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Lei Xier became anxious and her pretty face turned stiff.

She said, “Then what are you still doing here!”

“I am here to apologize…”

Patriarch Wuji took a long breath and did not give Lei Xier a chance to react.

He said in one breath, “Im sorry.

Although I have a personal reason, I really shouldnt have put you in second place.

I should have saved you first.

Im sorry!”

After saying that, he even bowed very solemnly.

This bow was even more than 90 degrees.

Lei Xier could hear the cracking sounds coming from the back of Patriarch Wuji.

But the other party just bowed and almost pressed his head against his calf.

Lei Xier raised her eyebrows.

Patriarch Wuji was said to be the Holy Emperor of Abyss Island.

This guy, why did he go to this extent

For me

Lei Xier rejected this idea.

She then thought of Xu Xiaoshou, but soon she rejected it too.

If it was Mu Zixi, it might have ended here.

However, Lei Xier felt that Patriarch Wujis bow wasnt for the sake of the two juniors.

It was for the Eighth Sword Deity!

He was afraid!

Lei Xier didnt care at all whether Patriarch Wuji apologized or not.

At this moment, the only thing she was concerned about was the berserk Xu Xiaoshou.

Even in this state, even if he was holding a vicious sword, a famous sword…

Could Xu Xiaoshou defeat a Great Void

Lei Xier was negative about it.

She was not doubting Xu Xiaoshous combat strength, but she knew very well how high the upper limit of a true expert in the Great Void stage could be!

As she coldly watched Patriarch Wuji complete his bow, she said, “Its time for you to make your move.

If you dont make your move, even if the matter ends, I really cant guarantee that youll be able to survive.”

Lei Xier knew better than anyone else in the world how far Xu Xiaoshou could go for Mu Zixi, even if it was the will of Xu Xiaoshou and Mu Zixi themselves.

In fact, Patriarch Wuji was hoping that Yi could take a few more hits so that Xu Xiaoshou could vent all of his anger.

However, he knew that the situation was urgent.

Xu Xiaoshou alone might be able to deal with Yi for a while in this state but to fight against and kill a Great Void…

It was nonsense!

“I still have a little thing to do.

I just need a moment.

After eliminating all room for maneuver, I guarantee that Yi wont be able to escape,” Patriarch Wuji looked at the sky with an unfathomable look.

Lei Xier frowned.

Patriarch Wuji sensed it and quickly explained, “Actually, someone in the outside world has noticed the abnormality and wants to take back control of the world of Cloud Realm.

I have to hold him back first.

Dont worry, itll only take a moment!”

Lei Xier looked back without saying anything.

She looked at the battlefield and her God Devil Eyes subconsciously began to move.

However, she was not Mu Zixi.

She would not let her emotions affect her.

She immediately forcefully restrained her impulse.

“Wait a little longer, wait a little longer…”

She seemed to be explaining to herself.

In such a situation, how much could a Grandmaster Realm achieve

Even if it was God Devil Eyes, and it could control Yi for an instant, it would be difficult for it to gain any advantage after the other party became vigilant.

“Xu Xiaoshou, give me some more time!”

Lei Xier clenched her fists tightly.

Without looking anymore, she closed her God Devil Eyes.

In her energy reserve, a large amount of the remaining power of Holy Blood was being devoured continuously by the White Caves Source of the World.

Mu Zixi didnt know how to use this Source of the World.

So she could only figure out some effects similar to the Sovereign (stage).

Lei Xier was different.

In her mind, she had the memories and inheritances of an entire Lei familys ancestor!


“Boom, boom, boom!”

Amidst the battle, Yi had successfully launched countless sneak attacks.

However, he was sent flying by the berserk giants terrifying physical strength.

Luckily it was not the Fourth Swords slashes.

Otherwise, his body would definitely be covered in blood!

“Oh boy, how long have you cultivated Youve almost caught up with your masters progress…”

Yis eyes were filled with exclamations.

Among the red-clothed people, there were always people who kept saying that Xu Xiaoshous progress was very fast.

Yi did not believe it in the past.

But now that he saw the combat strength that completely belonged to Xu Xiaoshou…

Yi believed it now.

Once again, he used the rebound to throw himself far away.

Yis body stood in midair.

In front of him, the berserk giant with wings on its back seemed to be very impatient.

It waved the Fourth Sword and was about to slash in his direction again.

Yi was unmoved.

He stared at the berserk giant from a distance, stuck out his tongue, and licked the dried blood on his charred right hand.

“Berserk giant, right”

The black berserk giant flapped his wings in the distance and flew over again.

Elder Sang, whom Yi incarnated, curled his lips and revealed a cold and unfathomable smile.

Then, he put his palms together.

“Imitator, Form!”

A bright white light bloomed on his body.

At this moment, time seemed to have stopped.

Patriarch Wuji, who was fighting Yu Zhiwen with the Divine Secret technique across space, seemed to have realized something and instantly turned his head to look.

Lei Xier, who had just broken through with her eyes closed, also seemed to have sensed something special.

Her God Devil Eyes suddenly opened.

In the distance, the white light dissipated.

Elder Sang, whom Yi incarnated, was nowhere to be seen.

It was replaced by Xu Xiaoshou!

He had black hair, a precious body, holy light, a handsome face, and cold eyes… Xu Xiaoshou, who was in the Great Void state!

Lei Xiers God Devil Eyes dilated.

She was shocked.

Even though there was indeed some introduction on Imitator in her memory.

But when she saw it with her own eyes, she could stop being amazed that there was such a divine object in the world that could imitate a persons appearance and abilities to such an extent!


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