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Chapter 840 Who Dares to Touch My Junior Sister!

The clouds moved in all directions.

In the blink of an eye, two Demi-Saint descendants had come.

In addition, there were all kinds of powerful people from the respective regions.

The situation suddenly became precarious.

Xiao Wanfeng looked at this scene and was scared out of his wits.

At this moment, he missed Young Master Xu very much.

If Young Master Xu were here, how would these people be so impudent

However, Su Qianqian was not worried at all.

Even if the situation was not right, and she could not beat them, she could still carry the spatial source stone and run away.

As long as she could hold on for a while, there would always be people coming to rescue her.

As for Xiao Wanfeng, she was even less worried.

As long as he revealed the title ofDemi-Saint descendant, Young Master Xus underling, those people would not dare to do anything even if they captured him.

Moreover, besides the 100,000 points for finding the spatial origin stone, there were no other benefits from Xiao Wanfeng.

Laying a finger on him would only provoke Young Master Xus anger.

Who would want to have such bad luck

“Have you considered it”Jiang Xian spoke.

However, his words didnt seem to be asking Su Qianqian.

Instead, it seemed like he was talking to the many experts at the scene about the distribution of the spatial origin stone.

Before the others could say anything, Su Qianqian had already raised her sword with a determined look in her eyes.

“All of you, attack together!”

Her grandfather didnt even flinch when facing an enemy as powerful as Eighth Sword Deity.

There were only a few hundred to a thousand people in front of her.

How could she surrender

“How dare you!”

The cultivators were provoked by this arrogant attitude.

She was merely a master swordsman who couldnt even defeat a Demi-Saint descendant.

How could she dare to challenge everyone one-on-all

“In my opinion, we should just capture this girl.

As for how to distribute the spatial origin stone… it depends on everyones method!”

Someone in the crowd shouted, and everyone became restless.

However, even if they wanted to move, they still had to take a few glances at the Demi-Saint descendant.

Jiang Xian had become impatient.

She was just a master swordsman.

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It wasnt that he had not seen one before.

Since this little girl didnt want to submit, he was happy to take the spatial origin stone and the points.

Seeing that Xiao Wanfeng had no intention of snatching the origin stone, Duoer shrugged and looked elsewhere indifferently.

She was waiting to be the last to make a move.

It was because the next wave of chaotic battles was obviously not suitable for an individual to make a move.

And the only enemy in her eyes right now was Jiang Xian.

Tang Zheng, on the other hand, raised his broadsword and laughed.

“Alright, lets go together.

You guys charge first, but if you want to snatch the spatial origin stone, you have to charge past me first.

The losers… hehe, just hand over your points obediently!”

He didnt care about the space origin stone at all.

He only cared about the points of everyone present.


It was obvious.

No one cared about this idiot.

After all, he only had one sword.

He was not a group battle contestant.

He could only kill one person at a time.

This was discovered during the previous fight for the fire-type origin stone.

Hence, the pack of wolves let out earth-shattering roars and began to charge.


The mountain trembled.

Nearly a thousand cultivators charged forward.

All sorts of energy fluctuations shot out.

Before they landed on the ground, they had caused an earthquake.

The mountain hummed and rubble rolled about.

“I can only withstand one wave.

After one wave, you and I will run separately.” Su Qianqian did not dare to be careless this time.

She turned her head and said to Xiao Wanfeng.

Xiao Wanfeng was speechless.


“Where am I going to run to”

At this moment, under the gaze of Jiang Xian, Duoer, and the others, Su Qianqian once again raised her giant sword, Gui Xue.

There was a rustling sound.

A cyclone appeared beneath her feet.

The Great Path of the Void was pulled, and all the rushing figures slowed down.

“Is this the Time Order that only one in 10,000 can comprehend in the Fantasy Sword Technique” Jiang Xian was surprised.

He hadnt seen Su Qianqians last attack, but he had heard about it after he arrived.

After seeing it with his eyes, he realized that Su Qianqians ability was even higher than he had expected

“Shes a genius…”

Duoer from the Black Heart Fruit Clan was surprised too.

To be able to comprehend such a sword technique at such a young age and able to use


With such talent, even in the Demi-Saint family, she could be considered a stunning talent.

“No wonder the swordsman of the Eastern Region is not to be trifled with.

Are they all so terrifying”

Duoer seemed to recall some bad memories.

Not long after she entered the Yunlun Mountain Range, she had provoked a swordsman from afar.

That was why she was teased when Jiang Xian invited her to join him that night.

However, at that time, both sides did not really fight.

They only used their aura to compete across the air.

But even so, the power of the Sovereign (stage) of the Way of the Sword made Duoer extremely uncomfortable.

If they really fought, she didnt even have full confidence that she could escape.

Of course.

That was the Sovereign (stage) of the Way of the Sword!

The limit of this small master swordsman in front of her was there.

She couldnt create any waves.


The roars were accompanied by the energy fluctuations of the Innate (stage) and Master (stage) cultivators.

At this moment, even the color of the sky was drowned.

In Su Qianqians eyes, there were only the tragic colors reflected by the spiritual technique of the various attributes.

She stood still.

Until the enormous energy crossed the barrier of time with great difficulty and arrived in front of her.

Like a huge sword that had been accumulating power for a lifetime, it trembled weakly and imperceptibly in her hand.


With just this tremble, a shocking shock wave forced Xiao Wanfeng to retreat step by step.

The youth was terrified.

He felt as if Su Qianqians tiny body contained a volcano that had been suppressed for 10,000 years.

And that volcano was about to erupt! “Shock Path…”

Gui Xue, the giant sword swept backwards, tearing apart a thick spatial black arc in the void.

Then, faced with a myriad of energy attacks, Su Qianqians body was lifted high by the swords power, forming an inverted semicircle in mid-air.

Her huge sword flipped 360 degrees, from the front to the top of her head, to her back, and finally to her heel!

At this moment, time seemed to have stopped.

The huge sword that flew backward and accumulated its power to its limit had returned before the nearly 1,000 cultivators could react, slamming heavily onto the ground.

“Shock Path — collapsing mountains and rivers!”

A delicate shout.

A loud rumble rang out.

The instant the huge sword of Gui Xue struck the ground, a shockwave that could be seen with the naked eye bloomed in a radius of several thousand feet with the huge sword as the center.

The shockwave spread out to a distance of thousand feet in an instant with the force of a thunderbolt.

Su Qianqians strike not only enveloped thousands of energy attacks, but also the various spell casters, who were the nearly one thousand cultivators.

“Swish, swish, swish!”

The only three people who could react were Jiang Xian, Duoer, and Tang Zheng who was still secretly accumulating points.

At that moment, the three people felt their hair stand on end.

They retreated a few thousand feet away as if they had gone mad.

Then, all of them looked at the scene with shocked expressions.


An earth-shattering explosion followed after Su Qianqians sword blasted out of the abyss.

It was like throwing a small nuclear bomb on a plain.

The dust that exploded was swept away by the shockwave, but it did not escape.

In the end, it could only push forward to the nine heavens.

A huge mushroom cloud that was pushed up repeatedly towards the sky completed more than a dozen evolutions in an instant.

From the smallest to the largest, and to the end, it covered the sky and the sun.

The sky and earth were completely dyed black!

The three people who had retreated to the outside could see that after Su Qianqians sword strike, the trial takers were blown upside down.

Their limbs and remains flew everywhere, and some even had their heads thrown out.

“The Shock Path”

Jiang Xians expression was one of shock, he couldnt help but mutter to himself, “The Shock Path of the 3000 Sword Styles What kind of comprehension quality does this little girl have Even if she has been cultivating since she was born, it was impossible for her to comprehend the Time Order of the Fantasy Sword Technique and deduce the Shock Path to such an extent at such an age.

Whose disciple is


Duoer covered her mouth and nose and widened her eyes.

However, she suddenly laughed out loud, “I realized that she is much more fun than Xiao Wanfeng.

I want this person!”

She stared at the scene before her with her mouth agape.

“This is the 3000 Sword Styles I havent even comprehended the Upanishad of my broadsword yet, and this little girl is already so much ahead of me No wonder Master told me not to play with the broadsword and focus on training my body…”

Mournful wails sounded everywhere.

After a moment of vacuum, painful sounds were emitted from all over the place.

“My leg, ah…”

“My jade pendant, f*ck, this is a protective jade pendant that can withstand a Sovereign (stage) attack!”

“Didnt I say that this girl is in a weakened state How could she still unleash such an attack”

“My head… No, my body, where did it go”

“My hand!!”

A Master (stage) expert might be able to withstand the shockwave and survive by relying on various defensive spiritual weapons.

However, none of the Innate (stage) experts could escape.

If they didnt have the defensive spiritual weapon given to them by their clans, they would either be destroyed or blown to death, and 99% of them would be sent out of the Yunlun Mountain Range on the spot.


At the scene, Su Qianqian held onto the giant sword, Gui Xue, and couldnt help but spit out a mouthful of blood.

The 3,000 Sword Styles were too difficult.

This sword attack had accumulated power to the extreme.

Just the recoil alone almost blew her internal organs into powder.

After all, she didnt have an Innate (stage) physique.

“Run quickly, I cant hold on any longer…”

Su Qianqian couldnt even turn her head back, but she still instructed Xiao Wanfeng.

When she raised her sword, she had protected Xiao Wanfeng, a mortal.

Otherwise, just the aftershocks of the battle alone would have turned this guy into a pulp.

“I…” Xiao Wanfeng took a step back, gritted his teeth, and turned around to support Su Qianqian.

He wanted to carry her and run with her.

With this support, he could feel every muscle in Su Qianqians body twitching.

In fact…

The hands of the little girl holding the sword had cracked from her shoulders to her thumb, and fresh blood was flowing out.

It was obvious that the little master swordsman wouldnt be able to withstand this sword strike.

“Put me down, well split up and run!”

Su Qianqian turned her head weakly, but her voice was full of determination.

Since she couldnt wait for rescue, she would hold onto the spatial origin stone and bring along the hatred.

If she stayed with Xiao Wanfeng, they would only die together.


Xiao Wanfeng rejected the idea without thinking and picked up Su Qianqian.

The girl didnt weigh much when he picked her up, so he started running.

“My sword…”

Su Qianqians face was pale.

She pointed at the fallen Gui Xue, her eyes were full of sorrow.

This was the heavy sword that her grandfather had passed down.

It was as heavy as a thousand tons!

She could pick it up easily after recognizing it as her master.

However, if it were an outsider, not to mention a mortal like Xiao Wanfeng, even a master (stage) cultivator might not be able to lift it.

It was impractical for Xiao Wanfeng to carry her with him.

“Its so troublesome.

Its better to use a wooden sword!” Xiao Wanfeng said angrily, but he knew that a swordsmans life depended on it.

He immediately carried Su Qianqian and ran back.

“Theres no need to go back!” Su Qianqian was anxious.

“This is my grandfathers sword.

You cant pick it up at all.

No one can pick it up even if you leave it here…” “Sizzle.”

With a soft sound, Xiao Wanfeng hung the wooden sword on his back and carried her with one hand.

Then, with one hand, he picked up the huge sword, Gui Xue.

Su Qianqian was stunned.


Did he pick it up

“Buzz, buzz, buzz!!!”

Gui Xue was grabbed by an outsider and started to struggle.

The frequency of the vibration was enough to crack an unguarded Innate (stage) physique.

However, Xiao Wanfeng seemed to be fine as he held the sword.

His hand shook along with its high frequency.

All the power was perfectly neutralized.

Su Qianqian was stunned again.

What, what was going on

She had sensed that this young man was not simple.

At least, she felt that the faint aura of the master swordsman was not inferior to hers when it was fully unleashed.


Gui Xue had been taken!

How could it not be able to shake off a mortal body


Just as Su Qianqians thoughts were running wild, Xiao Wanfeng couldnt stand Gui Xues recklessness and shouted angrily.

In the end, Gui Xue really quieted down!

Su Qianqian could even feel a faint trace of fear from the spirit of her sword…


Su Qianqian was puzzled.

She was shocked for the third time.

How could Gui Xue be afraid of an outsider

This was her grandfathers sword from the


As the former sword-bearer of the famed sword tomb, the Epitaph of City Snow, her grandfather had experienced countless storms in his life.

In this world, the only person who could make Gui Xue feel the fear without a fight was probably at the level of Seventh Sword Deity!

Xiao Wanfeng… Seventh Sword Deity in disguise

This ridiculous thought flashed through Su Qianqians mind, and she saw Xiao Wanfeng stop.

“Whats wrong” She finally recovered from her panic and focused on the chaotic situation in front of her.

“It seems like theres no need to run anymore…” Xiao Wanfengs ears twitched as he said with uncertainty.

Su Qianqian looked at the group of Master (stage) cultivators who had recovered from the shock and wanted to make a comeback after seeing her injury from the recoil.

She immediately understood.

“Put me down…” she said softly.

She raised her hand and Gui Xue returned to her hand, “I can still fight.”

“Theres no need,” Xiao Wanfeng put her down but tried to persuade her.

“I can still launch similar attacks twice,” Su Qianqian sneered as she looked at the Master (stage) cultivators.

She was injured from the recoil, but she wasnt a pushover that could be easily controlled.

“What about after two attacks Can you still survive” Xiao Wanfeng asked.

He paused for a moment before explaining, “When I saidno need, I meant that our rescue seems to have arrived.”

He looked at the ground.

The ground in front of him suddenly broke through and a swaying flower bloomed.

The fragrance of the flower assailed his nose and was refreshing.

It instantly completely washed away the weariness in ones heart.

Su Qianqian was stunned when she heard this, but she turned around and looked into the sky.

She muttered to herself, “It seems like its really coming…”

In the distant sky…

Just as Jiang Xian, Duoer, and Tang Zheng felt that Su Qianqian was powerless to resist and wanted to summon more people to kill her…

An angry shout filled with killing intent came crashing down like a bolt from the blue sky.

“Who dares to touch my junior sister!”


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