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Chapter 849 Hopefully, All Battles Will End, And You Will Be Safe!

en beauties in the Flower Pavilion all knew that the person in charge of the Half-Moon Residence was the livelier Bai Yezi.

Whenever something happened, Bai Yezi could usually solve it directly by herself.

But in reality, even Bai Yezi had to address Hei Yezi as “big sister” when she called her.

Thus, the thirteen beauties all knew that the real Mastermind behind the Flower Pavilion was actually Hei Yezi.

Hei Yezi had a cold temperament.

Even though the thirteen beauties entered the Flower Pavilion all year round, they still hadnt heard more than a few words from the real Master of the Pavilion.


But the minute Bai Yezi said that there was “a letter from the Storyteller”, Hei Yezi, who had originally been lazily lying in the hammock, abruptly stood up.

“Leave,” She waved her hand, and everyone stopped what they were doing.

Bai Yezi also stood up and looked around.

Her slender fingers swept across everyone as she said with a smile, “Since big sister has already ordered for you to leave, please leave first.”

The thirteen beauties were slightly taken aback.

They looked left and right before quickly bowing and taking their leave.

They had never encountered such a situation before.

This was the first time in these few years that the two Pavilion Masters had asked all of them to leave so frankly.

Usually, no matter how serious the matter was, the two Pavilion Masters would leave at least one or two people behind to serve them.

As a result, the thirteen beauties had heard too much crucial information in the past few years.

The information in their heads was enough to cause a huge commotion in the outside world.

At the same time, this had completely bound the thirteen of them to the Half-Moon Residence.


Their weak cultivation made it so that it was impossible for them to survive in Half-Moon Bay without the two Pavilion Masters.

As a result, the thirteen beauties had never thought of betraying them.

However, at this moment… “What could have alarmed even Pavilion Master Heiye” When the thirteen beauties were leaving, they were still whispering to each other.

“This is the first time Ive seen Pavilion Master Heiye have an expression.

Shes so pretty…” Someones eyes sparkled.

Since they could never see men in this place, they had learned to appreciate beauty.

“Its only because the two Pavilion Masters didnt include themselves in the Peerless Beauties Rankin, otherwise, regardless of whether because of their face or figure, they would definitely have been in the top ten.”

“Yeah, I agree with that.”

“Hey, you guys seem to have gone off track.

Shouldnt we be discussing Pavilion Master Bai Yezis words A letter from the Storyteller…” One of the beauties who was quite new said.

“Shh!” Hearing this, the other twelve beauties were all shocked as they had their hands across their chests and signaled for the girl to keep quiet, “Since Pavilion Master Hei Yezi has asked us to leave, then this matter can not be discussed.

Youre new here, so you should learn the rules.”

The expression of the woman who had spoken earlier turned slightly solemn and she did not dare to say anything else recklessly.

The thirteen beauties quieted down.

They quickened their steps and left the Flower Pavilion as if they were running away from something.

They were afraid that if they were too slow, they might hear something that they should not.

This time, Bai Yezi clearly took the message very seriously.

As soon as the beauties left, she activated the Flower Pavilions protective spiritual array that had not been used for more than ten years.

Then, she tilted her head and called out, “Big sister”

Hei Yezi nodded her head and said with an indifferent expression, “Go ahead.

Lets see what the Storyteller wants to tell us.

He wouldnt just casually contact you, so Its this time, the only possibility is that big brother has a use for us.”

When Bai Yezi thought of their big brother, her expression became slightly excited, “Big brother finally remembers our existence after so many years.

If he still didnt contact us, I wouldve thought that big brother had forgotten about us.”

As she spoke, she took the jade bracelet off her wrist and placed it on the table.

Then, she injected spiritual source into it and formed a seal.

With that, a spiritual light flashed on the bracelet.

On it, a human head appeared.

“My two sisters, its been a long time.

How are you” The Storyteller tilted his head and smiled.

Bai Yezi puffed her cheeks as she placed her hands on her hips and pointed at the light screen aggressively while shouting, “To think you still remember to contact us! All these years, not even a word of your conditions has been sent over.

I thought that the lot of you had forgotten about me and big sister!”

The Storyteller smiled embarrassedly, “Well isnt it only because big brother had said that unless it was a big matter, we shouldnt disturb you guys” Bai Yezis anger had yet to subside and she wanted to continue but was pulled back by Hei Yezi.

“You seem to have forgotten something” Heiye Zis expression was cold as she looked at the man on the light screen.

The Storyteller was stunned for a moment before he seemed to have remembered something and said, “If you didnt mention it, I would have really forgotten.

We havent contacted each other for decades.

Fortunately, you reminded me.

Let me think, whats the sentence, hmm…”

“Three breaths of time,” Heiye Zis beautiful eyes narrowed, and there was a murderous intent in them.

With this, Bai Yezi also calmed down.

Her expression turned cold, and she also looked at the Storyteller indifferently.

Seeing this, the Storyteller curled his lips and said, “The two of you are really unreasonable.

At least call me big sister first.

You didnt even greet me…”

“Three,” Hei Yezi began to count down.

“Alright, alright, alright!” The storyteller hurriedly waved his hand.

He knew that the other party probably had an occupational disease for gathering intelligence for so many years.

His expression suddenly became serious and he said solemnly, “Farewell as I will be off.

Gathering and goodbyes are impermanent, but hopefully, all battles will end, and you will be safe!”

With these words, the Flower Pavilion instantly fell silent.

Hei Yezis eyes became gentle.

At the same time, Bai Yezis eyes instantly became moist.

Her eyebrows curved, and bean-sized tears dripped down.

These words had been spoken by Bazhunan at the last banquet of the Saint Servant Nine Thrones.

After these words had been spoken, the Saint Servant Nine Thrones had all gone their separate ways.

Some went to the Western Region, the Northern Region, the Southern Region, and Seven Breaks, while somes whereabouts were unknown.

Everyone carried the burden on their shoulders as they moved forward, only for the moment of glory when their final goal was achieved.

However, the hardships on this path were simply incomprehensible to outsiders.

In the past few decades, apart from those who could meet for a short while and interact with each other due to intersecting missions, most of the Saint Servant Nine Thrones had never even seen or heard from each other.

This was true for Hei Yezi and Bai Yezi.

They were twins and were both the Eighth Throne of the Saint Servant.

Although they were the youngest, they had been left in charge of the extremely difficult intelligence work.

The nature of their job made it even more impossible for them to have much contact with the outside world.

As such, it was a given that they had basically lost contact with the others of the Saint Servant Nine Thrones.

Now that they heard the Storytellers solemn words, they felt like wanderers who had received the first greeting letter from their family in decades after not returning home for a long time.

A heavy warmth enveloped them… The weight of this sentence and the warmth it brought was something that could not be matched by all the bustling scenes in the Flower Pavilion in the past decades.

“Be safe…” Bai Yezis face was covered in tears as she replied in a trembling voice.

“Be safe,” Heiye Zi was also silent for a long time before she suppressed the surging emotions in her heart and replied heavily.

On the other side of the light screen, the Storyteller silently lowered his head and said softly, “Its been hard on you two.”

Bai Yezi could not control her emotions, and she was so aggrieved that she started bawling like a little girl.

Hei Yezi gently held her hand, and her expression returned to calm as she asked again, “Storyteller, how can you prove that you are not possessed or controlled by someone else”

The Storyteller was stunned, and his complicated emotions disappeared in an instant.

He didnt know whether to laugh or cry, “Xiao Heizi, oh, Xiao Heizi, why are you as cold as ever Your sister is already bawling like that, yet you still havent forgotten to question me Youve changed! You used to… Uh, you dont seem to have changed!”

Hei Yezi was unmoved and only looked at him with a solemn expression.

The Storyteller sighed, “My main body is now with big brother and weve just entered Abyss Island.

Big brother spent a lot of effort to send this message to this clone of mine.

Your Half-Moon Residence has been gathering intelligence for so many years, so you cant possibly be unaware of whats happening in Dongtianwang City, right” Hei Yezi naturally knew about the situation in Easter Regions Dongtianwang City.

It could be said that wherever Bazhunan was, the focus of Half-Moon Residences work would be.

To be honest, when the Storyteller had said the code word, she had already believed in his identity.

She was just making sure by asking another question.

“Tell us then, what mission does big brother have for us This is the first time in decades that he has officially had a use for the Half-Moon Residence,” Hei Yezi said.

The Storytellers expression became solemn, “Correction, hes not using the Half-Moon Residence, but the two of you.”

“Us” Hei Yezi was stunned.

At this time, Bai Yezi had also recovered from her out-of-control emotions.

She knew that the matter was important and did not dare to interrupt.

“Yes,the two of you!” The Storyteller nodded heavily, he said, “Its about the Saint Servant, Xu Xiaoshou.

I believe with the intelligence you have gathered, theres no need for me to introduce him.

Currently, he is already the designated successor of big brother.

However, he has encountered a situation and we need you to help him resolve it.”

Hei Yezi and Bai Yezi looked at each other and saw the surprise in each others eyes.

Even though they had gathered intelligence for so many years and knew that their big brother had been secretly attempting countless times to nurture a successor, however, just like how it was with the eccentric old man, it was difficult for the two of them to pinpoint their big brothers successor.

After so many years, they only knew that among the younger generation of the Saint Servant, there was one called Lei Shuangxing who could possibly succeed their big brother.

Yet now, the Storyteller brought news that the next successor of the Saint Servant was not Lei Shuangxing, but Xu Xiaoshou!

“That Xu Xiaoshou who had just appeared” Bai Yezi exclaimed in surprise, “Isnt he the disciple of the eccentric old man Why would they choose the same successor Didnt they… break up long ago” Hei Yezi turned to look at her with annoyance in her eyes.

Bai Yezi knew that she had said something wrong and immediately shrank her neck.

The Storyteller smiled when he saw this scene, “Its true that they had broken up, but its also true that they chose the same person as their successor at the same time even though they clearly dont see eye to eye.

So, you can imagine how outstanding this young sir is, right” Young sir…

Bai Yezis expression became strange, “Have you interacted with him”

Half-Moon Residence had most of the information about the Saint Servant Nine Thrones, except for the movements of the Storyteller, which the two sisters were clueless about.

This was because the Storytellers clones were too elusive.

He often caused trouble in all five regions.

Some of the ruckuses he casued seemed big but completely illogical.

Sometimes, even after spending so much effort to gather information about the Storyteller, they would only get the same result as the Holy Divine Palace: to be angered to death!

Thus, after a few years of effort, the Half-Moon Residence no longer cared about the life and death of the Storyteller.

Hei Yezi and Bai Yezi had both been angered too many times.

The Storyteller smiled and nodded in the light screen as he said, “Of course Ive interacted with him.

Hes very interesting.

You should be able to meet him in the future soon! It wont be long till he fights his way from the Eastern Region to the Southern Region.

You wont have to wait long because his growth is too fast!”

Hei Yezi and Bai Yezi looked at each other and nodded.

Xu Xiaoshous growth was indeed fast.

However, in the five regions, there were too many geniuses who had grown at terrifying speeds and in strange ways.

Bazhunan, Cen Qiaofu…

Let alone the others, even among the Saint Servant, almost everyone was as good as Xu Xiaoshou when they were his age.

If the Storyteller hadnt said all this, they really wouldnt have taken Xu Xiaoshou to heart.

At most, they would only pay a tad bit of extra attention to the boy because he was the eccentric old mans disciple.

“So, whats the matter” Hei Yezi returned to the main topic.

The Storyteller put on a serious face and said, “Xu Xiaoshou has entered the Yunlun Mountains under another identity and is participating in the Imperial City Trial.

Currently, he has offended a Demi-Saint, so we need you two to go and solve it.”

He had said these words easily, but the two in the Flower Pavilion exclaimed in unison, “A Demi-Saint!”

Not only was Bai Yezi shocked, even Hei Yezis eyes widened in disbelief.

A mere Master had offended a Demi-Saint

What the hell!

“You didnt hear wrongly, a Demi-Saint,” The Storyteller added, “That person is in the Southern Region.

Currently, only you two are the closest to the place among the people we can move.

Otherwise, big brother wouldnt have thought of you…”

“Hmm” Bai Yezis eyebrows shot up.

“Uh, a slip of the tongue, a slip of the tongue!” The storyteller immediately reacted, “Big brother does miss you guys.

Lets get back to the main topic… the Black Heart Fruit Clan.”

“Zang…” Bai Yezi said one word subconsciously before immediately shutting her mouth and covering her red lips with an innocent expression.

Hei Yezi could not help but turn her eyes to glare at her again.

After so many years of training, she was clearly a great leader in the eyes of outsiders, yet why was she still such a careless young girl before her family

“Xiao Bai, you have to be careful with your words!” The storyteller was also shocked, but he did not fuss over it.

He continued, “This time, the mission big brother has for you two is that you have to go personally… And either get the other party to join the Saint Servant, or kill the guy.” “Kill him” Bai Yezis eyebrows twitched, “With just the two of us Are you crazy” “No,” The Storyteller smiled, “Bring theFour Pillars of Destiny Token that brother had given you two back then.

You can threaten, blackmail, or use any other methods.

You can even pretend that you have a Holy Emperor to back you up.

Either way, that guy from the Black Heart Fruit Clan wont dare to do anything.

He has only become a Demi-Saint for a few hundred years, and he doesnt have enough resources.

Big brother has threatened him in advance, so hell probably know what to do.”

“Pretend to be a Holy Emperor” Bai Yezi was speechless.

What kind of bullsh*t method was this How could it work

Seeing this, the Storyteller immediately sighed.

“You should have met Xu Xiaoshou in advance.

After meeting him, you wont think this way.

Thinking back, when big brother and I had first learned of his plan, we had the same expressions as the two of you, but now…” As if he had thought of something strange, the Storyteller sighed helplessly before continuing, “Who knows, there might even be another Demi-Saint Family with inexplicable origins in the Northern Region with Xu Xiaoshou as the family head.”

Hei Yezi, “…”

Bai Yezi, “…”

The two of them were speechless.

They had no idea what the Storyteller was talking about.

Being far away in the Southern Region, they didnt pay much attention to the First Pavilion in the Sky.

As for Xu Xiaoshou…

If the Storyteller hadnt mentioned him, who would think much of a young junior whose future was still uncertain

Even Rao Yaoyao couldnt find the connection between the two, so it was a given that the Half-Moon Residence, which didnt think much of him, didnt know about the relationship in advance.

But now, after hearing the Storytellers evaluation of Xu Xiaoshou, both of them felt that it was time to pay more attention to the brat.

Pretending to be a Holy Emperor

Could it be that not only had Xu Xiaoshou put this ridiculous idea forward, but he had even succeeded

After the Storyteller finished relaying the mission, he didnt stay for small talk and directly hung up.

Hei Yezi and Bai Yezi were left looking at each other, at a loss for what to do after receiving this impossible mission.

“Who will pretend to be the Holy Emperor and threaten the Demi-Saint” Bai Yezi pouted and blinked, “You” Hei Yezis expression turned cold, “Do you think its possible”

Bai Yezi covered her mouth and snickered, “Its possible.

Youre so cold and aloof.

Since youve never shown yourself in the outside world, maybe you can succeed.” “Ill slap you to death!” Hei Yezi raised her hand high before gently putting it down.

She only glanced at her sister and sighed.

“Find someone to send the information about Xu Xiaoshou here.

Well study his successful case first and then decide how to act.”

“Pretend to be a Holy Emperor The Storyteller cant really be possessed, right…”


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