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Chapter 823 Origin Source Essence, Full Attribute Power!

“So powerful!”

In the sky above the Drifting Cloud Peak, Xu Xiaoshou stared at his finger in a daze, his heart filled with shock.

This finger was soundless, invisible, and intangible.

No matter how fast a persons reaction was, they could only see a flash of green light.

After that, their body died and their path vanished.

This Disillusionment Finger was suspended, right!

Oh, really…

Xu Xiaoshou was frightened out of his wits.

He had never thought that the move he had mastered would be such a terrifying spiritual attack.

If this move was used by an enemy he had met before, would he still be able to survive until now

“Its not to the extent of…”

“This move is too strong!” “Even if there are people proficient in spiritual attacks, they might not be able to comprehend this quality.

After all, this thing used three percent of its attack.”

Thats right, the Cloud Beasts last wave of sound wave attack directly raised the charge point of the illusionary destruction finger to more than three percent.

And a spiritual body is usually extremely fragile.

Xu Xiaoshous finger was able to pierce through all of the Cloud Beasts mental and spiritual defenses.

He felt that it was understandable.

But after witnessing such a terrifying move, he felt unsettled.

Since he was able to do this, then there must be other people in this world who were proficient in spiritual attacks that had reached the same quality as him or even surpassed him by a lot.

Perhaps they werent an enemy.

But if he really encountered such an enemy in the future, he would have to guard against it!

“Fortunately, my Disillusionment Finger actually doesnt need to be released with my finger.

As long as my spiritual energy is attacked, Ill be able to use it with just a thought.”

“This means that even if someone sneaks up on me, as long as I trigger my spiritual awakening, Ill be able to launch a covert attack at the first possible moment.” “Now, I can only pray that the person who sneaks up on me isnt a friend.”

Xu Xiaoshou was slightly moved.

With this vigilance, he would only be extremely vigilant in the future.

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If anyone dared to use their spiritual attack to make such a big joke, then they would really have to bear the consequences of being killed by the backlash for no reason.

“Disillusionment Finger…”

Xu Xiaoshou carefully examined his finger.

With this move, his spiritual defense would be incomparably terrifying.

“I have to continue looking for the Cloud Beast.”

“Disillusionment Finger has been activated once.

Just like Passive Fist, the charge point will be emptied.”

“In the outside world, mental and spiritual attacks are rare.

Furthermore, its possible that their strength isnt as high as this.

If its too high, I wont be able to withstand it.” “Thus, I might as well use the Cloud Beast to swish up the charge point of the Disillusionment Finger while Im still in the Yunlun mountain range.

In the future, as long as a higher void or demi-saint tries to control me through my soul…”

As Xu Xiaoshou thought of this, the corners of his mouth suddenly curled up into an evil smile.

At that time, he would definitely return the other party a huge surprise.

It was possible for him to be pleasantly surprised to the point of death!

“Lets take a look at the rewards.”

He opened the ranking board.

Previously, Xu Xiaoshous ranking had dropped out of the top 36.

After furiously farming 10,000 passive points, he had returned to the position of “12”.

At this moment, the top 10 of the ranking board seemed to have gone crazy from killing.

The ranking of points was really far ahead.


Chongyuan, points: 168,400.” “2.

Jiang Xian, points: 120,650.” “3.

Gu Qingsan, points: 100,000.”


Duoer, points: 84,200.”


Luo Yin, points: 64,000.”


Xiao Wanfeng, hurry over to the east to look for me.

Points: 15,400.”

The top 18 of the leaderboard had over 10,000 points.

The top 3 of the leaderboard had over 100,000 points.

“How did they do it”

Xu Xiaoshou was puzzled.

These people were too crazy.

Or perhaps he should ask another question.

“How did they kill”

He glanced at the bottom of the leaderboard.

There were only 21,000 people on the leaderboard.

At this moment, basically, all the experiencers should have touched at least one cloud bead.

In other words, about 99% of the cultivators were on the leaderboard.

However, there were only about 20,000 people left on the list.

This meant that in just one day of the trial, the number of cultivators had been reduced by 10,000.

“This is crazy!”

Xu Xiaoshou exclaimed.

He felt that he had to quickly implement his


Next, when he met someone, he would no longer recruit them into the Xu Faction.

Instead, he would directly plunder the points.

Otherwise, his position as the 12th place on the list might be pushed down before it became stable.

“What is this”

Just as he was in deep thought, hisperception peered at the spot where the Cloud Beast had disappeared.

A handful of liquid essence that emitted a divine light of spiritual quality floated in the air.

“A treasure left behind by the Cloud Beast after its death”

Xu Xiaoshou floated over and picked up the liquid essence.

When his fingertip touched it, a feeling of emptiness appeared on the spiritual altar.

It was as if he was about to enter a state of epiphany.

Xu Xiaoshou was shocked.

“This is…”

“This is the Origin Source Essence!”

Liu Changqing had already floated over to Young Master Xus side.

With a shocked expression, he explained, “This is a good treasure.

It seems that Master Cheng has indeed left many things for the participants.

This is a good treasure!”

“What is this” Xu Xiaoshou looked over.

“Origin Source Essence.

Consuming it can allow a master spiritual cultivator to enter a state of epiphany and comprehend the Order of the Great Path.

With this, I reckon that there are many ways for one to perfect their own path.

At the very least, if it is given to your subordinate at the Heavenly Image State, they will be able to break through their bottleneck and breakthrough to the Ying Yang State in an instant,” Liu Changqing said.

Xu Xiaoshou was astonished.

There was such a good use for it

He swallowed it without hesitation.

Instantly, he felt his soul becoming transparent, as if he was soaking in mint.

He felt extremely comfortable.

At the same time, the Great Path of Heaven and Earth appeared in his eyes in a corporeal form.

Metal, wood, water, earth, wind, fire, lightning, Yin, Yang, time, and space, there was no illusion or reality… From the basic five elements to the evolved attributes, to the time and space that was difficult to comprehend, it even rose to the “True” and “False” that pointed directly to the true meaning of the great path and the origin of the laws.

The path manifested itself, assorted and dazzling

Xu Xiaoshou felt as if he had entered a store selling path principles.

He looked over and was overwhelmed.

For a moment, he did not even know which path to comprehend.

Liu Changqings voice was weak as if he was a guide.

He tried his best not to interrupt Young Master Xus Epiphany and reminded him, “After consuming the Origin Source Essence, the first thing you will see is a path principle of the same origin that belongs to your own attributes.

Seize the time to comprehend it and dont waste it.”

One path

Xu Xiaoshou was slightly startled.

How is this one path This is the entire world order of laws, appearing before his eyes!

Suddenly, he reacted.

When he had broken through to the innate stage, the Innate Elemental Power had been forcefully absorbed by the passive system.

In other words, he had no attributes.

However, for those without attributes, consuming the Innate Elemental Power was so mysterious that they could see the essence of the Great Path


Xu Xiaoshou was enlightened.

He finally understood why the passive system swallowed his Innate Elemental Power.

It did not want to give him just “one type”, but wanted to give him “All”.

All the attributes!

Xu Xiaoshous eyes lit up.

My dear system, this is… you really swallowed the innate elemental power wonderfully!

“Hurry up.”

He did not have time to think blindly.

He was given too many options.

Xu Xiaoshou knew that he couldnt comprehend them all in one go.

He chose to fully comprehend the great path of space that he yearned for the most, but only had a partial understanding of it.

He sat cross-legged in the air.

Path lotuses floated faintly.

Path energy flourished.

The masters of the Xu Faction and Rong Clan rushed to the scene at this moment.

But seeing Young Master Xu in an epiphany state, with Liu Changqing and Xin Gugu guarding him, they didnt dare to disturb him.

“He gained another realization after the fight” The Five Tiger Generals were shocked.

“Hes already so strong, yet his realization quality is still so terrifying Just a single battle, and he gained a new breakthrough” Rong Dahao was also equally stunned.

No one had ever killed a Cloud Beast before, so they naturally didnt know the use of the Origin Source Essence.


Xu Xiaoshou sat cross-legged in the air while the two ghost beast host body guarded him closely.

More than 40 masters arranged themselves in a circle around him, and 900 innates scattered around him.

All anticipating the outcome.

If outsiders saw this scene, they would definitely be shocked.

Outside the Cloud Realm.

In the air, Rao Yaoyaos finger touched the spiritual mirror, zooming in on a certain scene that belonged to the eastern region.

Above it was the scene where the Xu Faction members occupied a certain area.

“He is Young Master Xu,” Rao Yaoyao said softly.

A cool breeze brought a drizzle, and the rain hit the blue sky.

A leisure and swaying voice sounded, “Thats not him.”

“Oh” Rao Yaoyao smiled.

“Are you so sure”

The ethereal voice said, “Xu Xiaoshou is a master swordsman.

No matter how talented he is, his swordsmanship is not as strong as Young Master Xus.

Xu Xiaoshou is an ultimate fire-type, but what Young Master Xu has comprehended is the order of space.”

“Unless Xu Xiaoshou is compatible with fire-type, space-type, and sword-type, how could an ordinary innate awakened to have such an exaggerated and abnormal talent”

Rao Yaoyao chuckled, however, she retorted, “Xu Xiaoshous talent can not be underestimated.

Otherwise, Bazhunan would not have taken a fancy to him.

He was taught of Bazhunans sword and Sang Qiyes fire.

In addition, he has displayed several spiritual techniques of space type such as invisibility and teleportation.

Why would he worry about not having the talent that you mentioned” “Otherwise.”

The ethereal voice clearly did not think so, he replied, “Fire-type is Xu Xiaoshous cultivation.

His sword technique isnt taught by Bazhunan.

Compared to the other geniuses in the eastern region, his way of the sword can only be considered above average.

At least, the three swordsmen in the Burial Sword Tomb far surpass him.

Saint Servant Lei Shuangxing was taught by Bazhunan.”

“You have fought with him.

I will not argue with you,” Rao Yaoyao said.

“But is there a possibility that he has broken through again”

The voice in the void was silent for a moment before replying, “There is indeed a possibility.

After all, Xu Xiaoshous growth is incredibly fast.”

“But according to the analysis of the Spirit Division, his space type ability belongs to a special spiritual technique.

It doesnt have any space attributes.

Otherwise, when he strikes with his sword and moves, I will be able to see the order of the path energy.”

“And at this moment, Young Master Xu has consumed the Origin Source Essence.

The first thing he comprehended was not the way of the sword, but space.

This means that the space type is his trump card.

His way of both the sword and alchemy is just his tricks.”

At this point, the ethereal voice was a little surprised.

“Even his tricks are so powerful.

Its not the first time Ive seen a demi-saints descendant.

But this Young Master Xu is indeed more than a little stronger than others.”

“If he enters the Holy Palace, he is capable of becoming the Holy Son.” Rao Yaoyao also nodded in affirmation.

“With his personality, Im afraid its a little difficult, but we can give it a try.

The Holy Divine Palace is the true path to becoming a saint.” The ethereal voice paused for a moment and said.

Rao Yaoyao waved her hand and stopped paying attention to Young Master Xu.

Ever since she met Master Siren, she knew that the possibility of Young Master Xu being Xu Xiaoshou was basically zero.

After all, the Mei Siren would not joke about his future.

A person from the previous era had lived for so long, and all he wanted was the final path to becoming a Saint.

He should know what would happen if he colluded with a saint servant.

Therefore, Young Master Xu, who had been confirmed by Master Siren, was actually removed from her suspicion.

However, she was still on guard.

Otherwise, Rao Yaoyao would not only send Situ Yong to visit the First Pavilion in the Sky but also go there herself.

“In a days time, the stowaway has been cleared.”

Rao Yaoyao looked at the other spiritual mirrors and said, “I have sent some people who are still worth paying attention to.

The trial officials have also been sent out to test them.

Whether or not they can force them to make a move will depend on their abilities.”

“But there are still some…”

Rao Yaoyao paused as she spoke.

She waved her hand and a few spiritual mirrors in front of her magnified.

Among them, there was a spiritual mirror that displayed the image of the Xu Faction.

To be precise, the image was not of Young Master Xu, but of Young Master Xus bodyguard, Liu Changqing!

“The cloud realm has detected a problem with these few.

I dont understand what exactly the problem is.

Situ Yong is also seizing the time to study the pros and cons.” “But one is confirmed.”

Rao Yaoyao pointed, and the image returned to the scene of the Xu Faction.

She stared at Liu Changqing and said, “This person has mastered the Divine Secret technique.”

A voice came from the void, “Divine Secret technique outside of the path division”


“This isnt rare.”

The voice said, “The world is vast.

There will always be a divine sorcerer who came from an unorthodox background who can do very well.

After all, the Divine Secret technique is to study the essence of the Great Path of Heaven and Earth and make use of it.

He is a spiritual cultivator, and in fact, all of them are on this path.

Its just that the divine sorcerer studies the essence of the path that is different from the orders of the great element.”

Rao Yaoyao shook her head.

“The problem is that more than half a year ago, the Abyss Island was in turmoil for the first time.

There were signs of its arrival.

A few months ago, it appeared in the spatial fragment within the Eastern Sky Realm.

After that, someone ran


“Oh” That was surprising.

Rao Yaoyao pointed at Liu Changqing and continued, “The identity reported by this person did seem very real.

However, he could not hide from the Red-clotheds thorough investigation.

He concealed his true identity.” “And the Divine Secret technique has spread throughout the five regions.

No matter how many people study it, it is still a minority.”

“At such a critical moment, a wild divine sorcerer appeared in Dongtianwang City.

His ability is not weak.

To be able to make Situ Yong praise him, he is worth discussing.”

“The most important thing…” Rao Yaoyao paused for a moment and said, “The one who ran out from the Abyss Island.

This time, it was Patriarch Wuji.”

The void suddenly shook.

The drizzle instantly disappeared and no longer existed.

That illusory voice responded very firmly this time, “Dont worry, leave this matter to me.

It will not hurt Young Master Xus perception of the Holy Divine Palace, and at the same time, I can also determine the true identity of this divine sorcerer.”

When Rao Yaoyao heard this, she nodded her head and pointed with her slender fingers.



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