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“Speak,” Lei Shuangxing turned his head.

Xu Xiaoshou said to him, “I know that you want to go out and take it on yourself.

But the pressure is too great.

And now, the higher-ups of Saint Servant should not be by your side”

Lei Shuangxing said nothing.

But in his heart, he knew that this guy was really smart.

He could think of everything.

Indeed it was.

His previous thought was to directly expose his identity after leaving the world of the ancient book and attracting the enemy.

However, Bazhunan, Storyteller, and the others actually had their respective missions.

Aside from Luo Leilei, there was no one else besides him.

It was very difficult to ask for others support in a short period of time!

Xu Xiaoshou patted his shoulder and said earnestly, “I know what you want to do.

But sometimes, self-disclosure is not as convincing as thereal answer found by others through their efforts.”

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“You mean…” Lei Shuangxing understood immediately and the situation somewhat became clear in his mind

Xu Xiaoshou smiled confidently and said.

“You dont have to expose yourself.

You just need to follow the previous trajectory.”

“Yi was the one who brought up this battle.

Now that he is dead, Holy Divine Palace will definitely send people to search this place.”

“And here, there are the power of Divine Secret, bounded domain, the higher void (level), and finally… the ancient book space.

“Its very chaotic!”

Xu Xiaoshou concluded with a heavy sentence and then spread his hands.

“But please believe your enemies.

They are very strong.

They can find Storyteller.”

Lei Shuangxing was shocked when he heard this.

He couldnt believe for a moment that under such uncertainty in the future and situation, Xu Xiaoshou could still maintain such calm and clear analysis and judgment.

But what Xu Xiaoshou said…

There was no doubt.

It was all true!

Lei Shuangxing lowered his head and pondered for a moment, then frowned and said, “But Storyteller has already gone to Abyss Island.

He cant appear in the Yunlun Mountain Range.”

He had gone to Abyss Island… Xu Xiaoshou was only surprised for a moment before he came back to his senses.

He then had an interesting expression on his face.

“Yes, he has gone to Abyss Island.

Why would he appear in the Yunlun Mountain Range”

“Yes,” Lei Shuangxing also nodded solemnly.

“This doesnt make sense.

Perhaps Holy Divine Palace can immediately negate the inference you made before.”


Xu Xiaoshou was stunned and looked puzzled.

“Did you think wrongly Storyteller is nowhere to be found, but the power of the Yin Yang Life and Death Trap has indeed appeared in the Yunlun Mountain Range.

“The only thing Holy Divine Palace will think of when the time comes is whether Storyteller used his clone or some other ability.

“They can only imagine the power of Storyteller.

They wont question if Storyteller has never appeared here before!”

Xu Xiaoshou looked at Lei Shuangxing who was stunned by his words.

He suddenly realized that this guy was bewildered.

After all, not everyones brain was capable of thinking so comprehensively.

Xu Xiaoshou laughed and asked, “Did you only use the sword in your previous battles or the treasure given to you by the higher-ups of Saint Servant Did you not engage in psychological warfare before”

Lei Shuangxing blushed slightly.

Only after Xu Xiaoshou said it bluntly that he realized the assumptions he had just made were all assumptions that Holy Divine Palace had to make, not him.

And if Holy Divine Palace wanted to make assumptions, even if it was just a suspicion, someone had to verify it.

If it was started in the wrong direction, how much time would they waste until the end

“How could he think so far ahead…” Lei Shuangxing was impressed by Xu Xiaoshous brain.

The fact that the existence of the First Pavilion in the Sky could be materialized proved that Xu Xiaoshous ability was not simple.

Lei Shuangxing had really benefited a lot from todays conversation.

However, he gained the benefits in his heart.

On the surface, Lei Shuangxing had to put on another expression.

He said calmly, “This is your second plan I dont have to do anything and just go out to wait for someone to come”

“How can I let you wait for death” Xu Xiaoshou rolled his eyes and pointed to the sky.

There was nothing unusual in the sky of the ancient book world.

However, in the Yunlun Mountain Range, there was Abyss Island Rift Rift in the sky.

Xu Xiaoshou laughed and said.

“You should have the ability to contact Storyteller who has entered Abyss Island.

It shouldnt be lost contact as soon as he entered Abyss Island.

“Let Storyteller make some noise on Abyss Island.

Im afraid Holy Divine Palace wont have the time to look for you after that.

“Under such circumstances, if they can still find you, that would be truly relying on their efforts to find theorigin answer.

“If they strongly believe in this answer, then the suspicion of First Pavilion in the Sky would be completely cleared.

“And when things come to this stage, I believe that a long time has passed.

During this period of time, you can definitely find helpers and release yourself.

“The situation, in general, should be developing quite well.

There might be some hiccups in the process but you are also considered smart.

You can just adapt to the situation.”

Xu Xiaoshou spread his hands and talked non-stop.

Lei Shuangxings expression was calm at first, then his lips opened and closed slightly.

In the end, he was extremely shocked.

Patriarch Wuji was even more shocked when he heard this.

How long had it been since they left the battle

The strange feeling brought about by the death of their enemy had not completely disappeared.

But Xu Xiaoshou had thought of the ending of Holy Divine Palace

Who was the pawn here

If you had such a brain, why would you appear in the Yunlun Mountain Range

Shouldnt you be worshipped by Saint Servant as the commander-in-chief Shouldnt you be strategizing and deciding victory from a thousand miles away!

At this moment, Patriarch Wuji had a new impression of this future master…

“In Awe, Passive Points 2.”

Xu Xiaoshou was non-stop talking as he explained his train of thought to the two people.

He then felt his mouth dry up.

He subconsciously stretched his hands behind his back, but he didnt get Xiao Wanfengs teacup.

Then he realized that the person who served the tea and poured the water wasnt by his side…

He came back to his senses.

The two people in front of him looked as if their teeth had dropped out of their mouths.

“Are you still listening” Xu Xiaoshou frowned.

He didnt need to repeat after talking so much, did he

“Im listening.”

“Im listening.”

Lei Shuangxing and Xuan Wuji were recalling Xu Xiaoshous second plan.

“Its not that difficult to understand, isnt it”

Xu Xiaoshou thought for a moment and concluded, “To sum it up, there are only these words… relieve the besieged by attacking the base of the besieger.”


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