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“Su Qianqian, put down the sword!”

Zhao Xidongs scolding seemed rather useless to the crowd.

That was because Su Qianqian didnt even bother listening to him after knowing that they were on the same side.

She simply called in a subdued tone, “Sister Rao.”

Rao Yinyin knew what that meant.

Su Qianqian was about to make a move, and she looked at Zhao Xidong.

“Enforcer Zhao…”

An alluring, mesmerizing voice sounded directly in Zhao Xidongs ears, and for some reason, he was compelled to turn around and look at the woman in the red dress.

The very moment their eyes met, Zhao Xidong only felt a rumbling in his mind, and soft, pinkish colors blossomed, making everything look misty.

His expression turned strange in that very instant, and he looked seemingly content yet shy.

Eventually, he couldnt help but lunge forward, but only grabbed thin air.

He then slumped to the ground, looking very drunk.

“So huge.”

Zhou Tianshen, who was watching from behind, was completely stunned.

“What kind of demonic art is this” he thought.

That woman in the red dress had only glanced at him, and he just slumped to the ground just like that

That was an enforcer, man!

From what he could tell, the enforcers from the Spiritual Law Division were at least powerful enough to serve as referees in the Wind and Cloud Contest.

Zhou Tianshen on the other hand…

Was merely someone among the 32 strongest.

That comparison made the differences between them glaringly obvious, yet one such powerful law enforcer had just dropped to the ground from one look in the eye.

A spectator off to the side who was eating baked seeds, looked on with envy and quipped, “Well, that really is Sister RaosMesmeric Art for you, something capable of taking on any man.”

“I heard that its a paradise in that illusion.

D*mn, I wonder if Ill ever get the chance to experience that…”

“You” The one who was biting on the seeds sounded sarcastic and pointed at his bench.

“Youre only fit for daydreaming on a bench!”

“At least I dare to dream.

Thats more than what you can do.”

“Hehe, dream Whats the use daydreaming If you dare…”

Rao Yinyin turned around all of a sudden, causing the two of them to gasp in fright.

Zhou Tianshen looked elsewhere, seemingly saying that none of that had anything to do with him.

Back in the battle.

As soon as Zhao Xidong dropped to the ground, Su Qianqian started dragging her massive sword along the ground, kicking up sparks, as she charged at Zhang Xinxiong.

“Shes actually doing it” Everyone was stunned.

The crowd had initially thought she was just putting up a show, not expecting her to actually make good on her word.

Zhang Xinxiong drew a thick, long, black iron stick from his ring and lightly tapped it on the ground, causing the ground to immediately crack.

He deemed that if Su Qianqian dared to actually attack him, then he would have nothing to fear.

There was a law enforcer present, and he was on the defensive in the first place, which meant that he was always the one with the advantage.

As for that girls powers…

“Youve got to be kidding me,” he thought.

“While she is indeed one of the 33 in the Inner Yard, that girls only been there for like a year or two, right

“Does she really think she can take a veteran of five to six years like me on:

Zhang Xinxiong was very tall—nine feet in height—and extraordinarily dashing.

Su Qianqian only reached up to his midsection, yet the girl leapt to a height of well over three meters when she was getting near.

As soon as that snow-white massive sword was lifted up, terrifying sword will was brought to bear as it came crashing down on him.

Zhang Xinxiong was immediately stunned.

The way he saw it, that white, massive sword was like a giant tombstone blocking out the sky as it came down on him.

A shuddering cold crept into his soul, and boundless fear washed over him.

The tombstone got increasingly closer, and there was no running away.

“Something is wrong with the sword…”

He dared to say that Su Qianqian was definitely incapable of bringing such powerful swordplay to bear on him.

The only thing about her that was making him feel so much pressure was definitely that white, massive sword she was holding in her hand.

So that sword was an heirloom in the Su family, then

The 21st among the famed swords.

Epitaph of City Snow.

“Open.” Zhang Xinxiongs expression was one of weariness, and a bit of bloody light seeped over the black staff.

The length of the staff grew exponentially and became as thick as a tree trunk.

Given that there was no evading it, he would simply take the attack head-on.

Zhang Xinxiongs forte was sheer power, which meant that he wasnt about to lose to one such famed sword.

The massive sword came crashing down while that black iron trunk stood in its way.

A deafening rumble echoed.

The few who were involved in the fight were all fine.

It was the surrounding crowd that was sent flying instead.

Zhou Tianshen was completely stunned.

Despite being in midair, his gaze was still fixed on the two who were going at it.

The girl in white bringing the sword down looked frail, yet Zhang Xinxiong, whod just blocked the attack, looked sinister instead.

“Hah!” Su Qianqian gritted her teeth as she bore down on him with her sword.


The ground exploded, and a crater appeared.

Zhang Xinxiong, however…

Was still seen standing in the middle of the crater.

“Its still too early for you to compete with me in terms of strength.”

Zhang Xinxiong took a sarcastic jab at her, and then intended to make his next move.

Su Qianqian, who was right above him, however, wasnt going to give him the chance.

A shout was then heard.

“Heavy Tomb!”

Yet another entity came crashing down from the sky, which was then infused into that white, massive blade.

To Zhang Xinxiong, it looked like yet another tombstone was coming crashing down on him.

Who the h*ll could take this

He was unable to react before the heavy force of those two tombstones caused his arms to be dislocated.


The ones involved in the fight quickly retreated, and that crater on the ground spread even further.

As soon as Zhou Tianshen dropped to the ground, yet another rumbling energy washed over them, but he wasnt sent flying this time, as hed been prepared for it.

“Some impact indeed!”

His fighting spirit was high, and he felt his blood boil.

He then grabbed the golden domineering blade on his back, feeling that the blade was getting as excited as he was.

This was what he sought:

One slash that would cleave right through flesh and bones, leaving nothing behind.

“Wait, something is off,” he thought.

“Wheres Zhang Xinxiong

“Where is that guy

“Dont tell me that he was reduced to mush!” he thought.


Two sections of the staff dropped from the sky into that deep crater, and this scene shocked all the spectators around.

“Holy sh**! TheBlack Shark is broken”

“That thing is a sixth-grade spiritual weapon, no A Master Level weapon, yet…”

“Its actually broken”

Zhou Tianshen was dumbfounded, and he wondered if that thing really was a sixth-grade spiritual weapon.

That golden domineering blade of his was only ninth-grade.

His blade wasnt even at Innate Level.

Su Qianqians mouth twitched, and she tsked satisfactorily before putting that massive blade of hers back on her back.

“Consider that broken stick a lesson to you, then.”

She tilted her head and looked at Lan Xinzis back, saying seriously, “if you dare mess with Brother Xiaoshou ever again, someones gonna die.”


Everyone around gulped at that moment.

That girl still looked cute even when she was being serious, which meant that her words hardly had any weight.

Yet, if one were to consider what she just did…

Somehow, Lan Xinzi was terrified deep down.

She wondered how it was possible for Zhang Xinxiong to be stuck underground like that.

“Isnt this Su Qianqian a little too ridiculous” she thought.

If shed been in Su Qianqians shoes, she wouldve had a hard time taking that one punch, even if Zhang Xinxiong had yet to use his bloodline power.

Furthermore, he had fielded the Black Shark.

In the end, however, Black Shark broke in two.

She wondered if that girl was truly someone who had been in the Inner Yard for a year or two.

“Su, Qian, qian!”

A voice full of suppressed anger was heard from underground.

Zhang Xinxiong shot out of the crater and threw a punch at Su Qianqian, who was walking away.

Zhou Tianshens eyes flew open, and he couldnt help but alert her.

“Look out!”

The person next to him immediately slapped a hand over Zhou Tianshens mouth, trying to muffle his voice.

“Do you have a death wish or something What the hell are you shouting like that for in the middle of a show You could die, you know!”


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