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In the capital of the Central Region.

Just as the trial in the capital was going on in full swing…

In the largest black market in the capital, at an underground palace that was rarely visited, a large number of people dressed in strange clothes suddenly surged in.

These people all covered their heads and faces as if they could not see the light.

Every one of them without exception had a dense murderous aura.

This murderous aura could only be formed when ones hands were stained with too much blood and killed too many lives.

Normally, if one rested for some time, it would disappear on its own.

However, there was only one reason why the murderous aura on these people did not dissipate and was almost solidified.

All these years, they had been killing people nonstop!

The underground palace was very low-key and did not have any extravagant decorations.

The only eye-catching spot was the blood black symbol on the door.

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There was an incense altar carved on it.

Three incense sticks were standing up and burning quietly.

The assassins temple, Three Incenses!

In the hall.

There were many bounties on the mission board.

The bounties that could be hung in the headquarters of Three Incenses in the Central Region were at least death apostle level.

In the Three Incenses, the three most wanted criminals, death apostle, abominator, and dispirited corpse, corresponded to the red hunting token, purple hunting token, and gold hunting token of the assassins level.

Generally speaking, only assassins of the corresponding level could receive a reward of the corresponding level.

They would receive a valuable reward only after completing the mission.

However, there were exceptions.

For example, at this moment…

A reward that glowed with black and gold light was at the highest and most eye-catching spot on the mission board in the hall.

It was very eye-catching.

There was nothing mentioned on the reward.

However, all the red hunting tokens and above assassins understood that this was the highest levelmobilization order which was rarely seen in a few years.

“When was the mobilization order hung up When I came here this morning, I didnt seem to see it” Someone walked into the hall with a wine bag and asked while looking at the black and gold reward.

“Heavenly Dog, did you drink too much I have received the news through my red hunting token.

Your purple hunting token should have received the notice too!” Someone beside him laughed sinisterly.

“Purple hunting token” The assassin called Heavenly Dog laughed and shook his head.

“My hunting token keeps beeping non-stop every day.

There are always people who want me to take action but cant provide the corresponding reward.

Ive already blocked it… Corpse, what about you”

In Three Incenses, those who were able to obtain the red hunting token were at least those who had successfully assassinated a Sovereign (stage).

After obtaining the red hunting token, it would be difficult for them to advance any further.

To advance from red hunting token to purple, it required the successful assassination of 100 Sovereign (stage) and 10 Cutting Path (stage).

To advance from purple hunting token to gold, it required the successful assassination of 100 Cutting Path (stage) and one higher void (level).

For an ordinary assassin, the gold hunting token was the highest level.

The ability to assassinate a higher void (level) would prove his strength and ability.

However, for an extraordinary assassin…

There was still room for the gold hunting token to advance further!

Further up was the highest three-colored hunting token in Three Incenses.

The condition was to successfully assassinate one Demi-Saint and 10 higher void (level).

It was an absurd condition to level up!

However, in the history of Three Incenses, 16 assassin had received the three-colored hunting token.

These people were all kings of the assassin.

In theory, they should be famous in the world of the assassin.

However, in reality, no one knew the identities of the 16 kings of assassins.

But some people had made some guesses.

The two chiefs of the six divisions of Holy Divine Palace who came from Three Incenses should have received the three-colored hunting token.

One of them was Yi.

The other was Ye Xiao.

Everyone knew that even though the chiefs of the six divisions were not as powerful as Demi-Saint…

However, there were times even Demi-Saint could be weak, let alone others with the lower realm.

The path of assassins emphasized assassination.

In assassination, the realm was the least considered.

Timing, geographical advantage, and the state of the target were the most important.

Sovereign (stage) had three realms: Dao realm, Cutting Path Level, and higher void (level).

But to put it bluntly, these three realms belonged to the Sovereign (stage).

Anyone with a red hunting token and a cultivation level of Sovereign (stage), theoretically speaking, would have the ability to assassinate higher void (level).

This was also the fundamental reason everyone tried their best not to provoke their peers as much as possible.

No matter which world they were in,Sixth Brother was hated to the core.

Even an assassin with a golden hunting token was most afraid of being sliced by the dagger of a red hunting token assassin whom he usually looked down on and offended when he was weak after carrying out a mission.

In the hall.

Corpse only had red hunting token, but he dared to make fun of Heavenly Dog who had a purple hunting token.

Similarly, Heavenly Dog didnt care and interacted with him as an equal.

It was because everyone knew that the color of the hunting token was no longer important since they could enter the headquarters of Three Incenses in Central Region.

Except for the golden hunting token, everyones abilities werent much different.

The difference was just the number of vengeful souls in their hands.

Corpse pointed at the mission board and welcomed Heavenly Dog to his side.

Then, he sat down next to him and said, “I dont know who issued the assemble order this time, but theres only one content.

To gather at Holy Sword Land of Eastern Region.

Anyone with a red token or above would receive the message.

Those below are not qualified to participate.”

“Eastern Region So far away” Heavenly Dog was surprised.

The mobilization order aimed to mobilize the strongest assassins in the world to gather in a certain direction.

The moment the mobilization order was issued, it gave the assassins time for preparation.

At this time, the mission instructions hadnt been issued yet, but as long as there was a clear target, everyone could receive the reward.

Whoever completed the mission first would receive the reward.

Heavenly Dog didnt expect the mobilization order issued by the headquarters of Three Incenses to send people to the Eastern Region.


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