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In the City Lord Mansion of Tiansang City, Xu Xiaoshou could still use the Master (stage) Weaving Expertise to solve the powerful Thirty-Six Heavens Sealed Array.

The Sovereign (stage) Weaving Expertise covered almost everything in the Divine Secret.

In just a while, Xu Xiaoshou had comprehended all the subtleties of the Spirit Shifting Six Profound Formation.

He had even found 12 flaws in it.

However, at this moment, he did not want to go into detail and perfect it, nor did he have a way to perfect it.

Although it was a lousy formation, it was enough for use.

Seeing that the bewilderment in Xu Xiaoshous eyes had been cleared, Patriarch Wuji knew in his heart that this fellow had given up.

However, he did not dare to say it out for fear of losing the Young Mans face.

He could only say, “I can help you control Yis soul body.

As for you… Well, no matter what the outcome is, lets try it out first!”

Even though he knew that it was a waste of time, Patriarch Wuji still decided to let Xu Xiaoshou try it out.

As long as he could forget about the previous unpleasant incident.

However, what he feared most happened.

Xu Xiaoshous eyes were still as cold as ever.

He turned his cold eyes and said coldly, “Ive said it, dont talk nonsense unnecessarily.

Similarly, dont do anything when I dont tell you to do it.

Dont ever cross the line!”

Patriarch Wuji finally couldnt hold it in anymore.

How could he not hear Xu Xiaoshous insinuation

How could this young man be so calculative about a small matter until now

“Xu Xiaoshou!

“I know Ive let both of you down, and Ive wanted to make it up.

But you shouldnt have behaved in this manner, should you

“No matter what, Im still your senior.

How can you speak to me in such a tone and manner!”

Patriarch Wuji was so angry that his face turned red, and even the veins on his neck bulged out.

“Shut up.”

Xu Xiaoshou turned around coldly and stepped forward, preparing to use the Divine Array.

When Patriarch Wuji heard this unbearable sentence and saw the scene before him, he almost laughed out of his anger.

“Im being so polite to you because of Baizhuan.

Do you really think that within such a short time you can grasp…”

“Ive told you to shut up!” Xu Xiaoshou couldnt take it anymore.

He looked back and scolded angrily.

Patriarch Wuji was furious, “What if I say no”


The demonic Qi in Xu Xiaoshous eyes surged, and his killing intent exploded uncontrollably.

He took out the Four Pillars of Destiny Token of Baizhuan and threw it onto the ground between the two of them, stirring up sand and dust.

“I told you to…”

He had wanted to sayshut up.

But at this juncture, the Sword Observation Manual, which had been hidden in his mind for a long time, suddenly appeared again.

The pages of the book were flipped open, and the demonic Qi, the Fourth Sword, the Four Pillars of Destiny Token, and other inexplicable forces on his body made him change his words.


Xu Xiaoshous eyes were bloodshot, and together with the Swallow the Mountains and Rivers, he threw out the command token.

As soon as he finished speaking, the sky shattered, and the earth collapsed.

Patriarch Wujis soul trembled, and his face instantly turned pale.

He suddenly looked up.

At that moment, Xu Xiaoshou was no longer that young junior in his eyes…

Behind the little brat, the illusory images of the three ancestors of the White Vein appeared.

Among them, the Great Infernal Ancestor was the most distinct.

And behind the three ancestors of the White Vein, there was a towering figure of Bazhuan!

Patriarch Wuji could almost see the young Bazhuan conquering everything on the inner island of Abyss Island.

Stepping on the Demonic Emperor Black Dragon, he pointed his swords at the three ancestors of the White Vein.

He was arrogant and aggressive, looking down on the world as he spoke these arrogant words…

“Both the Black and White Vein respect me! Who isnt convinced”

A boom sounded.

At this point, Patriarch Wuji finally couldnt stop his knees from trembling.

It was exactly the same as what the three ancestors of the White Vein did in his mind.

His knees hit the ground with a loud noise and he kneeled down.


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