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Chapter 805: The Little Blue Flower of the Tranquil Lake Was Trampled to Tears


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To swallow the flame personally, outsiders might need protection, but Xu Xiaoshou was not afraid.

His innate level physique could withstand the burning of the Infernal Fire Seed and his master physique could harden the Infernal Original Seed.

He could even swallow the most overpowering flames in the world.

‘What is there not to swallow for a gentle flame like the Little Blue Flower of the Tranquil Lake that contains the calamity power


His finger gently tapped on the pivot, and the green lanterns protective spiritual array shattered.

The temperature of the cultivation room suddenly rose.

The existence of weaving expertise made Xu Xiaoshou treat the lanterns spiritual array as if it was nothing.

The Little Blue Flower of the Tranquil Lake lost its restraint and began to expand in his palm.

The blue fire snake followed the whir of the Path Patterns and began to spread and cling to the door and walls of the cultivation room.

With a thought, Xu Xiaoshou used the Eight Trigrams Pilgrimage Map to protect the cultivation room and prevent the power of the little Heavenly Flame from damaging the First Pavilion in the Sky.

Even though he had money, the building was too expensive and he could not afford to pay for it.

“Lets begin…”

His breath sank as he used the Breathing Technique.

The Little Blue Flower of the Tranquil Lake turned into a blue arc of light and flew into Xu Xiaoshous mouth and nose.


An intense burning pain assaulted Xu Xiaoshou, and he shivered slightly.

The temperature of this flame was extremely high, but it was completely different from the Infernal White Flames tyranny.

Other than the high temperature, it was calm and would not destroy the body wantonly.

With just a guidance, the Little Blue Flower of the Tranquil Lake flowed along the meridians and into the sea of energy reserves.

Eternal Vitality turned and transformed for a lifetime.

The injuries caused by the high temperature to the sovereign physique were instantly healed.

“This was unexpectedly simple…”

This first step of swallowing it into his body was completed in a daze by Xu Xiaoshou.

The process was too smooth!

It was so smooth that he didnt even dare to imagine it before!

After all, some time ago, Dong Ling had asked him if he needed the assistance of the Alchemy Association to swallow the little Heavenly Flame.

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It could be imagined that the danger of swallowing the little Heavenly Flame was extremely high.

This was the truth.

However, Xu Xiaoshou thought about it and understood.

The risk was to outsiders.

Xu Xiaoshous past experiences, coupled with his sovereign physique, and his passive skills…

From the physical to the spiritual level, he had already adapted to the pain of swallowing the little Heavenly Flame.

Therefore, apart from a slight itch, he did not feel anything else.

“Little guy, welcome to my world.”

Xu Xiaoshou touched the Little Blue Flower with his mind.

This blue flower was indeed a very docile spiritual fire.

It was completely different from the arrogant behavior of all the great treasures in the past.

It had just arrived and found a corner in the sea of energy reserves.

It was like a good student, sitting cross-legged.

Xu Xiaoshou continued to touch it with his mind.

Due to the pride of the little Heavenly Flame, the little Blue Flower of the Tranquil Lake only moved slightly.

It seemed to be bored and stretched lazily, before ignoring him.

Usually, at this time, the person who swallowed the little Heavenly Flame would either start to persuade it with good words or use force to make the Heavenly Flame yield.

The persons energy reserve would definitely explode into chaos.

The high temperature would burn and the blue flame would wreak havoc.

It was very possible for the devourer to be severely injured or even die.

However, Xu Xiaoshous energy reserve was different.

‘There were too many strange things in his energy reserve, and all of them had already recognized him as their master.

The master had taken in a concubine.

The original wives were already very unhappy, but when they saw the master taking the initiative to communicate with the concubine, that little b*tch just ignored him!

This time, the sea of energy reserves exploded.

The Infernal Original Seed was the first to lose its patience.

It suddenly exploded with endless white flame and attacked like a tsunami.


The first wave of battle in the sea of energy reserves was born.

The wave of white flame that came from the front directly woke up the sleepy Little Blue Flower of the Tranquil Lake.

“Whats happening”

Xu Xiaoshou could sense the frightened feelings of the Little Blue Flower of the Tranquil Lake, but he didnt even have the intention to stop the situation.

He just watched the battle happening in the sea of energy reserves with a smile.


Under the wave of white flame, the Little Blue Flower of the Tranquil Lake suddenly expanded and turned into a blue mist that supported it.


Xu Xiaoshous sea of energy shook and an endless amount of energy movement burst out.

His body suddenly swayed.

If it was an ordinary person, the wave of treasures in the sea of energy reserves might have gone out of control, and half of the person would have been destroyed.

However, Xu Xiaoshou only swayed.

At the same time that he removed his energy, the “Transformation” had already transformed the damage from the explosion of his energy reserve into a life force that was pushed up by the “Eternal vitality, and the injury was completely healed.

It was equivalent to not receiving any damage at all!

At this moment, Xu Xiaoshou really realized that he had become stronger.

In the past, when he swallowed these things, all of them tormented him to the point of death.

Now that he has become a master, he is able to carry all of his powerful passive skills.

The White Flame raged crazily and even started a battle in his sea of energy.

However, it was unable to cause him any damage at all.

“Good fellow, continue fighting.

I want to see who will win!”

‘Xu Xiaoshou was even more relieved to watch the battle from this point on.

The blue mist in his sea of energy reserves was able to withstand the attack of Infernal White Flame.

But very soon, the Little Blue Flower of the Tranquil Lake had a taste of bitterness.

‘The White Flame was too overbearing.

Under the frenzied erosion and assimilation, it was instantly incinerated, dyeing more than half of its body white.

At this moment, Xu Xiaoshou felt a terrifying calamity power rising within the Little Blue Flower of the Tranquil Lake.

“Its coming…” His eyes lit up.

With the calamity power, the immense power that transcended the power of the cutting path stage released a high temperature which instantly burned the White Flame to ashes.

This was the first time Xu Xiaoshou had seen a flame that could burn the Infernal White Flame to ashes!

“amazing…” He praised.

The Infernal White Flame was also enraged.

Almost at the same time that it was injured, the Infernal Original Seed also emitted a terrifying wave of disaster.

Xu Xiaoshou had never noticed this wave before, so he had no way to use it.

“Its this power!”

Xu Xiaoshou understood his premonition.

His whims were never wrong.

Within the Infernal Original Seed and the Three Days Frozen Calamity, there was indeed a power that his current cultivation level could not mobilize.

In the past, the power that he had displayed might not even be one-tenth of what it was.

After all, just the collision of the ice and fire aura of those two things could shatter the entire Spirit Fusion Swamp, causing the small world birthed by the White Cave to be on the verge of shattering.

“This is the tip of the iceberg!” Xu Xiaoshou sighed.

Only by using the calamity power of the cutting path stage could he use the calamity power.

He began to wonder if there was a shortcut.

In his body, the Infernal Original Seed also erupted with calamity power, and the two sides once again fought to a draw.

However, a draw meant a stalemate.

And in a stalemate, the assimilation nature of the White Flame made the Little Blue Flower of the Tranquil Lake very uncomfortable.

It was constantly being devoured.

If there were less of it, it would definitely lose.

“Help me…”

At this moment, Xu Xiaoshou felt a thought.

The thought was intangible, but the intention was very obvious.

The Little Blue Flower of the Tranquil Lake was asking for help.

Xu Xiaoshou did not make a move.

Little guy, werent you too lazy to bother with me just now In my sea of energy, there are many treasures.

I really dont need a prideful one like you.

The request for help failed, and the Little Blue Flower of Tranquil Lake was angry.

It erupted once again, and strands of holy will actually begin to emerge from within.

Xu Xiaoshous eyes instantly widened.

There was only a strand of holy will, but Xu Xiaoshou had seen the Saint Statue before, so how could he not know what this power meant.

“Little Heavenly Flame is angry.

Its calling its daddys power now…” Xu Xiaoshou laughed happily.

The Little Blue Flower of the Tranquil Lake was born from the Blue Flower of the Tranquil Lake, so it was understandable that it had such a strand of holy power.

However, it seemed to have forgotten that the Infernal Original Seed was not the only thing in this sea of energy reserves.


Almost at the moment when the Little Blue Flower released a trace of holy will, the Three Days Frozen Calamity on the other side, which was silent and tired of the secular worlds struggles, moved.

In an instant, a chill covered the sky.

The sea of energy reserves was completely frozen.

Even the Infernal Original Seed was frozen into the color of ice crystals in that instant.


The first to break out of the ice was the Infernal Original Seeds main body.

Holy will begin to burst out from within it.

From wisps to wisps of white flames in the sky.

They were evenly matched!

In the sea of energy, other than the Little Blue Flower that was pressed down, the holy will of the Infernal Original Seed that burst out in an instant was actually evenly matched with the Three Days Frozen Calamity.

“Whats this”

Xu Xiaoshou was going crazy.

He really didnt know that the two treasures in his body were so powerful!

Even though he knew that it would be difficult to use the calamity power of these two things without achieving the cutting path stage.

But he had never thought that apart from the calamity power, these two things also had the holy power.

He had never noticed it before!

At this moment, the Little Blue Flower was also stunned.

It had always been used to living in luxury.

After coming to this humans Sea of energy reserves, even though it knew its fate, it didnt want to submit so quickly.

But when it saw the battle between the Infernal Original Seed and the Three Days Frozen Calamity, it was completely dumbfounded.

These were two fathers!

Just now, it borrowed the power of its father and obtained the holy will of the Heavenly Flame.

Who would have thought that there was a real Heavenly Flame in this damn place!

In front of them, it was just like a younger brother… Oh, no, it could even be considered a generation lesser than them!

This time, the Little Blue of the Tranquil Lake trembled.

It lay on its stomach and did not move.

It did not dare to move, but at the same time, it also felt that it was pressed down and could not move.

It could only send out an urgent thought to its future master while they were busy.

“Save me, save me.

Xu Xiaoshou burst out laughing,

The Little Blue Flower of the Tranquil Lake had offended two big shots.

The power of the Infernal Original Seed and the Three Days Frozen Calamity were equal.

The Three Days Frozen Calamity was the Heavenly Flame.

Thats right, the Infernal Original Seed was something that only someone of the same level as the Elder Sang had the right to covet!

Why couldnt it have holy power

But why didnt they reveal themselves before

While he was thinking, he saw the two holy power collide in his sea of energy reserves.

Soon, a complicated and indescribable emotion appeared on both of them.

The Infernal Original Seed and the Three Days Frozen Calamity withdrew their holy power at the same time as if they had been sucked dry, and they were a little dispirited.


Xu Xiaoshou felt the emotions of both of them.

Was this the holy power that he had been forced to withdraw

His heart pounded wildly.

“It cant be!”

Previously, Xu Xiaoshou had already guessed why the Infernal Original Seed and the Three Days Frozen Calamity were left in the Spirit Fusion Swamp of the White Cave.

The Red-clothed did not take either of them.

Even if they wanted to give up the treasure and leave it for the fated person.

People below Rao Yaoyao should be conveting it even if she did not show any desire for something of this level.

Why would they leave the White Cave be

“Are they plotting something”

“These two little fellows were tampered with and placed under the restriction of holy power, so they cant display much of their power”

“Or rather, as long as this thing is in my body for a day, then the person who placed the restriction will be able to sense me all the time”

Xu Xiaoshou was shocked by this idea.

But he quickly rejected it.

Not to the extent.

If they could trace it back to him through such means, then the army of the Red-clothed would have covered the sky and earth and surrounded the First Pavilion in the Sky.

The only explanatio

Xu Xiaoshou suddenly thought of a phenomenon in this continent.

There were very few saints in this world.

Saints were divided into Demi-saint and Holy Emperor.

The Demi-saint that Xu Xiaoshou had seen and interacted with were 99% of the orthodox members of the Holy Divine Palace.

Then, according to the common saying, a Demi-saint is the peak of the worlds martial power.

If one was not a member of the Holy Divine Palace, even a demi-saint would not be able to breakthrough.

Was it the same for treasures

“For example, this world has a big shackle.

It doesnt fight for anything against anyone.

It only sets such a restriction for all the existences on this continent — living beings and dead souls.”

“Those who become Saints die!”

“As a result, the people in this world comprehend their own path.

Geniuses dont dare to become saints, and the weak cant become saints.

Treasures also learn to conceal themselves.

The strong avoid the holy power, and the weak conceal their own strength…”

The appearance of this bold idea made Xu Xiaoshou extremely shocked.

The definitions of “Freedom” by the Saint Servant and the Holy Divine Palace, as well as the pursuit of “Life and death”, seemed to have some sort of such flavor!

Soon, Xu Xiaoshou frowned.

He found a blind spot.

If that was the case, there was still one thing that didnt make sense.

Why couldnt he become a Saint

At the first moment, Xu Xiaoshou thought of Master Siren.

The scene of the conversation that night was still vivid in his mind.

Even if Master Siren didnt answer the question he asked at that time.

But Xu Xiaoshou knew that Master Siren was also a genius.

It was impossible for a genius to not become a saint for such a long time.

His junior had already become a saint.

“He doesnt dare…”

“So why”

Xu Xiaoshou suddenly felt that he was only one step away from the truth.

And this step was the reason why Bazhun‘an established the Saint servant.

It was the reason why Abyss Island became the place where the Ghost Beast was imprisoned.

At the same time, it was the only reason why the Holy Divine Palace remained standing.

“The answer lies on Sacred Mountain Gui Zhe.”

Xu Xiaoshou thought of what Bazhunan had said in the Eighth Palace.

They could not talk about these things, but as long as he reached the cultivation level and fought his way up to Sacred Mountain Gui Zhe, he should be able to come into contact with it even if he was not told of them.

So, this was this answer… Xu Xiaoshou was enlightened.

Every time he comprehended the banner again, he felt that Elder Sang, Bazhunan, and so on had hidden deep meanings in almost every sentence.

Sometimes, there was more than one layer!

His thoughts returned.

In the sea of energy reserves, the two treasures of ice and fire, which had withdrawn holy power, were withdrawn.

The Little Blue Flower was scared half to death.

It kept wanting to pull Xu Xiaoshou into the water and form an alliance with it.

But at this time, even when it was asking for help, this guy was still very arrogant and prideful.

And the aftermath of the battle had obviously shocked the most silent thing in the sea of energy reserves, the Sword Cognition.

‘The mans Sword Cognition and Xu Xiaoshous sword cognition both turned their heads and glanced at the Little Blue Flower of the Tranquil Lake like human beings as if they were annoyed by the culprit who had caused the turbulence in the sea of energy reserves.

With just one glance.

The Little Blue Flower of the Tranquil Lake cracked open.

It really cracked open, from the collapse of its physical body to the complete collapse of its mental state.


Until now, the Little Blue Flower of the Tranquil Lake had completely submitted to him.

It took the initiative to send over a voice calling out to him.

The voice was delicate and pitiful, making people cry upon hearing it.

Xu Xiaoshou smiled.

The arena did not even require him to use a single bit of strength during the entire battle.

The few overlords in the sea of energy reserves had trampled the Little Blue Flower of the Tranquil lake into tears..


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