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The Escape Divine Coin fell onto the ground.

The scene became silent.


Xu Xiaoshou stepped forward and glanced at the Escape Divine Coin.

He looked at Lei Shuangxing and asked, “Yi, is dead”

“Hes dead.”

Lei Shuangxing sheathed his sword.

The Divine-Beating Crutch was inserted into the ordinary crutch and all its sharpness was retracted.

“Hes dead thoroughly” Xu Xiaoshou glanced at the Escape Divine Coin again and asked.

“Yes, thoroughly.” Lei Shuangxings ferocious eye veins, which covered half of his face, disappeared after he turned his head back and the calm expression resumed.

“Its that simple.

Yi is really thoroughly dead.

Theres no chance of revival” Xu Xiaoshou was truly afraid of Higher Voids revival ability, so he asked again.

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Patriarch Wuji was speechless.


Was the process that simple

Just killing Yi required him to take control of the cloud realm world.

And then, Yis physical body, soul, and even will were scattered.

Only then did he die thoroughly.

It could be said that Yi was one of the hardest people to kill among the Higher Void.

Everyone had made so much effort to be able to completely exterminate Yi.

Did you call this processsimple

Lei Shuangxing was silent too.

He bent down, picked up the Escape Divine Coin, and threw it over.

“Take it.

This thing can protect your life at a critical moment.”

Xu Xiaoshou took over the coin and could feel the surging spiritual power on it.

This thing…

Yi was relying on this thing to protect his last wisp of will.

Unfortunately, he encountered Lei Shuangxing, who had mastered the first level of the Heart Sword Technique, and was slashed within the Escape Divine Coin.

“He was killed by you.

So the thing belongs to you.”

It was not that Xu Xiaoshou looked down on the Escape Divine Coin.

He just felt that after Lei Shuangxing killed YI, he had more risk than him.

The Holy Divine Palace might be able to identify the person who killed Yi, the Chief of the Transformation Division, and kill the person.

Today, Lei Shuangxing had killed Yi.

Maybe the next day, he would need to use the Escape Divine Coin to protect his life.

Lei Shuangxing flipped his hand and flicked the coin back.

“I dont need anything to protect my life, but you do.

So take it as a token of my gratitude to you.”

Xu Xiaoshou was stunned.


He remembered now.

Why did Lei Shuangxing appear at the last critical moment

How did this fellow find out about the battle here and even arranged for everyone to be trapped in the Storytellers ancient book world

After all, the divine secrets of this world had been completely sealed by Patriarch Wuji.

Lei Shuangxing could sense that something was wrong.

Would it be the same for the Holy Divine Palace

“It seems like I should be the one to thank you for your help…” Xu Xiaoshou held the Escape Divine Coin in his hand and was a little puzzled.

“But then again, how did you find out that there was a battle here”

Patriarch Wuji looked over as well.

He had seized control of the Cloud Realm, so he knew the secrets of this place.

There was no reason for this blind man to discover the battle.

How could he have rushed here so timely

Lei Shuang Xing did not answer.

He turned his head silently and looked in Lei Xiers direction.

His eyes were closed, but everyone could feel that Lei Shuangxing was looking at Lei Xier!

“Lei Shuang Xing, Lei Xier…”

“Lei, Lei…”

Xu Xiaoshou could not get it before this.

Only after Lei Shuangxing acted this way did he suddenly realize something.

With a shocked expression, he said, “So, the two of you…”


Lei Xier opened her red lips slightly and interrupted Xu Xiaoshou.

It was just a word.

It had explained the relationship between the two of them.

The entire place instantly fell silent.

There were no emotional fluctuations on Lei Xiers pretty face.

Her silver hair danced in the wind.

She did not look sad or happy, but the abnormal rotation of her God Devil Eyes showed that she was not calm in her heart.

Lei Shuangxing could not hide his emotions.

He gripped his sword tightly.

He had long been waiting to meet his sister, and he had imagined many scenes.

Except for the scene now, which he had never expected.

“Youre awake…”

After a long pause, as if they had lost the ability to communicate, Lei Shuangxing said a meaningless sentence.

The two of them looked at each other from afar.

Just like how Xu Xiaoshou felt when he said the same sentence earlier.

After so many years, when the two siblings of the Lei family met and recognized each other, there was only a sense of strangeness between their words.

Xu Xiaoshou silently looked at the brother and sister in front of him and could not calm down for a long time.


So, this world is really so small

After going around, Junior Sister, you were the sister of Lei Shuangxing


Perhaps it couldnt be said that it wascoincidental.

Xu Xiaoshou secretly glanced at Lei Shuangxings closed eyes, and then Lei Xiers mysterious and extraordinary pair of God Devil Eyes.

He seemed to have understood something.

“This circle is really big…”

Xu Xiaoshou sighed and didnt ask any more questions.

The current situation wasnt suitable for them to sit down and chat about their hidden identities.

“Is the control of the Cloud Realm still in your hands”

Xu Xiaoshou looked at Patriarch Wuji.

He had to ensure that no one would reveal their identities even if Yi had died.

Otherwise, what everyone would face next would be the mad pursuit of the Holy Divine Palace.


Patriarch Wuji shook his head slightly.

He looked at Lei Shuangxing and gave a shocking answer:

“When he appeared, we were no longer in Yunlun Mountain Range.

Instead, we had entered another world.

“In this world, there is no cloud realm world.

“The cultivation level of this body of mine is not enough to support me to fight for the control of the Cloud Realm world with the Divine Secret Sorcerer outside.”


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