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Chapter 811 Trial Officer


The jade pendant made a light sound as the notification was sent over.

“All trial takers, please complete thename inscription as soon as possible.

After the inscription is completed, the points will be calculated and your names will appear on the point board.”


Only after the inscription was completed would the points be calculated That meant that everyone had to register with their real names.

Xu Xiaoshou was deep in thought.

He guessed that he might have obtained the Cloud Bead when he landed on the ground but he did not have the time to inscribe his name, his points were gone.

Immediately, he flipped the jade pendant and wanted to inscribe his nameXu Deye.

But very soon, he stopped.


At this juncture, Xin Gugu had already inscribed his name.

The trial jade pendant that was covered by the Divine Secret only took a flash of spiritual senses to inscribe the name.

Seeing that Xu Xiaoshou suddenly did not move, Xin Gugu turned his head and asked hesitantly, “Dont tell me that theres a trap even in the inscription of a name I have already inscribed it…”

“There shouldnt be any trap.” Xu Xiaoshou did not feel that there was a trap.

As long as he was not stupid enough to inscribe the nameSaint Servant, Xu Xiaoshou on it, the name should only be used to distinguish the identity of the trial takers.

What he suddenly thought of was that if he accumulated enough points, then the name that he was going to inscribe now could be seen by everyone through the point board.

This was a very good opportunity for publicity! After thinking for a while, Xu Xiaoshous spiritual senses flashed, and he inscribed a few big words on the name column: Xiao Wanfeng, quickly come to the east to look for me!”

There was no word limit.

Probably the Divine Sorcerer who developed this function did not expect that someone would play with it in this manner.

With a light beep, the jade pendant indicated that the inscription was completed.

He then flipped it again and there was already a change in the basic information.

‘Name: Xiao Wanfeng, quickly come to the east to look for me!Points: 0

Xu Xiaoshou was amused.

This was interesting.

As long as he obtained points, Xiao Wanfeng would be able to find him on the point board.

Then, he would rush to the eastern region of the Yunlun Mountain Range.

“I hope that this fellow will not be buried on the way,” Xu Xiaoshou thought.

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After the three of them finished recording the information, the trial jade pendant gave another reminder.


“Trila Takers, please approach the core area of the Nine Dragon Range.

You only have 10 days.

After 10 days, those who still remain in the inner and outer rings of the Yunlun Mountain Range will be disqualified.”

The core area, Nine Dragon Range…

When Xu Xiaoshou was still thinking about where the Nine Dragon Range was, after the name was inscribed, the trial jade pendant had a new module: map.

With his spiritual senses, a virtual map that only the jade pendant holder could see appeared in front of him.

The map was divided into three zones, three circles.

The innermost zone and the middle zone were still gray zones.

Only the outermost zone had been unlocked.

This should be the outer zone of the Yunlun Mountain Range where all the cultivators were randomly distributed.

In the annotation, Xu Xiaoshou saw that he was indeed in the east.

He was in the easternmost and outermost zone of the Yunlun Mountain Range.

And the Nine Dragon Range was the circle in the middle.

Within 10 days, he had to follow the instructions and enter the Nine Dragon Range, or else he would be disqualified.


Xu Xiaoshou nodded.

He seemed to be familiar with this method.

It was just that there was one less poison circle, which had become a time limit that drove the sheep to the center.

What he had to do was nothing more than to hurry up, hurry up, and hurry up.

Liu Changqing also looked at the map and then looked at Young Master Xu.

“The Yunlun Mountain Range, including the surrounding area, can span hundreds of thousands of miles.

However, the trial area only belongs to the Spiritual Cultivation Realm, not the mortal world.

Therefore, the entire trial area is about 40,000 miles.

“The Nine Dragon Range belongs to the middle zone.

However, to cross the inner region and reach the core area from the outermost region, we need to cover more than 30,000 miles in 10 days.”

10 days, 30,000 miles.

Xu Xiaoshou nodded, not paying too much attention to it.

It sounded a bit far, but it was nothing for a Spiritual Cultivator.

As long as one was a trial taker, he should be able to complete it.

However, it was a bit difficult to earn points while busy traveling.

Xin Gugu followed Liu Changqing and looked over.

At the moment, both of them could only use their Innate (stage) cultivation level abilities.

Once they exceeded the cultivation level, they would be perceived by theCloud Realm world.

They could not act rashly.

Otherwise, for the Sovereign (stage) and Cutting Path (stage), this 30,000 miles journey would only take less than half an hour at full speed.

“What do we do now Are we going to hurry up or earn some points” Xin Gugu asked.

“Well earn some points first.

Of course, were not going to plunder people.

Were going to look for the Cloud Beast.” Xu Xiaoshou was the first to make up his mind.

“Arent we going to the peripheral of the Nine Dragon Range to plunder people” Xin Gugu was puzzled.

In his opinion, this was the best way to earn points.

Xu Xiaoshou smiled.

“I want to be on the point board first and create some publicity.”

“Publicity” Xin Gugu raised his eyebrows, his eyes were full of doubt.


Xu Xiaoshou did not explain too much.

Once he had points, everyone should understand.

He opened the point board again.

“First, Chong Yuan, 10,100 points.”

“Second, Mu Zixi, 200 points.”

“Third, Duo Er, 100 points..”

“Fourth, Zhou Tianshen, 100 points.”

“67th, Gu Qingsan, 100 points.”

The list had been updated.

During the time they were talking, the number of people on the list had already jumped to 67.

To the 30,000 cultivators, this was still a small number.

Xu Xiaoshou even saw many familiar names.

He was a little curious.

To appear on the point board at this time might no longer be due to luck, but it was because someone had begun searching for the Cloud Bead.

But was it so hard to find the Cloud Bead

Other than Junior Sister who obtained two and rose to the second rank, the others still had 100 points.

In other words, each of them only found one Cloud Bead.

Also, Chong Yuan, the first ranker, had killed a Cloud Beast in the beginning, and no one could surpass him

The trial takers of the Yunlun Mountain Range were all top geniuses of the five regions.

How could they hold their breaths and allow others to suppress them

“This fellow is really lucky!”

Xin Gugu stared at the point board and muttered.

Killing a cloud beast in the beginning, based on the situation the points were refreshed, this Chong Yuan would probably be leading the point board for a long time.

This was a very good publicity effect.

It was difficult for people not to remember the name.

For a moment, staring at the point board, Xin Gugu was getting restless.

This was human nature.

Originally, he was just here to play, but when he saw that there was a point board, Xin Gugu also wanted to fight for the first place.

“Stop fooling around!”

Xu Xiaoshou saw the look in this guys eyes and knew what was going on in his mind.

With a slap, he gave Xin Gugu a violent thud.

He said, “The two of you should try not to make a move from now on.

Leave everything to me.

I am the trial taker, and you are the guardian protecting me.”

He had originally intended to have the two ghost beasts by his side, and before he found out the functions of the Cloud Realm, it would be best if he did not make any move to avoid being exposed.

When Xin Gugu heard that, he rolled his eyes.

“You still need protection”

Xu Xiaoshou chuckled and ignored him.

He released hisperception and began to search for the Cloud Beast and Cloud Bead.

“Lets go that way first.”

He pointed in the direction of the core region.

Moving forward from here with the range of theirperception, if they encountered the Cloud Beast, it definitely could not escape.

At the same time…

In the outer region of the Yunlun Mountain Range, countless cultivators were rushing in from all directions and heading towards the Nine Dragon Range.

The participants of this trial were all geniuses from various regions.

None of them were stupid.

Other than being able to touch the Cloud Bead when they landed, no one would think of searching for the Cloud Bead immediately.

Instead, they all had the same idea.

They would wait outside the Nine Dragon Range in advance.

Once the time was up and the people behind them rushed over, they would kill them on the spot.

They would immediately turn around and become landlords.

In the east.

On the corpse of a 30-feet-tall giant beast, a heroic-looking young man stood on top of the giant beasts head.

He was holding the trial jade pendant in his hand and frowned.

“This isnt a Cloud Beast,” the young man, Qiu Sheng, muttered.

He did not see his name appear on the point board.

On the ground which was full of the bloodstains stood a respectful-looking young man in hemp clothes.

However, his eyes were full of vicissitudes of life.

He stared at the giant beasts corpse and shook his head with a smile.

“Young Master, this is a saber tooth tiger.

Its a spiritual beast, not a Cloud Beast.”

The young man Qiu Sheng turned around and asked.

“Elder Wu, what does Cloud Beast look like”

“Im not sure.”

The hemp-clothed young man who was calledElder Wu shook his head.

He then said, “This is also old mans first time here in the Cloud Realm.

In the past, only in the trials in the capital, the Four Mausoleums City, and other important cities would a world similar to the Divine Secret appear.

This time, the Dongtianwang City had used the world of Divine Secret.

It was probably because the Sky City had attracted too many geniuses, and that was why the Cloud Realm, the precious world of the Divine Secret, has appeared.”

When Qiu Sheng heard this, he frowned and berated, “Since you know youre at the Cloud Realm, then you have to pay attention to how you address yourself.”

Elder Wu was stunned, and he could not help but laugh as he said, “Im used to it.

Young Master, please forgive me.

Ill definitely pay attention in the future.”

“Lets go!” Qiu Sheng jumped down from the gigantic beasts head.

He did not really care about the matter.

“The reason why I came over from the Central Region this time is for the Sky City.

Be careful in everything, and dont make any mistakes in the details.

The only thing that I didnt expect is…”

He stared at the trial jade pendant with a strange glint in his eyes.

“How did Chong Yuan find the Cloud Beast so quickly He even killed it successfully! Did he borrow the strength of the elders in the clan” Qiu Sheng was a little suspicious.

“Of course not,” Elder Wu shook his head and said.

“Its considered good enough for existences like us to be able to enter.

If we make a move in the Cloud Realm and were not careful, the Cloud Realm will find out and well be discovered.”

“Mmm, just follow me.

Theres no need to make a move,” Qiu Sheng said confidently.

Elder Wu smiled as he looked at the saber tooth tigers corpse, and there was praise in his tone, “Although Young Masters cultivation level is Innate (stage), the Master (stage) spiritual beast was killed within 10 moves.

In this Cloud Realm, I believe the number of people who can rival Young Master is less than five.”

“Of course!” Qiu Shengs eyes flashed with pride when he heard this.

As the descendant of the higher void family in the Central Region, even if geniuses from various regions came to Dongtianwang City for this trial, he didnt believe that there would be many people whose strength could match his.

“Lets go, lets continue to move forward.”

Qiu Sheng waved his hand and walked forward.

As for the valuable corpse of the Master (stage) spiritual beast behind him, there were naturally many rare materials that could be extracted from its body.

However, Qiu Sheng didnt even want to take a look.

Elder Wu nodded and quickly followed.

At this moment, the sound of wind came from not far away.

The sound was so soft that even Qiu Sheng did not detect it.

However, Elder Wus pupils suddenly constricted as he looked over.

He was as if he was facing a great enemy.

“Who is it!” Elder Wu cried out in shock.

Then only did Qiu Sheng react and hurriedly turn around.

On a mountain rock not far away, a middle-aged man dressed in black landed.

There was a hint of mockery in his eyes.

Elder Wus heart skipped a beat.

Middle-aged man

The cultivators had to be young.

Why would a middle-aged man appear in the Yunlun Mountain Range “Who are you” Qiu Shengs eyes narrowed as he was alerted.

From this black-clothed man, he could actually sense a powerful aura that was not inferior to Elder Wus before he sealed his cultivation level.

Just a glance at each other caused Qiu Sheng to feel a chill on his back.

The black-clothed man smiled and took a step forward.

He instantly appeared in front of the two of them and said indifferently, “Trial officer”

“Trial officer” Qiu Sheng could not help but take a few steps backward.

“Ive only heard of trial takers, but Ive never heard of the trial officer.

Who exactly are you Dont play tricks!”

The black-clothed man sized up Qiu Sheng and nodded.

“Theres no problem with you, so you dont have to meet the trial officer.

However, theElder Wu behind you probably shouldnt be here.”

With that said, his aura spread out


The grass and trees swayed, and sand and stones rolled.

Qiu Sheng instantly felt his scalp tingle.

Elder Wu, who followed behind him, instantly realized why this person had come.

However, his expression was unperturbed.

“My name is Elder Wu, whats the problem”

The black-clothed man shook his head and laughed.

“Your name is Elder Wu Then what about addressing yourself This is the first time Ive heard a young man call himselfold man. If theres no problem with you, is it your young master who has a problem”.

Elder Wus eyes narrowed and he was terrified in his heart.

It was just a simple slip of the tongue and he was caught

Was there someone watching the entire world of the Cloud Realm

But even if someone was watching, how could the man turn up so soon after he slipped his tongue just now

Yes, Elder Wu was the Sovereign (stage) guard of Qiu Sheng.

This time, in the name of the Imperial City Trial, he suppressed his cultivation level and used a secret technique to change his appearance.

He entered the Yunlun Mountain Range as a young man to take the lead to help the Qiu Family in the Central Regions higher void (level) find an opportunity in the Sky City.

Who would have thought that his identity would be exposed just as he stepped into the Yunlun Mountain Range “Trial officer”

Elder Wu took a step forward and stopped Qiu Sheng behind him.

He calmly replied, “I have never heard of any trial officer.

As long as the Imperial City Trial begins and anything that was not mentioned in the rules, I can treat you as an enemy.

You simply created an identity to steal our points, didnt you”

“You are very smart,” the black-clothed mans eyes were full of ridicule as he said coldly.

“Trial officers do not target trial takers, so trial takers do not need to know these hidden rules.

Your Young Master can continue with the trial.

Dont worry, I wont hurt him.

Tell him to step back a little.”

“Elder Wu…” Qiu Shengs heart tightened.

He did not dare to move far away.

“Young Master, step back a little,” Elder Wu gritted his teeth and said in telepathic communication.

Qiu Sheng could only move far away.

Then, Elder Wu fixed his gaze on the black-clothed man in front of him.

“He has stepped back.

Whats next”


The black-clothed man slowly raised his hand.

Like Grim Reaper announcing his death, he said coldly, “You sealed your cultivation level and disguised as a trial taker; you have an agenda and the intention to break the rules.

Next, you can go to hell!”


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