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Chapter 881 Lei Xier 3

However, the uncontrollable emotions that had been suppressed by the power of divinity surged like a mountain flood and tsunami as the demonic Qi entered her body.

Xu Xiaoshous consciousness wavered.

He was almost shattered by the impact, but fortunately, he managed to hold on.


The Fourth Sword trembled and flew into Xu Xiaoshous hand, adding fuel to the fire.

Xu Xiaoshou was blasted till his mind went blank.

After subconsciously biting the tip of his tongue, he relied on the pain to survive the two waves of demonic Qi.


He still raised his head and roared.

He was still concerned about Mu Zixi.

He flew up into the air and hugged his junior sister.

With just a touch, the Life Force in his junior sisters body that continued to dissipate caused Xu Xiaoshou to awake.

He instantly realized that something was wrong.

The junior sisters body seemed to have become completely different from before due to the loss of a large amount of Life Force.

This kind of Life Force was not negative.

On the contrary, she seemed to have lost the excess Life Force and returned to her normal figure before she suppressed her growth.

Did she grow taller

Xu Xiaoshou noticed that the little junior sisters knee-length green dress had been shrunk up to the thighs.

Her long and robust legs couldnt be compared to Mu Zixis thin and small lotus-shaped legs.

It was the same for her body.

Except for her slender waist.

The little junior sisters breasts and buttocks began to return to their original state as her Life Force dissipated.


The fluffy Loli dress that she wore earlier was now completely stretched open by the sudden change in her body.

At this moment, her body was still trembling slightly.

Her consciousness had yet to awaken.


Xu Xiaoshou didnt know what to do.

Hugging the waist of the familiar yet unfamiliar woman in front of him, he wanted to let go but didnt dare to.

The feeling of touching her made Xu Xiaoshou feel that the little junior sister might have become a stranger!

However, when he looked back and saw Mu Zixis face…

That small and cute face did not change much.

Other than the additional charm in her eyes, most of it still looked familiar.

However, it was also at this moment that Xu Xiaoshou came to a realization.

He suddenly understood why the junior sister had God Devil Eyes and the second voice in her body.

“Youre not her!” Xu Xiaoshout shouted.

Mu Zixi, who had grown up in the blink of an eye, still didnt move.

However, the white Reborn Lily on the ground, which represented the power of divinity, was about to be invaded by the demonic Qi and was half-dyed black.

“Go back!”



Xu Xiaoshou was anxious but he didnt know what to do.

He suddenly turned on Breathing Technique, held Mu Zixis face, and swallowed in large mouthfuls the demonic Qi in her right eye.



It was as if he was drinking water.

The demonic Qi that he took the initiative to absorb entered his body, bringing with it a strange feeling of heat and coldness between his nose and mouth.

The color change of the Reborn Lily sea of flowers seemed to have slowed down.

But it was continuing!

Xu Xiaoshous mind had become even more muddled.

He could no longer withstand the invasion of such dense demonic Qi.

But if he didnt do that, he didnt know how to stop the Reborn Lily sea of flowers from turning black from white on the ground.

“Get lost!”

The Breathing Technique was pushed to its


At this moment, Xu Xiaoshou couldnt wait to max out this basic passive skill to its fullest.

It was because no matter how hard he tried, the speed at which he swallowed the demonic Qi couldnt keep up with the speed at which the demonic Qi was derived from the God Devil Eyes.

“Let go of me…”

When the sea of flowers turned into a half-white and half-black, and half-yin and half-yang state, a sullen voice sounded in Xu Xiaoshous ears.

He was stunned.

It was Mu Zixis voice…


Not exactly!

Although it was somewhat similar, the tone of her voice, as well as the seductive charm, could not possibly be the voice of Junior Sister.

“Get lost and bring my junior sister back!” Xu Xiaoshou shouted angrily and began to devour the demonic qi again.

“Enough!” the bewitching female voice was now mixed with great displeasure.

However, her body seemed to be unable to move.

She could only let her face be held by Xu Xiaoshou and look at this extremely familiar man up close for the first time using a pair of strange God Devil Eyes.

How would Xu Xiaoshou possibly let his junior sister leave

He didnt care and continued to absorb the demonic Qi from God and Devil Eyes!

But it was too slow.

When the pure and holy Reborn Lily sea of flowers was 70% black, Xu Xiaoshou didnt sense that the fingertips of the woman he held in his hands trembled slightly…

And then…

The corner of her lips lifted and her eyelashes fluttered.

The God Devil Eyes stopped spinning and released a bewitching charm.

“You want to suck”

She lifted her chin, pressed using her delicate hand, and kissed his lips.


Xu Xiaozuo was caught off guard by the soft attack.

His mind instantly went blank.

His toes hooked and his palm opened abruptly.

His entire body froze in midair.

Not to mention the Breathing Technique had instantly stopped functioning.

Even his breathing had disappeared in that instant.

He could only stare blankly with his left eye at the right eye of God Devil Eyes which was right in front of him.

He looked at the infinite and strange black magic power, which turned into an abyss in front of him and sucked his entire soul into it.


The vicious sword among the Five Great Divine Instruments of Chaos, the Fourth Sword, was abandoned by its master in a battle and fell to the ground for the first time.

Their lips parted.

“Have you calmed down”

Being asked the question, Xu Xiaoshou took a deep breath until he almost sucked the person in front of him back then only did he resume from the oxygen-deprived state and find his soul.

Then, in a daze, he stopped breathing for the second time.

“Im returning it to her on your behalf…” the woman in front of him blushed in silence.

She turned her head slightly and looked away, pretending to be calm, and explained.

Xu Xiaoshou paused for a long time before asking hesitantly, “Mu Zixi”

The woman turned her God Devil Eyes and stared at him.

She slowly shook her head, “Lei Xier.”


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