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Chapter 838 When You Learn the Path in the Morning, You Can Die in the Evening

The second notification sounded.

Not only was Nangong Jiner stunned, but all the cultivators who saw this information were also stunned.

It was such a long name… Almost instantly, many cultivators thought of another strange long name previously — Xiao Wanfeng, quickly come to the east to look for me.

They were of the same gang! Therefore, the person originally on the point board was not called Xiao Wanfeng.

The chosen one who dug out the spatial origin stone was Xiao Wanfeng! What relationship did the two have that they were so in sync

With doubts, many people changed their directions and ran towards the location of the spatial origin stone.

Indeed, lightning-type origin stones were considered rare compared to ordinary origin stones.

But spatial was the king of attributes! Since the spatial origin stones were out, the non-lightning trial takers naturally had to obtain the better ones.

Therefore, many people rushed to the location of the spatial origin stones in hopes of joining in the fun, getting involved, or just in case… Ssome were meticulous in their calculations.

They had predicted that the battle for the spatial origin stone would be an even more terrifying bloodbath.

Instead of fighting over that slim probability, and being unable to comprehend it… It would be better to snatch a relatively ordinary lightning-type origin stone.

After all, even if they didnt need the lightning-type origin stone, they could sell it or take it back to their clan.

The price would not be low.

However, just as these people wanted to rush towards the coordinates of the lightning-type origin stone, they discovered… The coordinates of the lightning-type origin stone had also moved! The direction it was heading towards was the location of the spatial origin stone! “”

Everyone was stunned.

Who was Nangong Jiner Before this, no one knew.

However, looking at the direction of the coordinates, could it be that the owner of the lightning-type origin stone was also a big shot Not only was she not satisfied with obtaining the lightning-type origin stone, he even wanted to seize the spatial origin stone

“Hurry up! Hurry up!” Somewhere, Nangong Jiner held the lightning-type origin stone in her arms and desperately rushed towards the coordinates of the spatial origin stone.

That was what she thought.

Instead of waiting for death with the lightning-type origin stone in her arms, it would be better to head toward the location of the spatial origin stone.

There would definitely be a lot of people there.

And when there were a lot of people, the map only had rough coordinates and would not point out whoNangong Jiner was.

As long as she disguised herself and blended in with the crowd that was snatching the spatial origin stone, they might not be able to find her in the end.

“Im so smart!” Nangong Jiner couldnt help but praise herself.

When she saw the peoples target for the coordinates of the fire-type origin stone on the trial map change the moment the spatial origin stone appeared, she was even happier.

“Its good to go there!” “Lets go together.

Itll be even more chaotic later.” “I wonder if this Xiao Wanfeng or Young Master Xu will come as well…” “Look at their names.

Young Master Xu must be an expert as well.

Lets go together.

The more chaotic, the better!” Nangong Jiners speed was extremely fast after changing her appearance.

She was much closer to the spatial coordinates than the others.

Very soon, she would reach her targets location.

“Charge!” “Even if I cant protect the lightning-type origin stone this time, I have to take advantage of the chaos and earn more points from others.

Otherwise, I wont be able to accept it!”

On the other end.

Ye Xiaotian, who had changed his appearance into a white-haired young man but was still short, also noticed the two new notifications.

He was still barefooted, slightly above the ground, and was floating low.

However, the direction he was heading towards was not the coordinates of the so-called spatial origin stone.

“Is it a coincidence” Ye Xiaotian looked at the trial map and smiled.

He did not believe that this was a coincidence.

He had only displayed his spatial ability in the Yunlun Mountain Range.

And the third origin stone appeared was with spatial attributes.

If this was a coincidence, then it would be too much of a coincidence!

Ye Xiaotian was not a young trial taker.

He did not believe that the Holy Divine Palace would be so generous to give a spatial origin stone to an outsider who did not belong to the Holy Divine Palace.

If it was snatched away by an opposing faction, wouldnt it be self-defeating

“Is it a trial…”

Ye Xiaotian immediately understood.

It was because Sword Deity Rao doubted his identity and started the probing.

After all, there were too few spatial attribute experts in the five domains of the continent.

And since the other party still could not figure out his identity and was not sure if he was a stowaway, it was best to use the origin stone to lure him out.

This test could be considered Sword Deity Raos first move!

“We havent met but have already started fighting…” Ye Xiaotian stopped in his tracks and a bitter smile appeared on his face.

He actually didnt want to go.

He came here for the last mission left behind by Elder Sang, not for the spatial origin stone.

Ye Xiaotian knew Sword Immortal Raos methods.

If it was someone spatial who hadnt perfected, even if he was a Sovereign (stage), he would be tempted by the spatial origin stone.

But Ye Xiaotian would not.

Perhaps if the origin stone had appeared earlier, he would fight to the death to obtain it.

But now, this thing had no attraction to him at all, and it was not even as tempting as a plate of roasted goose meat.


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“I have to go!”

As the Master of Tiansang Spirit Palace, how could Ye Xiaotian not know that this was Sword Deity Raos scheme What kind of spiritual cultivator with spatial attributes in the world would be unmoved by a spatial origin stone Cutting Path (stage)! Or perhaps, above Cutting Path (stage)! The final possibility would be someone who had reached the final stage of Spatial Upanishad!

If he didnt go, wouldnt he directly expose his cultivation level

‘Let the trial takers force me to make a move.

Then, through my move, they can see my cultivation level and deduce my identity… Ye Xiaotian sighed in his heart.

If it was half a month ago, he might have been seen through.

But now, he dared to enter the Yunlun Mountain Range and was exposed to the sights of red-clothed and white-clothed people.

If he did not have the means to deceive the world, how could he easily step into the minefield

“Lets take a look.

“If there are no problems, take it down.

It will also clear the minds of those people.

“It doesnt matter if they come or not.

I just need to wait until I get what I want.

At other times, no one can disturb me.” Ye Xiaotian stopped in his tracks.

Having made up his mind, he immediately turned around and flew towards the location of the spatial origin stone.

In the inner area, at the coordinates of the spatial origin stone.

“Ah, this, this, this…” Xiao Wanfeng raised the mysterious crystal in his hand high up.

As soon as he picked it up, even the surrounding void began to distort.

It was simply too mysterious.

But what was even more mysterious…

“Why can an origin stone fly down from the sky and fall on my stretched hand” Xiao Wanfeng was going crazy.

Didnt they say that the origin stone was dug out

How could it be a pie dropping from the sky “D*mn it, d*mn it…”

He was as anxious as a grasshopper on a hot pan.

He turned around and asked, “Miss Su, what should I do This time, there will definitely be many people looking for me.

I cant even find Young Master Xu.

Im doomed! Why dont we find a place and bury this origin stone” “Why should we bury it” Su Qianqian snapped back to her senses from the point board with a strange expression.

“With your name…” Xiao Wanfengs expression turned awkward as he explained, “I didnt expect to be on the point board at that time.

I was thinking that if there was a coincidence, my name could be used as information for Young Master Xu to see.”

Su Qianqian smiled faintly.

“Isnt it that coincidence now”

“No!” Xiao Wanfeng instantly cried out.

“There is a coincidence, but this is a spatial attribute origin stone.

Its a hot potato!”

Su Qianqian swung her sword, “Ill block it for you.”

“How many people can you block”

“Ill kill one if its one person, and kill 10,000 if there are 10,000!”

Xiao Wanfeng was shocked.

This little girl looked even younger than him, how did she dare to say such arrogant words

Did she think that her master swordsmans cultivation level could sweep the entire Yunlun Mountain Range There were at least three Sovereign (stage) of the Way of the Sword on this mountain!

“I…” Xiao Wanfeng hesitated.

“You dont believe me” Su Qianqian looked at him indifferently.

“A little.

What if a Sovereign (stage) of the Way of the Sword comes Can you defeat him” “You can be taken as an extra helper.”

“Uh, this… What if a Demi-Saint descendant comes”

“You dont believe that Young Master Xu will come faster to save you”.

Xiao Wanfeng was stumped.

This question was very sharp.

He thought about it seriously and felt that Young Master Xu was a very nice person, but he seemed to have many secrets.

To him, he was just a servant who served tea and poured water.

Would he risk his life to save


He would save the origin stone more… Although Young Master Xu did not seem to be such a person, in real life, Xiao Wanfeng had seen too many cases of benefits that had led to the destruction of peoples families.

It was all done by their own people.

Fortunately, he did not intend to hide the spatial origin stone.

As long as Young Master Xu arrived, he would give it to him.

“Maybe,” Xiao Wanfeng was uncertain and casually replied.

“But I believe it!” Su Qianqian tilted her sword and walked over staring into the distance.

Her words were so powerful that even Xiao Wanfeng could feel the trust in her tone.

He thought to himself that she had never met Young Master Xu, how would she know what kind of person he was However, he was smart after all.

Xiao Wanfeng could tell that Su Qianqian was comforting him by saying these words.

He was a little touched.

He had never thought that a stranger would do this for him.

“Why are you doing this” Xiao Wanfeng couldnt help but ask.

“Why are you helping me…” Su Qianqian stopped in her tracks and looked into the distance with her sword.

Her pupils reflected the figure flying over from afar.

She said calmly, “Certainly, its not for you.” Xiao Wanfeng,”…” He was speechless for a moment.

The tiny bit of emotion that had appeared in his heart disappeared in an instant.

He did not expect this girl to speak like Young Master Xu.

It was simply so similar!

“Theyre here.”

At this moment, he looked into the distance.

There were too many people flying toward him from all directions.

“Theyre here…”

Su Qianqian whispered.

She exerted force with her small hands and lifted the snow-white and heavy greatsword.

She stroked the sword body with one hand and a hint of regret flashed across her eyes.

“If you were still here, I would have more confidence.” “Co…”

The greatsword trembled slightly as it let out a crying sound as if it had been wronged by the unfair treatment of its family head.

Su Qianqian shook her head and laughed.

She lightly flicked the sword body and said with a smile, “Its just a pity.

I have the same feelings for you.

After all, you were left to me by my grandfather.” “Buzz…”

The greatsword trembled.

Master Sword Intent spread across the sky.


“F*ck, its Master Swordsman!”

“F*ck, how could it be a Master Swordsman who got his hands on the spatial origin stone” The figure flying over from afar was frightened by the aura.

Master Swordsman was an expert that no ordinary master could compare to.

Each one of them had extremely powerful combat strength.

“Look, the origin stone isnt in the hands of the master swordsman.

Its in the hands of the youth behind her.

That should be Young Master Xus Xiao Wanfeng,” someone with sharp eyes shouted.

Su Qianqian tilted her head and looked at Xiao Wanfeng, “Lend me the origin stone.” “Oh,” Xiao Wanfeng gave the origin stone to her without thinking.

If the other party wanted the origin stone, he wouldnt have been able to keep it too.

“Ill return it to you later,” Su Qianqian felt the trust from him and the corners of her mouth curled up.

“Youd better get through this crisis first…” Xiao Wanfeng looked at the many Innate (stage) and Master (stage) cultivators in the distance and felt a little scared.

Su Qianqian turned around and raised the spatial origin stone high up in the air before hiding it in her sleeve.

She then said calmly, “Now, the spatial origin stone is in my hands.”

The cultivators were envious.

Even a small crystal could produce such a powerful spatial distortion effect.

If a spiritual cultivator with spatial attributes obtained it, wouldnt his cultivation speed increase by leaps and bounds

Such a divine object was worth more than 10 lightning-type origin stones! Humans died for wealth, birds died for food.

Even though they knew that the master swordsman was undefeatable, they instantly charged forward when the crowd shouted.


“Shes alone.

Can she stop all of us”

Xiao Wanfengs heart was in his throat as he was watching.

Su Qianqian remained calm.

The snow-white greatsword gently slashed through the air, causing ripples to appear in the space.

Time and space slowed down at this moment.

The cultivators with ferocious expressions who came with swords in their hands, the crushed rocks around them, the wild weeds growing in between the cracks… Everything seemed to have been slowed down tenfold the moment Su Qianqian raised her sword.

Looking at the greatsword in her hand that was 80% similar to the Epitaph of City Snow, Su Qianqians state of mind was so calm that it was as if she had returned to the battle in the Eighth Palace, and then to the Su family of Tiansang City after many years.

Things remained but the people had changed.

The once prosperous residence of the Su family had long since declined, leaving only an old locust tree that was still standing upright.

Su Qianqian knew that it was Eighth Sword Deity who had done it.

It was like he had forcefully taken the Epitaph of City Snow from her hands in the Tiansang Spirit Palace.

The moment Su Qianqian stepped into the Su family again, she swore that she would definitely take revenge for this.

However, Third Uncle came out.

He told her that the only thing her grandfather left behind was the words, “Theres no need for this.”

Su Qianqian asked why.

Third Uncle told her that Eighth Sword Deity had indeed made a move, but he initially didnt want to kill anyone.

He only left behind the words, “Borrow the sword for 10 years and return it in the future.”.

However, as a famed sword-bearer aristocratic family, it was impossible for the Su family to hand over the sword.

In fact, the sword which was hung in the Su Mansion at that time was fake.

The Su family had no sword to hand over.

Third Uncle said that after Eighth Sword Deity revealed his identity that night, not only did the Su family not choose to retreat but on the contrary, they all held their swords and charged forward.

Even if!

They clearly knew that using the sword to point at the legendary Eighth Sword Deity was a path to suicide.

However, that night, no one from the Su family took a step back.

On the contrary, they all stood up.

Seventh Elder, Fourth Elder, Chief Elder, Father, Grandfather… The entire upper echelon of the famed sword-bearer aristocratic family, the middle-aged and above, not a single person retreated.

Instead, they were like moths to a flame.

They did not even choose to fight in groups.

Instead, they chose to fight one-on-one.

It was just like what her father and grandfather often said when they were young… “In this world, for a true swordsman, the greatest honor is to die under the sword of Eighth Sword Deity.”

Su Qianqian still could not understand these words.

But that night, her grandfather watched his close relatives die one by one, but still could not even force Eighth Sword Deity to use his sword.

He said, “Before my fate reached its end, the greatest gratification was to see the backbone of the Su family.”

And then…

He calmly drew his sword and was the last person pointing at Eighth Sword Deity.

Grandpa practiced the Fantasy Sword Technique.

The most famous thing about Eighth Sword Deity was also the Fantasy Sword Technique.

During that battle, Grandpa used his last bit of strength, and finally, on the verge of death, he comprehended the first realm of Upanishad of the Fantasy Sword Technique — Space-Time Transition.

Therefore, Eighth Sword Deity broke a branch of the Su familys locust tree, giving the opponent a chance to fulfill his wish.

Third Uncle said.

Grandpa died.

But he had stood with a smile even when he died, and had never fallen.

Su Qianqians face was full of tears.

Third Uncle also said that Grandpa did not die.

He saw what he had wanted to see the most in his life.

He also found what he had wanted to find the most in his life.

It was the most magnificent move of the Fantasy Sword Technique… Second World! Su Qianqian vaguely remembered when Third Uncle said this, his eyes were almost overflowing with his yearning for the future.

She didnt understand.

But she also understood.

If Third Uncle hadnt been out at that time, Su Qianqian might have lost all her elders when she returned home.

Fortunately, Eighth Sword Deity didnt exterminate all of them.

He left a path of survival for all the descendants of the Su family.

Su Qianqian felt that this was a kind of conceit! That person was so conceited that he felt that no one from the younger generations of his enemies in the world could grow up in his lifetime to the point where they would have the ability to take revenge.

Third Uncle only shook his head slightly, “You dont understand…”

And then…

He took out the final enlightenment from his grandfather that all the elders of the Su family had exchanged their blood for.

It was a pearl of inheritance.

The pearl recorded a profound upanishad called Space-Time Transition.

Su Qianqian was an ancient swordsman, so she naturally knew what it meant.

It was the lifelong pursuit of every true ancient swordsman!

However, what made her tear up the most wasnt this.

It was the pearl of inheritance that had appeared from her final memory of her grandfather — the final battle between him and Eighth Sword Deity.

It belonged to the confrontation between the first and second realms of the Fantasy Sword Technique.

Space-Time Transition! And the Second World!

The scene of the inheritance ended.

Grandpa only left a warm smile on his face as he turned his head around.

He raised his hand slightly as usual.

He wanted to pat the top of his beloved granddaughters head once again across the space, wanting to mess up her beautiful hair…

But this time.

Grandpa didnt rub it.

He only said one sentence gently.

“When you learn the path in the morning, you can die in the evening.”


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