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Chapter 875 Shut Up!!! 3

He immediately dispelled his disappearing state and then stretched out his hand…

He paused.

And was enveloped by the spiritual source.

He then carefully hugged her…

He could feel it now!


It was a sticky feeling, not skin.

That warmth was from fresh blood!

“No, no…”

Xu Xiaoshou muttered.

He wanted to hug her little junior sisters body tightly, afraid that she would just disappear.

However, he knew that in her current state, his junior sister could not withstand his furious physical strength.

He slowed down in everything.

As if he was holding a baby, Xu Xiaoshou who was covered by the spiritual source, gently helped his junior sisters upper body up using his forearm.

“Mu Zixi…” Xu Xiaoshou smiled with tears in his eyes and gently called out.

Yi and Patriarch Wuji behind him were shocked at the same time.

They looked at the fellow who suddenly appeared in front of them and realized that he was the person who had brought about the strange pressure.

When he recognized the uninvited guest who was undisguised, Yis pupils constricted.

“Xu Xiaoshou!” he cried out in shock.

Xu Xiaoshou suddenly turned his head back.

His face was ferocious as he roared furiously, “Shut up!!!”


The terrifying sound wave and the imposing aura pushed forward in a fan-shaped shockwave.

The ground instantly exploded, and rubble flew everywhere.

Yis hair stood on end, and his scalp became numb.


Along with Xu Xiaoshous shout-out, an unnoticeable faint sound mixed with the rumbling sound of the explosion slashed toward Yi.

At a glance…

Xu Xiaoshou brought about the sword cognition from the scruffy-looking man.

“F*ck, isnt this guy a Master (stage) How did he…have so many powerful trump cards” Yi was shocked.

In his eyes, the threat of that sword cognition was no less than an opponent of the same level.

Based on his combat awareness, in between the light and spark, his body naturally had to move to the side to avoid this swift and violent sword cognition attack.

However, it was too late.

With apshht sound, ice blue cold air swept across the entire area along with Xu Xiaoshous roar, filling the entire world.


In an instant, everything in the bounded domain was dyed the color of ice crystals.

The cracked earth, the shattered rocks in the air, the dust that flew…

Including Yi and Patriarch Wuji.

At this instant, everything was deprived of time.

Everything was frozen.

The Three Days Frozen Calamity froze the world!

‘It takes more than one cold day for the river to freeze three feet in depth.

But it only took an instant!


The sword cognition was like a piece of paper.

It easily cut Yis frozen body into two halves.

In this static ice crystal world, it was the only bright red movement torn apart in the air

It was the color of blood.

With a whoosh, the sword cognition returned and struck Xu Xiaoshous body.

Xu Xiaoshou, who had thetoughness of Sovereign (stage), did not move at all.

He allowed the damage from the sword cognition to shake his internal organs until they were in pain, but he did not move at all holding the hands of the person in front of him.

“Junior Sister…” Xu Xiaoshou looked back and his expression became gentle.

He called out gently again.

He waited for a while, but there was still no response.


He had called out twice!

The person in his hands still showed no signs of waking up…

“Im Xu Xiaoshou, Im your Senior Brother, why are you ignoring me”.

In Xu Xiaoshous wet and bloodshot eyes, there were traces of a sickly black color in them.

That was the demonic aura that was affecting his emotions.

He fed Mu Zixi a drop of holy blood and suddenly grinned.

When he whispered into her ear, there was a hint of crying in his voice.

“Stop kidding, open your eyes.

Youre bluffing me, right How about this Ill give you the position of the Xu Faction leader and Ill be your assistant… or I say youre bluffing and pretending that youre sleeping, and then you answer meyes orno… is that okay”


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