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“Young Master Xu! ! !”

When Xiao Wanfeng saw that Young Master Xu had directly revealed the Sword of Darkness in the thin air, Xiao Wanfengs eyes lit up.

He jumped from the soles of his feet to his heart, and a mournful power suddenly burst out from his throat and lashed out with a mournful scream.

Then, Xiao Wanfeng held the wooden sword on his back and almost made a strike.

At this moment.

In front of Young Master Xu, a graceful figure appeared out of nowhere.

As soon as he appeared, his two fingers caught the Sword of Darkness.

His calm behavior and elegant manner made Xiao Wanfengs entire emotional strength stagnate.


It wasnt just Xiao Wanfeng.

The pedestrians on the street were also frightened by this sudden assassin.

“My God, assassinating a demi-saints descendant”

“Who did Young Master Xu offend”

“Why are there so many things happening these two days!”

Everyone was frightened and retreated.

The assassins entire body was pitch-black and shrouded in darkness with his face couldnt be seen.

But the aura of path energy around him..

Even if they had never eaten pork before, everyone had seen pigs run before!

This was at least the Cutting path (stage) !

If they did not retreat, were they waiting to be hit by the aftershocks of the battle

Xu Xiaoshou was also shocked.

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Different from everyone else, he was not surprised by the assassin but the one who had suddenly come to protect him.

His identity was actually..

“Mr.Si, Ren!”

When Xu Xiaoshou uttered the first word, his tone was still filled with shock and doubt.

However, as soon as he said those two words, his tone became full of affirmation.

It was as if he was really the descendant of a demi-saint and had someone protecting him from behind.

Moreover, this protector was the higher void (level) .

Others wouldnt be able to sense it, but when Young Master Xu encountered real danger, he would definitely appear and stop the other party.

Night Guardian was also stunned.

He had turned around to probe into Xu Xiaoshous energy reserve.

As long as this sword broke through the young mans body..

Night Guardian even recalled that Xu Xiaoshou had a master physique, and his defense was very strong.

As such, he didnt hold back at all.

He didnt want to hurt anyone.

He only wanted to sense the familiar power inside Xu Xiaoshous body.

But when a person suddenly appeared..

Just as Young Master Xu had said, he had a protector, the higher void (level).

He couldnt see him normally, but because his cultivation level as Night Guardian wasnt high enough, he couldnt sense him.

Night Guardian had his heart in a mess.

“Mei Siren…”

“Seven Sword Deity, master Siren”

Almost immediately, Night Guardian looked at the figure that landed between him and Young Master Xu.

He had already realized who this person was.

To most young people, perhaps Master Siren of the Seven Sword Deity was just a legend.

Even the face on the portrait had applied several elegant and suave drawing techniques.

However, the night guardian had followed Gou Wuyue before.

He had seen the Mei Siren before!

However, he had never thought that the always ownerless Seven Sword Deity, Mei Siren, would actually be the mysterious protector behind Young Master Xu

“Are you very surprised”

Mei Siren smiled as they pushed aside the sword that the Night Guardian had condensed into dark power.

He naturally knew who the assassin was.

Therefore, he had no intention of killing him with a counterattack.

Facing the action of hiding in the void after failing to kill the Night Guardian with a single strike, Xu Xiaoshou was stunned.

The power of the higher void was even unleashed by the Mei Siren, isolating Xiao Wanfeng and the pedestrians on the street.

They were afraid of exposing the true identity of the assassin.

He smiled and said to the empty void in front of him, “Just as Young Master Xu said, he has someone protecting him, but his cultivation level is too high.

Ordinary people cant sense him.”

Xu Xiaoshou:”…”

At this moment, he finally relaxed his heart that was about to be crushed by the Passive Points.

It turned out that Master Siren had been there all along!

There was always a fluctuation in the information bar.

But before this, the Night Guardian had led a lot of people here.

Even if it was “being watched,” it could add a few passive points at a time.

Xu Xiaoshou could not determine who this attention was from.

And once the night Guardians bounded domain was broken…

Young Master Xus identity was known to almost everyone in the Imperial City.

Without a break, more Passive Points would pop up.

In a situation where the source of these passive points had been confused, unless there was a “Being spied on”or a situation like the night Guardians covert attack, which would cause people to feel a whim.

Otherwise, Xu Xiaoshou could not determine whether there was really someone protecting him.

But looking at the current situation..

Obviously, ever since he and Master Siren verified whether or not “Stealth”could deceive the higher void (level) , he knew what level the person he was going against was.

Thus, he secretly protected him along the way.

A “warm, very caring” feeling arose spontaneously.

Xu Xiaoshou was really warmed by Master Siren.


Fortunately, Master Siren had followed him!


He could either break through his defense at Night Guardian and be imprisoned in the Yuan Mansion for the rest of his life.

Or he could use all of his skills in Cutting path (stage) , and risk his life to knock out the Night Guardian, who was shocked by his true identity, and imprison in the Yuan Mansion for the rest of his life.

No matter which of these two situations happened, Xu Xiaoshou didnt want to see either one of them.

Night Guardian was a good person after all..

In the void.

After being recognized, Night Guardian wouldnt openly admit that red-clothed people was trying to assassinate the demi-saints descendant.

However, in his words, there was no need to deliberately hide his true thoughts.

“Master Siren, how did you do it”

Night Guardian was really shocked.

Young Master Xu said that there was someone protecting him, but was there really someone

And if there really was, then his previous deductions based on this..

A pavilion in the sky

A bubble phantom

Bursted once touched

“Theres no need to be surprised…”

Mei Siren shook his folding fan and calmly explained,

“I am is on good terms with the Xu familys old master.

This trip to Dongtianwang City is just on the way.”

“Theres actually someone else protecting Young Master Xu.”

“However, I can not sit by and watch the two of you form a life-and-death feud because of a misunderstanding.”

Xu Xiaoshou was surprised.

Mei Siren were actually helping him to cover up his lie!

The biggest loophole in his lie since he entered the Imperial City was because no one could help him verify the truth of the Taixiang Xu family of the Northern Region.

But at this moment as Mei Siren added these words.

The lie had come true!

It was flawless!

This time, Xu Xiaoshou could even imagine that when the Night Guardian walked out alive, he would bring this sentence to the ears of the higher-ups of the Holy Divine Palace.

This Continent would really give birth to a demi-saint Xu family out of thin air!

The Night Guardian was also shocked and could not let go for a long time.

The Xu family…

Was true!

What Young Master Xu said..

Was also true!

All of that..

Including Young Master Xus reaction when he was questioned previously.

At that time, there were two outcomes that caused the Night Guardian to swing in between.

Now, there was only one outcome left!

During the square table trial, the demi-saints descendant, Xu Deye, was forced by the Night Guardian to make a move to test him.

His reaction and resistance suddenly became so reasonable.

The anger he should have had, the proper response, the confidence came out of the demi-saints descendant…

At this moment, everything could be explained.


There was only one explanation!

Night Guardian calmed down.

Mei Siren, one of the Seven Sword Deity, hadnt stood up for hundreds of years.

This couldnt be explained.

It was the real Saint Servant, Xu Xiaoshou, who had colluded with the Mei Siren and used Mei Siren to justify himself.

Such a ridiculous idea..

At this moment, Night Guardian only dared to raise his head slightly and was instantly obliterated by his subjective consciousness.

Because this was too terrifying.

If the demi-saint also stood on the side of the Saint Servant, the situation would open up.

This would not be a trivial matter like whether or not they wanted to capture the Saint Servant, Xu Xiaoshou.

It would be a major matter on another level that would affect whether or not the Continent would be in turmoil!

“I was too abrupt.”

At this moment, the Night Guardian already had the intention to retreat.

He did not hide his identity, and he also knew that the other side definitely knew his identity as the red-clothed people.

However, it was clear that Young Master Xu gave him some respect and did not let the Mei Siren expose him.

It was only because demi-saint Xu did not want to become enemies with red-clothed people.

That was all.

At this moment, Xu Xiaoshous face was filled with traces of panic and unbearable anger.

However, as a demi-saints descendant, he was very broad-minded and had a big vision.

He only slightly eased the anger on his face, and then his voice became gentle:

“I have traveled all my life and encountered countless assassinations.

Cutting Path (stage) is just a drop in the ocean.”

“For assassins like you, I really detest you.”

“Sometimes, you really should think about if the forceful methods used on ordinary people should be given to the demi-saints descendant.”

“You should go.

I dont blame you.

Think carefully and take care of yourself!”

After he finished speaking.

Xu Xiaoshou flicked his sleeve as if he was so angry that he didnt want to say anything more.

His current state was completely the same as when the Night Guardian forced him at the square table trial.

Now that he was being probed by someone, he couldnt keep up appearances at all.

However, because the opponent was a red-clothed people, the demi-saint faction also had their own concerns, they didnt want to lose all decorum with each other, so they could only swallow their anger once again.

Night Guardian couldnt find any flaws.

Even if he found any flaws, he didnt dare to attack the Seven Sword Deity.

He immediately hid.

Night Guardian disappeared in a flash.

“Did he leave”

After a long time, Xu Xiaoshou finally dared to ask.

His “Perception” couldnt sense the existence of any covert attack, but at this moment, he was really afraid of the covert attack of Cutting Path (stage) .

If the Night Guardian was still here, he would only eavesdrop and not attack.

His relaxed reaction could still make him guess.

“Hes really gone.”

Mei Siren smiled and turned around.

Seeing the young man behind them suddenly feel relieved, he couldnt help but laugh.

This was a genius!

Along the way, Mei Siren watched the entire trial.

He knew that Xu Xiaoshou was not only a genius in the Way of the Sword, but he also had his own unique view on manners.

With a cultivation level of Master (stage) , he could withstand the pressure of the Cutting Path (stage) and force out lies.

And with the identity of a non-existent demi-saints descendant, he forced the red-clothed Night Guardian to be constrained everywhere.

Even if there were some flaws in the end, this performance was already perfect for a young man.

“Thank you Master Siren…”

Xu Xiaoshou cupped his fists and thanked him.

However, before he could finish thanking him, Mei Sirens expression turned serious again as he looked at the other side, “But some people have left, while others are still hiding.”

Xu Xiaoshou was stunned, “ ”

He immediately looked at the information bar.

There was no fluctuation.

“There are still people”

Xu Xiaoshou was shocked.

There was still a third party in this place, but they had not paid attention to him, so there was no fluctuation in the information bar

“Master Siren, are you trying to scare me” Xu Xiaoshou immediately put on Young Master Xus airs, but he still didnt believe it.

“Im not trying to scare you…” Mei Siren still looked at the empty space behind him.

Xu Xiaoshou also looked over.

At this moment, another elder really walked out from the empty space.

This person was wearing simple linen clothes.

The cuffs and the exposed parts of his neck were clearly wrapped with bandages.

His face was weathered, but his eyes were abnormally bright.

There was a small axe at his waist.

With every step, the ground shrank to an inch.

In the blink of an eye, he arrived in front of Xu Xiaoshou and Mei Siren.

“Old Woodcutter !”

Xu Xiaoshou was stunned.

There was really someone

Moreover, this person was the fourth-in-command of the Saint Servant, Cen Qiaofu

Had he been following them

Xu Xiaoshou recalled the storytellers words in his mind for a moment.

During the battle last night, before parting with the storyteller, the storyteller had mentioned that Haitanger and the others had already gone to the scene of the trade fair.

The people from the First Pavilion in the Sky were protected and told him to hide.

However, ever since Xu Xiaoshou went to the scene of the trade fair, there was no Saint Servant at all.

This time, he did not expect that the Saint Servants backup plan had really came over while simply hiding.

Moreover, the one who had hidden it was not Haitanger from Cutting Path (stage) , but Cen Qiaofu from higher void (level) .

This person had also been secretly protecting him

For a moment, Xu Xiaoshou thought of many things.

Perhaps there was no need for the Mei Siren to act.

As long as the Night Guardian from Cutting Path (stage) managed to get something out of the previous trial or sensed something strange.

Or perhaps this time around, there really was no Mei Siren.

The Night Guardian wouldnt be able to hurt him.

Because of Cen Qiaofus existence, the only outcome would be that Night Guardian and his entire red-clothed squad would be wiped out

Xu Xiaoshous heart jolted.

He suddenly understood the meaning behind Elder Sangs words.

“Before you have absolute strength, be serious and make a good chess piece!”

Perhaps, there was still the second half of this sentence.

“As long as your chess piece is outstanding enough, the chess player will protect you.

As long as you are outstanding enough to outnumber the others and solve most of the problems, the rest is just a piece of cake for the chess player.”

Night Guardian might expose his identity.

This was a huge problem for Xu Xiaoshou.

But for the chess master, Xu Xiaoshou had done enough.

The remaining minutiae could be easily erased and there would be no future trouble.

Looking at the figure of Cen Qiaofu who was wrapped in bandages, Xu Xiaoshou could vaguely recall the scene in the Eighth Palace where Cen Qiaofu was wrapped in a blood tree and fought against hundreds of white-clothed people, as well as the Divine Puppet.

For a moment, he was amazed by the Saint Servants arrangements.

So everyone was very smart, and they had hidden their trump cards so well!

They were still sighing.

On the other side, Mei Siren had already started to communicate with Cen Qiaofu who had just appeared.

“Ive seen you before…”Mei Siren gently tapped on his folding fans, and there were memories in his eyes.

“In the Southern Region”


Cen Qiaofus expression was indifferent.

He walked over and took the lead to knock on Xu Xiaoshous head, who spoke without any restraint.

Then, he replied, “At that time, I was really just a woodcutter cutting firewood.

Meeting the Sword Deity on the mountain path was like meeting the spiritual Gods in the sky.”

Hearing this, Mei Siren could not help but laugh.

He shook his head and said, “But now that you have also entered the Saint Servant, you have also become the higher void (level).

I did not expect that the people of the mountains and plains would be able to Cut Path (stage) in one night and finally become the higher void (level) .”

Cen Qiaofu rubbed Xu Xiaoshous head and felt a slight pain in his palm.

With a strange expression, he let go of his hand.

This hedgehog..

He looked at the Mei Siren and replied in a serious tone, “The good firewood in the mountains and plains can not be cut off in a few hundred years.

However, sometimes, there is a need for someone to step out and give it a heavy axe.”

Mei Siren smiled and did not say anything.

Cen Qiaofu naturally did not say anything more.

At this time, Xu Xiaoshou could also interrupt the conversation between the two.

“Old Woodcutter, are you the Bazhunans helper”

Cen Qiaofu knocked the hedgehog again and scolded, “How dare you!”

When this kid opened his mouth, it always made people think of the only black-eyed old man of the Saint Servant who could sit down and play chess with him.



Xu Xiaoshou did not think so much.

He finally waited for someone to answer his question and immediately asked, “Abyss Island…”

Cen Qiaofu knew what he was thinking and directly interrupted, “Its not a coincidence.

You were stopped by the red-clothed people.

I called the chief to make a move.

If you were not stopped by the red-clothed people, you might be able to settle down for a while more.”

“Hiss ~”

Xu Xiaoshou sucked in a breath of cold air with a shocked expression, “Oh My God! Summoning the Abyss Island, you can even control time Then when did you start following me…”

Cen Qiaofu interrupted again, “When you returned to the scene of the trade fair, it was always me who was protecting you.

Haitanger changed her mission and couldnt come, but you, you cant get into trouble.”

“Oh ~”

After Xu Xiaoshou said that, he smiled with satisfaction.

He finally felt the sense of security of someone behind him.

Or it could be said that there was never nobody behind him, it was just that he could not see it before.

Now, with the continuous improvement of his cultivation level, these powers that had been hidden very deeply finally came out to the surface of the water and could be seen.

Xu Xiaoshou pondered for a moment and then wanted to open his mouth again, “Then…”

“Why are you talking so much nonsense”

Cen Qiaofu held the axe at his waist and finally interrupted, “Go back to the First Pavilion in the Sky first.

Well talk about the rest later..

If Rao Yaoyao and the others really make a comeback, I wont be able to hold them off.”


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