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Chapter 809: Rules of the Assessment, Teleportation Begins!


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In the center of the pilgrimage square.

The traces left behind by the alchemy convention had been cleared.

At this moment, there was only one large-scale teleportation portal in the entire square.

On the high platform stood a person.

It was the side hall master of the Holy Divine Palace, Cheng Ji.

The time was up.

What should have come had come.

What should not have come had come too.

Cheng Ji looked at the crowd below and smiled.

The moment he opened his mouth, he suppressed all the noisy voices of the people.


“believe that everyone has been waiting for this day for a long time.

I wont say much.

In an hour, the teleportation portal under your feet will send you to the Yunlun Mountain Range and proceed with the Imperial City Trial.

“Before that, I will first explain the rules of this Imperial City Trial to everyone.”

Everyone held their breaths in anticipation.

Even the spectators, who had nothing to do with the trial, were all listening attentively.

Cheng Ji smiled faintly and raised three fingers as he slowly said.

“The Imperial City Trial is divided into three rounds of assessment.

They will be conducted in the Yunlun Mountain Range.

The locations are the inner and outer rings of the Yunlun Mountain Range, the core region of the Nine Dragons Range, and the final battle venue at Pixiu Mountain.

“After the cultivators enter the teleportation portal, they will be randomly transported to the outer rings of the Yunlun Mountain Range.

All of you will need to constantly head towards the inner rings.”

“After 10 days, the barrier of the core region of the Nine Dragon Range will be removed.

Alll of you will need to enter the Nine Dragon Range within a day.

Those who exceeded the time limit will be deemed to have been disqualified.”

“After 10 days of the competition at the Nine Dragon Range, the barrier of Pixiu Mountain will be removed.

The cultivators will also need to rush to the final battle venue, Pixiu Mountain.

The time limit is one day.

Those who exceeded the time limit will also be disqualified.”

Some noises could be heard at the venue.

Some people began to discuss, but no one voiced any doubts.

It was obvious that Master Chengs words were very easy to understand, and no one was stupid.

On the high platform, seeing that no one had any doubts on the basic rules of the trial, Cheng Ji paused for a moment and continued.

“The entire Imperial City Trial will last for one month.

The point system will be adopted.”

“During the trial period, the Yunlun Mountain Range will be covered by the Way of the Heavens Energy Movement — Cloud Realm.

Within the Cloud Realm, there will be Cloud Beads and Cloud Beasts scattered.”

“Excavating a cloud bead will receive 100 points each.

Killing a cloud beast will receive 10,000 points each.”

“After entering the Cloud Realm, the trial jade pendant in the hands of the trial-takers will be the symbol of your qualifications.

You will need to bind it with a drop of blood.

After that, all sorts of information will be displayed.

As for the specifics, you can wait until you enter the Cloud Realm and find out.”

Hearing this, everyone took out their trial jade pendants.

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Earlier on, no one knew about the use of the trial jade pendant.

Moreover, the trial jade pendant did not recognize its owner.

It belonged to whoever had taken it away.

They had thought that it was just a symbol of qualifications.

They did not expect that after entering the Yunlun Mountain Range, this thing was a key item.

Looking at the people below who had begun to try out the pendant, he smiled and said, “Dripping blood now is useless.

The trial jade pendant is also known as the Yunlun Jade.

After you enter the Yunlun Mountain Range, due to the existence of the Cloud Realm, it will activate the relevant Divine Array

and activate the corresponding functions.

So if you want to try it out, wait until you enter the Yunlun Mountain Range!

“Whats worth mentioning is…”

As Cheng Ji spoke, a strange smile suddenly appeared on his face.

“The points are not just obtained from the two sources mentioned earlier, theres also the last source, that is plunder!”

Everyone was stunned.

Cheng Ji explained, “When the trial jade pendant comes into contact with each other, it will trigger the mechanism ofplunder andbeing plundered.

The person who plunders will take half of the points from the onebeing plundered.

“Every trial jade pendant has three chances to be plundered.

If its more than three times, the holder of the trial jade pendant will be judged to have failed the trial by the world of Cloud Realm and be expelled directly from the Imperial City Tri

“Similarly, the jade pendant which represents your identity, once its broken, regardless being active or passive, the holder will be expelled and teleported out of the world of Cloud Realm.

This also means that… the trial has failed!”

It instantly went into an uproar at the venue.

Wasnt this meant to encourage killing

People worked hard to dig up the cloud bead and kill the cloud beast.

But as long as you can defeat them, you could plunder half of their points in one go.

Wasnt this faster than working hard to earn points

The uproar only lasted for a short while before it stopped.

“Interesting,” some people laughed.

Everyone present was an Innate expert from the Eastern Sky Realm or even the five regions.

How would they be afraid of an opponent of the same level

Those who could be at the venue were all famous people from different places.

How would they be afraid of a fight

On the contrary, this rule and system stimulated everyone.

“Three chances”

Beside Xu Xiaoshou, Mu Zixi narrowed her eyes and counted her fingers as she fell into deep thought, “Does this mean that if we justplunder the persons points but dont kill him, we can follow him and continue toplunder him until we completely squeeze all his points”


When several Innate elites in the surroundings heard this, they were shocked.

“Where did this little girl come from”

“She must be a demon!”

“F*ck, she actually wanted to squeeze the points thrice at one go Little Girl, youre a pervert!”

Even Xu Xiaoshou glanced at his junior sister in surprise.

This girl was young, but her comprehension of the rules was rather in-depth…

On the high platform, Cheng Ji finished explaining the rules of the points and changed the topic.

“Due to the special circumstances, the intensity of this Dongtianwang City Trial can only be compared to places like the capital of the Central Region and the Four Mausoleum City in the five regions.”

“Therefore, at the end of the final battle, the top 36 participants in the points rankings will be eligible for the Holy Palace Trial.”

“In other words, for this trial, the Holy Palace has opened 36 Holy Palace Trial spots for Dongtianwang City!”

Hearing this, Xu Xiaoshou was shocked.


It was only 36 spots!

He was really shocked.

In the hundreds of counties of the Eastern Sky Realm, each county had 10 to 100 cities.

The Spirit Palace of each city and the major factions received a different number of qualifications for the Imperial City Trial.

Basically, only the top geniuses would be sent here to participate in the Imperial City Trial.

Outside, countless Peak Innate experts didnt even get the Imperial City Trials jade pendant.

Under such keen competition, none of those who could participate in the trial wasnt a genius from the various regions.

But even so, the competition venue had tens of thousands of participants, but the Holy Palace only wanted 36

The key was that the 36 participants didnt even enter the Holy Palace directly.

Instead, they would have to go through another Holy Palace Trial with the geniuses of the 108 Eastern Region and five regions.

Only those who excelled in their performance could enter the Holy Palace.

“What a high attrition rate!”

Xu Xiaoshous heart was in turmoil.

No wonder the Holy Palace was known as the training ground for saints.

Only one in a billion elites of the world of Spiritual Cultivation could be qualified to enter the Holy Palace.

When the time came, how would they not advance tremendously

The people at the venue were shocked too.

“36 spots, how terrifying! Wont the fight lead to bloodshed”

“This is considered good enough, thanks to the Sky City.

If it wasnt for this thing floating above Dongtianwang City, our imperial city wouldnt be ranked in the five regions.

Its pretty good to be able to obtain 10 spots for the Holy Palace trial.”

“But no matter what, the attrition rate is indeed terrifying.”

“Thats right, but isnt it only a slight chance of becoming a saint after billions of years The reason you were born from nothing is exactly that you had used all your strength to defeat billions of your own kind!”

“Youre right.”

The participants and the audience were abuzz.

On the high platform, Cheng Ji turned a blind eye.

After waiting for a moment, he gestured his hand downward, and the entire venue fell silent once again.

The comers of his mouth curled up into a smile.

“I know that many of you have suppressed your cultivation level for so long for this Imperial City Trial.

You have even suppressed so much of your cultivation!”

“Some of you cant even make a move easily.

Some of you might even break through by just making a move before the battle.”

“But all of these are not a problem!”

Cheng Ji flung his sleeves, his aura was soaring.

“The Yunlun Mountain Range has set up a world of the Cloud Realm.

You will be able to sense the cultivation of the Masters the most there.

After the trial is over, the world of the Cloud Realm will absorb all insights and abilities of the spiritual source, Dao realm, and others that you have gained in the

past month, turning them into a Cloud Realm Origin Crystal.

“At the same time, once the trial is over, you will return to the level the moment you stepped into the Yunlun Mountain Range, your current cultivation level — Innate (stage).

“However, by taking theCloud Realm Origin Crystal during the Holy Palace Trial, you will recover to your strongest state in one go.

“This is the greatest benefit that Ive sought for the participants of this years trial!”

The moment he finished speaking, the entire place was in an uproar.

Depriving the participants of their cultivation level and Dao realm comprehension, sealing it into aCloud Realm Origin Crystal, and giving it to the participants of the Holy Palace trial to consume

Such a method was too incredible!

The gazes of the participants immediately became fiery as they asked anxiously, “Master Cheng, do you mean that we can temporarily break through to the cultivation level of a Master in the Yunlun Mountain Range and fight with our strongest ability”

Everyone was waiting in anticipation, and their eyes lit up.

Cheng Ji shook his head lightly.

“No, what I mean is after the trial ends, you leave the world of Cloud Realm world, and youre ranked in the top 36 on the points ranking, can you obtain the Cloud Realm Origin Crystal.

“In other words, if you want to use your Master cultivation level to fight in the world of the Cloud Realm, then you must guarantee that your final points will be able to enter the top 36 on the point ranking, and youre not sent away by others during the three rounds of the trial!

“Otherwise, the Holy Palace Trial only wants Innate cultivation level.

The moment you break through to the Master stage, you wont have the Cloud Realm Origin Crystal to seal back your cultivation level… Hehe.” Cheng Ji laughed as he spoke, and he no longer continue.

Everyone felt as if they had been poured with cold water, and their backs felt a chill.

At the end of the day, the Imperial City trial was for the Holy Palace trial.

If one broke through to become a Master in the Yunlun Mountain Range relying on their various abilities, they would be able to charge into the top 36 of the ranking board.

But they would be eliminated at the last moment.

That meant that even if one was ranked first on the ranking board..

Ones cultivation level as a Master (stage) wouldnt be able to participate in the Holy Palace trial.

And all your efforts had been for naught!

“What a formidable Divine Secret technique…” Xu Xiaoshou didnt care whether he was a Master or not.

He was already a cheater.

However, the world of the Cloud Realms ability to strip away cultivation level, Dao realm comprehension, and then seal it into a Cloud Realm Origin Crystal made him exclaim in admiration.

This was absolutely a big move!

The other geniuses from the five regions were also astonished.


The Way of the Heavens energy movement like the Cloud Realm Origin Crystal isnt something an ordinary imperial city can do.”

“This Dongtianwang Citys move is unique.

I had thought that this imperial city couldnt compare to the capital of the Central Region or the Four Mausoleums City.

After all, only those truly flourishing spiritual cultivation centers in the world would have this kind of ability.”

“Inever thought that a small Dongtianwang city would be able to create something like the Cloud Realm Origin Crystal.”

“Tve only heard of something like this in the capital of the Central Region.

Other weaker capital cities are completely unable to do it.”

“Perhaps its because of the Sky City…”

“Yes, its definitely because of this!”

The geniuses of the five regions were all very knowledgeable.

However, the appearance of the Cloud Realm Origin Crystal still shocked them.

On the high platform, Cheng Ji smiled faintly, feeling proud in his heart.

This time, the Dongtianwang City Trial was different from the previous trials.

Even the Seven Sword Deity, Rao Yaoyao, had been keeping an eye on it the entire time.

This level of attention was something that even the capital of the Central Region couldnt compare to.

The Cloud Realm Origin Crystal was just a small benefit he had obtained for the participants of the Imperial City Trial.

In the world of the Cloud Realm, there were still plenty of opportunities waiting for these people!

“Lwont say much.”

Cheng Ji suppressed the discussions at the venue.

He reminded them in the end, “Remember, entering the Yunlun Mountain Range means the start of the trial.

During the trial, once a power that surpasses the Master appears, it will be locked down by the Cloud Realm… and you all know the outcome.”

The venue was full of people who did not have good intentions.

He swept his gaze across everyone at the venue as he said the last sentence.

However, he did not mention anything in the end.

Finally, he flicked his sleeves.

“The month-long Imperial City Trial begins now.”

Master Cheng used his aura to encourage everyone, “Do your best to strive to the end.

Your future will begin here!”

‘The participants began to get excited.

At this moment, the large-scale teleportation portal that covered the entire pilgrimage square began to glow.

Cheng Jis expression returned to calmness as he said indifferently, “All trial-takers, hold your jade pendant tightly and hold it high.”

Tens of thousands of people instantly stretched out tens of thousands of hands, as if they wanted to touch the sky.

“Special trial-takers, please join the two guardians beside you and put your hands together.”

Special trial-takers naturally referred to trial-takers like conducting alchemy and spiritual array.

‘As they were too weak, they could have two guardians.

“Come on.”

Xu Xiaoshou smiled and spread his hands, one on each side.

Xin Gugu in disguise and the younger version Liu Changqing smiled and put their hands on.

After observing at a close distance, Xu Xiaoshou had long received Liu Changqings instructions.

This teleportation portal was indeed a divine array that could verify ones cultivation level, and its rank was very high.

However, no matter how high it was, it could not be higher than Liu Changqing, the spokesperson of Patriarch Wuji.

“Teleportation, begin!”

Cheng Ji waved his hand.


‘A majestic pillar of light shot into the sky from the pilgrimage square, reaching the clouds.

After a breath…

The originally crowded pilgrimage square suddenly became empty.

Only a few confused fellows fell to the ground with a thud, full of confusion, “Aiya”

The spectators at the side shouted.

“Look, theres an accident at the teleportation portal.

These people have the trial jade pendant, but they werent teleported over!”

“What should we do Should we let them fly over to complete the trial”

‘The few remaining participants at the venue were trembling with shock.

Cheng Ji sneered as he listened to the discussions of the audience.

He swept his gaze across the crowd and raised his hand.

“Capture them and send them all to prison.

Torture them severely and find out their origins and motives.”


A terrified voice suddenly sounded.

“Master Cheng, Ima trial-taker.

Im only 18 years old, and Im at the Peak of the Upper Spirit Level!”

The other few also lost their voices in fear.

“Mean tricks!” Cheng Ji harrumphed coldly.

“If youre incapable, then dont smuggle like others, alright The few of you under the gaze of so many people, even I feel embarrassed for you!

“Arrest them all!”


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