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Chapter 874 Shut Up!!! 2

It was imminent!

Xu Xiaoshou knew in his heart that something bad was about to happen.

He did not waste any time.

While comprehending the spatial node of the bounded domain, he tried to use his spatial comprehension to move the spatial node and create a passage that was enough for him to enter the bounded domain.

This was the safest method.

It was also the most effective method for Xu Xiaoshou to deal with this domain-type skill after he had grasped a little spatial ability.

But after all, Xu Xiaoshou had never come into contact with the spatial attribute before, so he did not know if he could make it.

If he could make it, then his stowing away would not alarm the master of the bounded domain.

Once he entered, he could continue to hide in the dark and observe the situation.

Otherwise, with Fourth Sword, he would risk being exposed, and forcefully barge in.

He was very lucky.

The attempt succeeded.

The spatial node was successfully transported, and an indiscernible creature the size of a hair appeared as it passed through the spatial crack.

Furthermore, there was no anomaly from within.

With such a narrow gap, a normal persons body would not be able to enter.

However, Xu Xiaoshou was different.

He still had Transformation that had just advanced to Sovereign (stage) that he didnt have time to try out.

Previously, the Transformation of the Master (stage) had a size limit when changing the body shape.

However, after advancing to the Sovereign (stage), there was a qualitative upgrade.

Xu Xiaoshou tried it out, and with a spiritual sense, he imagined himself as a strand of long and thin hair.

He was very lucky.

He broke through the limit of his body size and passed through the gap that only allowed hair to pass.


His luck value seemed to have been used up by these two seemingly insignificant details.

When Xu Xiaoshou regained his body size and turned his head to look at the situation in the bounded domain clearly, he froze in midair.

Three people were below.

The hands ofElder Sang were stained with blood.

His entire body was splashed with blood as he stood closest to him.

In front ofElder Sang, the spotless Liu Changqing was stuck between the two of them, acting as a barrier.

At the back, Mu Zixi, who was covered in blood, weakly collapsed in the huge pit.

Her consciousness was about to collapse.

But in the end, her eyes were still staring at the void, which was where Xu Xiaoshou was.

And then…

She smiled…

Xu Xiaoshou raised his sword and was stunned.

His lips suddenly trembled, and his entire body began to tremble uncontrollably.

“Xu Xiaoshou…”

In the deep pit, Mu Zixis silent lip language was read out by Xu Xiaoshou.

He could even see the last moment before his junior sister was unconscious.

She smiled and said in an invisible voice, “Youre here…”



Why did it turn out this way

How could his junior sister be so severely injured

He had called Liu Changqing out and had even deliberately reminded him that no matter what, he could not let Mu Zixi suffer even the slightest bit of harm.

Even the slightest bit!

Xu Xiaoshou panted heavily and gripped the hand that held the Fourth Sword tightly.

Due to his strength, the fierce sword trembled slightly in his grip.

Liu Changqing wasnt stupid.

He should understand the meaning behind his words.

Even if his identity as a ghost beast was exposed, there would still be someone taking care of him.

However, Mu Zixi absolutely couldnt have anything untoward happen to her!



What about now

Wasnt Liu Changqing still around

Wasnt this fellow a Cutting Path

Even if he couldnt defeat the other party as a Cutting Path, what about the Patriarch Wuji in your body

When did I, Xu Xiaoshou, say those words to you, Liu Changqing, alone I was talking to you, Patriarch Wuji, even more!

Xu Xiaoshous thoughts were a mess.

His eyes were bloodshot.

He completely didnt notice that the fiendish aura of the Fourth Sword was following his emotions and seeping into his body bit by bit.

The primitive beasts desire in his mind exploded.

It was like a flood that had burst through a dam and was about to destroy all rationality.

Originally, all of this could have been suppressed.

It was only when Xu Xiaoshou caught sight of Liu Changqing standing in front of Mu Zixi who was covered in blood from the corner of his eyes.

He was so spotless and clean…

How did you keep it so clean

Why was Mu Zixi stained with blood

Didnt you know it was because I sent you out to protect her that I was able to relax and slow down a little to prepare for the matters of the First Pavilion in the Sky



Xu Xiaoshou looked at the scene below, his eyes filled with condemnation and self-reproach.

When his emotions were at their breaking point, he finally couldnt help but let out a roar.

In the air, he roared hysterically.

“Liu, Chang, Qing!” “What the hell did you do!”


Within the bounded domain…

As the sound rang out, a majestic and terrifying pressure, accompanied by an awe-inspiring killing intent, suddenly came crashing down.

The pressure instantly solidified, causing the ground to sink a few feet into the ground.

Patriarch Wuji and Yi were moved at the same time and looked up.

However, they saw no one.


Xu Xiaoshou did not care about this.

He took a step forward and arrived beside Mu Zixi.

He stretched out his trembling hand and gently bent it, wanting to pull the unconscious junior sister into his arms.


It was as if he had lost his mind and had completely forgotten about his disappearing state.

And others couldnt hear him.

This hug…

The junior sister was right in front of him, but they had been separated like in heaven and on earth.

His hand directly pierced through Mu Zixis body.


Xu Xiaoshou screamed, and tears unknowingly fell from his eyes.

Until he realized that all of these were just his illusion, and the anomaly brought by the Vanishing Technique.


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