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Chapter 871 Who Dares to Touch Her! 1


In the night, Lei Xuangxing, who was walking not far away from the Xu Factions tent, suddenly let out a muffled groan and squatted down with hands holding his head.

“Whats wrong” Luos Leilei was stunned.

She was walking behind and saw the whole process of Lei Xuangxing squatting down all of a sudden.

She immediately sped up and caught up with him, and squatted down as well.

“Headache You havent adapted to Yin Yang… its power”

She gently pushed away Lei Xuangxings hands and looked at his eyes.

Luo Leilei could clearly see that even though Lei Xuangxing had changed his appearance, he looked ferocious.

It was obvious that he was in extreme pain, and even his disguise could not cover it up.


Lei Xuangxing pressed his temples using two fingers.

Despite the unbearable pain, he only let out a muffled groan without any other sound.

“It doesnt make sense…”

Luo Leilei panicked when she saw that Lei Xuangxing did not speak.

She muttered to herself, “Isnt the adaptation period over long ago Could it be… incompatible But if its incompatible, why would it happen at this time Brother Xuangxing, are you alright” Lei Xuangxing endured for a long while the pain seemed to ease.

He said with difficulty, “Its not my problem…”

If it was not your problem, then whose problem was it

Luo Leilei was confused.

Brother Xuangxing seemed to be in so much pain.

Could it be that he had encountered a spiritual attack from an unknown enemy

“Is there an attack” Luo Leilei stood up in shock and looked around vigilantly.

“No…” Lei Xuangxing managed to squeeze out a sentence with great difficulty, but it was difficult for him to explain.

He could only see black, white, and gray and he had endured it for 10 odd years.

But at this moment, his eyes were hurting, his temples were swollen, and his entire brain seemed to be about to explode…

Followed by a blurry image!

Perhaps to a normal person, nothing could be seen clearly from such a blurry image.

But to Lei Xuangxing, what appeared before his eyes was not the outcome of his spiritual thoughts, but something tangible that could be seen with the naked eye.

It happened for the first time in 10 odd years!

“My eyes…”

Amidst the pain, Lei Xuangxing seemed to have understood something.

He propped himself up with one hand, staggered, and propped himself up again with his cane.

He suddenly turned his head as if he was about to pass through the space and break through the source of the pain in his eyes.


He saw nothing.

Other than the blurry image that flashed past him, when he tried to look at it again, it returned to the boundless black, white, and gray.

Although it was only for an instant, Lei Xuangxing thought for a moment and remembered the figure in the image.

“Elder Sleeveless!

“How could it be Elder Sleeveless”

The pain disappeared along with the blurry picture, but Lei Xuangxing was extremely shocked.

He had never seen Elder Sleevelesss face, but his unique aura had seared deep down into his heart since he was very young.

And now, the blurry picture transmitted over…

The figure wasnt important at all!

What was important was that the persons aura was exactly the same as Elder Sleeveless!

Saint Servant Sleeveless, also known as Sang Qiye, had been captured after the battle at the White Cave and had been sent to the prison at the foot of Sacred Mountain Gui Zhe.

How could he appear in the Yunlun Mountain Range


Lei Xuangxing murmured.

Suddenly, endless killing intent exploded from his body.

No matter what, for the God Devil Eyes to have such a movement that transmitted the image to its original owner, it meant that its current owner was in great danger.

And just now!

He had just barely heard her footsteps…

“Who dares to touch her!”

Lei Xuangxing gritted his teeth.

The tightly shut eyes seemed to have exploded with ferocious white eye veins due to exertion.

The eye veins accompanied by the popping blue veins instantly covered the eyes of Lei Xuangxing.

Then, it spread out and dyed half of his forehead and s face into a ferocious beast face.

“Lifelong Vein!”

Luo Leilei was shocked when she saw it.

She had never felt such a cold and terrifying killing intent from Brother Xuangxing, even when he was on a mission and met someone who deserved and must be killed.

But now, before he even met his enemy, Brother Xuangxings killing intent was so strong that even his Lifelong Vein was activated!

“What happened

“What does this headache of Brother Xuangxing mean”

Luo Leileis heart was hanging in the air.

She faintly felt that something bad was about to happen.

Lifelong Vein was one of the Lei Familys Eyes which was recorded in theEyes of the World.

It was the only eye technique that could only be mastered after one had cultivated it.

The only use of this eye technique was to squeeze out ones potential and burst out with super powerful combat strength in a short time.

The aftereffects of this technique were very terrifying

However, before the Lei family was exterminated, the Lifelong Vein was known as the number one explosive technique in the world.

Once an ordinary Sovereign (stage) of the Lei family managed to activate the Lifelong Vein when he was caught off guard.

He had successfully sneak attacked, severed a Great Voids arm, and successfully escaped.

It was a pity.

With the extermination of the Lei family, the number one explosive technique in the world also disappeared without a trace.

Luo Leilei was not surprised that Brother Xuangxing had managed to cultivate the Lifelong Vein.

She had even known about it long ago.

However, the condition to activate the Lifelong Vein was either extreme anger, extreme desire to live, or the most extreme desire to kill…

Luo Leilei had never seen Brother Xuangxing activate the Lifelong Vein before.

It was because if the person who activated the Lifelong Vein did not kill the enemy in his mind…

The Lifelong Vein would never fade away!

And for every second that Lifelong Vein lasted, the caster would have to expend an endless amount of vitality to replenish the energy needed for the explosive increase in battle strength.

Lu Leilei knew that if a person activated the Lifelong Vein, he would at most be able to last for a day.


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