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Chapter 785: Was There a Problem with the Pill Formula


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“There are two City of the Bodhisattva in this world.”

“Its completely different from the chaotic situation in the city of the dead bodhisattva.

The city of the Living Bodhisattva is the headquarters of the major spirit enhancement professions.”

“Over there, there are the headquarters of the Continents well-known Alchemist, Spirit Array Caster, blacksmith, and other major associations.”

“The headquarters of the Magic Pill Technicians Association is located next to the lake in the City of the Living Bodhisattva.

“There is a heavenly flame in the lake.

It blooms once every 90,000 years and bears fruit once every 90,000 years.

The fruit is called the Blue Flower of the Tranquil Lake, which contains infinite spiritual energy

“It is said that anyone who is a Spiritual Cultivator and has mastered a certain skill of conducting alchemy can form a pill by using this flame

“Elixirs that are around the Saint level, such as Gods Blessing, require the power of theBlue Flower of the Tranquil Lake to assist in the refinement

“Otherwise, if the refinement fails, the number of spiritual medicine consumed will be countless.

“TheLittle Blue Flower of the Tranquil Lake is derived from theBlue Flower of the Tranquil Lake.

It is known as thelittle heavenly flame for conducting alchemy.

In terms of level, it is almost on the same level as the Presidents fallen Primal Purple Fire!”

Xu Xiaoshou looked surprised when he heard that.

He had seen the Primal Purple Fire before.

It was very powerful!

It was only slightly weaker than the infernal white flame..

‘As Yu Chuchu spoke, she looked at Xiao Wanfengs confused expression and looked back at Young Master Xu suspiciously.

She felt that it was impossible for the demi-saints descendant not to know about the City of the Living Bodhisattva and the story of theBlue Flower of Tranquil Lake.

However, it was obvious that this guy was too lazy and did not bother to explain so many historical legends to his subordinates.

At that moment, Yu Chuchus impression of Young Master Xu was even worse.

“Your name is Xiao Wanfeng” She looked back and sized up Young Master Xus subordinates with her beautiful eyes.

In the end, she fixed her gaze on the wooden sword on the young mans back.

“Are you interested in coming to my side I can offer you a more attractive price than Young Master Xu.” Yu Chuchu said sincerely.

She had inquired about Young Master Xu, so he naturally knew that this mortal youth had won the championship in the heaven geomantic battle and displayed the glorious deeds of the Innate Sword Intent.

This was a good seedling.

It was really a pity to stay by Young Master Xus side.

Xiao Wanfeng was momentarily dumbfounded.

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He did not expect that after hearing the story, Miss Yu would actually like him.

He was somewhat flattered.

“Hey, hey!”

Xu Xiaoshou could not hold it in anymore,Im just asking a question on his behalf.

Why are you still trying to poach him Are you a spade”

Yu Chuchu rolled her eyes, she said in a strange tone, “You dont even know how to treasure a genius, Young Master Xu… Oh, maybe your demi-saint family (ies) doesnt lack such a genius So what if you give him to me I wont jeopardize his future!”

Xu Xiaoshou raised his eyebrows and looked at this pretentious woman with amusement.

He turned to Xiao Wanfeng and said, “She seems to have misunderstood something.

Tell me, did I jeopardize your future”

This was naturally impossible!

Following him, Xu Xiaoshou, Xiao Wanfeng had even met Mei Siren before, and he could even reject him once.

This kind of opportunity, was it something that a mere Imperial Citys Yu family could give

In the future, he might even be able to bring Xiao Wanfeng to meet his idol Bazhunan!

Xiao Wanfeng was in a dilemma.

He hesitated for a moment before rejecting, “Thank you, Miss Yu, for your appreciation, but I am Young Master Xus man, and I get paied from the First Pavilion in the Sky, I will not betray.”

Yu Chuchu said bluntly, “What I can give you can only be above what Young Master Xu has offered you.”

Xiao Wanfeng looked troubled, “Its not a question of how much.

Young Master Xu treats people very well.

Its just that you dont understand…”

Yu Chuchu sneered and glared at the good-for-nothing Young Master Xu.

She knew that Young Master Xu must have forced him to say this.

She lowered her voice and leaned closer to Xiao Wanfeng, “Thats because youve never seen someone who treats people better!”

She didnt say anything else.

Although like most people, Yu Chuchu didnt like Young Master Xus style very much.

However, poaching people in public, she believed that a normal person would choose to reject it.

Yu Chuchu understood this very well.

She was actually very simple.

She just wanted to disgust Young Master Xu, that was all.

Xu Xiaoshou was not disgusted by this.

He raised his head proudly and puffed out his chest.

In the end, he patted Xiao Wanfengs shoulder and said proudly, “This Young Master, myself, is very good at educating subordinates.”

Yu Chuchu:”…”

She was disgusted by Young Master Xu instead of the other way around!

“Disliked, Passive Points 1.”

In the judges seat.

President Dong Ling paused for a moment, then, she spoke again, “Everyone here is an Alchemist.

I believe that everyone here understands the importance of theLittle Blue Flower of the Tranquil Lake to an Alchemist.

I wont go into details.

I hope that everyone can bring out their best in this years

convention of conducting alchemy, and obtain the glory that they deserve.”

After that, she introduced the president of the judges seats one by one.

From Shi Ti to Lu Chenghui, to the rest of the people.

The people seated here were all highly respected seniors in the world of conducting alchemy in the Eastern Sky Realm.

Naturally, the young Alchemist knew all about it.

They also understood the importance of this years convention of conducting alchemy.

‘There was no need to introduce the people on the viewing platform.

However, everyone knew about it.

These big shots might be their future path.

Once they were taken in and invited..

To rise to the top, to walk the great path, was no longer a dream.

Xu Xiaoshou wasnt recognized by the judge.

He only knew Dong Ling and Shi Ti.

However, he had met most of the people on the viewing platform before.

‘They were all big shots that he had met after the Spirit Gem Trade Fair.

The faces were familiar, but the names couldnt be recognized.

However, it was clear that the most powerful faction in the Imperial City, even the overlords, coveted the geniuses of conducting alchemy.

As the leader of the faction, there were many people who had personally come to watch the trade fair.

Through the discussion on the spot, he could even match the names of the Great Xuantian Sect, Guiyin Pavilion, and the other big bosses who he had only heard of previously.

It could be imagined just how high the prestige of these people was in the Imperial City.

Dong Ling also seemed to be very tired of the long commentary.

After the introduction of the key characters, she directly went into the main topic.

“Now, the first round of the elimination round of this convention of conducting alchemy has officially begun!”

“Please welcome the top five hundred participants in order.

Due to the limited space in the venue, the remaining participants should withdraw and wait for the next round of assessment.”

Five hundred participants in one round of assessment.

‘This scene was truly spectacular.

It wasnt something that could be seen on a normal day.

It must be known that an Alchemist was either conducting alchemy in the Pill Pagodas exclusive alchemy room or in the personal space of their faction.

An ordinary Spiritual Cultivator wouldnt even be able to come into contact with an Alchemists entire process of conducting alchemy on a normal day.

Immediately, the audience outside the arena became excited.

They all squeezed their heads forward, wanting to see the elegant demeanor of an Alchemist.

“It begins, it begins!”

“L wonder what the content of the first round of the elimination round will be I feel that we should at least start with an innate pill.

Then, well get the more skillful ones out of the general pool and kick out sloppy ones!”

“Haha, I suspect that youre insinuating something.”

“Hehe, theres no need to doubt.

Im referring to some grade ten Alchemist.”



The arena was bustling with activities, but the Alchemsts in the arena was extremely well-mannered.

After President Dong Ling gave the order, those who entered entered entered the arena, while those who waited were orderly.

“As expected of a high-quality talent…”

After knowing his number, Xu Xiaoshou retreated.

At the same time, he was somewhat moved by the quality of the young Alchemists.

If it were some martial artists competing, it would be like a chaotic battle in the heaven geomantic arena.

Wouldnt they be naked and kill him

“By the way, what is the elimination round”

He nudged Yu Chuchu with his elbow.

This was the disciple of President Dong Ling.

She was an internal member and was an easy-going young lady.

Xu Xiaoshou seized the chance of meeting her and asked if there was anything he didnt understand.

Yu Chuchu looked down on him and patted her sleeves without leaving a trace.

She quietly moved half a step to the side to increase the distance between them.

Only then did she say in a bad mood, “How would I know”

“Dont you count as half a staff member You dont know either” Xu Xiaoshou was curious.

Yu Chuchu rolled her eyes, “If I knew in advance, wouldnt that be cheating Its similar to what most people know.

I only know that this elimination round should be about refining a new pill.”

“New pill”


Yu Chuchu nodded, “If its something like the widely known innate pill, everyone should be able to do it with ease.

The results are basically about the same, so its hard to tell the difference.”


Xu Xiaoshou suddenly understood and echoed, “So this time, your master will give you a new pill formula”

“Maybe!” Yu Chuchu did not know either.

Xu Xiaoshou tuned his head to look at Xiao Wanfeng and said firmly, “If I were to hold a competition, if you were to participate, I would definitely give you an answer in advance.

Fairness isnt important, whats most important is our own people!”

Xiao Wanfeng:”…”

He was speechless for a long time and cursed silently in his heart, but he could only smile gently on the surface, “Young NMaster Xu treats me really well.”

Yu Chuchus lips twitched and a black line appeared on her forehead.

Her impression of Young Master Xu was renewed once again.

Wasnt this too stingy

He was still fussing over the small matters from before

“Cursed, Passive Points 1.”

“Here, take it.”She suddenly stretched out her hand and handed Xiao Wanfeng a communication bead, “Take it.”

Xiao Wanfeng:

The youth looked at his master in hesitation.

Xu Xiaoshou was shocked!

Wasnt this too stingy

Still not giving up

Still trying to poach someone else

He looked at the girl beside him.

Yu Chuchus gaze was unwavering, but there was slyness and complacency in her eyes.

Others were afraid of him as a demi-saints descendant, but her, Yu Chuchu, could not stand this kind of behavior.

She wanted to teach him!

Xiao Wanfeng was in a dilemma again.

At this moment, Xu Xiaoshou waved his hand with generosity, “Take it.

How many people dream of having Miss Chuchus contact information When you cant sleep at night, you can take it out and call her to have a romantic night.

If you dont want it anymore, you might even be able to sell it for a high


Yu Chuchus eyes widened in disbelief.

Sell it

‘What was he thinking…

She shovelled Young Master Xu in grudge, and stuffed the communication bead into Xiao Wanfengs hands, and instructed him in a low voice, “Dont let others use it, especially your Young Master Xu!”

“Oh, okay, okay…”

Xiao Wanfeng felt that his luck had changed recently.

Not only did the Cang Godhood sword spirit liked him, Miss Yu even have a favorable impression of him for no reason.

After quite a while.

After the Alchemists were seated, they each took out their respective alchemy cauldron.

The spiritual flames and raging flames were ready to be unleashed.

‘The scene immediately became lively.

There were all kinds of alchemy cauldrons in various shapes and sizes.

‘There were all kinds of colorful alchemy flames in a variety of strange and bizarre forms.

‘The scene lit up with a raging mist, causing the audience outside to howl.

inside the arena, the many young Alchemists who were heating up their cauldrons, were all looking forward to it.

They were somewhat looking forward to it and were nervous about the upcoming assessment content.

Dong Ling looked around the arena with an inexplicable smile on her face.

“What we need to refine in this elimination round is a brand new, never-before-seen grade seven Elixir Pill, the Thirst Generating Pill!”

“The final version of the Thirst Generating Pill formula was just completed this morning, done by eighteen judges in the higher void (level) .

Therefore, there is no possibility for leaking out this test.”

“As this is an elimination round, the participants will only have one chance to refine the pill.

In twenty-five minutes, everyone will decide on their own and allocate their own time.”

“The loser will be eliminated.

The winners will be ranked according to the quality of the completed pill.

With scure one hundred at the best, ranked accordingly.

The top one hundred will enter the next round of the advancement round.”

“Next, we would like to invite the staff to distribute the jade scroll.”

The staff entered the arena.

Upon hearing this introduction, the Alchemists who had entered the arena was completely confused.

It was as if they were looking at a flower in the fog.

After receiving the jade scrolls pill formula, they scanned it with their spiritual senses and were even more stunned.

The arenas audience and the Alchemists who were waiting outside saw this and started discussing at the same time.

“D*mn, looks like the difficulty is a little scary…”

“Thirst Generating Pill Ive never heard of it!”

“Tve only heard of grade eight Thirst Spiritual Elixir.

Those are the best grade eight elixirs that can recover Spiritual Source.

From the name, the Thirst Generating Pill should be an advanced version”

“Thats not important, alright!”

“Whats important is grade seven elixirs… look at the sinister smiles on the faces of those old men in the judges seat.

The difficulty of refining them is definitely at the level of hell among grade seven Alchemists.”

“Grade seven Alchemists are already at the peak of the Innate (stage) .

With this pill formula, I think the pill success rate of over a thousand participants might not even be 10% .”

“It cant be that exaggerated, right This isnt just the geniuses of the Eastern Sky Realm.

Even the five regions have sent people.

With 10% , doesnt that mean that the cauldron explosion and the waste of the elixirs would cost thousands Only a few hundred people can successfully refine the elixirs”

“Maybe a few hundred people are too many…”

“Yeah, I think so.

Those elder Alchemists are all full of bad ideas.”

“Conducting alchemy for this kind of test for the juniors, they will definitely try their best to come up with a question!”

‘The discussions of the laymen were mostly about joining in the fun.

‘The discussions of the Alchemists in the waiting area were completely different.

“Thirst Generating Pill Grade seven”

“Oh no, the Thirst Spiritual Pill is already the most difficult grade eight pill to concoct.

I cant even concoct a Thirst Spiritual Pill, and this is the start of a grade seven pill What are we playing at!” Immediately, someones face was already in disgrace.

“Isnt it just an elimination round” Someone was certain of victory.

‘The arena was filled with thousands of people who had signed up.

It was as if the strongest genius in conducting alchemy in the entire Eastern Sky Realm had gathered there.

In addition, there were also geniuses from various regions who had rushed over without stopping for the past few days.

A grade eight genius was considered a genius in the outside world at such a young age.

However, in the field of conducting alchemy, they could only be considered to be at an ordinary level.

They wouldnt be at the bottom, but they would be able to catch a large number of them at the start.

Agrade seven was the king.

Among the grade seven Alchemists, there were barely any grade seven geniuses, and they were different from the mature grade seven Alchemists.

However, it could be said that these people were the true main force of this competition.

As for Master stage sixth and fifth grade, those were really rare.

Just like the young master swordsman…

Yu Chuchus sixth grade standard, even if she was placed in the arena, was also top-notch.

After all, conducting alchemy was not like Spiritual Cultivation.

It was not like gaining an insight within a single breath, or being an innate (stage), no the Three breaths for innate stage, three years for Sword Deity.

Instead, it had to go through a large amount of time and skill accumulation.

One step at a time, one step at a time, improving steadily ahead.

“Thirst Generating Pill…”

Yu Chuchu frowned as she looked at the hundreds of people in the arena.

She noticed something unusual.

The first batch of people who entered the arena had no lower rank, and the lowest rank was grade eight.

‘The highest rank was even a young genius who had rushed over from the Eastern Sky Realm.

He looked about the same age as Xiao Wanfeng, but had a grade six badge!

But there were no exceptions.

After obtaining the pill formula, even though the spiritual ingredients were sent out, no one in the arena started conducting alchemy.

Instead, they all fell into deep thought.

This included the sixth-grade contestant!

Yu Chuchu watched as the contestants looked at the jade scroll, compared the spiritual ingredients, looked at the jade scroll, and then compared the spiritual ingredients.

Her brows furrowed even tighter.

No matter how difficult it was for an innate Alchemist to refine an innate pill, it wouldnt cause such a situation where everyone was stunned.


“Is there a problem with this pill formula”


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