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Chapter 825 Divine Reward!

The captain hadnt even arrived yet

Everyone was dumbfounded.

What was going on

Rong Dahao was unwilling.

Even though he didnt really care about the position of the captain, his competitive spirit thought otherwise.

However, he didnt say anything.

Lei Ze glanced at him.

He wanted to speak up for his Brother Hao so that he could take the position.

At this moment, Xu Xiaoshou saw that everyone had something to say, so he used his one strike veto and said firmly,

“Hold it in, Im not done yet!”

“Dont worry, although the Captain hasnt appeared yet, they are one of my subordinates.”

“Any member of my First Pavilion in the Sky is enough to beat all of your masters.

For them to take on the mere position of the Captain is that simple.”.

His tone was relaxed.

Everyone was angered.

From what he was saying, he was literally pointing at everyones noses and scolding, “Im not targeting anyone.

Im just saying that everyone here is trash!”

“Young Master Xus words are a little harsh.”

Rong Dahao noticed that the masters of his team were angered.

He didnt want to start a fight, he could only say in a low voice, “If Young Master Xu wants me to take the position of vice-captain, I can do it.

Whether Im a captain or not, its dispensable to me as long as all my brothers and subordinates are fine with it.

Your words may be a little inappropriate…”

“How were they inappropriate”

Xu Xiaoshou was very open.

He said straightforwardly, “Im true to my own words and promises.

Why should I hide it if Im just stating the truth”

“Everyone here is smart.

But you must know that there is always someone better than you.

Im suppressing you because I hope that you will not be arrogant and impatient.”

“Just like what had happened earlier, who would have thought that this young master would only need one strike to deal with all of


Everyone lowered their heads in shame.

Xu Xiaoshou chuckled and turned to look at Rong Dahao.

“When the captain arrives and you dont trust their abilities, you can just go up and have a fight.

Whoever wins will be the captain!”

Everyone felt a slight temptation.

Young Master Xu was so confident.

It seemed like he really trusted his subordinates.

Wasnt this a chance

Everyone entered the Imperial City trial for the position of the final top 36.

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And the Xu Fraction was so powerful.

If they became the captain of the sixth team, it would be a joke if they didnt even rank in the top 36.

Therefore, the position of captain of the sixth team would be a spot for the Holy Palace trial.

This time, even Lei Ze was tempted.

He looked at Rong Dahao and started to cheer for himself.

Who didnt want to rise up from the serfs and sing

They were all geniuses.

If they could be first, who would be willing to be second “Theres still time…”

There was still some time before the real team leader of Team 6 arrived.

During this period of time, without suppressing their cultivation level, everyone had the chance to strive for the position of team leader.

Xu Xiaoshou smiled in satisfaction when he saw that he had divided the unity of the original Rongs Clan with just a few words and aroused everyones competitive spirit.

He also did not know who the final team leader would be.

But he had already set the rule in his heart that whoever found him first would be the team leader.

When Xiao Wanfeng comes over…

Xu Xiaoshou apologized to Xiao Wanfeng internally.

After all, he might have to face a bloody fight when he arrives.

But who knows, the fight might be able to force out more of his hidden sword techniques potential, right Xu Xiaoshou was not afraid of his subordinates rebelling due to his words.

To be afraid was the behavior of the weak.

He was so strong.

With Hidden Bitter in his hand, he had the world.

In this Xu Fraction, everyone could risk their lives to fight for a leadership position, but if he were to randomly pick one out and ask…

Who dared to rebel

“The six small teams, Rong Dahao and the Five Tiger Generals will reorganize themselves.”

“Currently, we have more than 900 people.

Next, the Xu Fractions goal is no longer to take in more members, but toplunder!” Xu Xiaoshou continued to announce his important decision.

“When we meet the Cloud Bead, everyone can absorb it on their own.

This opportunity is what youve been waiting for.” “When we meet the trial-takers, everyone will enter the battle together.

Whoever wins will get the points.” “If we meet a Cloud Beast… Oh, you cant beat a Cloud Beast.

Just let me do it.

In short, I will not intercept your points halfway.” Everyones eyes lit up when they heard that.

There was such a good thing

This leader did not want points.

Did his head get stuck in the door just now

“Young Master Xu, this…”

Rong Dahao was also shocked.

Something was not right!

If he played like this, wouldnt Young Master Xu be squeezed out of the top 36 of the leaderboard

“Dont be impatient.”

Xu Xiaoshou suppressed the agitation of the Xu Faction members, the corners of his mouth revealed a smile that belonged to the Great Demon King Xu.

“What I said is that I wont stop halfway, but the final sum of the points will be 10,000 points for each of you.

In other words, I will only plunder all of you and each of you will get 10,000 points!”

With a whoosh, the entire scene changed in shock.

10,000 points

That was enough to be in the top 20 of the points rankings!

This Great Demon King Xu had such a huge appetite.

Why did he want so many points “Whats the rush”

Xu Xiaoshou frowned and suppressed the discussion.

“Do you guys not know how to count Its only the beginning of the Imperial City Trial.

It hasnt even been two days, yet someone has already obtained more than 100,000 points.”

“Were still in the barren zone in the east.

After that, we went to other places and went to the Nine Dragon Range.

Are you still worried that you dont have points”

“What I want is for you guys to hand over half of your points when you reach 20,000 points and return the protection that you received from the Xu Faction.”

“Do you understand the protection fee”

“Isnt it tiring for me to draw my sword”

Xu Xiaoshous mouth was dry as he said, “Im sure that the other teams must have used up all their points and gathered them onto a few people.

“We are different.

At the very least, I gave you hope and safety, didnt I”

Everyone thought about it carefully and it seemed to make sense.

Very soon, someone spoke up, “Then Young Master Xu, what if we end up with less than 20,000 points and only have more than 10,000 points This trial jade pendant can only be looted by half.

We cant hand it over voluntarily!” This person clearly had evil intentions.

Xu Xiaoshou looked at him, he sneered disdainfully, “We are all geniuses of the five regions.

If you cant even get 20,000 points in a month, this young master will even despise you for being too weak.

This 10,000 points is for you.

Pack your things and scram out of the Yunlun mountain range!” “PFFT hahahaha…” The people below burst into laughter.

The person who spoke first was so ashamed that he almost found a hole to hide in.

Indeed, everyone was a genius.

Before joining the Xu Faction, everyone wanted to compete with the sky.

After joining the Xu Faction, they were actually worried that they wouldnt even be able to get 20,000 points.

They even had some ideas to swish the points.

“Youre also a genius!”

Xu Xiaoshou sighed from the bottom of his heart, he smiled and said, “If any of you wants to hide it, you can do so as well.

As long as your points dont reach 20,000, I cant even be bothered to look for you or rob you.

However, opportunities will always be grasped by ourselves.

You can do as you deem fit!” The crowd below burst into laughter.

Some of them were laughing as they fell into deep thought.

Indeed, Young Master Xu had given them too many opportunities.

Each person only needed to hand over 10,000 points a month, and the remaining points would all belong to them.

Among them, Young Master Xu didnt want the spiritual source of the cloud bead and his comprehension of the path… Such a good person!

Where could they find such a great leader

In an instant, even the masters in the sixth team had a good impression of Young Master Xu.

10,000 points was a piece of cake for them, the masters.

Besides that, they also had the chance to become the leader of the sixth team.


All of a sudden, the vitality of the members of the Xu Faction was stimulated.

In the past, they were dispirited and thought that they were working for Young Master Xu.

However, things were different now.

As long as the quota was set, the rest would belong to them.

Women, delicacies, spiritual medicine… all of them should go to hell! Obtaining points was the way of the world!

Obtaining 20,000 points, graduating from the master stage, fighting for the position of team leader, becoming one of the top 36, and obtaining a spot in the Holy Palace trial… becoming a saint! Some of them even thought of becoming a saint.

Seeing that everyone couldnt wait any longer, Xu Xiaoshou gestured for each team leader to lead everyone to the Cloud Bead and the Cloud Beast as they headed in the direction of the Nine Dragons Range.

“Not bad!”

Seeing that everyones aura had changed, Xin Gugu exclaimed in astonishment, “Why do I feel that everyones appearance has changed after hearing your words Is this a glib tongue”

“What glib tongue This is called wisdom!”

Xu Xiaoshou rolled his eyes at him and said, “Your brain is still not that great.

You didnt see clearly the true power of this wave!”

“How is it powerful” Xin Gugu asked curiously.


Xu Xiaoshou pointed at the Xu Faction members, he smiled and said, “What I gave them was their own future benefits.

Using the future benefits of 900 people, they earned a total of nine million points for me, but they still think that they got more and want to work hard to earn money for me.” Xin Gugus eyes widened.

He thought about it and realized that it was true.

This was too amazing!

“This is not the most amazing.” Xu Xiaoshou smiled mysteriously.

Xin Gugu moved closer and touched Xu Xiaoshou with his shoulder.

He asked humbly, “Dont keep me in suspense.

Teach me.” “Look at me.

What did I pay” Xu Xiaoshou spread his hands.

“You…” Xin Gugu looked at his empty hands and hesitated.

“What did you pay”

“I didnt give anything.”


“This wave…” Xu Xiaoshou smiled like a fox.

“This wave is calledgaining valuable things from giving up worthless things or even nothing!” Xin Gugu thought about it and realized that it was true! Xu Xiaoshou, at most, gave up his saliva..

This was too much!

Xin Gugu was a little stunned when he thought of this.

He finally realized what Xu Xiaoshou meant byamazing.

With just a few sentences, he could make nine hundred people risk their lives for him.

Wasnt that amazing

Xu Xiaoshou patted his head and continued to ask, “You said that one spirit crystal can be exchanged for one point.

Is anyone willing to do this exchange” “Definitely not! Xin Gugus head was like a rattle-drum.

“Who is so stupid to use points to exchange for spirit crystals”

“Then what about 10,000 spirit crystals for one point” Xu Xiaoshou asked again.

“This…” This time, Xin Gugu hesitated.

“I dont think its worth it, but there might be someone who will.” Xu Xiaoshou smiled.

“Okay, then lets use one point to exchange for 10,000 spirit crystals.

When you learn this move of mine, you can make hundreds of people work for you with just a few words and earn… 90 billion!”


Xin Gugus mind resounded with a bolt of lightning He wanted to save up money to buy a house the most.

After converting it, he realized that Xu Xiaoshou had really earned 90 billion in this round.

He was dumbfounded.

Xu Xiaoshou turned around and left.

Liu Changqing sighed in admiration and left with the guardian.

There was only Xin Gugu left on the spot.

He was counting his fingers in the cold wind, completely in a mess.

“Heavens, 90 billion”

It was the third day since the opening of the imperial city trial.


All the cultivators received the latest news from the trial jade pendant at the same time.

Ever since this thing entered the Yunlun mountain range for the first time and requested everyone to record their names, there had been no movement.

With the latest instructions, everyone naturally took it out to check.

“The first cultivator to enter the inner region of the Yunlun mountain range has appeared.

The Divine Reward has been triggered.

The Path Principles Origin Stone will appear randomly in the inner region.

Cultivators, please head there to obtain it.” A simple piece of information caused a huge uproar among all the trial-takers.

“The Path Principles Origin Stone”

A small portion of the trial-takers were puzzled.

However, most of the people with extraordinary backgrounds were immediately envious.

They immediately gave up on the idea of staying in the outer region and killing people to earn points.

They quickly headed to the inner region.

“Origin Stone”

Eastern region.

Xu Xiaoshou had finished killing the third cloud beast.

He looked at the notification on the trial jade pendant and was somewhat puzzled.

He started from the east and started to increase his resources.

Two days ago, he had only killed one cloud beast from Luoyun Peak.

On the third day, he had actually encountered two.

And just as the charge point of the Disillusionment Finger reached “10%”, Xu Xiaoshou finally could not withstand the disgust of a mental attack and gave the cloud beast a quick swish.

Heart Sword technique.

This was the newest technique Xu Xiaoshou had mastered after his “Sword Technique Expertise” ascended to the sovereign stage.

He had not been able to comprehend the Nine Major Sword Techniques, but he had been able to imitate Bazhunans ability.

He had been able to execute a portion of the Heart Sword Techniques mental attack and successfully killed the cloud beast.

At the side.

Liu Changqing also put down the trial jade pendant and explained, “The Path Principles Origin Stone is a good treasure.

This is something that even a sovereign would desire.

It can allow you to directly touch the essence of the great path and enter a deep understanding.

Its equivalent to…”

Liu Changqing looked at the divine water in young master Xus hand and smiled.

“Its equivalent to the Origin Source Essence that wont be used up.”

Xu Xiaoshou was moved when he heard this.

He drank two portions of the Origin Source Essence, and his comprehension of the space order increased greatly.

That origin stone was actually equivalent to an endless amount of Origin Source Essence

“Theres something different.”

Liu Changqing noticed Young Master Xus expression and realized that he had misunderstood, he added, “Origin stones have attributes, fire origin stones, water origin stones, and so on… As for Young Master Xu, you have to obtain the space origin stone, before you can be considered to have obtained an endless amount of Origin Source Essence.” “Is it difficult” Xu Xiaoshou asked.

“It is!”

Liu Changqing nodded.

“Space type treasures, every treasure that is born is a treasure, and it will be divided among the experts at the first opportunity.

However, its hard to say in the Cloud Realm.

This will depend on the strength of the gifts given by Master Cheng to the trial-takers.”

Xu Xiaoshou nodded, indicating that he understood.

This meant that.

Although it could be difficult, but there was still a possibility that there would be one!

And since this thing might appear, then he, Xu Xiaoshou, had to obtain it.

Regardless of whether it was fate that caused him to directly take it or snatch it from the hands of other trial-takers.


The trial jade pendant reminded once again.

Everyone flipped it open at the same time and looked at it with their spiritual senses.

“Origin Stones are special and can not be stored in space.

Those who are fated to obtain them will have their location and the Origin Stone attribute information shown on the trial map.

All trial-takers, please remain vigilant.” Boom!

This piece of information directly stunned everyone.

If one obtained an Origin Stone, their location would be shown on the trial map.

Didnt this mean..

“A bloody storm is coming!” Xu Xiaoshous eyes flashed.

To the weak, this was bad news.

To the expert, this Origin Stone was both a treasure and a sharp weapon to increase their points.

After all, one kills one, ten thousand slaughter ten thousand! “Beep.” The trial jade pendant didnt move, but when it moved, it didnt give anyone time to react.

Yet another explosive message came.

“The first trial participant to break into the inner region of the Yunlun mountain range, Chongyuan, will be rewarded with a fire-type Origin Stone.

One million points, please keep it properly.”


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