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Chapter 800 Triple Crown! Little Blue Flower of the Tranquil Lake!


Dong Ling stared blankly at the frail-looking young man in front of her before taking over the elixir and sniffing at it.

She was very familiar with the Sovereign Pill.

After all, in the entire Dongtianwang City, the only person who could normally supply the Sovereign Pill was the president of the Magic Pill Technicians Association headquarters, Dong Ling.

To refine this pill, one not only needed to be skillful in conducting alchemy but also had a high cultivation level.

The elixir in her hands still had a burning sensation that only the elixir that had just come out of the cauldron would have.

Dong Ling was sure that it was not a pill that Young Master Xu had stocked up in advance.

However, how could a normal young man produce the Sovereign Pill

“You have the Sovereign cultivation level” Dong Ling hesitated and asked the question which even she felt ridiculous to ask.

“Thats not important,” Xu Xiaoshou smiled.

As he felt the energy in his body gradually returning to normal, his complexion also returned to normal.

“Whats important is that a mid-grade elixir is taken into account, right”

The refinement of the Sovereign Pill was indeed taxing on ones mind.

When the pill was formed, it nearly drained all of the energy in his body.

Xu Xiaoshou was certain that if any Master of the Heavenly Image State were to refine this pill, they would faint because they would have exhausted all of their energy in an instant due to a lack of strength in their body.

It had to be some protective measures!

Otherwise, it would be extremely risky for a Peak Master to refine this pill! However, he was different.

Although he was at the Heavenly Image State, his enduring passive skills were all at the Sovereign level.

The fact that he wasfull of high spirits meant that he would not be sucked dry to the point of losing consciousness just because he was refining a cauldron of elixirs.

And the greatest consumption of the Sovereign Pill wasnt even in terms of physical strength, but mental strength.

The instant the pill was formed, without the corresponding enlightenment of the Dao realm, Xu Xiaoshou was certain that any elixir master would be drawn into a stupor by the power of the mental absorption.

The risk of forming a fourth-grade pill was no less than that of a great battle!

Fortunately, he had been in the Dual King Sect earlier and had gained basic enlightenment of the Dao realm.

Therefore, he would not be tormented by forming a pill until he fainted.

However, after this refinement, Xu Xiaoshou finally understood why this elixir was ranked fourth grade.

It was because even though there was not much difference in the refinement difficulty of the Sovereign Pill and the Little Rejuvenation Pill, there was still a big difference in the requirements of other aspects between the two.

As for the pill formation this time, Xu Xiaoshou wasnt even sure if it could be judged as fourth grade.

He could only vaguely see that the quality of the Sovereign Pill he refined had reached the mid-grade quality.

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It had barely reached.

But he succeeded by one attempt.

If it was a Sovereign Pill and not a poisonous pill, then it meant that he had made it…

The Three King Sect!

Dong Ling was silent for a long time.

Under Young Master Xus expectant gaze, she slowly nodded.

“Its a Sovereign Pill, mid-grade.

Its not a poisonous pill.

Its edible.”

Xu Xiaoshou finally felt relieved.

Its done!

Dong Ling didnt ask any more questions.

She held the pill bottle and returned to the judges seats.

She knew that she wouldnt be able to get anything out of Young Master Xu by asking many questions.

However, what kind of person would think that a mid-grade Sovereign Pill couldnt be consumed…

Even if this thing was a low-grade pill, countless people would still want it, okay

Even if the low-grade elixirs were poisonous, the Sovereign expert was not afraid of that little bit of poison.

When the hope of becoming a Sovereign was placed together with the price of consuming a little bit of pill poison, everyone would choose to consume the pill right away, okay Moreover, this elixir wasnt low-grade, but mid-grade.

It was the standard of its pill formation…

This fellow must have been so used to consuming top-grade elixirs, so he was doubting if a mid-grade elixir could be consumed!

“Hes rich and generous…”

To Young Master Xus question, this was the only answer Dong Ling could give.

She returned to the judges seats with a stiff expression and placed the pill bottle on the table.

Many of the senior presidents men fought over it.

“Miracle from heaven!”

“Oh my, its really a pill.

How did he do it Hes still so young…” “I dont even dare to simply refine a Sovereign Pil.

Why does he look so calm after refining it Doesnt he need to rest”

“Have you all forgotten that one of the requirements for refining the Sovereign Pill is to have the comprehension of the Dao realm Young Master Xu…”

“Sovereign Could it be that he has the cultivation level of the Sovereign”

A golden pill was passed back and forth among the senior presidents palms that were covered with spiritual energy.

Everyone was afraid that the sweat on their hands would taint this precious pill.

After a short while, everyone thought of the requirement of the cultivation level.

“Hes a Master Swordsman, right I remember during the heaven geomantic battle, he had displayed Master Swordsmans cultivation level.”


But how does a Master Swordsman achieve enlightenment in the Dao realm The Master Swordsman only touches the Dao, and only the Sovereign has enlightenment, unless…”

“Unless his cultivation level in the way of the sword has reached the peak of a Master, and hes just one step away from the way of the swords Sovereign!” someone boldly speculated.

“Ridiculous! How old is that young man Why didnt you say that he is already the way of the swords Sovereign” someone immediately retorted.

The elders were all silent.

After a long while, Shi Ti slowly said, “Everyone, dont forget that he is not an ordinary Elixir Master.

He is the descendant of the Demi-Saint faction.

It seems that the cultivation level of the spiritual cultivation is primary to him and conducting alchemy is just supplementary.” This time, everyone felt their teeth ache.

Conducting alchemy with such powerful strength was Young Master Xus side job.

Some people couldnt achieve such a level in alchemy even after their entire lives!

“So, hes here to obtain a fourth-grade Alchemist Badge and win the championship along the way.

After all, in a normal conducting alchemy assessment, it would take at least 10 years to go from the tenth-grade to the fourth-class.”

These words were like the last straw that crushed a camel, causing all the senior presidents to stun on the spot.

Lu Chenghui held the Sovereign Pill and looked at the golden energy that this pill emitted in a daze.

He knew that it was something that required him to cultivate for 10 days before he could refine it.

And that fellow in the competition venue seemed to be able to do it with ease.

“President!” Lu Chenghuis expression brightened as he turned to look at Dong Ling, “I want to…”

“No, you dont!” Dong Ling interrupted him and took back the Sovereign Pill from his hand.

At this moment, everyone was thinking of inviting Young Master Xu to be their Honorary Vice President.

There was no need for official duties but just a


But how could Dong Ling let these old foxes get what they wanted

“We will only talk about alchemy-related matters in alchemy convention.

Each of you has your own thoughts.

When the competition is over, you can go and talk to him yourself.”

“At the venue, we will only do the work related to conducting alchemy.”

Dong Lings gaze was intimidating.

She swept her gaze around and stunned all the presidents.

Then, she lowered her head and instructed the staff beside her, “Go, change the fifth-grade Alchemy Badge that we prepared earlier to fourth grade.

Bring it to the venue immediately.

We will be conducting the conferment ceremony later.”

“President Dong Ling! You…”

The senior presidents at the side were dumbfounded.

Didnt she say that the alchemy convention would only do the work of conducting alchemy

What was going on At this moment, she had diverted to award conferment!

“This fourth-grade badge, my Tianyuan City can confer the award to Young Master Xu.” “My Tianyan City can do it too.”

“Tiansang City also has the strength!”

“Oh my God…” “Shut up!” Dong Ling turned her head and berated once again.

Being annoyed, she said, “Isnt it just a fourth-grade badge Why are you fighting over it Its not like Im recruiting him to Elixir Master headquarters.

Im just handing out a badge.

Whats there to fight over”

Lu Chenghui was infuriated.

“Its good that youre not fighting over it.

If youre not fighting over it, Ill fight over it.

This badge will be handed out by my Tianyuan City!”

“Ill do it!”

“Ill do it!”



Shi Ti took a step back and withdrew from the battlefield.

Seeing this scene, he shook his head silently.

It was rare for such a young Sovereign to appear in the world of conducting alchemy.

That was why these old fellows had gone mad.

Even if only the origin of the badge was related to the association they managed, these people would still fight to the death for such a little fame.

Seriously, didnt they know tolerance and generosity… Shi Ti let out a heavy breath and suddenly rushed into the battlefield with a red face and ears.

“All of you shut up! Tiansang City can also award this badge.

Lets fight if you dont accept it!”

“Come on! Lets fight!”

“Old man, its either you or I die today.

Fire! Burn your eyebrows!”

“Hiss, hiss, Old Man! These are the white eyebrows that I used rare and precious spiritual medicine to regenerate.

It has only lived for a few months! Ill kill you, ah…”

The judges went crazy again.

The audience watching the lively scene at the judges seats was amused.

These were the senior alchemists.

Those who often frequented the Magic Pill Technicians Association were already used to the old fellows debates on academic issues.

“They must be discussing the feasibility of Young Master Xus Sovereign Pill right now,


“What a bunch of cute elders.

Our path has become smooth sailing because of their protection.”

“Yes, alchemists are indeed noble.

Theyre not like us spiritual cultivators, who often tear each other apart for a bit of fame and fortune.

Tsk, tsk, theres no way to compare!” On the judges seats, Dong Ling held the array token in her hand.

With a pinch, she changed the scene of the senior presidents pulling their hair and stripping their clothes into an academic exchange scene with bows and greetings.

Then, she flashed out and waved her hand, and the roll of honor appeared once again.

“First, Xu Deye, 100 points, fifth-grade Little Rejuvenation Pill, top-grade.” “Second, Zhu Yan, 98 points, fifth-grade Heavenly Star Pill, mid-grade.”

“Third, Yu Chuchu, 95 points, sixth-grade Grandmaster Elixir, top-grade.”

Lines of text appeared one after another.

In the final round of the competition, everyones points were about the same.

If the quality of the elixirs was the only criterion, even a seventh-grade Fallen Star Pill could get 85 points at the lowest.

“Its out!”

The audience was extremely excited.

When they saw that Young Master Xu was still at the top of the list and had full scores, waves of cheers erupted.

“As expected, Young Master Xu scored full scores again.

The Triple Crown! No one can defeat him in the alchemy convention!”

“How to defeat him Tell me how.

He even managed to refine a fourth-grade Sovereign Pill.

Isnt it to crush someone with just a casual slap”

“Its indeed terrifying…”

“Speaking of which, why arent the two people from the Central Region who refined fifth-grade elixirs in the top three Miss Yu could even get into the top three.”

“Its not that everyone can advance to fifth-grade.

Its considered good enough to have Zhu Yan there.

Those two guys changed their elixirs in the end and one of them only produced the low-grade Grandmaster elixir because he didnt have enough time.”

“Its funny.

Youre afraid not all the attention is on Young Master Xu”

There was a burst of joy out there.

In the final round, who would still watch others conducting alchemy

The moment the Sovereign Pill appeared, everyone else lost their limelight.


“Its just a pity that the refining of the Sovereign Pill exceeded the time limit and it wasnt taken into account for the final result.

Otherwise… uh, otherwise, Young Master Xu would have scored full scores as well.

D*mn it… Is this a genius”

Someone lamented.

He suddenly realized that there was no need to lament at all.

Young Master Xu had scored full scores just by refining the Little Rejuvenation Pill.

He didnt even need to refine the Sovereign Pill!

It was getting late.

High in the sky, President Dong Ling pressed with her hand, suppressing the restlessness of the crowd.

“Everyone, the competition of conducting alchemy has ended perfectly.

I believe that everyone is also looking forward to something…”

She paused for a moment, a smile appearing on her face as she flipped her hand and took out a single bottle.

“Thats right, everyone didnt see wrongly.

The champion of this years alchemy competition, Young Master Xu… Young Master Xu, he has indeed refined a fourth-grade Sovereign Pill.”

“After the judge panels appraisal, the quality of the elixirs has reached mid-grade.

There isnt anything problem with it!”

Cheers erupted once again in the crowd.

This time, the leaders of the major factions on the viewing platform no longer could sit still.

A fourth-grade Elixir Master!

Even if they were to break their heads, they would want to bring him into their factions.

More so it was a young man with unlimited potential.

But on second thought…

The Demi-Saint descendant Young Master Xu had his own first pavilion in the sky.

Why would he join them

Thinking of this, many people were discouraged and returned to their seats.

But most of them were still excited.

As long as they established diplomatic relations with the first pavilion in the sky, they would have a young visiting Sovereign alchemy.

Who didnt know about the new faction, the first pavilion in the sky

Previously, no one cared about them because they didnt care.

But it was also because they didnt care that no one had contacted this faction.

So even if it wasnt offering timely help but the icing on the cake, the first faction that established diplomatic relations with the first pavilion in the sky would still have a lot to gain.

In high above, Dong Ling did not care about these things.

She slowly landed on the ground.

“Let us congratulate Young Master Xu!”

As she said that, she took out a green lantern from her ring, accompanied by thunderous applause from the audience.

The lantern was made of bamboo and had eight green lantern pillars that emitted a mysterious holy power.

A green, enchanting flower was surrounded by the lantern pillars.

Although it was in the shape of a flower, it didnt have a solid-state.

It took turns to bloom, and its petals swayed.

Every time it bloomed, there would be many green sparks.

“Little Blue Flower of the Tranquil Lake!”

The contestants at the competition venue were envious instantly.

This little heavenly flame was the dream of all the Elixir Masters.

Unfortunately, it only belonged to the only champion on this stage.

Dong Ling walked directly towards Young Master Xu and smiled as she handed over the lantern.

This time, she had completely forgotten about the unpleasant incident at the Spirit Gem Trade Fair.

“Congratulations, this is your reward.

Do you need the association to help you swallow the little heavenly flame” Dong Ling smiled.

Xu Xiaoshou looked at the lantern that had trapped the little heavenly flame with some amazement.

The power of the Little Blue Flower of the Tranquil Lake had somewhat exceeded his imagination.

Segregated by the lantern pillars, he could even sense a wisp of calamity power that was not weaker than the Three Days Frozen Calamity as well as the Infernal Original Seed.

It was too terrifying!

It was completely out of his expectations! “So this is the Little Blue Flower of the Tranquil Lake The wordlittle was in its name, but its actually so strong

“Then what level is the true Blue Flower of the Tranquil Lake at

“The heavenly flame that was born from the Nine Great Ancestral Trees… Yes, I should have thought of it long ago.

That thing must be at the Saint-level, and this Little Heavenly Flame that was born from the Saint-level has the power of the Three Days Frozen Calamity.

Whats there to be surprised”


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