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The Great Demon King Yu Mo, the former Spirit Division Chief,deserved to be called the strongest combat strength of the six divisions.

In the end, he encountered Eighth Sword Deity and was chopped into pieces.

Holy Divine Palace was furious and attacked in the five regions, exterminating countless dark forces.

The incident back then, the heads of those who were involved and affected…

Were countlessly rolling.

After Water Ghost finished speaking, he looked up and muttered, “Its almost time…”

He lowered his eyes, looked at the people in front of him, and said in a deep voice, “They are already at the door.

Go back and its time to for the trial.”

Everyone immediately stood up.


This time, everyone responded in unison and turned around to leave.

“Fourth Manager, stay back,” said Water Ghost.

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Yuan Haisheng stopped in his tracks, and his heart skipped a beat.

Fourth Manager, wasnt it me

Being called by the leader to stay back after a meeting was not a good thing, especially after he crossed the line during the meeting just now.

Yuan Haisheng was anxious, but he could only watch the people around him leave.

Nangong Yin gave him a look to remind him to take good care of himself and left without saying anything else.

In the quiet dark room, only he and First Manager were left.

“Your name is… Yuan Haisheng” Unexpectedly, First Manager, Water Ghost, didnt scold him.

Instead, he greeted him calmly.

Yuan Haisheng nodded feeling unease, “Yes.”

“Haisheng…” the figure on the main seat murmured, and there was a hint of a smile in his tone, “A very nice name.”

Yuan Haishengs heart beat faster.

What did it mean

You made me stay back alone, praised my name, and then killed me

It wouldnt be to this extent, would it be

While Yuan Haishengs thoughts ran wild, Water Ghost composed himself and said calmly, “Are you in charge of the transaction line of First Pavilion in the Sky”

“Yes,” Yuan Haisheng was startled and immediately nodded.

“This Demi-Saint faction has a very powerful background.

Young Master Xu, the leader, is very capable.

Soon after he came, he had established a connection with Plenty Gold Company.

Now, he has even established a supply chain relationship with the headquarters of Magic Pill Technicians Association in the capital… First Pavilion in the Sky is involved in many things, and Im treating it as the most important business.”

Although he didnt know what First Manager wanted to ask, Yuan Haisheng immediately told him everything he needed to say.

“Relax,” First Manager, Water Ghost, smiled faintly.

“I dont mean to blame you.

I made you stay back just to tell you something.”

How could Yuan Haisheng dare to relax

When Water Ghost smiled, life and death were unpredictable!

He was scared to death.

He felt that there was something that he didnt do well enough that he needed First Manager to personally tell him what to do.

“Ill do as you command!” Yuan Haisheng bent down.

Water Ghost tapped on the armrest of the chair as if he was thinking.

After a long time, he said, “The transaction line of First Pavilion in the Sky will remain as usual.

Do what youve been doing.

But when youre questioned by Holy Divine Palace, no matter what it is, as long as it involves First Pavilion in the Sky, lead them to other directions.”

Yuan Haishengs pupils trembled.

From the meaning of these words…

First Pavilion in the Sky had something to do with First Manager

“Do you understand what I mean” Water Ghost leaned over.

Yuan Haisheng felt a great sense of pressure and nodded heavily, “Yes, I do!”

“No, you dont.” Water Ghost smiled again.

“What I mean is that you dont need to take extra care of First Pavilion in the Sky.

You just need to lead Holy Divine Palace during your conversation with them.”


Water Ghost paused for a moment and then said, “Youre a local tyrant of Dongtianwang City, what do you know about Yis death”

Yuan Haishengs knees went weak and he almost kneeled down.

“I dont know anything…”

“I said, what do you know” Water Ghost repeated.

Yuan Haisheng was stunned and finally understood what First Manager meant.

Water Ghost said, “Yama, Xu Yue Grey Palace, Saint Servant…They were the few large-scale dark forces that appeared in Dongtianwang City recently.

“There are only a few factions that can kill Yi.

“Not only do I want you to know something, but I also want you to think of a way to give the information you know about these factions in Dongtianwang City to Holy Divine Palace.

“Of course, when you talk, you dont have to be too serious.

They will suspect something themselves.”

After Water finished speaking, he looked at Yuan Haisheng through the mist.

Yuan Haishengs heart was in turmoil.

He had an idea that he shouldnt have.

Could it be…

Yis death had something to do with First Pavilion in the Sky

Otherwise, why would First Manager want him to favor First Pavilion in the Sky when interacting with Holy Divine Palace Why would he set up traps for Saint Servant and the other factions

At this critical juncture, a trap of his, Holy Divine Palace would have a strong tendency to lock onto other targets.

But if they found out that wasnt the right target, he would be the one to suffer…

Yuan Haishengs head was numb.

He felt that he was to blame for saying he understood everything, but he couldnt disobey First Manager.

At that moment, Yuan Haisheng gritted his teeth and solemnly promised.

“I will definitely complete the mission!”

There was no response.

In the dark secret room, just like when he saidUnderstand all of a sudden just now, there was nothing else other than echo.

Yuan Haisheng bowed.

The sweat on his forehead went past his eyebrows and into his eye sockets, making his eyes feel bitter.

But he didnt dare to act rashly.

He waited for a long time.

First Manger still didnt respond.

Yuan Haisheng felt something was wrong.

He secretly looked up, wanting to take a peek.

He glanced over.

The person in the main seat had long disappeared.

“He has left”

Yuan Haisheng took a breath and relaxed his body.

Suddenly, he saw the wall behind the long chair in the main seat.

A cat head was carved on the wall of the dark room.

It was ferocious and fierce, blending with the surrounding dark environment.

Only the faint light in its eyes was emitting the aura of death in the silence.

“Night Cat doesnt speak, but Night Cat is always watching you!”

Yuan Haisheng thought of the first lesson of the organization, and goosebumps were all over his body.

He straightened his body, raised his head and puffed out his chest.

He was alone in the dark secret room, beating his chest and saluting.

Then, his voice was as loud as thunder.

“Boss, dont worry!

“I, Yuan Haisheng, promise to complete the mission!”


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