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Chapter 842 We Pay Our Respects to Xu Factions Leader!

“Hahaha, this guy is finished.

He has stirred up a hornets nest!” Tang Zheng laughed loudly as he carried his large saber on his shoulder and pointed at the dozen or so black-clothed men on the horizon.

No one had expected that from the moment Gu Qingsan appeared to the moment he was intercepted, he had only used an impulsive thrust that had truly exceeded everyones expectations.

In these nine days, everyone had already gotten used to the existence of the trial officers, and they also knew why these people would appear.

However, Gu Qingsans bravery should not have been used in this way.

With this, he could at most be considered brave with no brains!

“He wont be able to stir up any more waves.

After the trial officers take him away, we can start our next wave of operations,” Among the trial-takers, someone laughed out loud.

“Of course,” The person beside him replied.

“No one will be able to protect the spatial origin stone this time!” “Uhuh,” It was still the same perfunctory response.

“That little girl whos a master swordsman… Hm Whats with you” As the trial-taker spoke, he noticed the abnormality of the person beside him.

At some point in time, some new faces had swarmed into the crowd.

These people did not look like they were in cahoots, but they were secretly performing discrete actions with tacit understanding — they were all scattering something on the ground.

“What are you doing” The trial-taker asked on the spot.

The person with the unfamiliar face replied matter-of-factly, “Scattering seeds.

Dont you think that the vegetation here is a little scarce There are too many people.

If there were more greenery, this place wouldnt be so stuffy.” “What greenery does this mountain need!” The trial-taker was immediately puzzled, “Besides, if you scatter seeds now, when will the trees finally grow”

“Well, that depends on luck.

However, it was Young Master Jiangs orders.

God knows what hes thinking.

Maybe him being a Demi-Saints descendant, he just cant stand the lack of greenery,” The person shrugged indifferently.

The moment Young Master Jiang was mentioned, the trial-takers immediately fell silent.

The order of a Demi-Saints descendant

Although the order wasnt a big deal, it seemed rather… unintelligent to ask someone to sow seeds in such an anxious battle situation.

However, the person who had issued to order was a Demi-Saints descendant.

Wo how would the ordinary spiritual cultivators dare to make indiscreet remarks

The Master Stage cultivators looked left and right and discovered that there were many others interspersed in the crowd who were seeing seeds.

However, the actions of their sowing the seeds were too small, thus with everyone paying attention to Gu Qingsan and the trial officers, not many noticed that there were people around them who were taking advantage of the opportunity to do such a small and not very smart move.

“You, come with us!”

In the sky, the newly appeared trial officers were already moving to capture Gu Qingsan.

If it was any other time that they had forcefully made a move, even with the new rule that had just been established in the trial takers jade pendants, it was inevitable that they would be unable to put down their pride to do something like this.

But now that Gu Qingsan had first made a move to hurt one of them, it would be no problem for them to take him away.

Gu Qingsan had originally wanted to struggle.

Even if there were four trial officers in the Cutting Path Stage before him, he believed that as long as he really started fighting and released his Sword Will, his eldest and second senior brother would soon notice his predicament.

At that time, let alone four Cutting Path Stage trial officers, even if there were a few more, his eldest senior brother would not be afraid.

Of course, his eldest senior brother may not be afraid, but that did not mean that he, Gu Qingsan, could be unafraid.

“I can go with you, but my junior sister…” “She is participating in the trial as a normal trial-taker, you cant take her away,” The trial official interrupted.

Gu Qingsan was immediately unwilling and said, “Lets do it then.

Today, either youll die, or Ill… Eh”

He suddenly stopped in the middle of his sentence, and his ears twitched slightly.

He heard a familiar voice through telepathic communication, “You lure those trial officials away.

Leave Su Qianqian to me.” Who was that! Gu Qingsan subconsciously wanted to turn his head.

But the voice appeared again, “Dont move.

Just trust me.

Im from the Taixiang Xu Family of the Northern Region.

Wen Ting has gifted me the Taixiang Sword.

Strictly speaking, you should address this Young Master, me, as your senior brother.” Wen Ting had gifted this guy the Taixiang Sword

What was the Taixiang Sword Wen Ting… He knew who that was, it was his Master!

Gu Qingsan was dumbfounded.

Who was this

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Why was the person related to his Master To think the person even gave him quite a few ridiculous excuses, even saying that he was his senior brother…

So he had an unknown and unofficial senior brother

Gu Qingsan felt that the other party was confident in his words as if he had solid evidence.

He seemed to be on the same side and had made it so that there was no way others would not believe him.

More importantly, he did not have any doubts at all.

He simply followed the other partys tone and aura, and chose to believe.

“You…” Gu Qingsan wanted to speak, but he didnt know to whom he should send the telepathic communication.

However, the other party seemed to have completely read his mind as the voice came again, “Dont worry, if I can be your senior brother, Im definitely at least a Sovereign in the Way of the Sword.

Though, Im not as stupid as you.

To think you tried to save someone else yet got yourself into trouble.

Simply stupid!” Gu Qingsan was ashamed.

He felt as if he had been reprimanded by his eldest senior brother.

He didnt dare to refute at all.

He lowered his head and thought for a moment before he came to his senses.

This person had said that he had come from Taixiang in the Northern region, and had even addressed himself as “this Young Master”.

Recently, in Dongtianwang City, a new faction named the First Pavilion in the Sky that belonged to Young Master Xu of the Northern Regions Taixiang seemed to have appeared.

When he had first entered the city, the three of them had wanted to visit Master Siren at the First Pavilion in the Sky.

However, not long after, Master Sirens aura had disappeared, so the plans of the three brothers had naturally fallen through.

Since the person was somewhat related to Master Siren who was one of the Seven Sword Deity, there was a good chance that this Young Master Xu indeed knew his Master.

But wasnt he a master swordsman

How did he ascend to become a Sovereign in the Way of the Sword

Gu Qingsan was confused.

Looking at where Su Qianqian was, Gu Qingsan knew that the “famous” Xiao Wanfeng who was next to her was Young Master Xus man.

Therefore, even if senior brother Xu didnt know his junior sister, Su Qianqian, he would still save Xiao Wanfeng.

And since his junior sister was with Xiao Wanfeng, she should be safe.

As such, it seemed that he indeed only needed to lure the trial officer away and leave some space for senior brother Xu to fight.

With that, everything would be resolved perfectly… “Hurry up, what are you daydreaming about Why arent you leaving Are you waiting for a banquet to start!” Senior brother Xus telepathic communication came again.

Gu Qingsans shrank his neck.

He only felt that senior brother Xu whom he had never met before was already almost as fierce as his eldest senior brother.

He did not think too much about it.

After all, this person was on his side, so he might as well trust him once! “You want to catch me” Looking at the trial officers, Gu Qingsan smiled.

Immediately after, he turned around and started running, “If you have the guts, you can give it a try!” With a “whoosh”, his speed was unusually fast, and he directly disappeared.

However, soon, a “bang” sound appeared in the distance.

Gu Qingsan seemed to have hit an invisible barrier.

He held his head and hissed in pain.

“Im sorry, try again.

Ill let you go first,” The telepathic communication appeared.

Gu Qingsan rolled his eyes.

He was a little surprised when he realized that the surroundings had already been sealed by a great array.

When did this happen

What was this mysterious senior brother Xu trying to do He only thought about it for a split second before turning his head to look behind him and shouting, “What are you standing there for Didnt you want to catch me”


He flashed and disappeared.

The more than ten trial officials had question marks on their heads.

Was this a joke Wasnt Gu Qingsan acting like he was going to fight to the death with them just now Yet in the blink of an eye, he was about to fly away Regardless of all that, their mission as trial officers was to chase away this person who might stir up trouble.

Therefore, the one in the lead waved his hand, and ordered, “Go after him!”

With that, the trial officers were gone.

The trial-takers below were stunned.

From the appearance of the furious Gu Qingsan, a Sovereign in the Way of the Sword, to his comical escape, it had only been a short moment.

As the saying went, he had put up quite a show, but the end result was only as such.


“He left.”

“That guy, he actually left” “The trial officer are also gone.

Doesnt this mean…”

Everyones eyes turned back to Su Qianqian and Xiao Wanfeng in a swish, greed flashing in their eyes.

“Charge!” This time, Jiang Xian didnt wait any longer.

If he waited any longer, he was afraid that the situation would really change.

As such, he raised his hand and ordered everyone under his command to launch the final wave of assault.

“Get the spatial origin stone!” “Kill!”

The roars were earth-shattering.

However, at this moment, the cultivators did not dare to just bombard the young lady because they already knew that the young lady who was a master swordsman was someone with quite a huge background.

This time, they only needed to snatch the origin stones.

They could not make a move against her.

However, when the crowd was rushing halfway to their target, a young lady suddenly emerged from the ground in front of Su Qianqian and Xiao Wanfeng.

“Again” “Who is it this time”

Everyone was stunned, but they didnt stop and still continued to move forward.

The little loli who was wearing a floral-patterned dress, had two ponytails, and looked to be about the same height as Su Qianqian simply didnt seem to have much combat strength! Who would have thought that the twin-ponytail loli would be provoked when they did not stop She immediately placed her hands on her hips and shouted, “Stop! All of you, Stop!” No one cared.

The little girl was so angry that she wrinkled her nose.

Why could she never have the dignity like the certain someone when she spoke She pointed in front of her and shouted, “All of you, stop! You have been surrounded!” The trial-takers, “…”

Surrounded This young lady alone surrounding the few hundred of them Some busybodies roared with laughter as they charged forward and shouted.

“Hahaha, young lady, if you know whats good for you, hurry up and leave.

Otherwise, with this wave of cultivators rushing past you, Im afraid that you will be crushed by us.”


“Im dying of laughter.

To think you said weve been surrounded… What do you have to surround us with”

Everyone ignored her and in a short while, they had rushed to the front of the trio.

Mu Zixi felt that the moment she had been waiting for had finally arrived.


What she wanted was for one of the cultivators to shout, “What do you have to surround us with” “Aunt Mu…” Xiao Wanfengs eyes were filled with worry as he stood behind her.

When he saw the little flower that had broken out from the ground and swayed in the wind just now, he knew that his reinforcements had arrived.

However, he had never expected that this time, Aunt Mu had brought people here alone.

Young Master Xu was not with her at all! “Can she do it” Looking at Aunt Mu who was laughing maniacally with her hands on her hips in front of everyone, Xiao Wanfengs eyes were filled with doubt.

At this moment, Mu Zixi suddenly waved her hand.

Like a bandit leader, she started to shout crazily in a hoarse voice to the point her voice broke, “Brothers, theres no need to hide anymore… Come out!!!” Following this, a loud rumble, and the ground suddenly shook.

Then, banging sounds could be heard incessantly as if there were thousands of soldiers and horses charging from all directions.

The trial-takers were shocked.

The rhythm of their advance was disrupted as all of them stopped and looked around.

There was really someone This girl wasnt bluffing and she really had backup This thought hadnt even lasted for a few seconds when everyone noticed in surprise that over a thousand people had jumped out with a bang from the surrounding mountains, from the rocks, from the ravines, and from the soil… Over a thousand people! The densely packed heads, the black mass of figures… Regardless of anything else, just in terms of numbers, the people that have appeared at this moment had completely crushed the cultivators here! Jiang Xian, Duoer, and the others were completely dumbfounded.

Where did these people come from When did they charge into here Why was no one aware of their appearance in advance The only way to achieve this was for these people to have ambushed them on the spot…

However, the moment the spatial origin stone had appeared, Jiang Xian and the others had already rushed over.

It was impossible for thousands of people to stay underground and wait till now to ambush them, right Then, the only remaining possibility… These people had started digging a few miles away and came here from the depths of the earth


Cultivators had dignity! How could they be willing to dig through the earth just to come here! Besides, what would they do such a thing for Just to dig through the ground and give everyone a shock by appearing suddenly “Is it a surprise” Mu Zixi blinked her big, sparkling eyes.

Her face was filled with excitement, and her canine teeth shone as she grinned, “I told you that the lot of you had been surrounded by me, but you didnt believe


She said this to the trial-takers before her.

After saying that, the little girl flew into the air and closed her eyes as if she was enjoying it.

Then, she gently raised her hands in the air, and the thousands of cultivators that had broken out of the ground flew into the sky to the same height.

It was as if they had undergone rigorous training.

Then, everyone took a deep breath and roared, “We pay our respects to the leader of the Xu Faction! The leader will live long and unify the martial arts world for thousands of generations!” The sky-shaking sound waves even stirred up rolling sand on the ground that swept onto Xiao Wanfeng and Su Qianqians dumbfounded faces.

Su Qianqian: Watching this scene, the corners of her mouth twitched, and she was at a loss for words.

Xiao Wanfeng, on the other hand, was completely stunned.

He stared blankly at Aunt Mu, who was enjoying the roars of cheer in the sky.

With a shocked expression, he muttered, “So, so cool…” On the other side.

Jiang Xian: Duoer:

Tang Zheng: Everyone was dumbfounded.

The thousands of people had dug through the ground from miles away just for this Were they crazy!

Jiang Xian was about to curse, but..

Wait a minute!

Why was there another familiar face among the so-called “members of the Xu Faction”

Jiang Xian tried hard to identify the person.

He vaguely felt that the face of the white-clothed fatty in the lead who had shouted the loudest seemed somewhat familiar..

“Ro-Rong Dahao”He said with some uncertainty.

The white-clothed fatty instantly trembled and turned his head to look at him in disbelief.

Then, as if he had seen someone horrifying, the fat on his face trembled violently.

“F*ck!” The fatty then cursed angrily and quickly smeared the soil in his hand on his face again.

In the end, he seemed to still feel that this was not enough.

He took out a mask from his ring and put it on his face.

Jiang Xian was stunned.

Was he not Rong Dahao

He must be Rong Dahao! Why was he hiding He dared to roar such words yet was afraid of seeing someone he knew

Thats not right… When Rong Dahao was by his side, he wasnt like this.

What had happened to him Had he been coerced by someone This time, Jiang Xian even had the urge to drag the white-clothed fatty over and give him a good beating.

However, in the arena, “the leader of the Xu Faction” Mu Zixi had already raised a finger.

With that, the members of the Xu Faction took a deep breath and roared in unison again, “Is there anyone from the First Pavilion in the Sky”

No one responded… Xiao Wanfeng weakly wanted to respond, but Mu Zixi just ignored him and raised another finger.

The members from the Xu Faction, “Is there anyone from the Xu Faction who is not officially part of the organization” Everyone was silent… Xiao Wanfeng wanted to raise his hand again.

Mu Zixi had already raised a third finger.

The members of the Xu Faction, “Are there any people who know Young Master Xu”


Even Xiao Wanfeng stopped moving.

At this point, he understood that his existence was not important.

The arenas atmosphere had already been reduced to the freezing point by these three roars.

Seeing that no one answered, Mu Zixi pursed her lips in satisfaction.

Then, she curled her three fingers into her palm and swung her small fist down fiercely.



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