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Chapter 837 Void Rift

Xu Xiaoshou could imagine what those people trapped in the Sovereign (stage) Dao realm would do if they obtained the Soul Reading skill.

Of course, to him, this kind of cultivation method was somewhat inhumane.

However, if he had a chance, Xu Xiaoshou wouldnt mind reading the water-type Upanishad of his sworn enemy, Yu Lingdi.

After all, he was now not a person without attributes, but a person with all the attributes.

For any attribute, as long as he wanted it, he could try to comprehend it.

However, there were 3,000 Great Paths.

The quality was more valuable than the quantity.

Xu Xiaoshous first choice was spatial because this attribute was very strong.

As for the second choice…

If he could, he wanted time.

But for time attribute, it was hard to even get started.

He could only hope that he would have an opportunity in the future.

At this moment, he could not help but think of Yamas boss, Huang Quan.

If he could control the two great attributes, spatial and time, at the same time, and not just at the entry-level but proficient in them, what a powerful existence he would be! “Young Master Xu.”

Just as he was thinking, Xin Gugus voice sounded in his ears.

The two great guardians had often seen strange things happen to Young Master Xu.

Thus when they saw that Young Master Xu had no intention of explaining what had just happened, they did not ask further and went about their respective duties.

Xin Gugu was originally looking at the trial map.

Suddenly, when he looked up, he noticed that there was a tiny crack in the void.

Xin Gugu immediately turned around to remind Xu Xiaoshou.

This kind of strange phenomenon could represent a fortuitous encounter when appearing in the Yunlun Mountain Range.

Liu Changqing noticed it too.

He frowned slightly, feeling uneasy.

He was not as optimistic as Xin Gugu.

It was because according to the rules of the trial, if a strange treasure appeared in the Yunlun Mountain Range, there should be the earth gushing with multicolored light, attracting everyone to fight over it.

Or if a divine object like the Path Principles Origin Stone appeared, even the trial jade pendant would notify.

There was no reason for it to be just an obscure void rift.

If the trial takers were cultivating at this moment, they would not notice it.

Just like the members of the Xiao Xu Faction who were sitting around the fire-type origin stone.

“Void rift”

Xu Xiaoshou looked over.

He inexplicably felt a palpitation in his heart.

The rift was not big.

It was just a minor trace.

Perhaps it was because it was very far away from the ground.

It was about 100 feet long.

However, it was black and very eye-catching.

Xu Xiaoshou had Perception.

He could sense the void rift was too high.

Its actual length was about tens of hundred feet in length and width.

It was a size that could accommodate huge monsters to move in and out!

“When did it appear” Xu Xiaoshou asked.

“I dont know.”

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Xin Gugu shook his head straightforwardly and thought for a moment.

He then added, “Although I dont know, the time when the void rift appeared should be very short.

When you were doing something big, I looked at the sky in a daze.

At that time, there was still no such thing.”

Doing something big… Naturally, he was referring to Xu Xiaoshous evolution and awakening.

“It has just appeared”

Xu Xiaoshous tone was somewhat worried.

It was because the more he looked at the void rift, the more he felt a sense of familiarity.

Did it look familiar

He tilted his head and tried to recall.

Xu Xiaoshou suddenly remembered that he had seen a similar void rift before!

However, at that time, he was still in the White Cave.

It was on the White Cave map in the white bead that the wretched saint had passed down to him.

“Abyss Island rift”

The moment he realized it, Xu Xiaoshous face was full of shock.

He knew about this thing.

At the end of the White Cave, the direction where Fourth Sword led him flying was where the Abyss Island Rift was.

Xu Xiaoshou knew that it was Abyss Island Rift because he saw Bazhunan and the others come out of the rift at the end of his flying led by the Fourth Sword.


“Why is Abyss Island Rift opening here Clearly…”

Xu Xiaoshou looked towards the south.

His gaze seemed to pierce through the fog and the world of Cloud Realm which covered the Yunlun Mountain Range all year round and then landed on the Sky City that was floating above Dongtianwang City.

The Abyss Island had descended.

Why did it open the rift

Was there something unusual inside that wanted to come out.

Or could it be that this rift had existed for a long time, and had now been activated by some mighty figure, just like the one in the White Cave

Xu Xiaoshou remembered something.

He used his spiritual senses to probe the Origin Court of Purple Mansion.

As expected, there was a white bead quietly standing inside.

Ever since the white bead had left the White Cave, it had lost its strange movements.

It no longer emitted that terrifying timed sound.

However, at this moment, when Xu Xiaoshou was probing by spiritual sense, it seemed to have triggered something.

The sound that did not seem to have any effect at first, but could make ones hair stand on end after a long time, was heard again.


It was a melodious and ancient light sound that cleansed peoples hearts.

But Xu Xiaoshous hair stood on end, and goosebumps were all over his body.

At this moment, he was sure that the void rift that appeared above the Yunlun Mountain Range was related to Abyss Island!

“Young Master Xu…”

A suppressed trembling voice sounded from the side.

It was Liu Changqing.

Xu Xiaoshou looked over.

He saw that the usually calm Liu Changqing was as if had heard something shocking and his face was deathly pale.


Xu Xiaoshous expression was the same as ever.

He lightly nodded and hissed, indicating that he understood everything.

There was no need for him to say anything.

He knew that Liu Changqing must have obtained some information from Patriarch Wuji in his body.

As a normal person, even if he was a Cutting Path (stage)… After being possessed by the ghost beast, it was normal for him to be afraid of Abyss Island.

Liu Changqing was stunned.

He didnt expect that Young Master Xu would understand even though he didnt say anything.

“As expected of someone who dared to take me in…”

He calmed down quite a bit.

At this time, having a pillar that he could rely on was more important than anything else.

Xin Gugu was baffled as he watched from the side.

The appearance of this void rift was a good thing.

Why was Liu Changqing so afraid

“What happened…”

Xin Gugu wanted to ask, but his thoughts suddenly changed.

He remembered that Liu Changqing was usually fearless.

At most, he was only a little afraid of red-clothed people.

At this moment, a void rift could scare him to this extent

In this world, besides red-clothed people, what else could scare a Cutting Path (stage) Abyss Island!

Human-shaped ghost beast!

Xin Gugus face turned green.

“D*mn it, so its not a fortuitous opportunity” At this moment, Xin Gugu wanted to turn around and leave the Yunlun Mountain Range.

He didnt know the secret of Abyss Island at first.

But Caramel, who often went on missions with him, had mentioned it occasionally.

It was a place that only the Higher Void (level) and Demi-Saint could reach.

If ordinary people went there, they would either die or be crippled!

“Young Master Xu, we…”

“We dont know anything.

Were keeping our mouths shut.”

Xu Xiaoshou replied indifferently.

He had exposed his Master (stage) cultivation level, but it wasnt uncommon for an Innate (stage) cultivator who had been suppressed for a long time to break through to the Master (stage) in the Yunlun Mountain Range.

He also had the identity of a Demi-Saint descendant.

He was knowledgeable and knew that the rift in the void was actually a rift in Abyss Island.

It was not strange at all.

Xu Xiaoshou believed that even if the reactions of the three of them were captured in the eyes of the monitors of the Cloud Realm, there was nothing strange about it.

At this moment, the so-called monitors were probably no longer focusing on the cultivators in the Yunlun Mountain Range anymore.

On the other end…

At the summit of the Yunlun Mountain Range.

“Sword Deity Rao!”

A red-clothed people shouted, “Quick, look at the sky…”

However, Rao Yaoyaos eyes were glued to the spirit mirror in front of her.

The moment the void rift appeared, her spiritual senses had noticed it.

Naturally, she did not need to wait for anyone to remind her.

At this moment, she wanted to see how many cultivators in the mountain range knew about the so-called Abyss Island Rift.

Not long after.

Almost everyone who was still on Abyss Island noticed the rift in the sky.

It was like a crack in the world of mirrors.

The crack suddenly appeared in the blue sky and white clouds that ordinary people used to see.

It was so eye-catching!

Nearly 99% of the people raised their eyes and looked around.

There was confusion in their eyes, but soon, joy flashed across their faces.

Only a small number of them were not shocked but happy after noticing the rift in the sky.

They even showed extreme eagerness and excited expressions.

Rao Yaoyaos lips curled.

She ignored all the descendants of the Higher Void (level) and Demi-Saint and only focused on those whose identities were unknown.

She then waved her hand slightly.

“Trial Officers, heres your mission again.” “The coordinates have been sent to your battle channel.

These people, test them out.”

Swish, swish, swish.

She looked down from the sky.

In the Yunlun Mountain Range, countless black shadows moved quickly in an instant.

After doing all this, Rao Yaoyao looked at the Abyss Island Rift in the sky.

“So fast…”

She muttered softly.

It had only been a few days since the Bazhunan had sneaked into Abyss Island.

But in such a short period of time, the Abyss Island Rift had been created.

Before this, Sky City had arrived at Dongtianwang City.

Counting the time that had passed, it had been several months but not a rift was created in Abyss Island.


“What on earth are you trying to do…”

Rao Yaoyaos beautiful eyes narrowed as she furrowed her brows.

Such a terrifying opponent had even sent Gou Wuyue away in the White Cave.

On this trip, Rao Yaoyao Rao appeared extremely calm and confident.

But to be honest, if she were to face her true self…

Rao Yaoyao didnt have much confidence.

The only thing she could place her hopes on was the Sacred Mountain Gui Zhe of the Central Region who placed great importance on this mission.

And she, Rao Yaoyao, was not like Gou Wuyue.

To the Sacred Mountain, she was forever only an outsider.

On the contrary, her identity meant that nothing would happen to her.

The moment this operation went off track…

Assitance would come from all directions when hearing the noise!

“Speed up the trial process.” Rao Yaoyao sat in the void, her attention returning to the spirit mirror as she ordered the void.


A respectful voice came from nameless land.

Rao Yaoyaos gaze suddenly locked onto the image of the white-haired short youth in the spirit mirror.

Her beautiful eyes narrowed as she turned her head and instructed, “Coordinate 032, dont move for the time being.

You dont have to test his identity.”

“Yes,” another reply came to her ear.

Rao Yaoyao thought for a moment before she fished out an extremely mysterious crystal.

The moment the crystal appeared, it caused the surrounding space to be slightly distorted.

With a squeeze of her hand, the crystal disappeared.

“Let me see what you are trying to do!”

Rao Yaoyaos finger tapped lightly on the spirit mirror image, causing ripples to appear as her eyes flashed with contemplation.

“Spatial attributes…”

“Empty Hatred”

“No, its not him! After this fellow became the Ten High Nobles, he had completely disappeared without a trace.

Even the All-Time Forgotten Sorrow Pavilion had lost its coordinates.

I reckon that only Bazhunan could find him.”

“Then who could it be”

“Huang Quan”

“Ye Xiaotian”

“Or is it some new spatial attribute expert on the continent that I dont know about”

There were quite a number of people in the Five Regions who could awaken spatial attributes.

However, this rare attribute did not mean that one could be invincible at the same or higher level as soon as one awakened it.

On the contrary, if one did not have the corresponding comprehension ability… A spiritual cultivator with spatial attributes would not even be able to break through the sub-level of the Innate (stage)!

It was because spatial attribute was not like other attributes.

Those who awakened spatial attributes would begin to comprehend Dao in the Innate (stage) realm.

Every step they took was much more difficult than the basic five- element attributes.

And the small number of survivors had caused the world to think that the spatial attribute experts were very powerful.

Little did they know that they were powerful because before they became famous, every step they took was tens or even hundreds of times more difficult than others!

To Rao Yaoyao, the number of spatial attribute experts with a name in the five domains of the continent could be counted with her fingers.

The appearance of one in the Yunlun Mountain Range made her somewhat troubled because she was still uncertain of his identity.

Oh, no…

There were two of them!

As Rao Yaoyao thought about this, she looked at the spirit mirror image of Young Master Xu.

However, she didnt care about Young Master Xu at all.

To a spatial type spiritual cultivator, a Master (stage) was only half a step in the threshold.

The path Young Master Xu had to take in the future was too long.

Rao Yaoyao had seen too many Demi-Saint factions forcefully nurture spatial attribute experts, but in the end, they all went down the drain.

Young Master Xu If she had the time to pay attention to Young Master Xu who was hiding his head and tail, she might as well spend more time on the Abyss Island Rift!

In the Yunlun Mountain Range…

There was only one day left before the opening of the second trial at the Nine Dragon Range.

Originally, everyone had stopped fighting and started recuperating.

But suddenly…


It was as if the trial jade pendant did not give anyone time to rest.

Just as everyone was relaxing, another message came.

All the cultivators took out their trail jade pendants.

“Congratulations to trial takerNangong Jinler for finding the lightning-type origin stone.

The reward is 100,000 points.

Please keep it safe.” Instantly, the trial takers breathed heavily!

At a spot, a young lady with a graceful figure and good looks stared blankly at the origin stone that suddenly popped out from the crack of the stone and landed in her hand.

She was instantly dumbfounded.

“So the origin stone came out by itself and wasnt found”

After a breath, she ended her lamentation and opened the trial map in a panic.

The coordinates were exposed!


A sharp cry sent the forest bird flying.

Nangong Jiners expression became bitter.

“Oh no, Im going to die, Im going to die…” At this moment, a large number of trial takers had begun to move upon hearing the noise.

Nangong Jiner looked at other coordinates on the map.

As expected, the coordinates of the fire-type origin stone were rapidly approaching her! “D*mn it, Ive become the prey…” The little girl held onto the lightning-type origin stone tightly.

She put it down.

She picked it up.

She put it down again.

She picked it up again.

“Sob, sob, sob, but I just cant let you go…” she cried as she hugged the lightning-type origin stone and began to run.

She had only taken a few steps.

“Beep.” The trial jade pendant rang again.

Nangong Jiner was stunned and immediately flipped it open.

“Congratulations to trial-takerYoung Master Xu, save me! Ive landed in the west.

Oh my God, its actually random teleportation.

Based on my strength, you probably wont see this information either.

Eh, this thing actually doesnt have a word limit for finding the spatial-type origin stone.

The reward is 100,000 points.

Please keep it safe.”


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