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Chapter 783: The Convention of Conducting Alchemy, Begins Now!


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‘The next morning.

People were coming and going in the pilgrimage square.

‘The huge square, which normally could accommodate tens of thousands of people, was now completely packed.

Everyone looked around, wanting to squeeze into the innermost part of the square.

“Hurry, hurry.

The convention of conducting alchemy is about to begin.

This is another grand event before the Imperial City Trial.”

“[heard that the appearance of the Sky City has attracted quite a number of people.

The alchemists of the Eastern Sky Realm will be facing the geniuses from various regions in this years Imperial City Trial of conducting alchemy.”

“Thats right.

I heard that the heaven geomantic arena has gone crazy in the past few days.

Even the way of the swords Sovereign (stage) has appeared.

Tsk tsk, this is a nightmare!”

“Haha, thats right.

However, the heaven geomantic battle has only given out ten spots a day.

The people who obtained the spots to the Imperial City Trial earlier are all trembling in fear.

They are all hiding their heads and tails, afraid that they will be caught and killed by others.”

“There arent enough slots at all.

I reckon that there will be another large wave of people coming to the pilgrimage square today.

There will be something to watch for the convention of conducting alchemy.”

“Lwonder who will get the last place.

I heard that the reward this time is not cheap…”

‘The pilgrimage square was in an uproar.

The geniuses from various regions had arrived one after another in the past few days.

The battle results they had achieved could even cover up the news of the night battle in the Imperial City.

And today, the grand meeting of conducting alchemy was held in the pilgrimage square.

One could imagine that this was another kind of battle.

It was the kind where there was no blade light or blood shadow.

The sun rose to the east.

As the organizer of the Imperial City headquarters, theMagic Pill Techniciains Association had city guards on the surface, red-clothed and white-clothed guards in the dark.

They had long since taken their seats in the pilgrimage square.

At this moment, in the middle of the square, there was a huge trial zone.

On the newly built high platform at the end, there were a total of eighteen judges, with President Dong Ling as the leader and the presidents of the various branch associations of the Eastern Sky Realm as the deputy judges.

Beside these old elixir masters who didnt even have the strength to truss a chicken, there were the early-stage of sovereigns guards.

Yao Rao, who was hiding in the dark, carried the black cang godhood sword on her back and had been waiting in the void for a long time.

She was not worried that a dark faction would attack the venue of the Grand Meeting of conducting alchemy today.

The Holy Palace, as a super faction that was on equal footing with the Holy Divine Palace, usually did not attack the outside world and took the initiative to start a war.

However, given its nature as a protector of its offspring,.

Anyone who dared to disrupt the convention of conducting alchemy today might even be directly retaliated by the demi-saint stage or higher void (level) .

All of this was not impossible!

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‘At the same time, the grand meeting of conducting alchemy was being held at the same time.

If a good seedling appeared, it was very likely that it would directly attract the attention of the saint and receive special permission to enter the Holy Palace to study.

Simply put, She, Rao Yaoyao, was not the only one watching the conventiong today.

The demi-saint was also paying attention.

Whoever came would die!

It was still early.

In the judges seat, the various presidents were whispering to each other.

“President Dong Ling, I heard that the Magic Pill Technicians Association has recently developed a new type of healing elixirs.

Amber Juice The medicinal effects are even more exaggerated than Red Gold Pill”

President Lu Chenghui of Tianyun Citys Alchemist Association spoke in a strange tone, and his words attracted the attention of many presidents.

In the entire Eastern Sky Realm, other than the headquarters of the Imperial Citys Alchemist Association, Tianyun Citys Magic Pill Technicians Sssociation had developed the most in the past few years in conducting alchemy.

Over the years, the medicinal properties of the red gold pill had continuously improved.

President Lu Chenghui had contributed greatly.

Grade-10 Red Gold Pill was not only the largest in the market, but it was also cheap.

for an injured Spiritual Cultivator, it was the best choice.

Usually, when one went out, who wouldnt carry a few blood bottles on their back

However, when President Lu came to the Imperial City recently, he heard of something called Amber Juice.

It was similar to elixirs, but it wasnt a pill.

It was similar to liquid, but it wasnt a liquid.

Other than its poor storage, its medicinal effects could actually crush the Red Gold Pill, which had been modified thousands of times over the years!

Why would the headquarters of the Imperial Citys alchemy conducting association have the time to study this thing

In terms of low-level healing medicine, the Eastern Sky Realm basically basically viewed Tianyun City as the largest supplier.

Wasnt this stealing business

Thus, even when facing president of Dong Ling, Lu Chenghuis tone wasnt much better.

Dong Ling naturally understood the recent commotion caused by the Plenty Gold Company.

She smiled and explained, “Amber Juice wasnt developed by the Associations headquarters.

It was developed by someone else.”

“An outsider”

Lu Chenghuis voice rose, and his old body stood up, he cried out in alarm, “What is the headquarters doing! Elixirs developed by outsiders, particularly healing elixirs… is a matter that concerns the safety of the entire Eastern Sky Realms Spiritual Cultivator.

If Amber Juice is a poisonous pill, then what

should we do”

Dong Ling cast a sidelong glance at him, “The headquarters has certainly verified it.

If there are no problems, then they will put it into the market.”

Lu Chenghui hurriedly said, “These newly appeared elixirs normally require all the presidents of the various branch guilds to jointly conduct an internal inspection.

The others and I have not even seen Amber Juice before, nor do we know its medicinal properties.

If it is put into the market just like this,

what if it is a disaster…”

His words instantly pulled all the branch guild presidents to his side, as if Dong Ling wanted to be single voice.

Everyone present was shrewd.

To be able to achieve the position of president of the various branch guilds, other than his exceptional alchemy technique, his EQ.was naturally not low either.

All of them could hear the meaning behind his words.

Dong Ling frowned.

Shi Ti, who was at the side, looked straight ahead, but everything was clear in his mind.

He cheerfully said, “President Lu, you havent seen Amber Juice before”

Lu Chenghui choked, and his words were stuck.

Everyone understood what he meant and chuckled.

As soon as Amber Juice entered the market, almost all of the presidents had received the message.

How could they not buy a few sets of Amber Juice for research

It was because they had finished their research and found that there was no problem with Amber Juice.

In addition, other than its poor storage capacity, its medicinal effects were completely superior to the Red Gold Pill of the same grade.

That was why no one had any objections.

However, this wasnt a small matter that had anything to do with most people.

Clearly, it had cut into President Lus life.

Everyone was an old fox.

With a long-term perspective, they all knew that if the Amber Juice was mass produced, the market for the Red Gold Pill would definitely be gone.

Thus, Lu Chenghui couldnt withstand this heavy blow at all.

Tianyun city had relied on the Red Gold Pill to make a fortune.

“President Dong Ling…”

Lu Chenghui still wanted to say something, but Dong Ling suppressed him with a single word, “President Lu, do you think that the appearance of new technologies in the world of conducting alchemy is more important, or is money more important”


Lu Chenghuis face turned red.

Dong Ling turned around and said with a smile, “The Magic Pill Techniciains Association doesnt do what other factions do.

They only focus on conducting alchemy.

President Lu, dont ruin the culture.”

Lu Chenghuis mouth twitched, and he flung his sleeves and sat down.

The old president beside him laughed out loud, “Elder Lu, if I were you, I would quickly research Amber Juice and try to crack the antidote formula as soon as possible.


“Slow down!”

Shi Ti also turned around, he interrupted with a smile, “He has already applied for the certification of the formula.

Plenty Gold Company has already completed all the procedures in the past few days.

Otherwise, they wouldnt have released Amber Juice to the market.

If Old Lu really wants to, hurry up and

find someone to cooperate with.”

“Cooperate with what ! Its not like I havent seen Amber Juice before.

Whether it can be mass-produced or not is still a question!” Lu Chenghui was exasperated.

“Oh, youve seen it again Didnt you not see it just now”Shi Ti said with aconfused voice.

Lu Chenghuis face turned red, and he glared at Shi Ti, “Shi Ti, will you die if you dont speak You old Shi Ti, why havent you died after living for so long Ah!”

Shi Ti imitated Elder Sang and chuckled a few times, not replying.

All presidents laughed heartily and shook their heads.

This was interesting.

At this moment, the eighteen paths that the City Guards had cleared out were already filled with few people.

The young alchemists had all entered.

It was almost time, and President Dongling was about to announce the start of the meeting.

Lu Chenghui calmed down and looked at the scene.

He suddenly turned to look at Dong Ling, “Who created Amber Juice”

Plenty Gold Company had done a good job of keeping it a secret.

It hadnt been long since the president of each branch had entered the city.

After all, their intelligence abilities werent very strong, so they hadnt been able to find out anything yet.

As soon as these words were said, everyone turned their heads to look at Dong Ling.

Dong Ling swallowed her words and explained to the seniors, “First Pavilion in the sky, Amber Juice was created by them.”

First Pavilion in the Sky

Lu Chenghui narrowed his eyes.

This factions name didnt sound like something a mere president of the Alchemist Association could afford to provoke.

“Will they send young people to participate in the competition today”Lu Chenghui asked.

He felt that for the First Pavilion in the Sky to be able to use such a name to gain a foothold in the imperial city, it must be an old faction.

The image of the young man who disappeared under the fallen purple flames at the trade fair appeared in Dong Lings mind, without changing her expression, she said, “I think so.

The first pavilion in the sky is full of young people, and theres a new faction.

I heard that Young Master Xu is the one who

created Amber Juice.

He probably doesnt have a spot for the trial yet, so hell probably come.”

“Young Master Xu”

Everyone was shocked.

Ayoung man could create Amber Juice

It must be known that pill formulas that could be recognized by the market had been refined by thousands of alchemists from generation to generation.

Conducting alchemy, which required a large amount of time and skill to build up, how could a young man able to create something as advanced as Amber Juice

“What grade is it”

Lu Chenghui was anxious.

Previously, he thought that no matter how bad it was, the creator of Amber Juice would still be a veteran alchemist.

At the very least, he would have to be a Sovereign (stage)

But now, he suddenly felt that he had taken it for granted.

No matter how skilled a young man was in conducting alchemy, if he didnt have the time to settle down, he would be able to reach the pinnacle of the Peak of Innate stage.

According to the most monstrous aptitude, he should be barely a Master (stage)

In other words, it was very likely that this fellow was only a Stage 6 alchemist

Astage 6 alchemist developed Amber Juice

What kind of joke was this!

This was obviously something that the various old president had thought of, and all of them had shocked expressions on their faces.

How would Dong Ling know these details

She originally wanted to reply that she didnt know.

However, it was different from the many old alchemists present who had at most reached the Innate (stage) and Master (stage) cultivation level.

With her spiritual senses, she noticed that there was a very familiar-looking young man outside the plaza.

He had revealed a tenth grade Alchemist Badge at the registration entrance, and then started a fierce debate with the reception staff.

Dong Ling couldnt take in what happened after that.

She was dumbfounded on the spot!

Young Master Xu

Without a doubt, that person was Young Master Xu from the First Pavilion in the Sky, the creator of Amber Juice.


Grade 10

He was a grade ten alchemist

He refined amber juice


“What grade is it !”

In the judges seats, the various presidents were anxious.

President Dong Ling suddenly appeared to be in a trance, as if he was trying to whet ones appetite.

Even Shi Ti looked over, his face full of curiosity.

That day at the trade fair, Zhou Tianshen had been telepathic communication with him, “Its him! Its him!”, causing Shi Ti to really think that Young Master Xu was the Xu Xiaoshou that he was familiar with.

However, the following night battle in the Imperial City had begun.

Saint Servant Xu Xiaoshou had really appeared, but young master Xu who was at the trade fair was watching the battle.

Their identities were clearly distinguished.

Therefore, Shi Ti no longer believed that Young Master Xu of the First Pavilion in the Sky was the disciple (apprentice) of Elder Sang whom he was familiar with, the detestable brat who knew how to conduct alchemy and how to blow up the Pill Pagoda.

At this moment, Dong Ling suddenly swallowed a mouthful of saliva and answered with some hesitation, “Ten, grade-ten”

All the presidents eyes were obviously stunned.

Then, they all revealed a look of “Did I hear wrong” and repeated, “Grade-ten”

Dong Ling regained her godhood and opened her red lips.

She wanted to say something but stopped herself, “… I dont know.”


Lu Chenghui exploded.

“Grade ten!”

“President, you mentioned grade ten just now!”

“A grade ten alchemist can develop Amber Juice Are you kidding… Cough cough, we have to investigate this! Amber Juice definitely has some hidden problem that hasnt appeared yet.

The possibility of it being a poisonous pill is very high!”

Lu Chenghui was so anxious that he stomped his feet.

The other president was still immersed in shock.

Shi Ti was also shocked.

He felt that Dong Ling wouldnt lie.

However, Dongling didnt lie.

This matter was too abnormal.

In the past few decades, Shi Ti had only seen that kid who blew up the pill tower stir up abnormal matters in the alchemy world.

This was very normal to Xu Xiaoshou..

Besides, he didnt know if it was just an illusion.

Shi Ti felt that he had an impression.

He had seen Xu Xiaoshou conducting alchemy.

That kids Boiling Soup method of conducting alchemy.

When he was refining the Red Gold Pill, the viscous liquid that appeared during the process was very similar to Amber Juice.

Also, Zhou Tianshen was Xu Xiaoshous good friend.

He had pointed out Young Master Xu, even though he had mistaken him that day..

Between good friends, would they point out another person who had nothing to do with them

All sorts of things entered Shi Tis mind, and he began to have some doubts.

He looked at Dong Ling, “What did the president see just now Why was he in such a daze”

Dong Ling turned her head and said bluntly, “I saw Young Master Xus Alchemist Badge, and only then did I know that he seemed to only be at grade ten.

If thats the case, Amber Juice should be the result of replacing the elderss production in the clan.

As expected, young man…”

Her expression turned ugly.

To these dishonest young men..

Especially in the world of conducting alchemy, stealing the results of others was something that everyone condemned!

Lu Chenghui was furious, “As expected, its fake.

This old man said that theres something wrong with the young man.

Amber juice should be removed from the shelves as soon as possible.

Hes only a grade ten alchemist, how could he be the product of the elders in the clan Who can develop this

astonishing Amber Juice”

“Oh, astonishing again”An old president laughed at President Lus anger.

He found it funny that President Lu kept jumping up and down.

Dong Ling also glared at elder Lu and said coldly, “Young Master Xu, demi-saints descendant.”


The air became quiet.

Lu Chenghui suddenly sat down halfway.

He put his hands on his knees and sat upright.

He looked like an obedient man who hadnt spoken a word just now.


The elders laughed loudly.

However, Shi Ti was in a daze and couldnt laugh.

“Are you confused” Dong Ling gave him a sidelong glance.

Shi Ti opened his mouth and wanted to ask President Dong Ling to bring Young Master Xus Alchemist Badge over to have a look.

Even the Alchemist Badge of the Continent was the same.

However, the place of production had records of the anti-counterfeiting spirit-gathering array in the badge.

Thus, as long as young master Xus grade-10 Alchemist Badge came from Tiansang City…

As Shi Ti thought of this, he suddenly noticed the people present.

There were many people here and there were many eyes.

If it was really as he thought, that fellow Elder Sang probably wouldnt let him off even if he became a ghost!

“Is fine.”

At that moment, Shi Ti waved his hand and chuckled, “I see that most of the people present have arrived, President Dong Ling, you can hurry up and start the first round.

There are quite a number of people here!”

Dong Ling glanced at Shi Ti strangely but didnt say anything.

She stood up and gathered her spiritual source, her voice drifting out.


“The time has come..

The convention of conducting alchemy begins now!”


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