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Chapter 857 The Gluttonous White Cat, the Mutated Greedy Cat Spirit!

“Lord Xu” he called out to the nothingness in front of him.

However, the painting that entered the ring had become a dead object and no longer could speak.

Xu Xiaoshous consciousness entered the painting of Bazhunan and walked over quickly.

As he walked, he adapted to his memories and changed her voice.

“Ive put a strand of spiritual sense into my painting.

When the situation is not right, you can take it out of the ring and activate it.

I can split my attention and take a look at the situation on your side at the same time…”

Xu Xiaoji was finally relieved.

That was good.

This way, he didnt have to think about it.


Xu Xiaoshou took a big turn and said in a deep voice, “In case I cant get away from here, even if you take out my painting, its still a drooping puppet.

Its useless.”

“Ugh!” Xu Xiaoji froze on the spot.

“Dont worry, I believe in your ability.

You have never disappointed me,” Xu Xiaoshou patted Xu Xiaojis shoulder gently and said earnestly.

“After this, I will definitely give you a holiday.

I forgot last time, it was my fault.”

Xu Xiaojie, “Ha, what a man!”

He only dared to complain in his heart.

“Criticized, Passive Points 1.”

Xu Xiaoshou ignored him and said, “Is there anything else”

He was waiting for the change.

Now, his heart had already flown to his junior sisters side.

If it was delayed, things would change.

He was not in the mood to care about small matters.

“No, I dont..”

Xu Xiaoji indeed did not have anything to prepare.

He was prepared all the time.

However, at this moment, he looked at Greedy the Cat Spirit who was working hard at alchemy, and said, “But Young Master Xus cat may have a problem…”

“Greedy the Cat Spirit

Xu Xiaoshou was shocked and turned around to look at Xu Xiaoji.

The little white cat was very obedient.

Other than being visibly fatter and having a belly as round as a human head, there was nothing unusual.

It worked hard and enjoyed the rewards.

It was very good!

“What problem could there be” Xu Xiaoshou said and suddenly felt that something was wrong.

Greedy the Cat Spirit was working so hard.

It was abnormal.

Ever since he entered here, he had not seen Greedy the Cat Spirit secretly siphon medicinal pills and elixirs, not even once!

It was abnormal!

If something was abnormal, then something must have been wrong!

“Whats the matter with it” Xu Xiaoshou asked solemnly.

Xu Xiaoji opened his mouth and said ambiguously, “You see, since Lord Xu has come this time, it didnt even come over to complain once or twice…”

“Get to the point!” Xu Xiaoshou interrupted.

Xu Xiaoji shuddered and immediately switched to the blabbering stance.

“A few days ago, when Lord Xu wasnt around, it seemed to get tired of refining pills.

It just wandered around aimlessly.

It wasnt like me, who was dutiful…”

Just as he changed the topic, Xu Xiaoshous gaze changed.

Xu Xiaoji instantly didnt dare to beat around the bush and said directly, “It ran into the collapsed tower.

I dont know what it had eaten, but it seems to have mutated!” he pointed in a direction.

Collapsed tower

Xu Xiaoshou was shocked and turned around to look at the other side.

It was the collapsed tower that he had cut with a sword strike from the Hidden Scripture Pavilion of Zhang Mansion in Tiansang City.

Since he had sent it to Yuan Mansion, other than flipping through some of the cultivation techniques in it, he had found it useless.

Thus he had treated it as a milestone in his development and put it there as a treasure vault.

Xu Xiaoshou had dumped all the more powerful treasures that he had found in the outside world there except the spatial ring.

After all, he was a little worried about dumping his spatial ring there.


“Didnt I set up a barrier How could Greedy the Cat Spirit get in there” Xu Xiaoshou hurriedly asked.

He was the master of the world of Yuan Mansion.

With the spatial cut-off and the spiritual arrays seal, not to mention Greedy the Cat Spirit, even if it was Cutting Path or Higher Void, they might not be able to get in there!

Xu Xiaoji was furious and muttered, “Lord Xu, didnt you notice that Greedy the Cat Spirit has put on a lot of weight”

“The world of Yuan Mansion was at its infant stage.

The spiritual energy of heaven and earth, and the spiritual energy of life are so abundant.

In addition, the growing Order of the Great Path is constantly feeding back.

This fellows growth rate is too fast.”

“Youre not aware of this.

During the time that you were not around, it had become so rampant that it even dared to swallow the chaotic mist!”

Xu Xiaoji had not complained to anyone for a long time.

The moment he started to complain, there was no end to it.

The chaotic mist… When Xu Xiaoshou heard this, he was stunned.

He had tried the chaotic mist before.

But even at his current level, once he entered it, he would only be able to resist for a few more breaths at most.

Despite the passive skills all over the body, if he stayed long, it would be corroded by the chaotic mist.

The Geedy the Cat Spirit had grown to the point where it could swallow the chaotic mist

How long had it been

It had only been a few months since he had taken in the cat, right

Xu Xiaoji added, “It still cant swallow it now… last time, after it drifted away, it ate a big mouthful of chaotic mist, but it vomited for half a day.

However, it didnt take long for it to recover.”

“When did this happen” frowned Xu Xiaoshou.

“Recently, in between your last and the appearance this time.

I told you immediately,” said Xu Xiaoji expressing his loyalty.

Xu Xiaoshou fell into silence.

He suddenly understood.

No wonder Greedy the Cat Spirit was so attached to him.

No wonder Caramel was so determined to give this white cat to a stranger.

It was actually because of his vitality and his Yuan Mansion space that were so beneficial to Greedy the Cat Spirit!

“Is this how ghost beasts grow”

Xu Xiaoshou suddenly felt that he couldnt even compare to a cat.

He worked so hard to earn Passive Points.

But Greedy the Cat Spirit had caught up with his growth pace during the refining pill intervals.


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