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Chapter 839 I Havent Tried the Fantasy Sword Technique Before!

Sword name: Gui Xue!

Su Qianqian held the first-grade spiritual sword that her grandfather had passed down.

With a horizontal slash, she actually drew upon the Great Path of Heaven and Earth.

“Time Order”

Xiao Wanfeng, who was watching from behind, was dumbfounded.

He was just hiding a sword, it didnt mean that his knowledge was also hidden.

He could still see the power of this sword.

The Way of the Sword encompassed the world.

In the previous era, a swordsman was equivalent to a spiritual cultivator.

Therefore, the 3000 Sword Styles had almost included all the attributes.

This was the reason people said that it was impossible that the Sovereign (stage) of the Way of the Sword could grasp the Upanishad.

It was because if a Sovereign (stage) of the Way of the Sword had grasped the Upanishad, then the Path Principle comprehension in his mind would be equivalent to a spiritual cultivator.

In the Sovereign (stage) realm, he would have comprehended all the Great Path of Heaven and Earth!

Su Qianqian was only a master swordsman.

Master swordsman was also a Master (stage).

The Grandmaster Realm was originally only coming into contact with Dao, not comprehending Dao or entering into Dao.

Xiao Wanfeng felt that he had extraordinary comprehension ability, but his cultivation level was not high enough.

That was why from the very beginning, he had embarked on the path to comprehend all about the Way of the Sword.

But wasnt Su Qianqian a swordsman who was taught by an orthodox spiritual cultivator This kind of person, who was in the Grandmaster Realm, clearly could not grasp the Nine Major Sword Techniques.

However, when this sword was used, there were traces of the Time Order of the Fantasy Sword Technique.

How old was she Xiao Wanfeng was stunned.

This girl was so young, yet she had such a strong comprehension ability.

Given time to develop, wouldnt she be able to reach the first realm of the Fantasy Sword Technique Upanishad in another three, five, or ten years

“Bei Xue.”

Su Qianqian, who was flying in the air, let out a light shout, causing the weather to change between the earth and the sky.

On the desolate mountain, white snow suddenly fell from the sky.

An aura filled with sadness affected everyone within a short period of time.

Even Xiao Wanfeng, who was outside the scene, felt his vision blur.

Unknowingly, his eyes were wet with tears.

It was even more unbearable for the spiritual cultivators who were flying over from all directions.

“What spiritual technique is this”

“Im slowing down, or is she too fast… No, it seems like everyone is slowing down!” “I also cant see, I, why am I crying” “This snow…”

“Fantasy Sword Technique” Su Qianqians state of mind changed in a split second.

At this moment, the cultivators who had been slowed down by Time Order began to slow down their thoughts.

They had yet to react.

In the next second.

Not only Time Order was triggered, and they were affected… Even the falling snow began to affect the intentions of the cultivators who were trying to fight a bloody battle.

Grief came from within and could not be stopped.

There were several hissing sounds.

The falling snow seemed to have piled up over countless years.

In the blink of an eye, a thick layer of snow appeared on the ground.

At this moment, Su Qianqians sword seemed to have just finished slashing horizontally… “Boom!” There was an explosion.

Snow splattered.

The snow that had been torn apart by the sword energy instantly filled the entire world.

Su Qianqian sheathed her sword and stabbed it heavily towards the ground.

“Heavy Tomb!” There was a loud rumble.

There was a thunderbolt from the clear sky above the nine heavens.

The pure white snow was dyed black in an instant, and as if it had been hit by a heavy force, it fell from the sky.

During this process, even the bodies of the spiritual cultivator could not stop the falling snow from falling and piercing through.

“Pshht, pshht, pshht…” Countless blood arrows flew out, dyeing the sky red in an instant.

Xiao Wanfengs heart suddenly stopped beating.

He blinked his eyes forcefully, trying hard to tell himself that this should be an illusion, an illusion… Then, he evaded the influence of the sword power and opened his eyes again.

It was empty! There was nothing in front of him.

Not t mention the snow that had been piled up.

There was not even a speck of drifting snow to be seen.

The blood arrows that shot at the cultivators bodies were also an illusion.

However, under this illusion, Xiao Wanfeng could see that about 30 odd cultivators suddenly exploded with light.

It was the trial jade pendant that had sensed the cultivators deaths and heavy injuries and chose to teleport them out of the Yunlun Mountain Range.

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“Its too late…”

Xiao Wanfeng understood.

These people might have already died.

Their bodies might not have suffered the slightest bit of damage.

However, under Su Qianqians Fantasy Sword Technique, their consciousness thought that they had died.

That was why the protective mechanism of the trial jade pendant was activated.

But would this mechanism be effective…

Xiao Wanfeng did not know.

He felt that perhaps physical damage could be avoided by the trial jade pendant, but the death of consciousness caused by the Fantasy Sword Technique could not be saved even if an immortal came, right “Fantasy Sword Technique… She really knows Fantasy Sword Technique! And its not a beginner level, its an extremely proficient Fantasy Sword Technique that can be used in actual combat!” Xiao Wanfeng thought of himself and felt bitter.

He was also a master swordsman.

But at the moment, he didnt have any combat strength at all.

Although he claimed to have studied the Nine Major Sword Techniques, he wouldnt belittle himself and think that he wasnt a genius… But his Nine Major Sword Techniques were all based on theories.

Even though some of these theories had even been praised by Master Siren.


Merely talking about it was ultimately shallow, as he couldnt put the Way of the Sword into practice.

At the very least, Su Qianqians sword… Even if he hadnt hidden the sword, Xiao Wanfeng didnt know if he could actually use it.

It was just like… “I understand the logic.

In all aspects of the basic equipment, I seem to barely meet the standards.

But to be able to use this sword in actual combat, thats not necessarily the case.

“Phew…” On the mountain, Su Qianqian, who had finished her first move, slowly exhaled a mouthful of turbid air.

Then, her face instantly turned deathly pale.

It was as if her energy and spirit had been sucked dry in an instant.

Even when she stood, she appeared to be on the verge of collapse.

“Its too difficult.”

The fantasy Sword Technique consumed the most mental strength.

Not only did it require the trial taker to construct a perfect mental world in an instant, but it also required the illusory mental world to be able to give the enemy the most realistic reaction.

Killing in a dream was nothing more than that.

Su Qianqian was only a master swordsman.

She was also underage and her mental strength had yet to reach the final stage.

Forcefully using her grandfathers inheritance to kill so many people in one go was the limit of her limits.

But even so, the master swordsman still had a


The cultivators from the five regions were all young geniuses.

More than half of them had been killed by her sword but there were still 10 odd people who managed to survive.

Their consciousness did not die.

Furthermore, another batch of cultivators was rushing over from afar… In the blink of an eye, she was surrounded by tens of people!

“Shes exhausted!”

Someone shouted with a stern expression, trying to incite the anger of the crowd before launching an attack.

However, the others were not stupid.

After seeing her kill tens of people with a sword, everyone was shocked.

“This master swordsman is too terrifying!”

“How does she know Fantasy Sword Technique Ive seen a master swordsman who has Sword Will but cant use the 3000 Sword Styles and Eighteen Sword Forms, let alone the Nine Major Sword Techniques.” “The inheritance of the ancient swordsman is only passed down in the Eastern Region.” “Such an outstanding Fantasy Sword Technique can only be learned among the powerful forces in Fringe Moon Immortal City and the Burial Sword Tomb.” “What background does this girl have to be able to learn such a sword technique”

All of a sudden, everyone became suspicious of Su Qianqians identity.

Someone said in a panic, “Could it be that shes from Fringe Moon Immortal City or Burial Sword Tomb” “Impossible!” someone immediately refuted.

“The people of the Fringe Moon Immortal City are focused on the Way of the Sword.

Ive only heard of swordsmen from all over the world paying a visit to the Fringe Moon Immortal City and comprehending the Eighth Sword Deitys Sword Will.

Ive never heard of people from the Fringe Moon Immortal City who failed to comprehend Dao and have the leisure to come out to fight for fame and fortune.

“As for the Burial Sword Tomb, there are even fewer inheritances.

In this generation, there are only three practitioners, and all of them are male.

“This girl…” As someone spoke, his eyes began to flicker with a fervent light as he came to a firm conclusion.

“She should have obtained some ancient swordsmans inheritance!” Spatial origin stones, ancient swordsmans inheritance… Two supreme treasures gathered on a seemingly exhausted little girl.

How could they not be envious Everyone began to get themselves prepared mentally and planned to launch the second round of attacks.

Xiao Wanfeng was so worried.

“Miss Su, Miss Su, youre only a master swordsman, not a pervert like Young Master Xu.

If you cant take it, then dont force yourself!”

“Its just a spatial origin stone.

Just hand it over and itll be fine!”

He had wanted to step forward and persuade Su Qianqian.

However, after taking a few steps, Su Qianqian happened to look back.

Their eyes met.

They were speechless, but Xiao Wanfeng was in a daze.

He saw the determination in the girls eyes.

He also saw her decisiveness.

It was as if…

Miss Su wasnt protecting the spatial origin stone.

Her only thought was she didnt like to hand the thing in her hand over to others.

Xiao Wanfeng didnt know how he could see through this.

But at that moment, they were connected.

As a master swordsman, he could see through the stubbornness in this girls heart.

Just like how he believed that his Way of the Sword was correct, this girl in front of him also had something she wanted to protect.

“How old is she…”

Xiao Wanfeng didnt know what this girl had experienced.

But at this moment, he didnt hesitate.

He chose to step forward and unsheathe his wooden sword.

“If you cant hold on any longer, leave the rest to me.” “Can you do it” Su Qianqian glanced at his wooden sword.

Xiao Wanfeng hesitated for a moment before saying, “Maybe Ill frighten you.” “But I cant guarantee whether Ill be extremely weak or extremely strong…” Xiao Wanfeng didnt finish the second half of his sentence.

He felt that it was good to deceive himself in a situation like this.


On a distant mountain range, a short white-haired young man was floating in the air.

He clenched his fists tightly as he watched the pack of wolves besieging the hungry tiger.

The others didnt understand what Su Qianqian was defending

But he did.

Just as he wanted to make a move, the white-haired young man seemed to sense something.

He suddenly looked to the other side and stopped in his tracks.

“Clap, clap, clap.”

Just as everyone was about to launch a second round of attacks, a few clapping sounds that were out of place rang out.

“What a master swordsman! What a marvelous Fantasy Sword Technique!” Everyone stopped and looked over.

Not far away, a few wisps of light wind brought over a young man who looked like a banished immortal.

He had sword-like eyebrows, white teeth, bright red lips, and a fair and flawless face.

Just his appearance alone was enough to suppress everyone present.

His body emitted a treasure light, and his entire body had the aura of an immortal spirit.

The only thing that was extremely incompatible with his temperament was probably that pair of eyes.

They were a pair of ordinary eyes.

Although they were spirited and bright, on the face of such a person with an extraordinary temperament, they seemed too ordinary, making people feel they were out of place.

It was as if such a holy son should not only have such an ordinary pair of eyes.

“Who are you” In the crowd, someone was upset that this guy had interrupted the rhythm of the crowd and asked angrily.

Behind the young man, hundreds of people quickly rushed over.

This had frightened everyone.

This person actually brought a large team rushing over.

The hundreds of people made him look even nobler.

“The Jiang clan of the Northern Region, Young Master Jiang!” a person behind the young man stepped forward with a mocking expression and a respectful tone.

“Jiang Xian”

This time, everyone was stunned.

The person who came was the Demi-Saint descendant, Jiang Xian Previously the long fight over the fire-type origin stone had only attracted Tang Zheng, a person whose identity was unknown.

But it was this person who appeared out of nowhere that had killed everyone.

In the end, the origin stone was nowhere to be found.

It was said that it was obtained by a Demi-Saint descendant and no one dared to fight for it again.

No one had thought that this spatial stone had attracted the Demi-Saint descendant so quickly.

What should they do Since the Demi-Saint descendant was here, ordinary people wouldnt be able to compete with him!

Jiang Xian completely ignored the people present.

He looked at Su Qianqian with admiration and said, “I dont remember that there is such a person as you in the Fringe Moon Immortal City and the Burial Sword Tomb.

If you follow me, the spatial origin stone will belong to you.”

Su Qianqians expression was indifferent.

She didnt reply at all and made use of the time to regulate her breathing.

Jiang Xian didnt move.

The person behind him couldnt hold it in any longer.

He took a step forward and angrily rebuked, “Young Master Jiang thinks highly of you because your talent in the Way of the Sword is outstanding.

If you want to nurture it, dont be ungrateful!” Su Qianqian remained silent.

Feeling himself being ignored, Young Master Jiangs people shouted, “Ill give you three breaths to think! You must know that without Young Master Jiangs help, not only you cant deal with these people in front of you, the Jiang clans 600 odd people will be able to tear you into pieces as long as Young Master Jiang gives the order!”

Xiao Wanfeng couldnt hold in anymore.

These peoples words were so disgusting.

How could they recruit people in this manner Even if they agreed to be recruited, would they be able to protect the spatial origin stone after they had gone over! He raised his foot and was about to step out.

“Get lost!”

The person behind Young Master Jiang rolled his eyes and sneered, “Do you have the right to speak here”

Xiao Wanfeng was stunned and retracted his foot.

“Yo ~”

“Bullying a frail girl and a young boy”

Suddenly, an ethereal female voice sounded from the other side.

Jiang Xian turned his eyes and his pupils constricted.

The person was wearing a red dress with bandages all over his body, only revealing two bright eyes.

“Miss Duoer from the Black Heart Fruit Clan”

Duoer ignored Jiang Xian and looked at the center of the crowd.

She tilted her head and asked, “You are Xiao Wanfeng”

Xiao Wanfeng was stunned.

He didnt expect that someone would pay attention to him in such a situation.

Shouldnt they be paying attention to Su Qianqian “I am…”

“Your name is Xiao Wanfeng, so why are you so cowardly Why did you step back after someone shouted at you” Duoers tone was filled with dissatisfaction.

Xiao Wanfeng was dumbfounded.

What was going on If I didnt leave, should I step up and let him kill me

r re e

I was good-for-nothing… Disdain flashed across Duoers eyes, but soon, she seemed to recall something interesting.

She then smiled and said, “Xiao Wanfeng, I remember that you were the one who obtained the origin stone.

Didnt she take it away from you Give me the spatial origin stone in her hand, and Ill guarantee your safety.” Before Xiao Wanfeng could reply, a rough voice sounded from afar.

“Ha, so many people are here Thats good.

Everyone, leave half of your points, and then leave!”

A burly man appeared with a large saber in his hand.

“Tang Zheng!” “Broadsword Tang Zheng!” Everyone who had gone through the first origin stone battle panicked.

It was the great demon, Tang Zheng, who had cut off half of their points and many lives! He had also rushed over so quickly He looked at Su Qianqian and grinned.

He pulled out his saber and said, “Youre different.

Not only do you need to give me points, but you also need to give me the spatial source stone.

Finally, you need to fight with me using your Fantasy Sword Technique.” He licked his lips and his gaze became bloodthirsty.

“Ive never tried the Fantasy Sword Technique before!”


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