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Chapter 862 You Know Me1

Yunlun Mountain Range was shrouded in mist and the night scenery couldnt be seen.

The sounds of the beasts in the deep mountains were terrifying.

When Mu Zixi ran out from the place where the Xu Faction set up the camp, her anger had dissipated.

She only wanted the position of the Xu Faction Leader for fun; she would not get upset with her senior brother because of it.

However, she had to show her displeasure to someone specifically.

While she was muttering outside the tent, Mu Zixi realized that something was wrong.

As time passed and her cultivation advanced, especially after she broke through to the Grandmaster Realm, her God Devil Eyes was no longer the same as before.

She now had to open her eyes before she could use them.

More often than not, it would be in a state of disguise and concealment before it was activated.

However, all of its functions remained intact!

Mu Zixi was vigilant the moment she sensed that something was wrong.

She scanned more than half of the Faction with her spiritual sense but did not find anything unusual.

However, two new faces not far away attracted her attention.

“I feel like Ive seen them before…”

The two new persons that attracted her attention were Saint Servant Lei Shuangxing and Luo Leilei.

Before she devoured the Source of the World of White Cave, she needed to activate the God Devil Eyes before using it.

At that time, she didnt even know how to activate it on her own.

Thus Mu Zixi could only vaguely sense that these two persons seemed familiar, but she couldnt recall where she had seen them before.

After all, her eyes had never remembered the auras of these two persons.

However, the slight abnormality that she felt at heart made Mu Zixi pay a little attention to these two strangers.

“Who knows, Xu Xiaoshou might be in danger…”

With this thought in mind, Mu Zixi slowed down her footsteps.

However, during the time she got out of the tent of the Xu Faction to the outside to get some fresh air, the two people didnt make any movements.

Even Liu Changqing was called out by Xu Xiaoshou to secretly protect her.

Mu Zixi naturally noticed this situation.

She wasnt really stupid.

She knew well about her senior brothers combat strength.

At that moment, she put this matter aside and wondered if it was an illusion…

After all, her sixth sense could always be rejected by Xu.

As she was walking, Mu Zixi saw a figure standing on a mountain not far away…

That slightly skinny figure seemed to be faintly discernible amidst the mist.

A normal person couldnt recognize his identity with just this figure in such a misty environment.

Mu Zixi was stunned.


She managed to shut her mouth in time after uttering a word.

Her scalp immediately went numb.

Xu Xiaoshou

Wasnt this figure Xu Xiaoshous appearance before he disguised himself as Young Master Xu

She had not seen Xu Xiaoshous true appearance for a long time.

The last time she saw him was during the night battle in the Imperial City when she took a look at him from afar.

However, even in such an environment, Mu Zixi could recognize the figure standing on the mountain.

Something wasnt right!

Even a fool could tell that something wasnt


Xu Xiaoshou was Young Master Xu.

Wasnt Young Master Xu still in the Xu Factions camp receiving the two familiar strangers

How could he transform into his true appearance and stand so openly in the Yunlun Mountain Range… Didnt he want to live anymore “Who are you”

Mu Zixi asked immediately.

She finally understood where the strange feeling just now came from.

It must have come from the person on the mountain.

The figure on the mountain turned around slowly.

There was no change in his expression, but every little movement between his brows was exactly the same as the familiar Xu Xiaoshou from Tiansang Spirit Palace.

He was despicable and somewhat handsome…

“What did you see” asked the person on the mountain.

His voice and tone were exactly the same as Xu Xiaoshou.


Mu Zixi felt her head spin.

She couldnt help but feel like following the persons tone and answering the question truthfully.

Suddenly, her eyes became hot, and a warm current surged through her mind.

Mu Zixi instantly woke up.

It was the power of the God Devil Eyes!

The nature of God Devil Eyes was divided intoGod andDevil

The power ofGod would allow the host to remove all the mental and spiritual shackles in the world.

When it was cultivated till the end, it could even be used to trap the other partys spiritual power.

However, Mu Zixi had yet to achieve this.

As for the power of the Devil…

Mu Zixi understood this part even lesser.

She only knew that the power of the Devil was used to attack.

But every time she used the power of the Devil, it was either the power that theshe in her mind had lent her.

Or she was forced to do so.

Even if theshe didnt want to attack, she had to attack.

Mu Zixis understanding of the God Devil Eyes was very simple.

The power of God represented her, and the power of the Devil represented theshe.

She called herself a goddess, and she called theshe a witch.

At that moment, because of mental control, the power of God and Devil Eyes was activated.

Mu Zixi knew that in the next second, her eyes would change.

However, the identity of the person in front of her was unknown.

She would definitely not expose her biggest secret in front of such a dangerous person.

Mu Zixi forcefully resisted the thought of activating her God and Devil Eyes to attack.

She held back the black and white energy that was about to overflow from her eyes.

Two lines of tears were held back and flowed down her cheeks…

This scene seemed to have stunned the person on the mountain.

Mu Zixi pursed her lips and knew that the situation wasnt looking good.

She followed by crying out, “Young Master Xu, you still come out to look for me.

You refused to give me the position of the leader of the Xu Faction.

Do you still care about me”


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