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Chapter 860 Peeling the Onion, the Best Plan! 2

Then, he got up and opened the curtain, thinking of breathing some fresh air.

“Come, lets do it!”

“F*ck, since Young Master Xu has said that he wont take action tonight, it wont end if half of us are not drunk!”

“Drink for me! Its just that Young Master Xu wont come out.

Otherwise, Ill make you guys all drunk including Young Master Xu!”

“Hahaha, I, Zhao Xiu, would like to call you the craziest!”

Xiao Xiaoji was stunned.

The noises of drunkenness, fighting, and clamoring of the boorish men came from all directions.

Xu Xiaoji shivered and quickly put down the curtain.

“Oh my, what kind of place is this Lord Xu couldnt have actually been kidnapped and tricked me into coming out, could he

“Forget it, what bullsh*t freedom, go to hell!

“Tonight, Id better stay in this d*mned place and imprison myself for a night.

If I get out, I would feel like my soul is about to be stripped


Xu Xiaoji was scared to death by the situation outside.

He touched the ring Lord Xu had left for him.

Suddenly he began to miss the freedom of living in the world of Yuan Mansion.

Perhaps, looking at it from another angle…

Wasnt settling down in Yuan Mansion, getting married, and having children also a good choice

Under the night sky…

Xu Xiaoshou, who had disappeared, revealed his true form.

His handsome appearance, precious body, and holy light were not concealed anymore.

He took a step forward and left the camp of the Xu Faction.

“Where would she go”

Xu Xiaoshou tried his best to calm down himself and his mind to think.

This was a habit he had developed from Tiansang Spirit Palace.

Even if he was assassinated, Xu Xiaoshou could still find a way.

In just a short while, he would have deduced countless ways to get out of trouble.

And in the end, he would act according to the circumstances and choose the most perfect path to help him out of the predicament.

But now…

The predicament did not happen to him, but his junior sister.

“Calm down!”

“Calm down!!!”

Xu Xiaoyou muttered in a low voice.

His expression was extremely solemn.

His brain was spinning crazily as he began to peel the onion and unravel his reasoning.

The big picture was laid out.

He started from the moment his junior sister went missing

“Leader of the Xu Faction”

“No, its not because I didnt let her be the leader of the Xu Faction that she ran away from home.”

“The little girl might be immature, but shes not that stupid.

The only reason she went missing is that she was targeted by someone.”

Xu Xiaoshou remained calm as narrowed his eyes.

HisPerception was fully activated, not missing a single detail.

At the same time, the thoughts in his head were spreading like a spider web.

“Was she targeted”

“Why was she targeted”

“Thats right.

During the day, she displayed the ability to absorb Life Force that was different from that of a spiritual body.

I had also displayed the ability toFeast.

If the trial officers were to investigate her, they could have sent her away.

That was one of the reasons.”

“The second possibility is because of God Devil Eyes!”

“The third possibility is that her identity as Elder Sangs disciple had been exposed!”

Xu Xiaoshou twirled his fingers, and his train of thought became clearer and clearer.

He thought of the three biggest possibilities.

Other than that, there might be a fourth possibility, but it did not matter.

He directly started working from these three biggest possibilities.

“I will rule out the third possibility first.

If the identity of Elder Sangs disciple had been exposed, the First Pavilion in the Sky would have also been exposed.

Then my Saint Servant Xu Xiaoshous identity had also been exposed.

If that was the case, the target would be me.

It would not be an insignificant little


“The second possibility… God Devil Eyes.

Currently, only the Jiang family and Yama care about the Lei Family Eye.

Jiang Xian had been chased away during the day, so he wouldnt have the courage to come back and fight.

Yama… if they had sensed something wrong, they would have acted long ago.

They would not have taken the risk of exposing themselves in such a dangerous place like Yunlun Mountain Range to take action on little junior sister.”

“The second possibility is ruled out.”

“Then, theres only the first possibility.

The trial officer made a move…”

Xu Xiaos head started to hurt.

During the day, when he saw his little junior sister make a move, he felt that something might happen.

But he didnt expect the trial officers attention to be so sharp and cautious that they would not let go of such small details.

That night itself, they attacked directly!

“If I deduce from the first possibility, there is a high probability that it will work.

“But again, Yunlun Mountain Range has a restriction on cultivation level.

I was so cautious that I had sent Liu Changqing out.

“In the end, there was still no news of both of them.”

Xu Xiaoshou clenched his fists.

He felt that he had already grasped a certain clue, so he followed it up.

“Liu Changqing has Cutting Path cultivation, and Patriarch Wuji is an existence on the same level as Mo Mo… no, the gray mist figure.

And the gray mist figures nickname is Holy Emperor Fengtian.

Hes… Holy Emperor Holy sh*t, hes Holy Emperor!

“No, no, now is not the time to think about this.

“Patriarch Wuji has said that hes on the same level as the gray mist figure.

So hes also the Holy Emperor of Abyss Island… Holy sh*t, Holy Emperor Hes a Holy Emperor”

Xu Xiaoshou was shocked again.

He felt that his train of thought was interrupted by something, but he could not figure out why.

“Holy Emperor…”

“Did I just think of the wordsHoly Emperor”

Xu Xiaoshou could not recall what he had just thought.

He frowned and realized that he might have touched on something untouchable just now.

Therefore, he went back to the earlier train of thought and began to deduce.

“With Liu Changqings Cutting Path strength, logically it is impossible for him to not be able to protect anyone in the Yunlun Mountain Range, even if his identity and cultivation were not exposed.”

“But still the two of them disappeared at the same time.

This only means that the person who attacked has even surpassed Liu Changqings cultivation!”


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