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Chapter 872 Who Dares to Touch Her!

If the enemy did not die during this time… Then the one who fell would be the caster.

“Brother Xuangxing, what exactly has happened Tell me…” Luo Leilei panicked.

This inexplicable battle, where she did not even know where it was going to happen, had come too suddenly.

She had no idea what had happened.

After the pain subsided, Lei Xuangxing had fully restrained his killing intent as if nothing had happened.

He turned his head and said calmly, “Its nothing.

You continue to move toward the location of the mission.

Im going to kill someone, Ill be right back.”

Luo Leilei quickly grabbed his arm and said anxiously, “You dont even know where to go or who to kill.

How are you going to kill Lifelong… This thing has appeared, and you only have half a day!”

Theoretically speaking it was one day.

A normal person would probably find it difficult to even maintain their rationality for two hours when their life force was being crazily sucked away.

Luo Leilei looked at the terrifying eye veins protruding on Brother Xuangxings calm face and could feel that the monstrous killing intent was even stronger.


“Did you just say Xier” A thought suddenly flashed through her mind.

She grasped the key point and quickly asked, “Its that…”

A hand touched her head and interrupted what she was going to say next.

Luo Leilei was stunned.

She had never seen Brother Xuangxing have this gesture before.

In the night, she seemed to see Brother Xuangxing smile.

There was only a faint smile that was barely noticeable.

The hand he placed on top of her head gently rubbed her head.

Then, he said in an extremely gentle voice that she had never heard of before.

“There are always some things in this world that require you to do your best to guard them.

“Im very glad that I, who have nothing, can still have such a fetter that allows me to live


“Didnt you always ask me why I practiced the swordsmanship so hard Was it for the Great Path, revenge, or was it for the… blood feud that I was carrying on my back”

Lei Xuangxing paused for a moment, “Yes, but not completely.”

The corner of his mouth lifted slightly, forming an arc.

Facing the deep and boundless night sky, he said through voice transmission gently, “Now I can tell you that I, Lei Xuangxing, have lived my entire life for one person…”

“I have practiced swordsmanship to guard!”

The hand on her head disappeared when he spoke the last sentence.

The gentleness of the night instantly disappeared, leaving only the biting coldness of the cold wind.

Luo Leilei was completely stunned.

She understood now.

Brother Xuangxings words were not meant for her, but himself.

Or rather, the person who should be standing in front of him should not be her, but the person he wanted to guard.


Luo Leilei murmured in her heart.

She wanted to retain him, but she knew that at this moment, she had no reason to retain the person in front of her.

“Go, head to the point of the mission,” Lei Xuangxing turned around.

Luo Leilei was anxious, but she touched nothing when she reached out.

She looked at Brother Xuangxings disappearing back and could only ask in a low voice, “If, I mean if, the person youre going to face has a cultivation realm that is beyond imagination…”

Xuangxing took large strides forward and no longer looked back.

He just spun the divine staff in his hand and pinned it to the back of his elbow.

“Just move forward, theres nothing to fear!”

There was a bang.

Blood mist exploded on his body and he transformed into a stream of light that merged into the Way of the Heavens, disappearing without a trace.

“Just move forward, theres nothing to fear…”

Luo Leilei stared at the night sky infatuatedly as she repeated the last sentence of the person who had disappeared into the distance.

Her heart was filled with bitterness.

You had someone you wanted to guard, how would I not have

In this world, no one had to live for others, even if the story behind was bloody.

“One who only look at the past, and never care about his family and the future…

“He is a fool!

“You, like Eldest Brother and Father… are all fools! And idiots!”

Luo Leilei clenched her fists and cursed at the empty night sky.

Her eyes were filled with misty tears.

She stared at the night sky for a long time as if she was seeing another scene of another world, another person.

In the end, she still couldnt take a step in the opposite direction.

Under the night sky, a low self-deprecating voice sounded, “Father, Father, if I die, will you step out of that broken blacksmith shop for me”

After a pause, Luo Leilei smiled bitterly.


“Perhaps, from the moment I was born, You never had me in your eyes…”


Purple lightning struck.

Beautiful thunderbolt wings bloomed behind Luo Leilei.

With a light flap, she looked in the direction where the Lei Xuangxing had disappeared.


Purple lightning streaked across the sky, illuminating the darkness for only an instant before the figure disappeared.

Up above the Nine Heavens.

Rao Yaoyaos original seat had been taken by a veiled woman.

“Mysterious, Pass, Jade, Just…”

Yu Zhiwen changed her hand gestures as she stared at the large-scale divine arrayCloud Realm world in front of her.

There was a rare hesitation in her eyes.

“It should be this chant.”

“But I dont know much about this world-type divine array.

Why am I here”

“Where did Situ Yongren go”

Although she was mumbling in her heart, Yu Zhiwens hands didnt stop moving.

Instead, they changed rapidly as she familiarized herself with the rules of the world of Cloud Realm.

Rao Yaoyao was a layman and could only rely on the array token to activate the little functions of the world of Cloud Realm.

As the number two in the Path Division, even though Yu Zhiwen had never come into contact with the Cloud Realm world before, what she needed to do was to take direct control of it the moment she arrived.

She used her hand gestures to communicate with the Path Principles, and a chant to command the Divine Secret.

The complexity and profoundness of this were countless times more difficult than using the array token to simply control the Divine Array.

But no matter how difficult it was, Yu Zhiwen only had slight hesitation and doubt.

She was full of confidence in herself!

“Array, Seal, Law, Balance…” “Great, Rest, Pair, Jade…”


At the end of her thoughts, Yu Zhiwens eyes lit up.

She formed a hand seal and pushed the thousands of spirit mirrors in front of her straight.


A clear shout.

The thousands of spirit mirrors in front of him suddenly flashed.

Yu Zhiwens Star Eyes were filled with anticipation…

However, as if a machine had been broken, a sizzling sound exploded in front of her.

And then…


All the spirit mirrors turned dark!

“Huh” Yu Zhiwens Star Eyes almost popped out.

She stood up in shock and looked at the scene in front of her in disbelief.


“Thats impossible.

My chant cant be wrong.

My seal is correct.

“But, why did these thousands of spirit mirrors black out”

Yu Zhiwen was terrified.

If the Cloud Realm world was destroyed by her as soon as she took over, she wouldnt be able to clear her name even if she jumped into the Yellow River.

She quickly attempted again.

In the end, the process wasnt wrong, and the hand gestures and chant werent wrong at all.

However, the dark images of the thousands of spirit mirrors couldnt be restored anymore.

“Im doomed, Im doomed…”

Yu Zhiwens heart was beating wildly, and her pretty face under the veil was filled with panic.

She had never made such a big mistake in the Path Division.

Moreover, they were now on the battlefield, at the center of a crucial arrangement.

The Divine Array had been ineffective…

This wasnt scary.

What was scary was that Yu Zhiwen didnt know what the problem was with the Divine Array that had been ineffective.

Thus naturally she didnt know how to save it!


The communication bead rang at the right time.

Yu Zhiwen picked it up and took a look.

It was Sword Deity Rao.

“Im doomed, Im doomed.

“How could it be so fast Ive just spoiled the cloud realm world and Elder Rao has got to know about it…”

She gritted her teeth.

And picked up the communication bead.

Rao Yaoyaos grave voice came through, and she went straight to the point.

“Situ Yongren has just sent a communication.

In the Yunlun Mountain Range, a Divine Sorcerer has messed up the Path Principles of Divine Secret and taken away his control over the Cloud Realm world… He said that you shouldnt be able to see anything now, but before that, did you notice anything unusual”


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