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Chapter 841 No One Will Be Able to Stop My Footsteps Today!

The stern shout filled with killing intent resounded in the area.

In an instant, the wind blew the sand up in the area, and the ground was sliced open by numerous sword marks.

“This aura…”

Everyones hair stood on end as they turned their heads to look.

They were greeted with the figure of an unfamiliar man swiftly flying over in the sky.

The figure was unfamiliar to the point that no experiencer recognized the person whether they were from the Central Region or the East Region.

However, the aura that filled the sky indicated that this persons cultivation was extraordinary.

“Sovereign in the Way of the Sword” Jiang Xian looked over, his face filled with shock.

With just a glance, he recognized the person as the one he had accidentally provoked that day.

He had only managed to force the person to retreat then after losing more than half of his team members.

Duoer had the same thought process.

She also found the person familiar.

He was the same man who had confronted her with his aura across the air that day.

They had never truly exchanged blows, but he had made her feel powerless.

“Who is this guy” Tang Zheng looked at the person who had just arrived in puzzlement.

He did not recognize this person at all.

However, for the guy to call the lady who was a master swordsman his junior sister, did it mean that they were from the same sect

They were both swordsmen.

The senior brother was a Sovereign in the Way of the Sword, while the junior sister was a master swordsman.

Where did they come from They should be disciples from the same big sect, right “Burial Sword Tomb, Gu Qingsan!” Jiang Xian said resolutely.

The moment he said this, everyone was stunned.

Didnt they say that the three major practitioners from the Burial Sword Tomb were all men

Why was there a junior sister of theirs here Or perhaps, the rumors were false, and there was indeed a woman among the three practitioners

“Is this junior sister really his junior sister Or is it just a casual address based on seniority” With his large saber on his shoulder, Tang Zheng stopped his sneakily farming of points and said full of suspicion.

“Whether its true or not, we cannot make a move against this woman anymore,” Someone panicked.

At this moment, he had lost his will to fight and wanted to leave this battlefield.

Jiang Xian hesitated.

The person behind him stepped forward and said, “Young Master Jiang, its this guy who tricked and killed hundreds of people in our team…”

Jiang Xian paused.

He indeed wanted to take revenge, but fighting with a Sovereign in the Way of the Sword was a thankless task.

“Youre afraid now” At this moment, Duoer laughed as if she was enjoying the show.

“The Burial Sword Tomb is strong because of the Sword Will in the Eastern Mountain.

All the spiritual swords in the world have been gathered there, so the Sword Will there is so strong that even a Demi-Saint wouldnt dare to set foot in it.

But even so, Sword Deity Wen Ting ultimately hasnt become a Sword Saint yet! If the Sword Deity advances to become a Demi-Saint, he may have the highest combat strength among the Demi-Saints.

However, even if he is only half a step away from becoming a Demi-Saint, the gap is still there.

As such, such a faction may not be much stronger than the real Demi-Saint Families,” Duoer spoke calmly.

Her words calmed the hearts of everyone present.

Somes thoughts were swayed by her words.

They were initially somewhat doubtful, but on second thought, it seemed that this was really the case

Jiang Xian, on the other hand, simply snickered.

He did not believe in this nonsense at all.

In the Eastern Region, even the Fringe Moon Immortal City could not compare to the Burial Sword Tombs fame.

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This was the latter was an old faction that had existed for tens of thousands of years, while the Fringe Moon Immortal City had only appeared in the last few decades.

Regardless of that, the fame of these two factions was many times greater than the Demi-Saint Families.

This was because the Demi-Saint Families were reclusive.

Since they were reclusive, they would never show themselves unless it was something that could make the sky collapse.

However, factions like the Burial Sword Tomb, Fringe Moon Immortal City, and so on were active in the eyes of the world.

As such, their strength could be seen with the naked eye.

One could imagine the consequences of offending a practitioner of such a faction.

Jiang Xian himself was not afraid of Gu Qingsan because they had the same status.

However, if his subordinates dared to act recklessly before Gu Qingsan, they might die without even knowing how.

Unfortunately, the many trial-takers did not think so.

They were only comparing according to what Duoer had said.

Wen Ting, one of the Seven Sword Deity.

To put it bluntly, he was only a Seven Sword Deity and not a Demi-Saint.

The Demi-Saint Families, on the other hand, meant that there really was a Demi-Saint in the families!

In comparison, Gu Qingsans background was quite strong but still weaker than the two Demi-Saint descendants in the arena.

Therefore, seeing that Duoer was showing signs of backing them up, the fighting spirit of the trial-takers was gathered and burning again.

“Who cares whether hes Gu Qingsan and Gu Qingsi Do we, the younger generation, still need to act according to the will of the older generation when we fight for spatial origin stones”

“Its one thing for us to be inferior in terms of skills, but if we dont even dare to fight, how will we be able to walk the Great Path in the future”

“Furthermore, if we only fight for spatial origin stones and dont kill, how can the Seven Sword Deity, Wen Ting, be willing to lose face to deal with us”

The unspoken rule of the continent was that the more famous one from the older generation was, the less likely one would attack those of the younger generation.

At the Seven Sword Deitys stage, if his disciples died in proper battles, how could he take revenge


Everyone shouted and wanted to rush forward again.

“Lets see who dares!” Gu Qingsan arrived barehanded.

He had clearly been far away on the horizon, but within a few breaths, his figure had rapidly approached.

His expression was furious, like a dragon whose treasure had been touched, and his killing intent overflowed.

They had met their junior sister, Su Qianqian, in the White Cave.

At that time, they had been eager to take her in as a disciple on behalf of their Master.

It didnt matter whether their Master agreed or not.

The main thing was that the three of them liked the little girl very much.

They werent old enough to take in disciples yet, so they could only take her in as their Masters disciple and let her become their junior sister.

After hearing about her background, they wept and their desire to take her in as a disciple on behalf of their Master grew even stronger.

However, due to the relationship between the Eighth Sword Deity and their Master, Su Qianqian had never agreed.

Even though they had explained time and time again that ones Master wouldnt affect ones revenge in the future, that their Masters lifelong wish was to kill Bazhunan with a single strike of his sword, and that an unaffiliated ancient swordsman without a Master would have an extremely arduous future, Su Qianqian still refused.

This time, they had met Su Qianqian again in Dongtianwang City.

Gu Qingsan originally didnt have much hope, but his eldest senior brother had said that they could give it another try.

Thus, Gu Qingsan asked once more.

He didnt expect Su Qianqian to say that she would consider it this time.

Gu Qingsan felt that this was too magical.

Could it be that his eldest senior brother could predict the future like a God He asked for the reason his eldest senior brother had said that.

In the end, his eldest senior brother only said one sentence, “We are too far away from her and cant give her any pressure, but as long as Su Qianqian sees the growth of the people around her, she will naturally be anxious.” Gu Qingsan was only stunned for a moment before he realized who his eldest senior brother was talking about.

The Saint Servant, Xu Xiaoshou!

Gu Qingsan had even fought with the fellow back then in Tiansang City.

Although he had lost by a notch, Gu Qingsan felt that it was only because he had not made sufficient preparations then and had also underestimated the enemy.

This time, he had advanced to the Sovereign Stage in the Way of the Sword and had come to Dongtianwang City with a slight intention of seeking back his face.

However, when he arrived in Dongtianwang City, he heard that the Saint Servant, Xu Xiaoshou, was already an existence that could cause an explosion in the City even under the eyes of one of the Seven Sword Deity, Rao Yaoyao.

Such a person with such a brain and such cultivation…

Even he, Gu Qingsan, felt the pressure.

So how could Su Qianqian who didnt have a Master not be anxious After confirming that Su Qianqian was fine, the Gu brothers even specially paid a visit to the Dean of Tiansang Spirit Palace, Ye Xiaotian, for this matter.

The Dean had agreed.

As such, this matter was basically a done deal.

Although there was still the ceremony of her officially acknowledging their Master as her Master to go, to Gu Qingsan, he was no longer the youngest junior brother.

He was a person who had a junior sister.

And now!

This bunch of bastards from the Yunlun Mountain Range wanted to make a move against his cute and lovely junior sister.

Who could tolerate such a thing

“Die!” Gu Qingsan flew over.

He clenched his hand in the air.

Under the Swordless Sword Technique, nothingness existed, and existence was nothingness.

In his eyes, the hundreds of cultivators in the Master Stage were already dead.

“Sword Explosion!” Gu Qingsan shouted angrily.

With a bang, terrifying sword energy exploded on the bodies of the hundreds of cultivators in the Master Stage, including Jiang Xian, Duoer, and Tang Zheng.

The wave of sword energy that could seemingly devour everything, stirred up a huge wave in the barren mountain.

In an instant, everyones sight was submerged by the energy.

“Hngh…” A drowning feeling of helplessness came over.

Jiang Xian and Duoer were both shocked.

This ability…

It turned out that the last time Gu Qingsan had confronted them, he had merely used little of his methods.

To think they didnt even have the time to react and had been controlled from afar the minute the Sovereign in the Way of the Sword attacked in rage.

Gu Qingsans expression was ferocious.

He spread out his hands and clenched them tightly again, “All of you… Break!” The sword energy that filled the sky gathered, and in an instant, retracted back into the cultivators bodies.

In the mountains, hundreds of inflated human balloons suddenly popped up.

Xiao Wanfengs eyes were straight.

He had thought that help had arrived.

However, he did not expect that the methods of the Sovereign in the Way of the Sword who had suddenly appeared seemed to be even more ruthless than Young Master Xu!

Su Qianqians people

No wonder…

No wonder Miss Su had said that if a Sovereign in the Way of the Sword came, they would have one more helper…

“Sir, this is going too far,” At the critical moment, a figure in black suddenly appeared in the sky.

As soon as the figure appeared, he reached out and grabbed Gu Qingsans fist.

With a sizzle, the hundreds of human balloons seemed to have been deflated as sword energy shot out from their pores and they were forcibly removed from the crisis.

However, although the crisis had been resolved, the sword energy of the Sovereign still caused them to be covered in wounds, turning them into bloody figures.

“Who are you” Gu Qingsan calmed down slightly and realized that the ability he had used just now seemed to have exceeded the rules.

“The trial office,” The man in black replied.

His cultivation was obviously outstanding as he seemed oblivious to Gu Qingsans Sword Will.

He continued with a normal expression, “The trials in the Yunlun Mountain Range only allow trial-takers who are at most in the Master Stage.

You should have a good idea why you guys as Sovereigns in the Way of the Sword have been allowed to enter, and there are some things that we shouldnt have to talk about explicitly.”


If it was any other day, Gu Qingsan wouldve been very easygoing since he was not a hot-tempered person, to begin with.

But when he turned, he saw that Su Qianqian couldnt even stand up.

His junior sister had been injured so badly.

If he couldnt kill the enemies on the spot, what was the point of him being her senior brother

“Since you guys didnt say it explicitly, I had taken the Master Stage cultivation limit as a restriction that only applied to spiritual cultivators.

The Sovereign Sword Will is just an additional skill of mine.

In terms of cultivation, Im only at the Innate Stage, so why are you trying to stop me, trial officer” Gu Qingsan narrowed his eyes and said.

The trial officer shook his head and said, “Calm down.

Im not targeting you.

You can use the Sovereign Sword Intent, but your move just now had indeed already reached the Sovereign Stage…” “So its my fault that my move is too strong” Gu Qingsan did not feel guilty at all.

The trial officer, “…”

At this moment, he really did not have any words to refute.

However, this mission had been personally issued by Sword Deity Rao.

The spatial origin stone wasnt really meant to be given to the trial-takers.

It was more to lure the person who was supposed to make a move to take action.

If that person didnt make a move, then the spatial origin stone would really be wasted.

To the trial-takers, the trial of the Yunlun Mountain Range was an opportunity, but to Sword Deity Rao, Cloud Realm was just one of her plans.

Her bigger scheme was all in Sky City.

It was easy to see which was more important.

At this moment, the trial jade pendant rang with abeep.

Everyone flipped it open to take a look.

“The latest rule of the Yunlun Mountain Range: Any Sovereign trial-taker (including the Sovereigns in the Way of the Sword) is not allowed to display abilities that exceed the Master Stage during the trial.

The Cloud Realms ability to withstand the energy is limited.

Please be understanding, trial-takers.”

Gu Qingsans expression immediately darkened.

This new rule had clearly been issued specifically to restrict him!

The trial officer smiled, “As you can see, this is a newly updated rule.

We are only following orders.”

Gu Qingsan immediately closed his eyes, “Im sorry.

From the moment I saw your black clothes, I was blind.

I havent seen anything.”

The trial officers lips twitched.

Was this guy determined to fight with him

“Youre trying to break the rules…” The trial officer was still smiling.

He hadnt finished his sentence when Gu Qingsan suddenly stabbed out with one hand like a sword.

Before anyone could react, he had broken the chest of the black-clothed man before him.

“Pu!” Blood splattered.

Everyone was dumbfounded.

He attacked

Had he really attacked

Had Gu Qingsan really just attacked the trial officer!

Even the trial officer himself probably wouldnt have thought that this would happen!

“I will say this today — No one can stop me,” Gu Qingsans eyes regained their coldness.

He turned his head and glanced at his junior sister, and his heart clenched.

A mere trial officer in the Sovereign Stage, what right did he have to block in front of him

The Burial Sword Tomb didnt need to give face to anyone on the continent.

If his eldest senior brother said so, he wouldnt have dared to make a move.

But who was this bastard to order him around Was the bastard courting death

“You…” The trial officer opened his mouth only to spit out a mouthful of blood.

He simply couldnt react at all.

In other words, he had yet to regain his senses from the reactions of the trial-takers that he had met before.

The moment the trial-takers met a black-clothed person and heard that he was a trial officer, they would normally be so frightened that they would not even dare to move.

Nas as

However, the fellow before him was really not afraid of him! The way Gu Qingsan looked at him was as though he was looking at a corpse! “You are finished,” The trial officer retreated with a whoosh.

He had indeed been injured by the stabbing sword hand, but it didnt matter.

The fellow before him was simply asking for trouble by poking a hornets nest.

It must be known that the Yunlun Mountain Range wasnt under the Burial Sword Tombs territory! “Its over, its over…” Xiao Wanfeng, who had originally been filled with anticipation, felt his heart turn cold when he saw this scene.

He had thought that Gu Qingsan was someone who could stand shoulder to shoulder with Young Master Xu.

He hadnt expected the fellow to completely change his worldview the moment he made a move.

Xiao Wanfeng turned his head to Su Qianqian, “Your senior brother only has martial strength, but not the brains.

How could he make a move against the trial official The consequences…”

Before he could finish his sentence.

“Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh, whoosh…” A dozen black-clothed men suddenly flew over from all directions.

They stood in the air and were ready for battle.

Among them, even the weakest one was at the Sovereign Stage while the four in the lead were all at the Cutting Path Stage!


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