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Chapter 794: Godly Xus Crushing Defeat, Early Submission of Paper

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Looking at the group of contestants on the right who was once again engrossed in their strenuous analysis, a strange expression appeared on Xu Xiaoshous face.

In the spiritual array, he raised his hand again.


Dong Ling on the judges seat was already used to it and asked directly, “Whats the matter”

As expected, she did not move, but the spiritual array had been shut down.

This time, Young Master Xu did not speak, but Xiao Wanfengs trembling voice came.

“President, my Young Master Xu, he… he is applying for three more blank jade scrolls.”

The 18 judges, “What”

The old presidents were stunned for a moment and reacted almost in unison.

Didnt adding three more blank jade scrolls mean that Young Master Xu felt that there were 16 transformations to this incomplete pill formula



“This kid is simply too arrogant!”

The old presidents cursed in a low voice.

Young Master Xus action was a slap to their faces.

The 18 judges had exhausted the experience of their lifetime, but they could only deduce 13 transformations from the incomplete pill formula in a short period of time.

This kid felt that he could reach for the sky.

Just by looking at the incomplete pill formula, he already had 16 transformations

“President Dong Ling, may I request to expel.

Lu Chenghui was interrupted by Dong Ling halfway through his words in anger.

“Alright, Ill let you add.

The judge panel will agree to any reasonable requests of the contestants,” she said to Young Master Xu.

“How is this reasonable” President Lu at the back was going crazy.

Three blank jade scrolls were a small matter.

The key was that Young Master Xu was really arrogant.

He was questioning the authority!

“Perhaps its because hes young and frivolous, but his talent is outstanding, isnt it” Dong Ling looked back and smiled.

She looked at the numerous presidents and said solemnly, “But we must never kill a young and talented man who has dreams.

Perhaps, he can really do it”

“Is this called having dreams” Another old president cursed.

Clearly, Lu Chenghui was not the only one who could not lose face.

“This is similar to daydreaming!”

“Thats right.

In an hour, he has deduced 16 transformations.

Three of them are unknown to us.

This is either grandstanding or unreasonable.”

“He can do it Dont think that just because he has refined a few top-grade Thirst Generating Pills and he can be arrogant.

The Thirst Generating Pills are only seventh-grade.”

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“But what if he can” Being rebellious in the judge panel, Shi Ti raised awhat if possibility.

He said, “There is no end to learning.

The one who has reached the top is the pioneer.

What if his Demi-Saints descendant heritage has come into contact with a pill formula that we have never come into contact


His words angered everyone instantly.

“How old is he!”

“Even if the Demi-Saints descendant heritage has a deep foundation and he has come into contact with countless pill formulas, his age cannot support the fact that he has learned all of the low-level pill formulas at such a young age.

All of them!” A president emphasized and stressedage andall.

“Thats right.

Demi-Saints background is indeed impressive, but hes too young.”

“Alchemy is an art that requires time to settle down.

I dont believe that he can list outi6 pill formulas,13… No, he can barely list three!”

The transformations that could be deduced from the incomplete pill formula were all rare pill formulas.

Otherwise, the geniuses of the five regions would be able to tell with a glance that it was a conventional pill formula that had been refined before.

Wouldnt that be just a piece of cake

“Give me a chance.”

Dong Ling smiled and suppressed the anger of the elders.

She called for the staff to hand over another three blank jade scrolls.

The old presidents repeatedly said that they wouldnt give.

But when it was time to be rational, they still had to act rationally.

In the end, no one stopped it.

‘They wanted to see what answers this grandstand fellow would give in the end.

A staff member at the side of the judges seat moved and handed over three blank jade scrolls to the direction of the No.1 spiritual array.

This scene in the silence of the alchemy competition wouldnt be unnoticed.

Almost all the contestants on the stage had noticed the movements of No.1 spiritual array.

“What is he doing”

Everyone knew what the three blank jade scrolls meant when they were handed over.

However, no one dared to believe that there were actually people on the stage who thought that they could deduce as many as 16 transformations.

“Icant even deduce one transformation…” Some of the contestants looked in the direction of the No.

1 spiritual array in a daze.

Comparing with people was infuriating

“Thats not right.

Hes messing our minds.

Its just like how I usually hand in my pills in advance during alchemy tests to create panic for others.” Zhu Yan had also noticed the scene, but he had a different interpretation.

“Really!” Yu Chuchu looked to the side and watched Xiao Wanfeng take over the three jade scrolls and say thank you.

She felt that she was about to break down.

Her Dao faith was not strong enough to allow her to accept this scene.

She had just grasped the direction of the first transformation, but someone at the scene had released the complete transformation of the incomplete pill formula.

There were even three more variations from the judge panel

Was this scientific

The audience on the viewing platform and the sidelines were also holding their heads in their hands.

“What an arrogant Young Master Xu!”

“Pfft, hahaha, I just want to see the scene of Young Master Xu not being able to hand in his perfect answer sheet and being spurned by the audience.”

“F*ck, this is disgusting.

I hate contestants who hand in their answer sheets in advance the most, not to mention these monsters dare to question the examiners exam questions!”

“16 transformations.

Hes so confident, I like it so much…” someone mumbled.

In No.1 spiritual array.

Xiao Wanfeng handed Young Master Xu three brand-new jade scrolls.

Listening to the discussions from the surroundings, he was so embarrassed that he almost crawled into the ground.

“Young Master Xu, are you really confident”

“What Are you doubting me” Xu Xiaoshou looked at him.

“Not that Im doubting you.

Its just that this seems, seems a little too much…”

“Its not too much.”

Xu Xiaoshou patted the back of his head and said earnestly, “Wanfeng, no matter what, dont limit your vision to only among your peers.

Otherwise, youll never be able to surpass the legends and become the supreme existence.”

Xiao Wanfengs eyes lit up and his spirit rose.

Young Master Xu actually disregarded all the contestants completely

The only person he truly viewed as an enemy was himself!

“Keep on surpassing…” Xiao Wanfeng mumbled in his heart.

When he looked at Young Master Xu once again, his gaze was filled with reverence.

No matter what, being able to say these words at least proved that Young Master Xu was highly ambitious.

And wasnt this kind of spirit to compete a swordsman needed

“Tm about to begin.”

Xu Xiaoshou ignored Xiao Wanfeng who had fallen into deep thought.

His fingers slid across the 16 blank jade scrolls displayed on the table one by one, and his mind started to spin wildly.

‘The judge panel was indeed very strong.

After he came into contact with the incomplete pill formula, the 16 transformations that flashed through his mind were all rare pill formulas.

At the very least, he, Xu Xiaoshou, had never refined even one of them.

And this was the crux of the assessment.

For pills that had not been refined or even come into contact before, the average contestant would not be able to restore the pill formula.

It was because the pill formula did not only record the entire process of the alchemy but also the details and various special items that needed to pay attention to.

It required many trials and errors before it could be deduced.

Therefore, even if someone looked at the incomplete pill formula and felt as if they had seen something similar and remembered it roughly, without successfully refining it, no one could be sure that he would be able to restore the formula perfectly.

Xu Xiaoshou dared to be sure

If the contestants on the stage were unable to refine the pill, even if they were able to restore the formula based on their experience, it would definitely not be perfect.

At the very least, they would not be able to get a full score in this category just by restoring the formula.

In the end, everyone was only competing against the best among the average.

But he was different!

Cooking Expert gave him all the foundations of the basics, all!

At first, he had suspected that he was not creative enough.

But the hints given by the incomplete pill formula were too many for him.

One main ingredient with 72 supplementary, he was able to sift through the low-level pills that Elder Sang had given to him in his memory in an instant.

‘Then, through competition and validation, he could infer the medicinal properties of the pills.

Just by deducing in his mind, Xu Xiaoshou had felt that he could almost complete it.

“The first transformation, 10th grade, Fire Pill.”

Calming his mind, Xu Xiaoshou took out the alchemy cauldron that Shi Ti had given to him and began to analyze the work squinting his eyes.

‘The Fire Pills main function was to clear the mind and calm the energy.

It allowed a Spiritual Cultivator to meditate better and also slightly remove the inner demons that were produced during the cultivation process.

The medicinal effects of this pill were formidable.

However, the Fire Pill was costly to produce, and the alchemy technique was extremely complicated.

In the end, the completed pill was only 10th grade.

And this 10th-grade pill was generally used by Spiritual Cultivators of the Acquired Realm.

However, for Spiritual Cultivators of Acquired Realm, geniuses did not have the problem of failing to meditate.

Those who were useless were either unable to cultivate, or they could not afford to use such expensive pills.

As for the inner demons, they had just started cultivating.

How would an ordinary person have inner demons

‘That was why no one would use Fire Pill.

After so many years, it was almost extinct.

One might not even be able to find the pill in the market, let alone the pill formula.

Xu Xiaoshou knew about this pill through the record in the jade scroll that Elder Sang had given him.

However, he only glanced at it and could not remember the details clearly.

Even he, who had extremely powerful memory, could not remember, not to mention the other contestants.

However, at this moment, through the validation and careful experiments of Cooking Expert, Xu Xiaoshou had perfected the details of this pill formula step by step.

“Xiao Wanfeng, propose the medicinal ingredients to the judge panel.

The Flower of Obliteration, the Seed of Silence, the Lotus Seed of Ice Heart…”

Xu Xiaoshou turned his head to the side and closed his eyes.

The process of alchemy flashed through his mind again and again as he mumbled to himself.

Xiao Wanfeng memorized each of them.

He raised his hand in the spiritual array and proposed the medicinal ingredients to the staff that he called over.

Very soon, someone delivered the medicinal ingredients.

“Begin now!”

The audience that witnessed this scene was astonished.

Young Master Xu was the first person to start conducting alchemy!

How long did he take

Excluding the commotion that he had caused just now, this fellow did not even take a few minutes to think about it seriously.

As for the other guys who seemed to be more serious in the competition, they hadnt even warmed up their alchemy cauldrons yet, let alone the thoughts of conducting alchemy in their minds.

“Has he really started”

The train of thought of Yu Chuchu from No.

2 spiritual array was once again interrupted.

Young Master Xus movements were too big.

Setting up the cauldron, summoning the chicken, conducting alchemy, refining pills…

The refining process in the middle was smooth.

It was as if he had rehearsed it countless times in his mind, and it was also as if he had come into contact with the pill before.

“Its fake, right” Yu Chuchus head was aching.

She had just deduced the possible direction of the incomplete pill formula.

It was the seventh gradeLittle Thunderbolt Pill.

But even before the main spiritual medicine was out, Young Master Xu was already in action.

“D*mn it…”

Yu Chuchu felt a huge pressure.

In the past, she was the one who gave others the pressure by handing her test papers in advance.

Now that the top student had been crushed by the godly student.

Yu Chuchu could feel the difference in quality.

“How is it”

In the judges seats, the group of presidents eagerly looked at the piece of paper in Dong Lings hands.

It was the spiritual medicine that Xiao Wanfeng had requested from the judge panel.

Without a doubt, as long as there was something wrong with this piece of paper, it would prove that Young Master Xu was really trying to be grandstand.

Dong Lings expression was solemn as she looked through the contents of the paper from the top to bottom.

After a moment of silence, she handed it over.

“Theres no problem at all.

He wants to refine Fire Pill.”

The old presidents were shocked.

Lu Chenghui shook his head and exclaimed that it was impossible.

How long did he take Had someone really deduced the Fire Pill

He snatched the paper and went through it.

Then, he fell into a daze.

“Its really the Fire Pill…”

‘The other presidents at the side realized that something was wrong when they saw the scene.

‘The paper was quickly passed around.

Soon, the bunch of old men seemed to have been drained of their strength after reading it.

They collapsed onto their seats and were speechless for a long time.

“Our test questions are still too easy.

Has anyone come into contact with Fire Pill in advance”

“We cant rule out this possibility, but its not to this extent! Look at the other contestants on the stage.

Theyre all confused.”

“So its not us who has a problem.

Its Young Master Xu…”

“Did he cheat”

“Its impossible to cheat.

Now its up to his details of conducting alchemy.

He can write down the composition of the spiritual medicine for a 10th grade Fire Pill, but that doesnt mean that he has refined this pill before.

Perhaps he has only come into contact with it before, but he doesnt know the details.”

“Thats right! The details are the key.

The pill formula needs the details.

Otherwise, who wouldnt know how to write down the composition of a spiritual medicine”

As the elders spoke, they looked at No.

1 spiritual array at the same time.

Rows of black chickens lined up, choosing the medicine to die…

Young Master Xu closed his eyes and took the time to carve out the details of the first blank jade scroll for conducting alchemy…

“Is he joking” Lu Chenghuis face was twitching as he was watching.

“Doesnt he need to keep an eye on the process when hes conducting alchemy Or has he refined the Fire Pill here countless times before”

At this moment, none of the old presidents comments about the black chickens alchemy in the previous round of the competition came out.

Young Master Xu was too crazy!

While he was conducting alchemy, he was also carving a jade scroll.

This scene of him being distracted while he was conducting alchemy, which actually required him to focus on his work, left a deep impression on people.

Time continued to pass.

‘The elders silently watched the scene of No.1 spiritual array, and they were all speechless.

“Its smooth running…”

Someone sighed softly and all the elders nodded in unison.

They quickly reacted and shook their heads in unison.

Then, they looked at each other and laughed awkwardly.

They didnt want to admit it.

However, they had to admit that there was nothing wrong with the details of Young Master Xus alchemy!

Soon, the process of alchemy came to an end.


A seven-colored ray of light shot out and soared into the sky.

The audience on the viewing platform and sidelines were stunned.

Another glow of pill perfected!

And another early submission of paper!

The other 99 contestants on the stage were still at their wits end.

Young Master Xu had already formed a cauldron of pills

Was he cheating

“Quick, quick, quick…”

The old presidents in the judges seats were in a frenzy, exhorting the staff to bring No.1 spiritual arrays pill up for inspection in advance.

The other contestants in the 99 spiritual arrays turned their heads at the same time.


The glow of the pill was too exaggerating.

Even if they didnt want to pay attention to it, they couldnt help but be disturbed.

After all, there was precedence…

“Young Master Xu, the pill has been formed”

Yu Chuchus face was full of bitterness.

She lowered her head and looked at herself, who hadnt even started heating the cauldron.

She realized that in front of Young Master Xu, she, a sixth-grade Elixir Master, was simply a piece of trash..

It was totally uncomparable!


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