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Saint Explosion!

When the ten black Ice and Fire Saint Seeds exploded in the night sky, they turned into black Saint Explosion rain and covered almost the entire Dongtianwang City.

In the Imperial City, everyones breathing became stagnant.

The densed black rain contained boundless destructive power, as if it wanted to take away the vitality of the entire Dongtianwang City.

“Is he crazy”

“Is the demi-saint crazy”

“Am I going to die”

“Saint Servant… as expected, is still the number one dark faction in the Continent!”

“I knew it.

I knew it.

How could the battle between the Holy Divine Palace and the dark faction end so casual”

“This battle is not for people to watch.”

“We should have run away earlier…”

Everyone in the Imperial City was panicking.

It was only at this moment that everyone suddenly realized.

This was not a competition platform.

There was nothing casual, and there was no surrender.

Back when the battle started in the Imperial City.

The best choice was not to watch the battle of the higher void (level) and to cultivate.

Instead, it was to run far away and escape from the storm in the Imperial City.

“Xu Xiaoshou…”

High up in the sky above the trade fair, when the Night Guardian saw Xu Xiaoshou make this final choice, his heart turned cold.

At this moment, the Night Guardian suddenly realized that it was too late!

Xu Xiaoshou was no longer the young man from before.

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He had only entered the Saint Servants realm for such a short period of time, but he had already been completely brainwashed by the dark forces.

This was a threat to the lives of the people in the Imperial City, forcing the Holy Divine Palace to choose to save the people in the Imperial City and temporarily withdraw from the battle.

The previous Xu Xiaoshou could not do it.

No matter how ridiculous it was, he was not a person who would take the lives of others as a joke!

But now..

“In the end, is it still too late”

Night Guardian suddenly felt very foolish.

He had even placed his hopes on Xu Xiaoshou, who had joined the saint servant, before this night.

As time was not long, there was still room for redemption.

However, in this situation..

There was no room for redemption!

The Imperial City had been baptized, so Night Guardian was no longer naive.

Xu Xiaoshou had already stood on the opposite side, and it was impossible for him to turn back.

When they met again.

It would only be a clash of weapons.

“Spread out –”

In the air above the central zone, Rao Yaoyao hissed loudly.

She also couldnt understand.

If this truly terrifying move had come from the Saint Servants storyteller… even if it had come from the sloppy swordsman in front of her!

How could it happen to such a young man

Xu Xiaoshou…

Wasnt he that absurd junior who only knew how to fly high

In the blink of an eye, he could even commit such a terrifying act

At this moment, the people of the Imperial City were all waiting with their heads held high and their faces ashen.

Just like an earthquake, theres no need to hide for the small ones, but nowhere to hide for the big ones.

The Saint Explosion Baptism that covered the entire Imperial City, no one could escape from it.

Looking at the sky, Rao Yaoyao finished her sentence.

Red-clothed and white-clothed peoples inescapable net spread from one point to the entire magnificent surface.

It was as if they wanted to escape from the core of the Saint Explosion from the Central Zone and head out of the city.

Even though they had great trust in the Holy Divine Palace, everyone in the Imperial City could not help but feel suspicious.

“Will they choose to save people”

To most people.

The Holy Divine Palace was faced with two choices.

One was to save people, and the other was to save themselves.

However, like Xu Xiaoshou, the Holy Divine Palace did not have a choice.

As the most righteous organization on the continent, they only had one last way to break the situation..

“North City Zone, landing point complete!”

“West City Zone, landing point complete!”

“South City Zone, landing point complete!”

“East City Zone, landing point complete!”

“Central Zone, landing point complete!”

As if to calm those people, the Sovereign (stage) , red clothed and white-clothed experts of the Cutting Path stage announced one after another.

Hope reignited in the eyes of the people of the Imperial City.

In the next second, Rao Yaoyao, whose eyes were still burning with anger, also chose to give up on her opponent.

She once again pulled out her Cang Godhood Sword and pointed at the sky.

“City Guarding Barrier! ! !”

At this moment, the people burst into the first cheers amidst their grief.

They were all glad that the Holy Divine Palace didnt give up on them.

The sound waves rose into the air.

The void rippled.

Then, before the rain of the Saint Explosion fell, the City Guarding Barrier of Dongtianwang City was activated.

To activate a City Guarding Barrier, the energy required was astronomical.

Compared to the ever-changing battles, the preparation time was extremely long.

However, this time.

The red clothed and white-clothed Sovereign (stage) and the Cutting Path (stage) were used as the energy sources.

The City Guarding Barrier was really activated instantly.

In just an instant.

“Hum –”

A green and white light rose from the outer walls of the four city zones.

Then, it quickly merged in the void like a miracle, and a brand-new color was ignited in everyones dead gray pupils.


“Junior sister.”

Outside the Central Zone, Situ Yong looked at Yu Zhiwen who was in a daze and said with disappointment, “Senior brother, I know what youre thinking, but youve seen it with your own eyes… The Saint Servant is a true dark faction!”

He did not say anything else.

Yu Zhiwen was not stupid.

After this explosion, no matter what happened between Xu Xiaoshou and Yu Zhiwen, it was time to end this.

It was time for everything to come to an end.

“The City Guarding Barrier might not be able to withstand the impact of the Holy Power Explosion.

Ill use the Celestial Masters Tower that supreme master bestowed on me.

Please lend me a hand!”

Seeing that the beauty did not say anything.

Situ Yong took out a small exquisite pagoda and tossed it before pouring his spiritual source into it.

In just a moment, the divine path pattern on the Celestial Masters Tower was activated.

A magnificent phantom of the pagoda enveloped almost the entire Dongtianwang City.

“Juniors sister!”

Seeing that Yu Zhiwen had no response, Situ Yong shouted.

At this moment, his Divine Secret was pushed to the limit, and blue veins popped out on his neck.

Yu Zhiwen seemed to have just regained her senses.

She looked at the figure that had already disappeared in the distance, and there was a look of struggle in her starry eyes.

She had clearly started to chase after him.

But at this moment, she only felt that the distance between her and Xu Xiaoshou was getting farther and farther, as if there was a heavenly chasm between them.


It was a simple word.

Behind it was the gaze of countless important figures.

It was even the gaze of an entire world!


Just like how she had promised to assist Situ Yong in using the Divine Secret to secretly trap the Saint Servant, Yu Zhiwen replied mechanically.

Following that, her starry pupils opened up and she attacked with all her might.

No matter what, the lives of the citizens of the Imperial City were the most important.

As for that person..

Even if she had many excuses in her heart, she would subconsciously help that figure to escape.

However, at this moment, Yu Zhiwen could not help but feel a trace of bitterness in her heart.

“Xu Xiaoshou, has he really changed”


The rain of Saint Explosion landed, landing on the City Guarding Barrier first.

A loud explosion.

At this moment, the black energy raindrops collided with the green and white City Guarding Barrier.

The sky above the Imperial City was completely detonated!

The distorted barrier…

The collapsed space…

It was as if the end of the world had arrived.

At this moment, in the eyes of everyone in the Imperial City, it was an attack from the terrifying power that truly belonged to the dark faction.

This scene was something that everyone would never forget in their entire lives.


The City Guarding Barrier had withstood the calamity power of the Ice and Fire Saint Seed.

However, when the City Guarding Barrier had been set up, they had never thought that there would be a day when the Holy Power would descend.

Thus, the destructive power of the current holy explosive power was simply not something the City Guarding Barrier could withstand.

Red clothed and white-clothed Sovereign (stage) , and Cutting Path (stage) expert.

In a one-on-one fight, could certainly withstand the scattered power of the Saint Explosive Rain.

But to protect the Imperial City and to protect themselves, these were two completely different concepts.

When the City Guarding Barrier finally couldnt withstand the Holy Power and cracked under the shocked gazes of the people in the Imperial City, the City Guarding Barrier finally collapsed.

The phantom of the Celestial Masters Tower that had been accumulating power for a long time finally took shape.


Along with a low drum sound that seemed to strike the depths of everyones souls, the Phantom of the Celestial Masters Tower released a magnificent Holy Power.

Then, the holy explosive raindrops that hadnt exploded yet were wantonly sucked into the tower.

The Celestial Masters Tower was a defensive Saint Weapon.

However, this defensive saint weapon was not made to protect the city.

It only existed to protect the host.

Therefore, when the Celestial Masters Tower turned into a phantom and wanted to withstand all the attacks in the vast territory of the imperial city, its defensive power had already been reduced to the lowest.

At this moment, Situ Yong and Yu Zhiwen, who were maintaining the power of the Celestial Masters Tower, had ugly expressions.

The two of them were drenched in sweat as they endured a power that their cultivation level should not have been able to withstand.

The City Guarding Barrier withstood the calamity power of the Ice and Fire Saint Seed.

The Celestial Masters Tower withstood the Holy Power of the explosion of the Saint Explosion rain.

But what remained…

When the City Guarding Barrier was completely destroyed, the phantom of the Celestial Masters Tower also exploded under the destruction of the Holy Power.

The shockwave from the explosion in that instant, combined with the extremely compressed explosive power of the Saint Explosion rain, could even be compared to the shockwave from the Battle of the higher void (level) !

This shockwave was nothing in the eyes of the almighty experts.

However, to the spiritual cultivator in the Imperial City and the many fragile buildings, it was still destructive.

“Its time to end this…”

Rao Yaoyao held the black Cang Godhood Sword upside down.

Her expression returned to indifference as she looked at everything.

She had yet to defend the city.

The arena was filled with chaos and chaos.

This was because the Saint Explosion Baptism was not a threat in her eyes.

However, there was no doubt that this was a conspiracy!

With such a powerful attack that could completely attract the attention of everyone in red-clothed and white-clothed people, everyone from the dark faction had fled and left in an intangible manner.

This included Xu Xiaoshou, the Saint Servants storyteller, and that sloppy swordsman.

Even the higher void (level) Ghost Beast at the trade fair..

Thats right.

It would be strange if such a person could keep his word!

Rao Yaoyao watched everything silently.

She couldnt give up her life to chase after them.

This was because the shockwave from the final explosion didnt seem to be very powerful.

However, the area it covered was so large that none of the higher void (level) could completely resist it.

This included Wang Dachui, Ye Xiao, the heavily injured Teng Shanhai, and Yi, who only had his soul left.

It wasnt that they werent strong.

It was that these peoples existences were strong because of their individual combat abilities, not because of their range of protection.

Sword Deity, on the other hand, was different.

When the aftermath of the explosion began to wreak havoc, wanting to destroy the entire Imperial City, Rao Yaoyao spun the Cang Godhood Sword in her hand, and her figure shot up into the sky.

At this moment, she was somewhat glad that she had invited the Cang Godhood Sword out of Sacred Mountain Gui Zhe.

Because this way, she would be able to achieve the pinnacle of the sword deity — omnipotent in offense and defense!


It was different from the fear of the people in the city.

Rao Yaoyaos figure rose straight up, but she only closed her eyes to sense with her perception.

Wind howled around her.

Anger, madness, wreaking havoc on the entire scene.

But this was a familiar element power, a talent that she had awakened from the Innate (stage) .


When it was gentle, it could wake up the dawn.

When it was mad, it could sweep apart an entire world.

Whether it was a natural disaster or auspicious omen, in the eyes of the higher void (level) of spiritual cultivation and below the saint.

Rao Yaoyaos sword could control this out-of-control power!

At that moment.

She opened her eyes and swept the sword up to the western sky.

“The wind rises, the clouds knead the dream!”

A soft and gentle sound was heard.

The wind element that had endless waves in the world seemed to have been summoned by the Spiritual Gods at this moment.

Rao Yaoyao swung her sword in the west.

The explosive force in the air was like a fragile white cloud that was swept up by the majestic power of the Way of the Heavens.

It was then incorporated into this spiritual technique.

After that, it was swept up into a submissive whirlpool and smashed into the clouds.


The explosion could not land on the ground, but it was swept away by Rao Yaoyaos spiritual technique and exploded in the Nine Heavens.

The people of the Imperial City who had been pulled back from the brink of death all burst into cheers.

Some were glad that they had survived the disaster.

Some praised the might of the sacred hall.

However, most spiritual cultivators were immersed in this sword strike for a long time and couldnt extricate themselves.

“Forbidden technique!”

“The wind rises, the clouds knead the dream… This is the power of a forbidden technique! Sword Diety Rao have protected the entire Dongtianwang City with one sword strike!”

“Awesome! Long-living goddess Rao!”

“I hereby announce that from today onwards, Sword Diety Rao is the next Sword Deity that I have acknowledged after the Eighth Sword Deity!”

“Bullsh * t, Does Sword Diety Rao need your approval”

“Hehe, isnt this fun”

The great calamity had passed, and the sky had also broken into dawn.

Seeing that the Imperial City had returned to peace, the spiritual cultivators who were used to seeing life and death all became lively, and their vulgar words burst forth once again.

They were not like the ordinary people who would fall into the fear of the entire city and thank the heavens after a great calamity.

On the contrary.

The spiritual cultivators who had witnessed the higher void (level) of the great void and the Sword Deity only had the mentality of chasing after them with all their might.

There was awe and respect.

However, life and death were still far away, so they were unable to make the spiritual cultivators retreat.

“Da Da Da…”

The cracks in the sky were repaired.

The Heavenly Image was destroyed, and the rules were once again recovered.

It was as if the clouds in the horizon were also shattered by the Sword Deitys sword.

Under the illumination of the rising sun, they fell back into the rain.

Sunlight and rain.

Wind and cheers.

The rain became heavier and heavier…

And this time, after the rainstorm, there was another new rain.

The arena would no longer give the people of the Imperial City a feeling of fear like a rainy night.

Because everyone knew.

This was the power of surviving a calamity.

It represented a new life!

In the void.

Rao Yaoyao, who was holding the Cang Godhood Sword upside down, was alone with the wind.

She pondered.

After all, at this moment, even she had lost the position of all her enemies.

But it didnt matter.

Rao Yaoyao tilted her head and asked softly, “Do you remember the position”


There was clearly no one in the void, but at this moment, a young voice sounded:

“Ghost Beast Wu Xia has gone to the south.

There are still people there to connect with him.

It should be someone from the Xu Yue Grey Palace.

He still belongs to the Xu Yue Grey Palace after all…”

“Saint Servant, storyteller, has gone to the north.

Bazhunan is in the Yunlun Mountain Range.

He should be going to look for him.”

“I cant find that sloppy swordsman.

In the end, he went to the east.

He is very powerful and has the strength close to that of a Sword Deity… as for his identity, you can figure it out yourself.

I wont show off in front of others.”

“Huang Quan of Yama has indeed grasped the power of space and time.

The last time he left was towards the west.

I didnt dare to follow this person.

He should be able to discover my existence… oh right, Hun Che and Shang Xuan Sword are indeed in his hands.”

The corners of Rao Yaoyaos mouth twitched when she heard this.

Hun Che, Shang Xuan Sword..

Two of the nine supreme divine weapons was in the hands of the leader of a dark faction.

This wasnt good news.

“Where is Xu Xiaoshou”She asked immediately.

The arenas final baptism came from this junior after all.

“Xu Xiaoshou…”

The voice of the void suddenly became a little strange.

He paused for a moment before saying, “He disappeared.

I have never understood his vanishing technique.”

“Oh” Rao Yaoyao raised her eyebrows, “Cutting Path (stage) already, you still dont understand it”

“Cutting Path (stage) …”

The void voice mumbled and trembled as though it was recalling some terrifying experience.

After a long while, it suddenly broke into laughter as its voice was filled with bitterness.

“Cutting Path (stage) , after all, isnt omnipotent.

At the very least, on the surface, its a level lower than the higher void (level) !”


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