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Chapter 863 You Know Me 2

TheXu Xiaoshou on the mountain frowned.

It was Yi!

The Chief of Transformation Division.

The secret technique he used was called Phantom Shapeshifting.

It was a mental manipulation method.

It was completely different from the Three Thousand Transformations that he had used to deal with Xu Xiaoshou in Dongtianwang City.

The Phantom Shapeshifting technique only allowed one to see the image of the person they wanted to see the most.

This image could be something that even the person who used the secret technique had never seen before.

Therefore, Yi would not know what the other party had seen.

Thus he could only use mental manipulation to make the other party tell the truth.

To Yi, the Phantom Shapeshifting combined with other mental secret techniques, even Cutting Path and Higher Void would find it difficult to escape the fate of being pried open sometimes.

This was the fundamental reason why the Transformation Division among the six divisions could still use unorthodox methods to survive until now.

The world was so big, there were times when interrogations and normal methods couldnt do anything to those strange people.

The only way was to counteract one toxin with another.

Yi naturally felt that using such methods to deal with a little girl in the Grandmaster Realm was a piece of cake.

However, he could feel that something was wrong.

The little girl at the foot of the mountain seemed to be controlled only at the moment he activated Phantom Shapeshifting.

Based on his past interrogation experience.

Yi could tell at a glance that after the little girl uttered the wordI and stopped, she had actually used some kind of secret technique to undo his mental manipulation.

It was because a person who was under mental manipulation would not stop speaking even under the most abnormal circumstances.

At most, she would be frightened by what she saw and recalled, and then she would tremble when she spoke.

That was all.


Yi laughed.

He clapped his hands and curiously poked his head forward.

He then asked, “This Lord is very amazed.

How did a little Grandmaster Girl like you manage to undo this mental manipulation of mine”


With just one step, Yi came to Mu Zixis side.

He began to walk around the little girl, talking to himself as he walked.

“You are not a Demi-Saint descendant, and you are only a subordinate of Young Master Xu.

No matter how talented you are, you cant do this.

“Even Saint Servant Xu Xiaoshou, when he encountered my mental manipulation, couldnt break free at the first instant.

He had used the Holy Power and Saint Statue to accumulate power secretly.

Then only did he break through the shackles.


“But you managed to do it in an instant!”

Yi looked as if he was looking at a treasure.

He stared at Mu Zixi and said, “Among the younger generation, you are the strongest in terms of breaking free from mental manipulation.”

Mu Zixis feet started to feel cold when she heard this.

This Lord…

The way he addressed himself was synonymous with a big shot to her.

Moreover, this person in front of her even said that he had fought with Xu Xiaoshou before!

Who was he

What realm was he at

Why did he come to look for me

In an instant, Mu Zixi thought of her senior brothers scolding in the tent.

Before this, she didnt think much of it, but now when she thought about it…

Xu Xiashou, I was wrong.

Where were you

“Youre not speaking”

Seeing the young lady in front of him was frightened out of her wits, Yi wasnt surprised at all.

He smiled and stopped walking, patted Mu Zixis shoulder, and said gently, “Ill ask some questions, and I wont control your mind anymore.

You answer honestly.

I wont kill you, and I wont scare you either.

Is that okay”

The familiar voice of Xu Xiaoshou whispered in her ear.

Mu Zixis hair stood on end.

“Mm,” she didnt dare to resist and replied softly.

Facing such a situation, the little girl didnt know how to break out of it.

She didnt have any peerless wisdom.

On the contrary, she was just average smart, and it was self-proclaimed.

But average smart people just didnt know what to do when facing such a baffling person!

Mu Zixi thought of her senior brother.

She began to learn thesubstitution method, thinking about what Xu Xiaoshould would do to solve this situation.

Soon, she gave up.

She was not Xu Xiaoshou.

She did not have that kind of brain.

But as long as she persevered and stalled for time…

She was stupid!

But not Xu Xiaoshou!

Liu Changqing was still protecting her.

As long as Liu Changqing sensed something was wrong, he would immediately send a signal to Xu Xiaoshou.

With Xu Xiaoshous intelligence, he would definitely be able to detect the abnormality and find his way here.

And then…

“Are you thinking of how to stall for time” Yis gentle voice appeared once again, completely disrupting the little girls entire plan.

“No, no…” Mu Zixi waved her hand in panic.

Yi smiled and said, “Then lets begin.

Ill ask, you answer.”

“Hmm…” the little girl was about to cry.

“Who are you”

“My name is Mu Zixi.

I was born in the northern region.

When I was young, my family was poor.

Ever since I was young, my mother told me that poor family…”

“Focus on the main points,” Yi interrupted.

Mu Zixi choked and wiped her tears.

She said aggrievedly, “Alright, alright.

Because of my special physique, Young Master Xu took a liking to me when I was very young.

Then, I became his servant and have been serving him ever since… I admit that I have been a little disrespectful to Young Master Xu, but you shouldnt have disguised as Young Master Xu and come here to scare me!”

Yi raised his eyebrow calmly.

He could sense the girls psychological quality was not simple.

Even in such a situation, she could still think of ways to beat around the bush and drag out the time.


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