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Chapter 853 Left Eyelid Twitches for Money, Right Eyelid Twitches for Disaster

“Youre not joking” “No.” “Are you serious”

“Im serious!”

After Rao Yaoyao and Wang Dachui answered each others questions, the void fell into a long silence.

A long while later, Rao Yaoyao seemed to reclaim her calm.

She looked at Yi with a strange expression.

“Why are you here” Yi was surprised.

Was Rao Yaoyao so scared that she turned silly

He had been here for so long, and yet she only noticed him now

Didnt she talk to him just now

Rao Yaoyao frowned and said seriously, “Didnt I already ask you to go on a mission Looking at your situation, you didnt take the mission seriously at all, right” Her gaze swept over to Ye Xiao.

Yi immediately recalled.

The little girl with twin ponytails in the spirit mirror image was indeed the next target he needed to test and verify.

However, when he received the mission at that time, he really didnt care much about it.

Back then, not taking it seriously was what he was thinking in his heart.

Now that the matter had suddenly become serious, he didnt dare to wear the dangerous hat of “Dereliction of duty”.

At that moment, Yi could only say in a slightly annoyed manner, “How long has it only been I have to wait for the matter in Yunlun mountain range to be over and everyone to relax before I can take action, right”

Rao Yaoyao did not want to argue with him further.

She waved her hand and said, “Hurry up and go.

Its best to be more serious now.

This matter involves the Imperial City Trial and Sky City.

No matter how small it seems, we cant afford to be careless.”

“You should know…”

As she spoke, her gaze swept across the few people in front of her and she said solemnly, “Sometimes, success or failure depends on some seemingly insignificant details.” The few chiefs of the six divisions naturally understood this principle.

But clearly, none of them wanted to be taught a lesson by others.

Rao Yaoyaos qualifications did not say that she could directly use her life experience to educate them.

For this operation, the six divisions were here to help, not to work and earn money.


Yi was all smiles.

He did not even spare Rao Yaoyao a second glance.

He only greeted Ye Xiao before disappearing.

When Ye Xiao saw Yi leave, she did not even say a word and left right after.

After all, she should not have appeared here in the first place.

When Wang Dachui saw that the atmosphere turned so awkward, he did not want to stay any longer.

“If theres nothing else, why dont I leave first” He looked at Rao Yaoyao.

“Go.” Rao Yaoyao waved her hand with a headache.

These people were famous for being difficult to command.

Gou Wuyue couldnt even mobilize them during the previous operation in White Cave.

These people had come this time purely because of the orders of the higher-ups.

They werent lending a hand to help her but because of the word “Rao”– the word “Rao” in the Dao clan and Rao clan.

That was all.

“The Ultimate Life Demon Physique… ” After she was left alone, Rao Yaoyaos thoughts calmed down.

She suddenly thought that she might be too sensitive.

Putting aside what Ye Xiao had said, if Mu Zixi was to succeed, the person behind her would have to pay a tremendous amount of effort and resources.

Even if it was true!

Mu Zixi might not have the Life-devouring Wood Physique that the Ultimate Life Demon Physique had sealed, right As long as it was a sacred physique with a life attribute, it could do so even if it awakened a wood attribute after being sealed.

The Lei family… That tragedy had already been solved.

More than ten years had passed.

In this world that was good at forgetting, who would still remember the glory of the Lei family of higher void in the past “Young Master Xu…” Rao Yaoyaos fingertips slid across the spirit mirror and suddenly fixed the image on Young Master Xu of the First Pavilion in the Sky.

Why was this person, including the people around him, involved in so many things Among the seemingly insignificant small matters, there seemed to always be some big causes and effects involved, but if these were to be discussed…

This was too big of a matter!

It was impossible for a mere junior to be involved.

When those things happened, some of these juniors were not even born yet.

How could a person who hadnt been born yet, or a baby who had just been born, be able to influence the situation at that time and even set up such a monstrous situation that would affect the present and future It wasnt that Rao Yaoyao didnt care about these juniors.

She felt that if it was possible, what she needed to do was to find out all the important figures behind these juniors.

There was no one in this world who was clean.

No wind will blow through empty holes.

One thing could be a coincidence.

However, if many things involved one person, no matter how clean that person looked, there must be a problem.

Rao Yaoyao remembered this Young Master Xu.

Even if Yu Lingdi didnt get anything out of him, even if they couldnt find anything out about Mu Zixi in the end.

The most urgent matter currently wasnt the juniors.

It was…

“The crack in the Abyss Island!”

Rao Yaoyao raised her eyes and looked towards the horizon.

In the sky, there was a faint crack.

Due to the influence of holy power, it was difficult for outsiders to see it, but Rao Yaoyao could still sense it.

She could faintly sense that something was about to come out from within.

“Teng Shanhai!” Rao Yaoyao called out softly.

“I heard everything.

Say no more.”

Behind her, Teng Shanhai, who was wearing the Cang God Armor, appeared.

It had been a few days since the battle with the saint servant, Xu Xiaoshou, and Teng Shanhai did not seem to care about this matter at all.

It was as if it was not shameful for him, the chief of the Combat Division and a higher void, to have lost to an ordinary master stage junior.

When he reappeared, Teng Shanhai was calm and collected, waiting for his orders.

Rao Yaoyao turned around and asked, “Can you still sense the Xiao Divine Spear”

Teng Shanhai smiled, “Of course.

However, that saint servant, Xu Xiaoshou, has the power of the world.

If I dont summon it, the Xiao Divine spear will not be able to leave.” “Even the connection between the two of us has been cut by the power of the world.

There is no way to determine the location of Xiao Divine Spear.” “But hes too greedy!”

Teng Shanhai changed the topic and said, “The Xiao Divine Spear is a lost divine instrument recorded in the ancient inscription stele.

Furthermore, it had a bloodline connection with me for decades.

How can the power of a small world be able to completely sever it”

“As long as he dares to appear in front of me again, even if he turns into ashes, I will be able to point him out to you.

Saint servant, Xu Xiaoshou, who exactly is he!” Upon hearing that, Rao Yaoyao felt relieved.

“Xu Xiaoshou is of utmost importance.

He is suspected to be the successor of Bazhunan.

As long as we can find his location, we will definitely be able to trace the clues behind him and dig out which of the Saint Servants Nine Thrones was secretly protecting him.” “Hide this information well yourself.

When there is any movement, inform me immediately.” “But right now, the most important thing is not these juniors…” As she spoke, Rao Yaoyao looked up into the sky and said solemnly, “Ill leave the Abyss Island crack to you.

No matter what appears from it, stop them immediately, even if it means taking off the Cang Divine Armor!” “Abyss Island crack…” As he looked up, Teng Shanhais eyes filled with fear.

He could easily agree to anything, but he was a little hesitant when it came to this crack.

“I can hold out against anything under the demi-saint realm, living or dead.

But if there is holy power, or if a demi-saint makes a move…”

His words stopped but were self-evident.

Rao Yaoyao laughed and said, “Just do your best.

The war between demi-saints is a game between their chess players.

Who wants you to get involved”

Teng Shanhai nodded and said, “Alright.”


Rao Yaoyao dismissed the chief of the Combat Division, Teng Shanhai, leaving her alone.

She looked at the spirit mirror quietly, then at the darkening sky.

She counted the time.

“We are almost reaching one-third of the Imperial City Trial…” The Battle of the Nine Dragon Range was about to begin.

A crack had appeared on Abyss Island.

A storm was brewing.

Rao Yaoyao felt that she could not stand in the open like this.

It was time for her to hide in the shadows and make some preparations.

But this main battlefield did indeed need someone to preside over it.

Lan Ling Lan Ling had enough experience.

She had even been in charge of the affairs in the White Cave.

However, after all, her position was too low.

When the time came, she might not even be able to command people! Rao Yaoyao had stationed the older seniors from the Red-clothed in the central regions core danger zone and did not bring them over.

She urgently needed someone to take her place and give orders in the open.

After pondering for a moment, Rao Yaoyao made a decision.

She pressed the battle channel and asked, “Where is Situ Yong” Soon, someone replied, “Mr.

Situ is still in the Yunlun mountain range.

He said that if there is nothing urgent, do not disturb him.

When there is a real need, he will naturally take action.”

What a big shot… Rao Yaoyao snickered in her heart and didnt think too much about it.

To put it bluntly, in the end, the cloud realm still had to rely on Situ Yong, the “Chief of the Path Division”, to take charge.

However, since Situ Yong couldnt be the one giving the orders on the surface, then there was only one person left… “The lower-ranked trial officers dont dare to disobey orders.

The older generation knows how terrifying demi-saint Dao Xuanji is, so naturally, they will show her some respect.” “Although shes young, shes very smart.” “Shes enough!” Rao Yaoyao thought to herself.

Then, she pressed the communication channel and said, “Call Yu Zhiwen over.

Also, Lan Ling will take over the mission at the Holy Divine Palaces Imperial City Branch.” “Yes!”

Night fell.

Smoke covered the sky, and the stars couldnt be seen.

In the Yunlun mountain range, Xu Xiaoshous group had finished cleaning up the battlefield and set up camp.

The members of the Xu faction knew that time was precious.

Fire-type and lightning-type people would immediately follow the rules.

After recording the points, they would start to race against time to cultivate.

Xu Xiaoshou looked around and was very happy.

In nine days, he had found more than half of the people from the First Pavilion in the Sky.

Other than Mo Mo who was still missing, the other important people were basically all by his side.

If anything happened, he could directly protect them.

This result was simply too perfect for the final-stage.

As for Jiang Xian…

Xu Xiaoshou let him go.

Since there was nothing important at the moment, he really did not dare to provoke a Demi-saints descendant.

The Soul Reading of the Black Heart Mother Gu had brought him so much trouble.

God knows what kind of trouble he would be involved in if a fight broke out with Jiang Xian.

Jiang Xian was someone who managed to stay alive despite being trapped by two important members of Yama and had the Three Loathsome Eyes dug out of him.

Even King Yama didnt dare to take his life.

Xu Xiaoshou felt that it was better for him to be careful for now.

Therefore, after he messed with Jiang Xian, he let him go.

When Jiang Xian left, everyone could see that the Jiang clans team was mostly disheartened.

However, whether Jiang Xian could reach the top in the end of the Imperial City Trial was still unknown.

After all, he was a true demi-saints descendant and his background was unfathomable.

Xu Xiaoshou didnt care about this at all.

He remembered that Bazhunan had given him the Saint Servants assessment mission.

It was to get first place in the Imperial City Trial and obtain the qualification to enter the Holy Palace trial.


At that time, Dongtianwang City didnt have Abyss Island.

It seemed that the Imperial City Trial only wanted the top three.

However, because of the sudden arrival of the Sky City, which attracted the geniuses of the five regions, the number of spots given by the Holy Palace had increased from 3 to 36.

Xu Xiaoshou felt that there would definitely be no problem for him to obtain the qualifications for the Holy Palace trial.

As for first place… He did not really want to bother with the Saint Servants assessment at all.

It did not matter whether he was first or not.

It would be fine if he could obtain the qualifications for the Holy Palace trial and give some dignity to the legendary Eighth Sword Deity.

There was no need for him to force the result.

After the Imperial City Trial, it would depend on the progress of the trial and he can slowly develop from there.

Xu Xiaoshous focus was no longer on this.

He knew that with the appearance of the crack on Abyss Island, the Bazhunans next move would probably be very big.

He had already begun to plan and prepare in advance.

These plans and preparations were naturally not for the sake of obtaining more.

On the contrary.

He wanted to do his best to pull himself away from this terrifying whirlpool and stay far away from the central battlefield.

The big shots wanted to cause trouble.

He was only a young man.

To be able to survive was already very impressive.

How could he interfere in it

“Young Master Xu, you have to return the leader position of Xu Faction to me!” In the tent, Mu Zixi was still rather aggressive.

It was obvious that she was very dissatisfied with someone who had appeared and forcefully snatched away her highest position.

Now that the battle had ended, she could finally settle this score properly.

Xu Xiaoshou had a funny look on his face.

“The Xu Faction was brought up by this young master.

When you took over, there were already more than 900 people.

Even if you developed a few hundred people, without the original accumulation, how would you get started You still dare to ask me for the position of faction leader” Mu Zixi was extremely angry.

“But the faction members have said that within the First Pavilion in the Sky, whoever takes over Xu Faction first will be the new leader!”

“Uh huh, its theleader.”Xu Xiaoshou nodded affirmatively.

“You already saidleader.

A Leaders leader, a leader of a team, what does it have to do with the Faction leader”

Mu Zixis cheeks puffed up and her eyes widened.

“Cursed, passive points 1, 1, 1, 1…” After a long time.

Knowing that she couldnt win against Bastard Xus mouth, Mu Zixi chose to give up fighting.

She used her spiritual source to protect her hands and shook her senior brothers arm.

“Give me the position of the Faction leader!” “No.”

“Give me!”

“No, since youve returned to my side, how can I let you do whatever you want” Xu Xiaoshou was scared today.

Mu Zixis body that sucked life force crazily should be very dangerous in the eyes of others.

If this girl was given the leadership position of Xu Faction, she would definitely bring a group of people out to harm others.

It would be fine if it was somewhere else.

There were important figures watching over the Yunlun mountains, so how could any strange behavior go unnoticed If someone intentionally captured her and dissected her for research, they might not find anything wrong with the Life-devouring Wood Physique.

However, the God Devil Eyes were a fatal danger! If it was discovered or exposed during resistance, this thing could attract the Yamas death!


There were countless stowaways in this lousy place.

If the Xu Faction went out to cause trouble, they might come across a big shot in sheeps clothing.

If they angered this big shot, the other party would not mind the risk of having their identity exposed to wipe out his thousands of people directly.

This situation was possible!

After losing Elder Sang, Xu Xiaoshou did not dare to let his junior sister be in danger.

In this world, there was only one person who could say anything.

“Humph! If you dont want to give it to me, then dont give it to me.

Ill go play by myself!” Mu Zixi obviously didnt understand her senior brothers good intentions.

After her request was fruitless, she stomped her feet gloomily and ran out of the tent.

“Dont go far.” Xu Xiaoshou stretched out his hand and shouted from afar.

He had sent away a demi-saints descendant today.

It seemed that he was invincible in the Yunlun mountain range, but the water in this place was too deep.

The slightest carelessness would cause him to drown!

At this moment, the curtain outside the tent was lifted.

Liu Changqing looked over and saw Mu Zixi rushing over.

He turned his eyes and said, “Young Master Xu, theres someone outside who wants to see you.” “Who” Xu Xiaoshou asked subconsciously.

“I dont know.

A blind man and a little girl in purple.

Both of them arent members of the Xu Faction,” Liu Changqing replied as he gave way to Mu Zixi and walked into the tent.

The curtain was blown by the night wind and rustled wildly.

Just as Liu Changqing and Mu Zixi walked in and out respectively, and brushed past each other, Xu Xiaoshous right eyelid suddenly twitched.

The curtain hung down.

The figures changed positions.

Xu Xiaoshou frowned.

Blind man and a young lady in purple

He didnt know why, but he had a bad feeling.

He couldnt tell why.

While he was thinking, Xu Xiaoshous right eyelid actually began to twitch again after a moment of silence.

This time, it was very intense, almost convulsing!


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