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Chapter 772: A Black Screen! A Black Screen!

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Theconversion effect of the Sovereign (Stage) was completely out of his


Xu Xiaoshou was ecstatic.

However, he took a look at the information bar.

“Passive Points: 599,462”

The appearance of this thing directly consumed about a third of his Passive


“Damn it.”

“Conversion is powerful, but its too expensive!”

Xu Xiaoshou calmed down and ignored Xu Xiaoji, who was limping over.


turned around and returned to the site of his experiment.

He had to pull the spatial barrier properly.

Otherwise, the spectacle of him

digging a hole and burying himself in it would be seen by others.

“Do I still smoke

To be honest, Xu Xiaoshou did not dare to smoke any more.

He still wanted to awaken.

Now that the awakening stone was selling tor 30,00o Passive Points per stone,

which meant ten consecutive awakenings would cost 300,000… it was simplya


The effects of awakening were usually greater than those offered by Extended

Passive Skills

Xu Xiaoshou placed the greatest emphasis on awakening.

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“I still have six Passive Keys left..”

Xu Xiaoshous eyes suddenly lit up.

He exchanged for four more Passive Keys,

giving him enough to draw another ten times.

These Passive Keys were his reward for patronising the lottery.

It was not

much of a gift, but beggars cant be choosers.

Although he could not bear to use

them, he had to for the greater good, or so he convinced himself.

If he mixed them, perhaps the system would be caught off guard, giving him a

free pass to the abysmal lottery.

“Should I, or should I not, should I, or should I not…” Xu Xiaoshou, the crazy

Demon King, murmured.

Soon, he pushed ten keys into the keyhole.

“Thank you for your patronage!

“Thank you for your patronage!”

“You got a Passive Key!”

Thank you for your patronage!”

Thank you for your patronage!”

“Thank you for your patronage!

“You got a Passive Key!

“Thank you for your patronage!”

“Thank you for your patronage!”

“Thank you for your patronage!”

Xu Xiaoshou:”.

He punched the ground in frustration, creating a large crater in the earth.


resulting explosion nearly scared Xu Xiaoshou to death.

“Damn it! I have the Sovereign Physique and the divine skill “Transformation

but nothing else.

These two skills have eaten all my luck..”

“No more!

Xu Xiaoshou suppressed his impulse.

Nothing good would come from spending

his points so freely.

Yet, he could not stop thinking how it would be a waste if he did not get his

moneys worth.

He had spent a massive sum of Passive Points, after all.

It would not hurt if he tried his hand a few more times, would it

There are still two left..

Eyeing his last two Passive Keys, Xu Xiaoshou wanted to cry but had no tears.

Freebies were indeed the worst!

Only the ones redeemed with his hard-eamed points were the best!

If he were to weigh everything on a scale, there could be no doubt he had made

a loss.

There were still two left… two tempting little vessels whispering sweet

promises in his ears.

“Heavenly spirits, deliver me from suffering! The decision is too much for this

pitiful one!”

He inserted another one.

“Thank you for your patronage!”

Xu Xiaoshous devout face instantly turned black as ink.

If the dog system had a physical body, he would tear it in two!

The last one….

“Please, please, please! Give me something good!”

Xu Xiaoshou covered his eyes with both hands, forming a black screen over


Using his spiritual sense, he stabbed his last key into the hateful hole of

the lottery wheel.


A strange sound hummed in his mind.

Though it was sudden, Xu Xiaoshou managed to react.

Normally, something like that would not have occurred…

He opened his eyes in shock, but his vision was still dark.

He took his hand away, and it was still dark!



Xu Xiaoshou held his head; his lips were so wide he could kiss his ears.

“Its dark! Its dark! Everything is dark!

His heart pounded wildly.

Soon, the world around him returned to normal, and a familiar fantasy realm

came into view.

It was a stainless world, unblemished likea blank sheet of paper.

It was a

canvas, and Xu Xiaoshou was the painter.

Even the earth, the sky, and the

primordial chaos which birthed them had not yet been born.

“What kind of passive skill is this

Xu Xiaoshou suppressed his excitement.

He kmew that the realm had its own


There was no need for him to move.

The realm would move on its own.

Sure enough, while he lingered on the precipice of doubt, spiritual energy

converged in the Nine Heavens, taking the shape of a brush.

The brush angled towards the bottom of the world, and earth sprang up from


Cresting an arch over the top of the world and fluffy white clouds

drifted across a blue sky.

Xu Xiaoshou watched with his mouth agape.

How could nothing give birth to something

What type of passive skill had he obtained this time A Master-type, a

State-type Or was it a brand new model altogether

Although the earth and sky had come into existence, the world itself held no


Just as the thought passed through Xu Xiaoshous mind, the brush suspended

in the Nine Heavens whirled into motion once again, sprinkling the earth in a

rain of spiritual ink.

Mountains, basins, and grasslands formed.

Rivers, lakes, and oceans surged.

The world was dyed green for the first time, and life burgeoned in the realms


Xu Xiaoshou realised the world had evolved from the small fragment it once


Yuan Mansion was its base, while the brush provided the building blocks

to refurbish it.

Although the methods were different, the results marked that they had come

from the same direction.

After experiencing the baptism of the Dao of Cooking Expert and Weaving

Expertise, Xu Xiaoshou knew that this was the fantasy realm of Passive Skills,

broadening his horizons.

Using a brush, he sketched the outline of a new world.

It was not over yet!

Once the lands and rivers took shape, the world stilled.

The world had no

notion of sound; it was a concept that did not yet exist.

Xu Xiaoshou watched helplessly as the brush hovering over the Nine Heavenss



The wind howled, and the sea rumbled.

The summer rain pattered, and the winter snow whistled.

The world came alive in a cacophony of sounds.

As if sensing a need for urgency, the brush twirled and danced, painting

various shapes and sounds with ever- increasing fervour.

A Swish and a flick!

A titanic beast with the head of a lion and the body of a dragon appeared on the


It arched its back and roared at the sky, suppressing the four corners

of the universe and swallowing everything in its path.

Out from the void, an emerald bird with evergreen feathers and a flaming tail

of a phoenix tore through the skies, heralding its arrival with loud chirps.

The wind howled over the seas.

A monstrous shadow ten thousand miles long broke out of its watery prison in

the churning depths.

It is a fish!

Scales morphed in feathers, while fins became wings.

The fish had

transformed into an enormous bird whose wings blotted out the sky, dwarfing

the emerald bird and swallowing it whole.

The green bird was no better than a

toothpick in the birds gaping maw.

It was massive…

Xu Xiaoshou only reacted at this moment.

“Kun Peng”

He felt abashed for calling such a majestic specimen a “fish.

It demeaned the

noble status a Kun Peng possessed.

The brush continued its work high in the sky.

Ancient creatures of yore sprouted in innumerable droves.

Xu Xiaoshou felt like he was witnessing an evolutionary map detailing the

worlds birth from the Desolate Era to the present.

Humans appeared only after

the brush tapped the air, creating ripples in the sky.

The law of the jungle collapsed; Or rather, it was pushed to a new extreme.

Humans began to reproduce.

They grew from weak, helpless, pitiful creatures

to tool-wielding cultivators embarking on the road to discovery and the Grand


They became as powerful as gods and fought back the desolate tides of beasts,

carving out a path of civilisation.

Ancient behemoths were devoured, and the very structure of the continent


Tectonic plates moved, and sea levels rose.

Life vanished, new civilisations appeared, and then were overthrown.

Xu Xiaoshous scalp went numb as he watched.

In the end, he discovered a white mark on the previously blank scroll when he

arrived at the edge of the world.

He was an outsider not born from the painting.



The painting of the desolate world shook, turning into a stream of light that

poured into the head of the unsuspecting bystander nearby.

Xu Xiaoshou opened his eyes and noticed he had returned to Yuan Mansion.


It took hima while to recover from the disorientating experience; the

magnificence of the ancient world branded in his minds eye.

It was something

he could not allow himself to forget.

With great effort, he solidified the image

of the past he remembered, and only after did he have the heart to look at the

information bar.

“Expertise Passive Skill acquired: Painting Mastery!”

“Yay!” Xu Xiaoshou waved his fist in excitement.

He had considered the possibility long ago, but it exceeded his wildest


Expertise Passive Skills..

He had lived for so long, but he had only managed to acquire three.

Almost every one of those three changed his fighting style and opened up a

new world of possibilities for him.

Painting Mastery would probably send him to the heights of the Magic Brush,

Ma Liang.

“But, wheres my brush”

Xu Xiaoshou fumbled around for a long time, but he could not find the brush of

the Nine Heavens.

His face darkened.

How on earth was he supposed to paint without a brush or ink

However, on second thought, using a real brush to change the world was not


Xu Xiaoshou pondered for a moment and drew upon his spiritual source as a

brush to draw a four-not-alike on the ground.

“What the hell!”

It was so ugly! His drawing ability had not improved, it seemed.

Still, he felt that the four unlikenesses on the ground were very lifelike.

“Is it an illusion” Xu Xiaoshou wondered.

He could not help but doubt himself.

It was a strange feeling.

Even though Xu Xiaoshou could not even decipher

what kind of bird he drew, it was still vivid and lifelike, as if it were a real,

living creature.

Xu Xiaoshou suddenly remembered that hisPainting Mastery had not levelled

up yet.

He would have to raisePainting Masterys rank with Passive Points like any

other Mastery-type passive if he hoped to attain proficiency in the art

10,000, 5o,000, 100,000 Passive Points vanished in a puff of smoke.

It took Xu Xiaoshou several hours to recover from the influx of experience.

“Painting Mastery, Innate (Stage).

“Painting Mastery, Sovereign (Stage).”

The benefits of raising ones cultivation level were obvious.

Xu Xiaoshou used his inventory of Passive Points to raise hisPainting Mastery

to the highest rank.

He tried using his spiritual source as a brush again…


Xu Xiaoshou paused as if he had understood something.

The brush in the fantasy realm was intangible and could only befelt using his


It was much stronger than a physical manifestation.

A spiritual source might seem intangible, but it had its limitations.

If disturbed, it would fragment easily.

A brush conjured from Xu Siaoshous

spiritual source would be too fragile to meet his needs.

Xu Xiaoshou mulled over the issue, but his mind always returned to the

problem of using his spiritual source as a brush.

That was when inspiration sparked!

“Its the mind!”

His eyes lit up.

If he used his mind as a brush, then it meant that he could do

whatever he wanted!

It was too terrifying.

It was completely beyond the scope of painting

It was the realm of godhood!

Xu Xiaoshou had never followed the rules for Expertise Passive Skills, so why

was he fretting now

“Lets give it a shot.”

Painting Mastery was currently at the Sovereign (Stage).

According to the

insights bestowed upon him by the heavens, Xu Xiaoshou employed his mind

to the task of creating an intangible brush.

A brush of will!

He controlled the brush no one but him could see and bent creation to his will.

He felt like a philosopher of old.

“I believe in my existence.”

With a sense of humour and experimentation, Xu Xiaoshou looked at the


Where could he paint

There had to be a medium for him to paint.


Did the void not count as something

Xu Xiaoshou skipped the ability ofpainting with real objects, which was

necessary for those who had not reached the Innate (Stage) or the Master

(Stage) of Painting Mastery, and used the void as his canvas.

He could

perceive the world in its entirety with a glance.

It looked like he was not doing anything, merely staring into blank space.

However, in Xu Xiaoshous mind, he used his brush and painted the sky with

his imagination.

Instantly, the sky changed!

Spiritual sources gathered in the void, and lines appeared, quickly sketching

out the appearance of a living creature.

Then… A Chicken appeared!

“Cluck Cluck Cluck..”

It even sounded like one!

The chicken cried out in alarm because it fell to the ground and died the

moment it appeared!

It shattered into a pile of spiritual energy.

Xu Xiaoshou looked at this scene, and his eyebrows jumped as he fell into deep


This painting was just an attempt.

Xu Xiaoshou felt his mental strength had

diminished a little, but his spiritual source, Qi, and blood quickly filled in the

gap by replenishing what he had used.

Thats disgusting!” Xu Xiaoshou muttered in shock.

“HOw is this a painting” In the eyes of outsiders, this ability was no different

from the skillMaterialise!

“The most important thing is that drawing this chicken doesnt consume much

mental strength.

Its something I can recover almost instantly.”

Xu Xiaoshou recalled the sight of the Kun Peng in the fantasy realm.

His eyes

widened, and the corners of his lips curled up.

Tilting his head, he looked to the other side.

“Chi Chi Chi”

Spiritual energy rapidly gathered in the air while his mental strength rapidly


Bean-sized beads of sweat dappled Xu Xiaoshous forehead.

It had taken him

almost all of his mental energy to draw just the head of a giant roc, but if he

did not finish the drawing, the roc would not come to life.

“Yeah, theres no such thing as half a bird.

Theres only one, two…

He fell into deep thought.

Xu Xiaoshou drew the spatial barrier open and shouted to the other end,


Xu Xiaoji, who was still counting, immediately tensed up and turned around


He saw the confident figure of the Great Demon King Xu walking over.

“Cluck Cluck Cluck!”

The Great Demon King Xu rushed over, and at his feet wa… a chicken!

Xu Xiaoji blinked, dumbfounded.

He stared blankly at the black and white coloured chicken, feeling a sense of


It was as if the chicken was incompatible with the world like it

did not belong…

“Something like this shouldnt befelt, should it Its not possible!”

“Which world was this chicken born in Is it a new ghost beast”

“Demon King Xu, what are you up to now”

Xu Xiaojis heart pounded crazily.

It did not matter what was going on.

He was

only concerned with ugly his chicken looked!

The ugly black-and-white chicken rushed to his feet.

Its feathers stood on end

while it held its head up high.

“Peck him!” Xu Xiaoshou ordered excitedly.

Xu Xiaoji:

What was going on He did not even bother to side-step the charging avian

whose beak looked ready to peck him.


His toes hurt.

All he registered was pain.

Xu Xiaoji watched, stupefied, as this ugly chicken

pecked his feet viciously with its curved beak.

His lips twitched as he sent a

questioning look Demon King Xus way.

Xu Xiaoshou: “…”

It was so weak!

He had drawn this chicken without considering its combat ability.

It was


Xu Xiaoshou immediately added a few more strokes to the chicken and infused

more than half of his strength into it.

Only when weakness overcame him, and

his face paled did he stop.

The chickens beak hardened.

“iji, Jiji! (I did it again!”

Its black and white chicken feathers bristled and seemed ready for round two

with its head raised arrogantly.

“Peck him,” Xu Xiaoshou said weakly.

Though he was excited, he had trouble

mustering enough energy to express it since he had channelled it all into the



The chicken chopped down with its head a second time, leaving an afterimage

in its wake.

Xu Xiaoji was so scared he nearly wet himself, retracting his feet almost



A small black hole opened where the chickens beak collided with the earth.

This single point explosion reminded Xu Xiaoshou of Gu QingsansPoint of the


“How terrifying!”

He never expected his strength, gathered in the body of this chicken, could

bring about such a terrifying effect.

A chicken had no right to be so strong! It

was simply ridiculous.

Xu Xiaoshou felt that his battle style seemed to be going astray again.

He was very strong!

Wasnt it a little too random

He could already see himself as the future chicken king, leading a group of

inconspicuous chickens to battle! The thought of which nearly sent him into a

giggling fit.

Wait a minute.

Why did it have to be chickens

Xu Xiaoshou entertained the thought of strangling himself for a moment.


dumb could he get

He was now an expert.

How could he lead a group of chickens to fight He

would be throwing his dignity into the gutter!

Now, a Kung Peng, on the other hand..



When Xu Xiaoshou thought of his enemies cowering before a majestic Kun

Peng, it did not seem as spectacular or as humiliating as being defeated by a


Laughing with an utterly sinister look on his face, Xu Xiaoshou giggled, “What

an interesting look!”


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