Master Xu would not have been able to remain so calm after seeing him, the Night Guardian.

Ever since Young Master Xu had left the room, the spiritual senses of the night guardian had been locked on to him tightly.

He knew that no matter how smart Xu Xiaoshou was, the bodily functions of the human body could not be completely eliminated.

Of course, if the real Xu Xiaoshou saw the Night Guardian leading the team yet again, even if he wanted to hold back and not look at the Night Guardian, all the beautiful memories of the past will still force his body into giving some reactions.

For example, even if he wanted to look, he did not dare to look.

But the Night Guardian was certain that this Young Master Xu did not have that instinctive reaction.

His body did not tense up, neither did his muscles.

He did not even have the slightest body gesture that he wanted to look back at him, the Night Guardian.

Not a single one!

Taking a step back.

Even if Young Master Xu was in the private room and had witnessed him, the Night Guardian, entering the venue and had mentally prepared to control his bodys response…

The Night Guardian also knew that the real Xu Xiaoshou would not dare to show his face at this moment, especially since he knew that the Night Guardian wanted to take him away.


“He really isnt the real one!”

The Night Guardian looked in the direction of the Central Zone.

In fact, the real Xu Xiaoshou had already appeared in the Central Zone.

His ability, words, and behavior were all the same.

How could the Night Guardian not know that the appearance of the real Xu Xiaoshou meant that his judgment had been completely wrong

But he wasnt sure.

What if

After all, Xu Xiaoshou had joined the Saint Servant, and within the Saint Servant, there is the Storyteller.

When the Storyteller was at the higher void level, he had already grasped the demi-saints clone.

What if one of these two was Xu Xiaoshous clone

Actually, if this thought was shared with others, everyone would definitely laugh at him, the Night Guardian, for being possessed.

A person at the innate stage has a clone, what a big joke!

But the Night Guardian didnt think so.

In this world, were there any other innate who had the abilities to suppress a higher void

Were there any other innate who had the abilities to destroy the Saint Statue in a second without any delay and push the power of the Saint Statue to its peak

Based on his thoughts.

In this world, no matter how absurd things were, if it was Xu Xiaoshou, the probability would at least be 50-50.

There was no “What if”.

Some things would always be… 50-50.

“Investigate him!”

A cold glint flashed in the Night Guardians eyes.

He didnt believe it.

However, he had been tricked by Xu Xiaoshou many times.

What if this time, what he thought was a “What if” was actually Xu Xiaoshou secretly doing something on the third and fifth level

Even though…

Night Guardian looked at the Central Zone and knew that the young man, who was fighting with Sword Deity Rao, clearly didnt have the energy to control the trade fair that was tens of miles away.


Others might not be able to.

But he can not say the same for that fellow…

His name is Xu Xiaoshou.

The Xu Xiaoshou who could narrowly achieve a 50-50 chance in whatever he does.

Even if…

It was a battle between an Innate and a higher void!

“Lan Ling.”

While in mid-air, Night Guardian looked at the other side and called out softly.

At this moment, Lan Ling had clearly noticed the subtle movements in no.

209 private room below her feet.

She clearly understood everything and was also shocked.

However, in the end, she made the same decision as to the Night Guardian.

Furthermore, Lan Ling was more rational.

“Night Guardian, theres no need to rush.”

“Room 209 is after all a demi-saint family.

If theres really no problem with him, then therell be a big problem in the future.”

“If he has it, well investigate according to the order.

He definitely wont be able to escape.”

“And if he dares to run…”

“He must have a hidden motive.

He would be played right into our hands!”

Lan Ling smiled and patted the Night Guardian on the shoulder, indicating that there was no need to rush.

In fact, the Night Guardian really wanted to dive down and tear apart no.

209 private room to get to the bottom of it.

But he knew that Lan Lings words were correct.

“I understand.”

On the other side.

The trade fair was located outside the small wine pavilion, in a teahouse not far away.

Actually, when Xu Xiaoshou fought against the higher void, when the power of the Dragon Melting Realm appeared and when the White Flame and Blazing Sun descended upon the world.

Yu Zhiwen already knew who had appeared.

And when she realized the truth, for some reason, an inexplicable impulse surged in her heart.

This impulse drove her to take a step forward.

Perhaps it wasnt just one step.

In fact, Yu Zhiwen knew that she suddenly wanted to directly go to the battlefield in the central zone.

This feeling was very urgent.

— To meet him!

It was a very strange feeling.

She only wanted to meet him.

It was not because she was feeling uneasy or that she wanted to talk or there was any other reason.

Or rather, there was no reason at all.

It was good enough for her to meet him.

One side was enough.

Because when the White flame lit up the entire night sky.

Yu Zhiwens pair of starry eyes would inexplicably lose all color in front of her eyes.

The only scene that appeared in her mind was the birth of the famed sword-Flame Python from the White Cave, the soaring magma, and the apocalyptic scene.

She narrowly escaped death.

Finally, she opened her eyes.

In fact, she was already standing in the most dazzling golden color of the end of the world, on the palms of the Golden Giant.

The golden color that was within reach, the lingering warmth that could not be washed away.


Impulsiveness was a devil.

Yu Zhiwen, who knew her own position, ultimately overcame her impulsiveness with reason.

She did not move at all, not even lifting a single step.

In fact, other than the momentary confusion in her heart, she did not show any emotional fluctuations on her face.

This self-control.

Lasted until Rao Yaoyao left and headed to support the central zone.

Lasted until Night guardian, Lan Ling, and the other White-clothed and Red-clothed leaders left the teahouse and headed to the trade fair to support.

Lasted until Chu Lisheng left the stove that was heating the tea and went to Cheng Jis side to protect him.

When only Situ Yong and her were the only ones left at the scene.

Yu Zhiwen finally could not help but float in the air.

She opened her Pearl Gem Star Eyes quietly and saw the figure of the young man in the Great Dragon Fusion World, which seemed to divide the world into two halves.

“Xu Xiaoshou…”

After confirming the identity of the person, even though Yu Zhiwen was calm and composed, the corner of her lips could not help but lift slightly under the veil.

Her star eyes sparkled as if they were filled with spirit.

In just an instant.

She realized that there was someone else besides her and closed her star eyes.

Her pretty face also returned to its normal state.

“Junior sister, do you know this person”

Situ Yong, who was beside her, suddenly spoke.

This keen insight caused Yu Zhiwens heart to skip a beat.

“I dont know him…”

Yu Zhiwen subconsciously denied it, and then added in an indifferent voice, “I guess I know him.

Ive met him a few times in the small world of the White Cave.”


Situ Yong paused and didnt ask any questions.

What Yu Zhiwen did not know was that although she consciously thought that she had hidden it well, however, in fact, all of this was in Situ Yongs eyes.

Just like how one stood on the bridge and looked at the scenery, the people who were looking at the scenery would look at them from upstairs.

The Dragon Melting Realm had adorned your eyes, and you had destroyed someones dream.

In the Holy Divine Palace, in the path division, and even in front of the many holy sons, Situ Yong had openly and brazenly pursued Yu Zhiwen.

His goal was clear, and his will was firm.

He had even provoked others, so they could only retreat.

As for both of them.

One was first on the Heaven Roll of the path division, and the other was second on the Heaven Roll of the path division.

One was Dao Qiongcangs last disciple, and the other was Dao Xuanjis beloved disciple.

A match made in heaven.

There was nothing more than that.

At least, that was what Situ Yong thought.

His background, cultivation level, divine secret technique, self-control, conversation, and even personality were all excellent.

No one could compare to him.

Even his master, Dao Qiongcang, once laughed and talked about him, Situ Yongren, and Yu Zhiwen.

“What a good match!”

At that time, Yu Zhiwen waved her hands and shook her head.

Situ Yongren smiled and took it seriously.

However, even when he studied the divine secret technique in the path division, Situ Yongren had only seen Yu Zhiwen activate the Pearl Gem Star Eyes three times.

These three times, Situ Yongren still remembered it clearly.

In his impression, this pair of star eyes was the most beautiful treasure in the world.

It was an incomparable beauty.

Situ Yong did not even know that other than studying the most profound divine secret technique, there was something else.

What else could have caused Yu Zhiwen to be like a peacock spreading its tail, and that pair of stunning Pearl Gem Star Eyes

And now.

There it was!

It wasnt a matter.

It was a person!

Yu Zhiwen thought that she had hidden it well, but Situ Yong had been paying attention to his junior sister all the time, so how could he not notice

She suddenly floated in the air, opened her eyes in a flash, and that subtle smile under her veil…

It was just to take a look at that person.

A man!

Almost like The Thousand and One Nights, wasnt it

Situ Yong was suddenly burning with jealousy, but his emotions were all restrained.

His face was like a warm spring breeze, without any fluctuations.

This dream-like matter had finally appeared…

At this moment.

Situ Yong didnt even know how to describe his feelings.

A wolf that was always staring at a lump of meat would not be so absent-minded that it did not even know that a mosquito had bitten its meat.

And Situ Yong, who had always been paying attention to his junior sister, could not possibly misunderstand that Yu Zhiwen was actually spying on other things with such a subtle gesture.

But what puzzled Situ Yong was…

When did this person appear

What had happened between that person and Yu Zhiwen in the White Cave

White Cave had only existed for a short period of time.

How did their relationship develop so quickly

And, most importantly!

Situ Yong clenched his teeth and trembled.

His eyes were shaking, and his heart was screaming like a tsunami.

“Xu Xiaoshou, who is he!”


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