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“Hehe, dont worry, Young Master Xu.”

Xiao Wanfeng laughed hollowly.

He scratched his head and pulled out a handful of hair, For a moment, his smile froze.

“Ive settled the matter of the Plenty Gold Company.

You should go and rest.

Ill give you two days off!”

Xu Xiaoshous scalp went numb as he watched.

He always felt that Xiao Wanfeng wanted to create history.

The first master swordsman on the continent to die suddenly due to hiding a sword and staying up late.

If that really happened in the First Pavilion in the Sky, it wouldnt be a good thing.

Instead, it would make the place notorious for ten thousand years.

“Alright, alright.

Then Ill be leaving first.”

Xiao Wanfeng also realized that he was about to be burnt out.

He hurriedly bid farewell and went to replenish his sleep.

“Young Master Xu is quite considerate of his subordinates!”

At this moment, Xiaolian turned around and arrived outside the door.

With a smile on her pretty face, she said in a soft voice, “In this kind of situation in our Plenty Gold Company, we can just feed you with Blood and Qi Pill and Hallucination Pill, after resting for an hour, you should be good to work.”

Xu Xiaoshou:”…”

Was this the power of capital

This was too demonic!

Although Xiaolians voice was very low, he could clearly see with his “Perception”that after Xiao Wanfeng said this, his body clearly trembled and his footsteps began to speed up.

“How is it”

Xiaolian did not pay attention to a mortal subordinate like Xiao Wanfeng and went straight to the point, “Young Master Xu has been busy showing off in the Imperial City these few days.

Did he forget about official business”

Xu Xiaoshou obviously knew what this “official business” was.

In his transaction with the Plenty Gold Company, there was still the “Elixirs supply” clause that had not been given!

The other party had given him over ten million spiritual ingredients.

If he really met a swindler and lost both his money and money, that would really be bad news.

Thus, Xiaolian came over nervously to ask for Elixirs was a normal behavior.

“Of course I havent forgotten.”

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Xu Xiaoshou waved his hand nonchalantly.

Although it had only been a few days since he had taken over the spiritual ingredients, he did not need to produce his own Elixirs.

Instead, he had handed them all over to Greedy the Cat Spirit in the Yuan Mansion (space/world).

To outsiders, elixirs that required one cauldron after another to be refined were opened by greedy the cat spirit at the same time with 30,000 alchemy cauldron!

This was the charm of the Boiling Soup method!

Now, excluding the Greedy the Cat Spirits bad refining, the ones being stolen and taken away…

The Amber Juice that was given to Xu Xiaoji to categorize and tidy up was more than 300,000 portions, divided into more than 30 neatly stacked cubes.

Conducting alchemy, there was the Greedy the Cat Spirit, and there was Xiaoji for cleaning up.

Xu Xiaoshou could earn money just by lying down.

This happiness was simply triple stacked.

“How many spiritual ingredients do you need”

Although there were more than 300,000 sets of spiritual ingredients in the Yuan Mansion (space/world), Xu Xiaoshou did not plan to take them all out at once.

After all, according to what the average person thought.

Producing hundreds of thousands of sets of spiritual ingredients in just a few days was equivalent to thousands of Alchemist working all night without sleep.

Xiaolian hesitated when she heard this.

She was only here to confirm whether the First Pavilion in the Sky had the ability to produce a large amount of Amber Juice.

But from Young Master Xus words, it seemed that he was completely confident

At that moment, the words that she had prepared earlier were about to leave her mouth, but Xiaolian changed at the opportune moment:

“To tell you the truth, Young Master Xu, the Plenty Gold Company has been doing a very good job in this area of publicity.

The market is extremely hot right now.

As long as Young Master Xu is around… to be able to start the supply of Elixirs from now on, it will definitely bring in a huge amount of money every day!”

Xiaolian changed her words.

She had originally prepared that as long as Young Master Xu was able to start supplying Elixirs within ten days, he would be able to start receiving money.

But at this moment, she felt that Young Master Xu would be able to take out Elixirs on the spot.

“Is that so…”

Xu Xiaoshou did not doubt her.

He believed in the abilities of the Plenty Gold Company, and at this moment, he was also very moved.

The Spirit Gem Trade Fair had allowed him to experience the richness of a truly large faction.

That was what it meant to be rich and overbearing.

Now, his little treasury was almost emptied.

A person in this world wouldnt have the face to go out if he didnt have a few hundred million on him

Therefore, Xu Xiaoshou pondered for a moment and also increased the number of Elixirs in his mind, “If I were to provide you with 100,000 portions of Amber Juice now, would you be able to take all”

“What !”

Xiaolians jaw dropped in shock at the huge number on the spot, “100,000 portions”

She had expected to get a hundred or so portions of Amber Juice from Young Master Xu first.

She wanted to test the quality and medicinal properties of the Amber Kuice internally before throwing it into the market as a gimmick.

Who would have thought that Young Master Xu would be so exaggerated that he would be able to give out 100,000 portions

A thousand times more

Its only been a few days

Has He gone mad or am I hallucinating

So Young Master Xu really got someone to refine Elixirs in the Northern Region and then get Cutting Path (stage) and higher void (level) to transport them over overnight to make money

He was very short of money

Xiaolian felt dizzy, and her mind was filled with questions.

Xu Xiaoshou raised his eyebrows.

“You cant take them all”

“Oh, no, no, no…” with this greeting, Xiaolian finally reacted, “I can definitely take them.

100,000 servings wont even be able to fill the gap in the market.

As long as Young Naster Xus Amber Juices medicinal properties are guaranteed…”

Xu Xiaoshou burst into laughter when he heard that.

This person was indeed worried about the quality of high production in a short period of time.

However, who am I, Xu Xiaoshou Why would I use a fake to trick you

Immediately, he took out his ring.

100,000 portions of spiritual ingredients were neatly cut, and Xu Xiaoshou handed them over.

“Check it.”

Xiaolian took the spatial ring that Young Master Xu handed over in a daze.

She probed with her spiritual senses, and her body went limp, almost falling down.

“This, this… is all Amber Juice” The ring was densely packed, neatly arranged, like ten mountains.

“Yes.” Xu Xiaoshou smiled.

“Its not Red Gold Pill, Spiritual Cultivation Pill (s) , or something like that to make up the numbers, right” Xiaolian was stunned.

“No,”Xu Xiaoshou refuted with a smile, “Since when did Red Gold Pill and Spiritual Cultivation Pill (s) become things that can only be used to make up the numbers They are also very valuable, so dont belittle them.”


I dont know about the Spiritual Cultivation Pill (s), but when you give out 100,000 portions of amber juice, the Red Gold Pill (s) is definitely going to lose its value!

“Young Master Xu is very prolific…”

Xiaolian praised in a daze.

She sampled a few bottles of Amber Juice and found that they were all high-quality genuine products.

Her head became even more dizzy.

“Young Master Xu… his high yield is amazing!”


Xu Xiaoshou was amused.

When the girl in front of him was done feeling dizzy, he said, “Then youve seen my high yield.

Its time to prepare the next batch of spiritual ingredients.

This is just the beginning.

Im not familiar with it yet.

After Im familiar with the process, the Elixirs will be supplied faster.”


Xiaolian was speechless on the spot.

This isnt considered fast

Theres still room for improvement

“These Elixirs, were all refined by Young Master Xu alone” At this moment, Xiaolians sharp senses caught the information that was revealed in Young Master Xus words.

There really arent tens of thousands of Alchemists behind it, and theres also no Cutting Path (stage) or higher void (level) to be used as transportation tools

“You can understand it as, sort of!” Xu Xiaoshou didnt want to explain.

Xiaolian exclaimed.

She suddenly thought of something, “I heard that Young Master Xu wanted to participate in the Imperial City trial.

Now, did Young Master Xu get the jade pendant of the trial”

“Not yet.”Xu Xiaoshou did not understand why she would bring up this topic

Xiaolian was extremely excited.

“Then, young master Xu can go to the Magic Pill Techniciains Associations upcoming conducting alchemy trial to have a try.

With your ability…”

Xiaolian was so excited that she couldnt even speak fluently.

Even though the other party had only given her a grade 10 Amber Juice…

But if this really comes from Young Master Xu himself…

To be able to improve the Red Gold Pill and to be able to produce grade 10 Elixirs in a short period of time..

This was definitely not just the ability to conduct alchemy of grade 10 or grade 9.

At this moment, in Xiaolians heart, Young Master Xu in front of her had already become the kind of genius in conducting alchemy who only knew how to conduct alchemy but didnt know about the outside world.

Perhaps Young Master Xu himself still felt that he was very weak, and perhaps because he had only obtained a low-grade alchemist badge a long time ago, he would have self-doubt about his current level of conducting alchemy, which was not affirmed by the association.

However, this kind of person, to a large extent, was about to cultivate to godhood, and still thought himself just as a weakling giant!

This was an example of a person who didnt make a sound, but would shock the world once they did.

Young Master Xus ability in conducting alchemy might even have completely surpassed the seventh or eighth grade Innate stage, reaching a higher level of Master (stage) .

Master level Alchemist…

Going to the Magic Pill Techniciains Association to participate in the trial of conducting alchemy was definitely a dark horse!

Most importantly, Young Master Xu was currently lacking a jade pendant for conducting alchemy, and this trial of conducting alchemy was just about to be held.

There was a jade pendant for conducting alchemy in the top ten..

How could she not go

Xiaolian sorted out her thoughts.

She felt that Young Master Xu was able to provide such a large amount of Amber Juice in a short period of time would be of great help to the Plenty Gold Company.

She had to make Young Master Xu shine in elixir master trial

Moreover, she had to let this Young Master Xu, who liked to swagger around and act irrationally, obtain true joyfulness of being amazing!

“Young Master Xu…”

Breathing heavily, Xiaolian had a serious look on her face, “I really feel that your alchemy level is very high! In addition, you are currently banned from the heaven geomantic arena.

Elixir master trial is the most feasible way for you to obtain the jade pendant for the current trial.”

Xu Xiaoshou looked at this little girl who was suddenly worried about him with a puzzled expression.

He knew his own alchemy level.

If he were to compete with her in conducting alchemy in the wrong way, he would definitely be first.

However, the arena of conducting alchemy in the entire eastern sky realm wanted to compete for the top ten in conducting alchemy.

He, Xu Xiaoshou, did not have that confidence.

As for the jade pendant of the trial..

Xu Xiaoshou suddenly muttered to himself.

Xiaolians reminder was very precisely on time.

This was indeed something that he had to obtain as soon as possible.

If he could not obtain it before the Imperial City trial, then when the Imperial City trial opened, there would definitely be a descendant of a large faction who would lose a portion of his qualifications..

Xu Xiaoshou felt that he was a good person, and he didnt want to snatch other peoples resources for free.

It seemed that this elixir master trial was really a feasible plan

As for conducting alchemy..


Xu Xiaoshou pondered, and his eyes suddenly lit up.

He had forgotten that his current worries should be different from a few days ago.

A few days ago, when he thought about conducting alchemy, he didnt have much confidence.

That was because at that time, he was still at the Innate cultivation level, andcooking expert could only be at the Master level.

At the very most, he could only rely on his mastery of fire to refine seventh grade innate (stage) elixirs.

But now that he was a Master (stage) , as long as he was acooking expert, he would be able to ascend to the Sovereign (stage) and practice a little more.

Didnt Master (stage) elixirs come easily

“Fifth-grade elixirs” Xu Xiaoshou was moved.

Sixth-grade and fifth-grade elixirs were classified as Master Elixir.

The moment Xu Xiaoshou thought about how his conducting alchemy level might directly rise to fifth-grade, he became excited.

Before this, he was even a fake ninth-grade elixir master who could only use his junior sisters Alchemist badge as a pretense.

The authorities didnt recognize him!

“The time and place of the conducting alchemy trial, have they come out yet” Thinking of this, Xu Xiaoshou hurriedly asked.


Xiaolian even clenched her fists.

She had a desire to tell Young Master Xu that she was very powerful, but if she really made Young Master Xu realize that she was very powerful, then the feeling of being able to shock the four of them might not be very satisfying.

Therefore, in line with the principle of customer first, Xiaolian chose not to tell him.

She only suppressed her excitement and said,

“Young Master Xu, you can really give it a try.

In three days, the headquarters of the Magic Pill Techniciains Association will not only be conducting alchemy and spiritual array trials, but it will also be held as scheduled.

There wont be any delays because of the battle in the Imperial City last night.”

“Eh”Xu Xiaoshou was stunned for a moment and frowned slightly.

“The spirit-gathering array trials will also be held at the same time”

Seeing this reaction, Xiaolian was so excited that she was almost stuck.

She felt as if she understood Young Master Xus reaction and expression, but also as if she didnt understand..

What was going on

Why did he look like he was not only going to participate in the trial of conducting alchemy, but also the trial of spirit-gathering array

And looking at this expression..

It wouldnt be too much to add that he wanted to win all the championships, right!

“Its done at the same time.

Is there a problem” Xiaolian raised her eyebrows.

“Thats a pity…”Xu Xiaoshou could only sigh and didnt explain further.

At this moment, he thought of the troublesome matter of him breaking through his cultivation level and becoming a Master (stage) .

Xiaolian clearly knew a lot about the conducting alchemy trial.

Thus, Xu Xiaoshou asked, “Is there any other restrictions in elixir master trial”

“No, Young Master Xu, youre completely qualified.”Xiaolian waved her hand and opened her mouth.

However, she quickly realized that Young Master Xu wanted to ask about something else, so she immediately answered seriously, “What I mean is, Young Master Xu, youre completely qualified because theres only one restriction in conducting alchemy and that is to be under the age of thirty.”

“Theres only one restriction”Xu Xiaoshou was shocked.

“Uh Huh.”

“There is no other restriction” Xu Xiaoshou seemed to have thought of something, and his face turned pale.

“What other restriction…”

Xiaolian repeated.

Suddenly, she paused and said in a funny manner, “Young Master Xu, dont tell me you want to ask about the restriction of cultivation level There is no such thing in conducting alchemy.”

“There is no such thing !”Xu Xiaoshou turned pale with fright.

His voice was a little high-pitched.

He finally realized where the source of that strange feeling came from.

“Thats right, theres no limit to cultivation level.”

Xiaolian looked like she was looking at a fool, but it only showed for an instant before she immediately restrained herself and returned to her normal state, she said, “Young Master Xu, think about it.

which do you want more, a Master level elixir master with the cultivation level of a Master, or a Master level elixir master with the cultivation level of a Sovereign (stage)”

Xu Xiaoshou staggered.

Xiaolian didnt understand this reaction, but she explained, “Besides, if you spend a lot of effort to break through to the cultivation level of an elixir master before the age of 30, how can an ordinary person have the energy to care about cultivation level “Its already good enough to be an Innate (stage) , so theres no need to restrict cultivation level in the trial.”

Xu Xiaoshous body swayed and he almost fell.

Xiaolian quickly went forward to help him up, but when she saw Young Master Xus reaction, she was also surprised.

She probed and said,

“A decent person… ptui, who can be like Young Master Xu, who is able to conduct alchemy at a high level, has a high cultivation level, and has a high combat ability”

“Otherwise, why would Xiaolian say that Young Master Xu is very compatible with conducting alchemy”

“Just because your individual combat ability is strong enough, as long as you pass the alchemy trial, you can bring along two more guardians to participate in the Imperial City trial.”

“This is definitely bullying!”

At this moment, Xu Xiaoshous mind was buzzing, and he was so shocked that he almost fell to the ground.

He finally realized that he had fallen into an extremely fatal blind spot in his thinking.

Thats right!

Conducting alchemy trial, what kind of cultivation level restriction does it require

Could it be that a 30-year-old high void, who had grasped the cultivation level of a Master (stage) in conducting alchemy, was going to be stuck by the Holy Palace because his cultivation level had surpassed the Innate (stage)

The Holy Palace couldnt wait for more people like this to come!

Because in essence, what they wanted was to select high-quality talents, not to choke them to death!

In other words, as long as you were an elixir master, it wouldnt be a bad thing if your cultivation level was too high.

This was even a good thing that you could use to negotiate with the Holy Palace.

My cultivation level is at the peak of the Path, and I also have the art of conducting alchemy at the final-stage.

But now that Im 31 years old, can the Holy Palace make an exception and allow me to participate in the trial

This is great!

Such a young Sovereign is already a genius, not to mention conducting alchemy… This is a plus, not a minus!

However, the problem was that Xiaolian was right.

Battle-type talents basically disdained conducting alchemy.

Conducting alchemy, which required a lot of skill and time, was not suitable for proper battle-type talents to waste time on cultivation.

It was too difficult to have both fish and bear paws.

However, Xu Xiaoshou was the fish with the bear paw.

However, he followed the habits of thought and used the logic of a normal person to reason about the Imperial City trial and conducting alchemy.

Therefore, if no one pointed it out, he would not even realize this point.

“Cultivation level restriction…”

Xu Xiaoshou muttered listlessly and shook his head harder and harder.

He finally understood why Bazhunan only asked him to participate in the imperial city trial and never mentioned anything about suppressing his cultivation level.

There was no need for that at all!

At this moment, Xu Xiaoshous state of mind was on the verge of collapse after hearing what Xiaolian said.

This was because when he understood this slightly difficult and abnormal person who could not think of it but was very normal, he suddenly had such a thought.

“So, during this period of time, what exactly was the reason for the cultivation level that I tried so hard to suppress”

“Was it for nothing”


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