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Chapter 859 Peeling the Onion, the Best Plan! 1

“Its alright, its alright…”

When he got closer, he saw that the roots of the two Great Ancestral Trees were still there.

A shoot had even grown on the root of the Bodhi Tree.

Xu Xiaoshuo finally heaved a sigh of relief.

Xu Xiaoji, who was at the side, took the credit and said, “Lord Xu, the fat cat has been eyeing these two things for so long but to no avail.

I cant enter the collapsed tower, but Ive been guarding this place very closely.”

“You did well.”

Xu Xiaoshou praised him.

He then turned around, picked up the cat, and scolded, “Look at what youve done! My business is on fire, and you still want to light a fire in my backyard”


Greedy the Cat Spirit was scared out of its wits.

It wriggled in Xu Xiaoshous hand and didnt dare to move.

Xu Xiaoshou was about to teach him a lesson when Xu Xiaoji said, “Lord Xu, dont you have something important to do Why dont we settle the matters outside first then only come back to teach this fat cat a lesson”



He pondered for a while before he added, “Greedy the Cat Spirit is growing too fast.

Even if it has eaten some treasures, it doesnt seem to need to stay in Yuan Mansion all day.

Who knows, it might be able to become Lord Xus assistant”

Xu Xiaoshou thought seriously for a while before cursing in a low voice, “This broken ghost beast, if I were to bring it out and discovered by others, wouldnt I be doomed”

Xu Xiaoji shrunk his neck immediately and didnt dare to say anything else.

However, seeing that Lord Xu was showing signs of calming down and even the vines had been discarded, he secretly gave Greedy the Cat Spirit a look, “I have tried my best, you owe me a favor.”


Greedy the Cat Spirit whimpered and rolled his one eye over, “Ill remember you.”

Xu Xiaoji understood it asIll remember and was elated.

In the world of Yuan Mansion, he had no friends at all.

As long as other people were around, he would not go to the extent of forming an alliance with this fat cat who would steal food and cause trouble.

However, to be able to come out from Yuan Mansion more often, Xu Xiaoji had done everything he could do.

Even if it was forming an alliance with a ghost beast, he felt that as long as this cat could say some good words about him and make the Great Demon King Xu recall something about him, then his chances of getting out would be much greater.

Although Xu Xiaoshou was scolding, he was actually seriously considering Xu Xiaojis suggestion.

Indeed, he had never thought of this before.

Firstly, Greedy the Cat Spirit was not strong enough.

Secondly, he had been maintaining Young Master Xus identity for too long and he had been misled.

Young Master Xus identity was clean.

But Saint Servant Xu Xiaoshou was notorious in the five regions of the continent.

After the explosion in the night battle in the Imperial City, although the explosion did not explode, Xu Xiaoshou heard that the reward for him in the killer temples Three Incense Sticks had increased from the level ofdeath apostle to the level ofevil person.

It was extremely rare for a young person to be able to become anevil person.

For such a person with such evil deeds, what harm was there in having another ghost beast possess him

Before this, Xu Xiaoshous view about being possessed by a ghost beast, more or less, still had a trace of a resistance that belonged to human nature.

However, with the appearance of Abyss Island, many secrets of the continent gradually unfolded in front of his eyes.

In addition, the number of ghost beasts and ghost beast host bodies that he came into contact with had increased.

At this moment, Xu Xiao was completely willing to let go of the last resistance he had against the ghost beast.

The only thought he had now was that as long as there was a ghost beast like Xin Gugu on this continent, then this race should not be exterminated.

Even if he was required to form an alliance and contract with Greedy the Cat Spirit during the process of fighting for it!

“Caramel has given the contract to me, and Greedy the Cat Spirit has also grown up.

If something really happens, as a last resort…”

Xu Xiaoshou cut off his thoughts.

He dared to think so, but he was still not determined what his choice would be when the time came.

Since he still did not figure it out, he might as well not think too much about it.

Xu Xiaoshou lifted Greedy the Cat Spirit and said, “This time, when necessary, I might take you out to play.

You only have two missions!”

Greedy the Cat Spirit meowed, indicating it was listening attentively.

Xu Xiaoahou said seriously, “First, suck as much as possible.

As long as I point out an enemy, it doesnt matter even if you suck his Life Force dry.

Second, when I want you to open your eyes, you must open them immediately, and control the enemy closely.

Remember, I can let go of what you have eaten, but if you still drop the ball at the critical moment, youre doomed.

Do you understand”

Xu Xiaojis hair stood on end as he listened from the side.

He did not know what had happened in the outside world, but he had known Lord Xu for so long, and he had never heard him say such determined words.

The killing intent in these words was heart-piercing and chilled to the bone!


Greedy the Cat Spirit was stunned.

He then raised a paw, indicating that he understood.

“Alright, pack your things and get ready for the change!”

Xu Xiaoshou didnt want to waste any more time with them.

He also didnt have much time to waste in Yuan Mansion.

After helping Xu Faction prepare the second string to the bow, all he could do was pray that nothing unexpected would happen.

As long as he could get through tonight!

One night was the limit that Xu Xiaoshou had given to himself.

If he couldnt have his junior sister back tonight…

The Xu Faction, Young Master Xu, and the like would no longer exist.

In this world, there was only Saint Servant, Xu Xiaoshou!

At the camp of the Xu Faction…

Inside the main tent…

In this secluded area, no one had noticed that under the cover of the overlapping portraits, Xu Xiaoshous figure disappeared for a moment.

And then…

Xu Xiaojis version of Xu Xiaoshou landed steadily on his seat.

With a solemn expression, his eyes swept over the entire tent, secretly praying that Lord Xus trip would go smoothly.


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