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Chapter 818 The Cloud Beast First Appeared, a Sword from the East!


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At noon the next day.

A day and a half had passed since the Imperial City Trial began.

Xu XiaoshousXu Gang continued to head towards the inner regions of the Yunlun Mountain Range after a night of rest.

However, it seemed that the eastern region was incredibly barren.

The number of cloud beads had drastically decreased as if they had been thoroughly plundered.

They had the idea of taking advantage of every opportunity but if even the opportunity was hard to come by, how would

they take advantage

Young Master Xu and the other two were flying and the Five Tiger Generals were following from behind.

Tai Xing looked at the other four Master (stage) cultivators expressionlessly and found it hard to say, “You guys found nothing too”

After breaking through to Master (stage) last night, he continued his mission this morning to search for cloud beads.

But after half a day, he didnt even see a trace of a cloud bead.

“I found three,” Zhu Dong smiled bitterly.

“He, Im good.

I found six,” Zhao Xiu chuckled.



Even though Xi Guanghan and Mo Beibei each had more than a hundred people under them, they looked perplexed this time as they could not find anything.

“Young Master Xu has already dropped from the ninth place to 27th on the point board.

And its only a mornings time.” Zhu Dong looked at the trial jade pendant and sighed, “Is our area lacking cloud bead or other

places are just too rich”

“No idea…” Mo Beibei smiled bitterly.

“This situation isnt right.

If this continues, in less than a day, even Young Master Xu will drop out from the top 36 on the point board.


“Dont doubt Young Master Xus ability!” Tai Xing looked at Mo Beibei and interrupted.

“You seem to have forgotten that weve only been working hard to develop our members for the past two days and searching for

cloud beads along the way.

But Young Master Xu hasnt gone on a killing spree and started to plunder other peoples points yet.”

“Thats right,” Xi Guanghan also nodded and said with a smile.

“Young Master Xu doesnt want to make a move yet.

But if he does, not many in the entire Yunlun Mountain Range can withstand a single strike from him.”

The few of them nodded to each other, chatting and consoling each other.

They had already become Master (stage).

What they feared most was not being able to enter the top 36 of the ranking and then being eliminated.

Now that even Young Master Xu had fallen to the 27th position of the ranking, it was normal for people to feel anxious.

However, in the end, everyone was willing to believe in Young Master Xus ability.


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At this moment, a member of the Xu Gang flew over swiftly from afar.

He shouted anxiously from the sky.

“Whats the matter” Zhu Dong turned his eyes and recognized that this was one of his subordinates.

“We discovered a unique valley 700 miles away from the west.

It was surrounded by mist and there were the corpses of Master (stage) spiritual beasts in the surroundings.

There were also strange beast roars.



Before he could finish reporting, the eyes of the Five Tiger Generals lit up.

“Cloud beast”

“Lets not talk about it for now.

Report to Young Master Xu immediately and lets go over quickly to take a look!”

“The ranking has dropped again.”

The leader, Xu Xiaoshou, was still staring at the jade pendant of the trial and could not help but shake his head.

The advertising publicity only lasted for one night.

And in just one morning, he had been pushed out from his position.

How much effort had the trial takers put in this Imperial CityTrial

Overnight, they could push him down to a position of 20 plus!

“There shouldnt be that many cloud beads at the outermost area of the Yunlun Mountain Range.

Some may have gone in to search inside.

The closer they are to the core area, the more resources there should be,” Liu

Changqing speculated.

“Dont they rest” Xin Gugu was puzzled.

Had these cultivators gone crazy from killing

If they did not rest now, when there was a massacre in the inner area later, they would be the first to collapse.

When he thought of this, he admired Xu Xiaoshous approach.

After gathering nearly 900 gang members, Xu Xiaoshou did not even need to make a move.

People would be sending cloud beads to his door while he was sitting.

Probably not many people in the Yunlun Mountain Range would have such abilities.

Using force to subdue a cultivator and using elixirs to convince the cultivator simultaneously…

“Tsk tsk,” Xin Gugu sighed.

It was like hammering the cultivator and giving him a sweet date at the same time.

He was both a bad and a good person.

While he was in deep thought, Xu Xiaoshou stopped in front of him.

“Perhaps its time to close the net.”

Hmm” Xin Gugu looked over.

Xu Xiaoshou said, “The number of members of the Xu Gang is close to 900.

I have planned to make a final count of 900 and not to recruit any more members.

After all, its hard to manage so many people.

Theres also

the risk of rebellion.

Once the number of 900 is up, well go all out towards the inner area.”

Do we start killing people” Xin Gugu was excited.

ts plundering!” Xu Xiaoshou smacked the fellows head in annoyance, “Its fine in the early stages if we only rely on searching for the cloud beads.

But from the looks of it, the progress is too slow.

We are not in the

region of Yunlun Mountain Range which has plentiful cloud beads.

Therefore, we can only start plundering and attacking ahead of time.”

“Indeed,” Liu Changging nodded in agreement.

He agreed with the suggestion.

f thats the case, I will summon the Five Tiger Generals and give the order directly,” Xu Xiaoshou chuckled.

“After that, it will be difficult for the cultivators to join the Xu Gang and become gang members.”

Xu Xiaoshou indeed had such a plan.

He did not want to recruit too many people.

It was because when the number of people increased, the name ofMember of Xu Gang would appear cheap.

However, through hunger marketing, it was possible to use the nameMember of Xu Gang to recruit more geniuses in the future.

“Lets go!”

Turning around, while Xu Xiaoshou wanted to find someone to give the order, he saw the Five Tiger Generals flying over from afar.

“Whats the matter”

“Young Master Xu, cloud beast!” Zhao Xiu appeared rather excited.

Zhu Dong quickly added, “Its suspected to be a cloud beast.

Young Master Xu, about 700 miles away, Xu Gang members have discovered a special secret place.

We can go and take a look.”

Secret place

Xu Xiaoshous eyes burned with passion.

They had searched the Yunlun Mountain Range for a day and had found several secret places.

In these secret places, some had clusters of cloud beads, and some had a high-quality medicinal garden.

They were all very valuable.

Now that the Xu Gang members had discovered a special secret place, and the Five Tiger Generals had come to report it together, it must have been a very important place.

“Lets go!”

Xu Xiaoshou decided immediately.

As he was leading the group to the west, he passed on his thoughts just now.

700 miles away, at the Drifting Cloud Peak.

Rong Dahao who dressed up luxuriously led 100 odd people and killed more than 10 Master (stage) spiritual beasts.

They climbed up this majestic mountain and arrived at its peak.

On the peak, a thousand feet in size cloud beast flew out of thin air.

The giant beast blocked the sky and covered the sun.

It had a hundred feet long horn on its head and was stepping on seven-colored auspicious clouds.

Its body was like a big fish with scales.

It carried wings on its back

that could cover half of the sky.

It looked like an ancient roc.

The strange thing was…

Spiritual senses reached out, but the giant beast seemed to have ceased to exist.

It was as if it could be seen with the naked eye, but it was all fake.

It seemed to have no physical body.

It just roamed around the Nine Heavens without any worries and was not moved by the trial takers below the Drifting Cloud Peak.

Its body even transformed with the strong winds.

Sometimes it was in the form of a roc, sometimes a dragon, and sometimes a phoenix.

“Brother Hao, look!”

The subordinate pointed at the giant cloud beast in the sky.

He looked shocked, like a child who had never seen the world.

Rong Dahao was shocked too.

He was the descendant of the higher void (level), but even so, he had never seen such a creature.

It was too huge, too peculiar.

“Cloud beast!”

Almost instantly, Rong Dahao confirmed the origin of the giant beast.

There was only one thing in the world of the Cloud Realm that had such a special power and the image of the cloud beast.

“Cloud beast That is 10,000 points!” the people below were all envious.

“Brother Hao, are you in After doing this job, you can enter the top 36!” someone enticed.

Rong Dahao hesitated.

This cloud beast was a little different from what he had expected.

Did it seem to be a little too strong

How should he kill it

The cloud beast in the sky seemed to have noticed the little fellows movements below.

The wind blew, and its buttocks turned into a ferocious tigers head.

As it raised its head…


A strange sound burst and everyone felt dizzy.

They felt the spiritual impact and it took them a long time to recover.

Rong Dahao only hesitated for half a second and regained his consciousness immediately.

He was then overwhelmed with shock.

“Spiritual attack!

“This cloud beast is using spiritual attack.

“With just this sound wave attack, at least its at the cultivation level of a Master (stage) Star Worship State.

Perhaps, in a battle, it would be even more difficult to deal with than a Peal of Master.

“It is too strong!”

Rong Dahao was dumbfounded.

How could one kill a cloud beast when it was so strong

He had been following point rankings.

When he first entered the Yunlun Mountain Range, many had killed a cloud beast in less than a day.

“They have already broken through to Master (stage)” Rong Dahao guessed.

Those who could kill a cloud beast must have already broken through to Master (stage).

Otherwise, they couldnt contend against Master (stage) Star Worship State.

Moreover, its a cloud beast with special spiritual

attack abilities!

“I havent broken through yet…”

Rong Dahao hesitated.

Breaking through to the Master (stage) meant that he had to remain in the top 36 in the point ranking for the rest of his journey.

Otherwise, he would lose the right to enter the Holy Palace Trial.

However, if he didnt break through, it would be difficult for him to obtain 10,000 points…

“Brother Hao!”

The people at the back were rushing him.

They were following Rong Dahao because he was the descendant of the higher void (level).

It was only right that he had confidence.

Why was he still hesitating at such a crucial point

“Brother Hao, quickly make a decision.

Even if you dont break through now, Im sure that there will only be a bunch of Master (stage) fighting in the inner regions of the Yunlun Mountain Range, and even the Nine

Dragon Range.

Theres no way for us to remain unscathed,” someone said.

These words were very rational and also realistic, but they were dripping with blood, making ones heart ache.

Rong Dahao wasnt stupid.

He quickly understood the reasoning behind it.

Indeed, if all the cultivators could persevere until the very end, who would be willing to give up their chance

And if everyone didnt want to give up, then everyone had to take out their trump card!

Therefore, under such circumstances, the cultivators would break through to Master (stage) soon or later.

Since the outcome was already set in stone, instead of hiding it from the start, it was better to break through early and make use of the cultivation level of a Master (stage) to reap some benefits.

“Protect me.

After I break through, I will kill this cloud beast immediately!” Rong Dahao gritted his teeth and said heavily.


“Brother Hao, you can do it!”

“Charge! Before the people in the east, Xu Faction, discovers this place, Brother Hao, hurry up!”

The subordinates began to get excited.

There were quite a few Master (stage) cultivators in their team, there was even one in the Ying Yang State.

The reason why everyone was still under Rong Dahaos commands was that even a Master (stage) expert in Ying Yang State could not defeat Rong Dahao, who was at the Peak of Innate Stage.

If such a leader were to break through to the Master (stage), he could kill anyone who stood in his way!

The cloud beast had a gentle nature.

It seemed like it would not make a move if the people below it did not make a move.

However, it moved very quickly along the fierce wind in the sky as if it wanted to escape from

this place.

Rong Dahao sat cross-legged and cast a spell.

His heart was clear.

After a breath…


The phantom of a huge door appeared on the Drifting Cloud Peak.

It was majestic and powerful.

If it could penetrate through ancient times and the future, it could destroy the entire world.

“The Door of Space-Time…”

Among his subordinates, the Master of the Ying Yang State, Lei Ze, had a shock in his eyes.

He muttered silently, “He is indeed the descendant of the sect of higher void (level)!”

ong Dahaos breakthrough to the Master (stage) had a huge phenomenon.

It was not a power that an ordinary Master (stage) should have.

However, after his breakthrough, his cultivation level remained stable at the early stage of the Heavenly Image State.

It was firm and solid.

He did not go beyond it at all.

“Is this what the inheritance of a great clan is like” Lei Ze sighed.

Everyone knew that a breakthrough after suppressing ones cultivation level was like a tsunami crashing onto the shore or a storm breaking the dam.

It was difficult for a normal spiritual cultivator to not break through

to the next stage.

This was what happened to Lei Ze.

He was aware that the foundation needed to be consolidated.

However, after breaking through to the Master (stage), no matter how strong his methods were, he could only suppress his cultivation level to the Ying

Yang State.

ong Dahao had suppressed his cultivation level for many years.

However, after breaking through to Master (stage), he was able to forcefully stabilize his cultivation level to the early stage of the Heavenly Image State.

From the looks of it, his cultivation level didnt seem to be strong on the surface.

However, he had more time for the Master (stage) to comprehend the path energy and consolidate his foundation before the Sovereign


Lei Zhe was strong at the present.

As for Rong Dahao, he had an even brighter future.

“He succeeded”

The moment the boss opened his eyes, everyone looked over.

Lei Zhe was no exception.

The corners of Rong Dahaos lips curled up.

He clenched his fists and smiled in satisfaction.

“Now, even an ordinary Star Worship State cultivator cant stop me!”

Everyone was shocked.

They had long heard that the genius among geniuses could fight against geniuses of the same level.

However, Rong Dahao was so confident that he could use Heavenly Image to battle the Star Worship.

That was too


“Then this cloud beast” Lei Ze stepped forward and looked at the cloud beast that was about to escape from the Nine Heavens.

Rong Dahao laughed, “A mere spiritual attack wont be able to break through the defense of my Door of Space-Time.

The rest of you wait here.

For this battle, Lei Ze and I will fight together!”

The second half of his sentence was directed at his subordinates.

Lei Ze nodded his head heavily.

He was afraid of mental attacks, but if Rong Dahao wasnt, then this battle would be much easier.


“Boss, you can do it!”

“Lei Ze the Second Brother, you can do it too.

With 10,000 points, lets charge into the top 36!”

The crowd was excited.

Everyone cheered for their boss and second brother who were about to fight.

Rong Dahaos heart was filled with excitement.

He turned his eyes to Lei Ze and nodded his head.

The two of them bent their knees at the same time and shot into the sky.


At this moment.

A streak of black light flew over from the east.

In just a blink of an eye, it had pierced through countless spaces.

A black sword pierced into the sky above the Drifting Cloud Peak with ading sound.

It blocked and interrupted Rong Dahao and Lei Zes movements directly.


The sword cry sounded melodious and strange.

The black sword was embedded in the void and twisted even more into a beautiful and exotic flower.

“What is this”

Everyone was shocked.

The sudden appearance of the black sword interrupted the actions of the boss and second brother.

The sword raged, but the sword wielder was nowhere to be seen.

There was a hint of the legendarya sword from the Eastern Region, a Sword Deity.

“Who is it!”

Rong Dahao looked at the black sword in front of him and he had a bad feeling.

At the same time, a loud and clear voice sounded from the foot of the mountain.

“Everyone on the mountain, you have been surrounded by me, Xu.

Quickly surrender and pay your respects.

Dont ask for trouble.”

“Otherwise, my sword will stain the entire Drifting Cloud Peak with blood!”.


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