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Chapter 824 The Captain Is Still on the Way

Above Dongtianwang City, on the Abyss Island.

The towering ancient city and the mottled city walls had already been pulled out of the spatial fragment by a little, in just a few days.

The thick chains of the Way of the Heavens tightly bound a corner of the giant city, as if they wanted to pull it back into the spatial fragment and seal the history and the truth in that unknown place forever.

However, the Sky City was still forced out bit by bit by a strong force.

The sound of the wind was bleak.

Below the Sky City, hidden in the divine array of path principles, the red and white-clothed people were the ones who expended the most manpower apart from the heavily guarded Yunlun mountain range.

However, even with such heavy defense, there were still many cutting paths and higher voids who tried to use their own methods to sneak into this mysterious island and snatch that wisp of the foundational roots of Saint Ascension.

The quiet imperial city.

The Abyss Island, where killing intent was hidden.

One place was peaceful, while the other was in the land realm, where no one could see, where layers of bounded domain exploded and started to fight time and time again.

On the chains of the Way of the Heavens at the corner of the city, in an obscure spatial barrier.

A sloppy-looking middle-aged man led a handsome man in a red dress away from the heavy battles and climbed along the chains towards Abyss Island.

“Brother, slow down.”

The storyteller was worried.

“Now that your realm has fallen to the acquired stage, if you accidentally fall and die from it now, it will be a legend!” Bazhunan walked swiftly and replied in annoyance, “Shut your inauspicious mouth and watch your step.

If I really fall to my death, its all your fault.” “Youve already fallen twice!”

The storyteller wanted to help Bazhunan up, but Bazhunan refused to let him.

He pursed his lips and said unhappily, “A mere aftershock from the battle between the cutting paths can send you flying.

I really dont understand.

Why did you have to go in early when you could have just summoned the Abyss Island to the Yunlun mountain range”

“Of course, it is because I have something important to do.” Bazhunan did not even turn his head.

Under the shield of the ancient book space, the two avoided the energy movement of the Way of the Heavens and reached the top of the city wall in half a day.

However, Abyss Island had appeared for many days and seemed to have been heavily guarded by the Holy Divine Palace.

The moment Bazhunan climbed onto the island, the barrier on the city wall flashed.

“This is bad!”

The storyteller immediately laughed.

“Brother, it seems you have been discovered.”

“Lets go in first.”

On the city wall, a black and white Yin-Yang Fish Array Diagram appeared.

It seemed to be verifying the identity of the person.

Bazhunan did not panic at all.

He took out Ziji, The Four Pillars of Destiny Token, and imprinted it on the city wall.

He then coldly said, “Both black and white veins will be under my command!”

Buzz —

A mysterious fluctuation spread out.

The Yin-Yang Fish Array Diagram was dotted with starlight, turning into a spatial teleportation passage.

“Lets go!”

The two of them stomped on the ground and dashed toward the channel, disappearing into the corner of the ancient city wall in an instant.

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At the Holy Divine Palace, the headquarters of Dongtianwang City.

In the meeting hall, Yu Zhiwen stared blankly at the massive divine array in front of her.

No one knew what she was thinking about.

Suddenly, the divine array, which had been quiet for many days, flashed with a bright light.

Then, the image was transmitted over.

There were two men with strange appearances.

One was a black-clothed man with eight fingers and a scar on his neck.

The other was a man in a red dress who held an ancient book and had a handsome face.

Yu Zhiwens heart skipped a beat.

She knew both of them.

“Bazhunan and the Storyteller!” “Both of them are here…” If one didnt have a void token in the Sky City, it would be difficult for them to enter even if they found the city gate.

However, the two of them managed to summon a teleportation portal so easily that it seemed like they were just returning home.

The situation was urgent.

Yu Zhiwen took out the communication bead and called out, “Elder Chu.”


Chu Lisheng responded and appeared in the council hall in a flash.

His only mission in this place was to keep an eye on the Sky City.

If Yu Zhiwens communication bead did not send a message, then he would have nothing to do and could just receive the credit directly after the event.

However, once this communication bead rang, it meant that something was going to happen.

“How is it” Chu Lisheng hurriedly asked as soon as he arrived.

“Elder Chu, take a look.” Yu Zhiwen waved her hand, and the scene of Bazhunan and the Storyteller entering the island reappeared.

Looking at the dejected, sloppy man who looked as if he was about to die, even though he only had eight fingers, Chu Lisheng did not believe it at first.

Was this the true appearance of the Eighth Sword Deity However, he panicked when he heard the sentence, “Both black and white veins will be under my command.”.

“What he said is right… What Hallmaster Dao said is really right!”

“Did the Eighth Sword Deity really rule the entire Abyss Island The black and white veins… did he really enter several decades ago and complete the unification” “Its over.

How did he enter”

Chu Lisheng felt his scalp go numb.

Yu Zhiwen turned to look at him.

In comparison, Yu Zhiwen appeared calm.

“Elder Chu, the Eighth Sword Deitys Four Pillars of Destiny Token is equivalent to the void token.

As long as the Sky City appears, we wont be able to defend against his entry.

The only thing we can do now is to inform Sword Deity Rao.”


Chu Lisheng also regained his composure.

He immediately took out the communication bead and infused it with his spiritual senses as he flew away.

“Ill go look for Sword Deity Rao first and have a face-to-face talk with him.

You continue to keep an eye on the Eighth Sword Deity.

If you find anything new, notify me immediately.” “Okay.”

Yu Zhiwen nodded and watched Elder Chu leave.

The Council Hall returned to its peaceful state as if nothing had happened just now.

“Abyss Island, Sky City, the foundational roots of Saint Ascension…”

Yu Zhiwen muttered.

She waved her hand.

The divine array displayed more than ten battle scenes.

The battle scenes of the red-clothed, white-clothed, the various thrones and cutting paths, and even the higher void experts.

These battles happened outside of Sky City.

Yu Zhiwen was unable to determine whether the cutting paths were here to find the foundational roots of Saint Ascension or to die.

This was because ever since she descended from Sky City, she had grasped the divine array and looked at all the scenes.

She had seen dozens of similar battles.

There were no exceptions.

No one was able to break through the red-clothed and white-clothed blockade.

Sky City was like a huge urn.

A few pieces of meat were thrown in the urn, and countless vicious birds and beasts wanted a piece of the


However, other than death, there was really no other possible ending.

No one dared to be 100% sure that the so-called foundational roots of Saint Ascension that allows one to become a saint really existed.

However, there were always people who came to die.

“The people outside want to go in, and the people inside want to come out…” Yu Zhiwens elbows were on the table, and her fingers interweaved with each other.

She held her chin and muttered to herself, “Master, why wont you tell me the secret of Abyss Island”

Perhaps she was bored out of her mind, but nothing unexpected happened.

With a thought, Yu Zhiwen displayed the picture of the divine array.

At the corner, an inconspicuous spiritual mirror enlarged in front of her eyes.

“Xu Xiaoshou, you should have entered the venue, right” “Dongtianwang city is such a grand event, and you even joined the saint servant, so how could you be absent”

Yu Zhiwen stared at the spiritual mirror.

Under the veil, the corners of her mouth curled up slightly.

On the spiritual mirrors screen, it just so happened to show the scene of Young Master Xu from the First Pavilion in the Sky sitting cross-legged, in his enlightenment state.

As soon as someone came, Yu Zhiwen changed the screen.

As soon as there was no one in the council hall, she stared at this suspicious scene in a daze, trying to find evidence…

This was because her mission this time was just to keep a close eye on the divine array diagram of Sky City.

As long as nothing happened here, it was not up to her, a junior, to deal with anything else.

Therefore, she had a lot of time to play a little game of picking on others.

“Youre acting really well…”

Yu Zhiwen changed into a comfortable position, tilted her head, and held her cheeks with the back of her hand.

She stared at him intently, “Its a pity that I dont have any evidence to prove that youre you, otherwise…”

As she spoke.

Suddenly, her starry eyes blinked gently, and her long eyelashes trembled.

She reached out her hand and gestured across the air, frowning with uncertainty.

“He seems to have grown a little taller”

Yunlun mountain range, east.

In fifteen minutes, Xu Xiaoshou had broken away from his enlightenment state.

His eyes were filled with surprise and joy.

He took a step forward, ten steps away! Without any fluctuations, the afterimage on the spot gradually disappeared, as if he had just teleported.

“Space Order, shrink the ground to an inch!”

Xu Xiaoshou was excited.

This time, he didnt use “Take the easy way out”.

He only merged the Order of the Great Path he had just comprehended into his transformation.

With “Agility”, his speed was more than twice as fast!

This couldnt be considered teleportation, but the space attributes were known as the fastest.

It really lived up to its reputation.

He had just comprehended a threshold, and with a little use, he could actually raise his top-notch escape ability to another level.

Before this, Xu Xiaoshou only had a passive skill, “Take the easy way out”, which could be considered to have touched upon the space order.

However, this was only an awakening skill and not the space attributes.

He knew nothing about the pros and cons of it.

However, after consuming the Origin Source Essence, he had comprehended the true Great Path of Space.

Xu Xiaoshou was certain that he had really relied on the acquired stage to comprehend a bit of the space attributes.

“My realization quality seems to have improved”

What was surprising was that Xu Xiaoshou had thought that the “Terrifying” realization quality of the Fleeting White Clouds he had learned in the past three years would not allow him to gain any additional enlightenment quality.

However, the result was completely different.

With the various expertise passive skills at the sovereign stage, he seemed to have a solid foundation for his path comprehension.

Through analogy, even if he comprehended the extremely difficult space order, he would be able to achieve some success in a short period of 15 minutes.

“What a pleasant surprise!”

Xu Xiaoshou deduced that this should not only be the additional effects of the expertise passive skills, but also the mental and spiritual passive skills such as perception, Disillusionment Finger, which had been enhanced for a long time.

The strength of his spiritual increased.

Realization quality also rose along with it.

“As long as its a good thing.”

Xu Xiaoshou no longer thought about it.

He retracted his mind and looked around.

The two guardians, over forty masters, and over nine hundred members of the Xu faction all looked at him with wide eyes.

“Young Master Xu, did you gain a lot”

Liu Changqing did not know what Young Master Xus true attributes were.

But after witnessing Young Master Xu comprehend the path and step out of the Space Orders aura, he finally understood what it meant to be a true genius.

It wasnt just the way of the sword and the art of alchemy.

Even the innate elemental power was a rare “Space” attribute that could only be seen once in a thousand years How could anyone live with that!!

“I gained something from it.”

Xu Xiaoshou waved his hand dismissively and didnt want to explain further.

He looked at Rong Dahao and asked, “Have you thought about it”

Previously, he had given this little fatty the time it takes for an incense stick to burn, but when it came to killing a cloud beast, three strikes was enough.

On the other hand, consuming the Origin Source Essence had wasted a lot of time.

Xu Xiaoshou looked back at Rong Dahao, wanting to see if this fatty still had the heart to fight after seeing some of his abilities.

“Young Master Xu!”

Rong Dahao bowed solemnly, full of submission.

“From now on, I, Rong Dahao, will follow Young Master Xus lead in the Yunlun Mountain Range!”

This was the conclusion that Rong Dahao had thought about for a long time.

Putting aside the fact that the ghost beast host body was following Young Master Xu, he only knew about it and had no evidence.

Just because he was defeated and subdued during the trial, he had no choice but to submit to others.

Even if the matter was exposed, he believed that the red-clothed would have no reason to implicate Rong Dahaos clan.

Because this was a normal submission.

As long as he, Rong Dahao, wanted to continue the trial, he had to join the Xu Faction.

This was understandable and undisputable.

Of course, the most important thing was… Rong Dahao was afraid of death.

Young Master Xus finger that had extinguished the Cloud Beast was the last straw that crushed his stubbornness.

It instantly gave him many reasons to convince himself.

Even if he didnt have one.

He squeezed out many reasons.

“Young Master Xu!”

Rong Dahao lowered his head.

The original Rong Clan, and the forty masters, also lowered their heads and shouted in a respectful tone.

Without a doubt, Young Master Xus character and strength could subdue them.

If their boss wanted to put up a resistance, they would fight to the death.

Since their boss had surrendered, if they didnt surrender, were they waiting to die!

“Very good.”

Xu Xiaoshou looked around and nodded in approval.

He admired Rong Dahaos choice very much.

This fattys ability was very strong.

In time, he might be an expert with the strength of the chief of the six divisions and the Seven Sword Deity.

Unfortunately, he was still a young man at the moment.

As long as they were of the same generation, Xu Xiaoshou really did not put anyone in his eyes.

In his eyes, it was never just a battle between the same generation.

It had risen to the level of cutting path and higher void in the morning.

Even though they had met, they could only run for the time being…

But even so, among his peers, there was really not one or two who could withstand a punch or a sword from him!

“Since Little Haozi has also returned, then this young master will announce an important decision.” Xu Xiaoshous gaze swept across everyone.

Little mouse… Rong Dahao shivered, not daring to complain.

Xu Xiaoshou continued, “The Xu Faction will establish a sixth squad.

Other than the Five Tiger Generals, all those who have reached the Master Stage will join the Sixth Squad!” Hearing this, the eyes of all the masters lit up.

This move was nothing more than to make the Rong Clan completely loyal.

This was because the group with the most number of masters was the original Rong Clan.

Young Master Xu wanted to keep them together with no separation, not a disturbance, and manage them together Since that was the case, then the leader of the squad…

Rong Dahao raised his head as if he understood something, but he didnt ask.

Lei Ze glanced at him from the corner of his eye and reacted.

He asked instead, “Then, Young Master Xu, who is the captain of the sixth squad” Xu Xiaoshou looked at Rong Dahao.

Rong Dahaos heart pounded.

“You will be the vice-captain.

In the next few days, you will be the acting captain and listen to my orders directly,” Xu Xiaoshou said.

Rong Dahao was stunned.


Acting Captain

Of all the people present, who else was more suitable to be the captain of the sixth team besides him

“Only an acting captain”

Lei Ze was indignant.

He took a step forward and said, “Wheres the captain Could it be that other than Young Master Xu, there is someone else who is stronger than Brother Hao”

There really is… Xu Xiaoshou glanced at his two great guardians without leaving a trace.

He smiled and said, “The captain is still on the way.”

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