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Chapter 810 A Cloud Bead

In the north of Dongtianwang City, the Yunlun Mountain Range.

The Yunlun Mountain Range spanned tens of thousands of miles.

If the surrounding mountains were included, it could extend to a distance of 100,000 miles.

The mountain range was shrouded in mist and clouds all year round, and it was like a fairyland.

There was a saying, “When the mist descends to the mortal world, the Kingdom of Heaven emerges in Yunlun.

If the three difficulties are not taken into account, blessed are the grandchildren of many generations.”

This rumor was a good illustration of the great fortune that the Yunlun Mountain Range brought to the poor people outside Dongtianwang City.

The three difficulties referred to the disasters brought by nature, the beast, and humans.

To most of the common people, spiritual cultivators were existences like gods.

Dongtianwang City belonged to the world of spiritual cultivation.

Ordinary people could not enter the city.

Thus they would find a place outside the city to settle down and yearn for an immortal destiny.

Generations had changed, and so had the world.

The people that had settled down in the Yunlun Mountain Range earlier had carved out a world that belonged to them.

Those who lived on the mountains would rely on the mountains for a living, while those who lived by the water would rely on the water.

The Yunlun Mountain Range, which was adjacent to Dongtianwang City, had brought many great opportunities for ordinary people.

However, it was also because of the adjacent Eastern Sky Realm spiritual cultivation of Dongtianwang City that had brought too many disasters.

Whenever there was a disaster, often before theimmortals could rescue in time, the ordinary people had been buried in the disaster.

Even so, it did not stop thousands of ordinary people living nearby the mountains who yearned for cultivation.

These people might be able to find a stalk of fairy grass each time they go into the mountains.

And if they managed to find one, it would make a great difference to their life from then on.

However, opportunity and danger coexisted.

The natural disaster of the Yunlun Mountain Range was one of the disasters.

Nonetheless, natural disaster was unstoppable, so no one complained.

The beast disaster naturally referred to those spiritual beasts who were comparable to the Spiritual Cultivation immortals in the Yunlun Mountain Range.

These spiritual beasts strength was formidable.

They basically walked around in the inner ring of the mountain range.

However, if a spiritual beast walked out occasionally from the mountain, and even if it was only at the Innate stage, it was a disaster to the mortals.

And the human disasters…

Life and death in the world of Spiritual Cultivation were common.

Sometimes when the immortals fought, the mortals would suffer.

The blood tainted the mountains and rivers.

Other than a party of the opposing immortals, it was also from the commoners at the foot of the mountain that the immortals had neglected.

Fortunately, after thousands of generations, the immortals of the imperial city would come out from time to time to hunt.

At present, it was difficult to find a spiritual beast in the outer ring of the Yunlun Mountain Range.

However, recently, there was some movement in the immortal world.

The entire Yunlun Mountain Range was encircled by a hazy barrier, and the mortals had been squeezed out of the mountain range.

The mortal world and the spiritual cultivation world were only separated by a world that was only a short distance away.

The fog was heavy, and the heavens were vast.

TheCloud Realm of the world of Divine Secret traversed tens of thousands of miles, enveloping the Yunlun Mountain Range within.

And above the Cloud Realm, at the top of the void, there was a group of immortals.

They walked through the void and looked at the world.

“Have they all entered” Rao Yaoyao, who was carrying the Cang Godhood Sword on her back, stood in front.

Her beautiful eyes swept across the tens of thousands of miles of the mountain range below.

With a swipe of her hand, tens of thousands of spiritual mirrors appeared in front of her, reflecting the cultivators in the mountain range one by one.

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“They have all entered.”

“About 36,000 cultivators are participating in this Imperial City Trial.

Whether or not they could obtain an opportunity would depend on their luck.”

Behind her, Cheng Ji took a step forward and looked at the tens of thousands of spiritual mirrors.

His eyes were full of amazement.

If it werent for Sky City, the Yunlun Mountain Range wouldnt have been able to obtain the Cloud Realm.

As such, this batch of cultivators would have to bear the consequences of death or being crippled to snatch the 36 rare spots for the Holy Palace Trial.

Now, because of the descent of the Sky City, the Yunlun Mountain Range had obtained the Cloud Realm world.

What Rao Yaoyao had to guard against and keep an eye on was naturally the batch of cultivators that even Cheng Ji had allowed them to smuggle into the Yunlun Mountain Range.

But to the cultivators of the five regions, this was not necessarily a bad thing.

It was because those who were able to reach the Imperial City Trial stage were all the elites of the world.

In time, they would definitely be able to shine with their radiance.

If one of them died, there would be one less such elite.

Thus in the future, the five regions of the continent might have an additional higher void (level).

The Eastern Sky Realm was Cheng Jis root.

Under his command of the Holy Divine Palace, he was not only in charge of Dongtianwang City but also the lifeblood of all the counties and cities in the Eastern Sky Realm.

These young people could be said to have walked out of the countries he was in charge of, just like the children that he watched them grow.

They were all his people and related to destiny.

The various factions behind them more or less had connections with the Cheng family and the Holy Divine Palace of Dongtianwang City.

In the future, when the young people made a fortune, he, Cheng Ji, would definitely share a portion of the karma.

Wouldnt it be good to reduce the number of deaths and injuries at this time

In the void.

More than 30,000 spiritual mirrors were reflected on more than 30,000 cultivators.

Some were still on the black screen and some had already lit up.

And some were in the process of lighting it up… Without a doubt, every person who wanted to participate in the trial had to drip their blood into the trial jade pendant.

And once the blood dripped into the trial jade pendant, the Divine Array would be activated.

Through the spiritual mirrors, Rao Yaoyao would be able to spy on the trial takers every move.

It was all interrelated!

The trial had begun.

After a while, the majority of the 36,000 spiritual mirrors were activated.

However, there were still a few hundred of them on the black screen.

After a long while, there was not even the slightest movement.

It was unlikely that these spiritual mirrors would make any movements.

“Those who should go in entered have done so.

Those who shouldnt have gone in as well.” Rao Yaoyao Rao stared at the black screen and smiled.

Cheng Ji sighed and said, “Sword Deity Raos inescapable net is a hundred or a thousand times stronger than the one I used in the capital!

“Many stowaway people squeezed their way


“However, the Cloud Realm has intercepted most of them.

Those who have sneaked in will also be exposed under our watch.

Those who want to reap benefits from the confusion…” Cheng Ji looked at the black screens and his tone was full of admiration, “They have been captured in one go!”

Rao Yaoyao could sense the goodwill in Cheng Jis words.

The credit for the night battle in the capital was given to Master Cheng, but she was the one to take the blame.

Standing in front of her, Cheng Jis heart was full of fear.

But if Rao Yaoyao really cared about this, why would she have kept him alive until now

“Its time to move out,” she waved her hand and turned to face a few red-clothed people behind her.

“Bring along the Divine Roulette.

I have given the location to you.

While these people on the black screen have yet to react, throw down the trial jade pendant and capture a group of them first.” The eyes of the few red-clothed people behind her were full of respect and admiration.

Sword Deity Raos move had directly sealed off too so peoples escape routes.


The sound of their acknowledgment was in a single sound.

The red-clothed people then disappeared.

After a short while, from the Nine Heavens, one could peep outside the barrier of the Cloud Realm.

Hundreds of red shadows turned into flowing arcs from various places and entered the Yunlun Mountain Range.

Cheng Ji looked at this scene and said with a smile, “The red-clothed prison is going to be lively this time.” Rao Yaoyao was silent and did not respond.

Her gaze swept over the tens of thousands of spiritual mirrors.

Her first and second arrangements had only caught a bunch of useless people.

How would a truly shrewd person be caught so easily “Where are they hiding” There was anticipation in Rao Yaoyaos eyes.

From time to time, her eyes would stop at the suspicious person in the spiritual mirrors.

There was a cold expression on her face.

“The rats that cross the street, as well as the filthy snakes and insects in the various dark places…”

In the east of the outer ring of the Yunlun Mountain Range.

In a bush, three streams of light shot up into the sky, shocking the trees, birds, and beasts behind them into flying.

“Phew, weve arrived.”

Xu Xiaoshou walked out from the teleportation light.

In front of him was a rugged mountainous area filled with weeds.

As people rarely came here, the weeds were as tall as his waist.

A wooded area was at the back, and he was just at the periphery of the wooded area.

When he looked into the distance, other than the vague outline of the mountain range that connected with the sky, everything else was very blurry.

The Yunlun Mountain Range was shrouded in mist all year round, so the visibility was not high.

Furthermore, the mist could shield ones spiritual senses.

Most Innate Stage cultivators could only see the world with their naked eyes when they arrived.

Xu Xiaoshou was different.

When he released hisperception, he could directly probe a radius of a hundred miles.

There were at least dozens of people.

Some were alarmed, some were alert, and some were shaking their heads, trying to shake off the spatial dizziness brought about by the teleportation.

However, all these people had very obvious characteristics.

“Scattered distribution”

“All of them was alone”

Xu Xiaoshou was surprised.

He looked to the side.

Xin Gugu and Liu Changqing were the two guardians of the weak Elixir Master.

As they were holding hands with him, they landed beside him.

However, Mu Zixi, Mo Mo, and the others had disappeared without a trace.

“Random teleportation”


There are so many people, and all cant crash at a single spot and fight.” “After all, this is a point competition.” Xin Gugu had also finished observing the surrounding environment.

He looked over and said hesitantly, “Young Master Xu, we were separated.

That Xiao Wanfeng…” “Uh!” Xu Xiaoshous heart skipped a beat when he thought of Xiao Wanfeng.

How could it be

He had wanted to bring him along.

In the end, random teleportation made Xiao Wanfeng, a mortal, really become a normal cultivator

“Lets look for him first and see if he can survive until we find him,” Xu Xiaoshou could not help but laugh.

Xin Gugu was also amused.

“Isnt he too miserable Hes just a little fellow who serves tea and pours water.

If he really encounters an enemy, Im afraid hell only beplundered.”

“Not necessarily,” Xu Xiaoshou could not help but laugh when he thought of this.

“Maybe others wont even have the desire to attack him when they see that hes just a mortal.

After all, he definitely doesnt have any benefits on him.”

“Thats true, hehe…” Xin Gugu burst out laughing These guys were not worried about him at all.

After all, they were not here for the trial.

Instead, they were here to bully others.

Liu Changqing was slightly older and appeared much more composed.

He said, “There are three chances for the trial jade pendant to beplundered.

Xiao Wanfeng shouldnt be so miserable that he was plundered three times right in the beginning.

He should be able to last for a few days.”

Xu Xiaoshou nodded.

“The first round of the assessment takes a full 10 days.

Those with brains will definitely wait for others to collect enough points before making a move.

After all, they can plunder half of the points and if they make a move too early, they are still the ones at a disadvantage in the end.” “Unless they meet their enemies and become exceptionally envious,” Xin Gugu added with a smile.

The three of them instantly felt relieved.

It was obvious that Xiao Wanfeng would not be expelled so easily.

The most important thing now was to blood-drip the trial jade pendant.

After all, the rules of the assessment and all sorts of information would be informed by the trial jade pendant.

“Lets drip blood!”

Xin Gugu took out the jade pendant.

He pinched his index finger and was about to drip the blood.

“Wait,” Xu Xiaoshou and Liu Changqing transmitted telepathic communication at the same time.

Xin Gugu turned his head in puzzlement.

Liu Changqing moved his two fingers hidden in his sleeves, and an obscure divine path pattern flashed past.

The conversation and behavior of the three people were then changed.

“Someone is watching us,” Liu Changqing said and glanced at the top without leaving any trace.

Xu Xiaoshou smiled.

He looked at the information bar.

“Were being watched.

Passive Points, 1.”

He had already noticed this information the moment he landed.

“This space has already been modified by me, but its not blocked because Im afraid of attracting their attention.

Our current actions have becomenormal in the eyes of the people watching us,” Liu Changqing said with a smile.

“Having an old man in the family is like having a treasure,” Xu Xiaoshou gave him a thumbs up.

Xin Gugu suddenly realized.

“Red… theyre spying on us through the world of Cloud Realm”


Liu Changqing nodded.

“The Cloud Realm is a world constructed using the Divine Secret technique.

Its very powerful and its not as simple as what Cheng Ji said in the pilgrimage square.

“This is approximately equivalent to half of the extradimensional space.

“However, although the usage of the Divine Secret technique of the Cloud Realm is formidable, its not the job of the Hallmaster Dao.

He doesnt have the time to meddle in other peoples business.

This should be the result of the joint efforts of the Path Division

“And as long as its not the Hallmaster Dao…”

Liu Changqing smiled arrogantly, “I had noticed that something was wrong the moment I landed.”

Xin Gugu felt a lingering fear.

In the past, when he was working with Caramel, he was not in charge of brain work, so he couldnt think so far ahead.

But that did not mean that he was stupid.

Xin Gugu instantly raised the trial jade pendant and asked, “So, if we drip blood on this thing, they may be able to identify our cultivation level and identity through blood”

Liu Changqing nodded and then shook his head, “Not to the extent of identity, but Im not sure about the cultivation level.

Even though we have used the Divine Secret technique to seal our cultivation level strictly, to play safe, the blood has to go through a process first before we drip it.”

Xin Gugu was still shocked and immediately put down the jade pendant.

He felt that it was a hot potato.

“Then we just dont drip.

Anyway, we dont plan to participate in the trial…” he suddenly stopped talking as he spoke.

It was obvious that he had realized something.

Xu Xiaoshou chided him jokingly, “Are you really stupid or pretending to be stupid This is a scheme of the Holy Divine Palace.

Everyone else is dripping blood but you dont.

By doing so, isnt it equivalent toSima Zhaos heart is well known to passers-by” “Who is Sima Zhao” Xin Gugus neck shrank.

“Who cares who he is! Hurry up and take out the jade pendant…” Xu Xiaoshou patted this fellows head and took out the jade pendant.

“After Xiao Qing processes the blood, well drip the blood as soon as possible.

If it drops too slowly, red-clothed people will come looking for you directly!”

Xin Gugu trembled when he heard of red-clothed people.

He quickly squeezed out the blood and gave it to Liu Changqing.

Stripping the energy from the blood was a piece of cake for the Divine Secret technique.

Not long after, the three of them dripped the processed blood into their trial jade pendants.

The moment the jade pendant recognized its owner, a faint connection was drawn to it.

Xu Xiaoshou probed with his spiritual senses.

The information in the jade pendant immediately appeared.

“Name: Please record.”

“Points: 0.”

Besides the basic information in the jade pendant, there was also a point board.

Xu Xiaoshou checked the point board.

It was just the beginning and everyone had just landed.

He thought that the point board was also devoid of information.

In the end…

“First, Chong Yuan, 10,000 points.”

“Second, Zhou Tianshen, 100 points.”

“Third, Duo Er, 100 points.”

There were only three messages on the point board, which was very eye-catching.

Instantly, everyone remembered the names of the three people on the point board.

The key was…

“Zhou Tianshen”

Xu Xiaoshou looked at the second-ranking and suddenly smiled.

This guy dropped a Cloud Bead What the hell his luck was!


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