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Xu Xiaoshou almost burst out laughing.

This trial officer was too funny.

Even a tough guy could not resist the cuteness of a little girl.

Especially when the other party interrogated Mu Zixi without any evidence.

He could not hurtMu Zixi the slightest, and he had to observe the propriety of the interrogation and get the answer he wanted.

It was simply exhausting.

Of course, as a person who had undergone professional training and practice, it was very difficult for Xu Xiaoshou to laugh.

He could still endure the current situation.

“The man in black… question… uh… question…” the little girl was still lying limply on the ground, stammering, not answering what she was being asked.

Of course, Xu Xiaoshou could answer directly.

Yi was the boss of the Transformation Division who worked in intelligence.

If he wanted to interrogate a weak little girl, how could he let her leave behind the memories of the interrogation

According to the Soul Reading, Yis soul memory was read.

All the people who were interrogated by Yi were under his mental control.

After that, no matter how strong an expert was, it would be difficult for them to have a clear understanding of the interrogation process.

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At this moment, Xu Xiaoshou was pretending to be Mu Zixi.

With Mu Zixis strength, she couldnt remember even a little bit of the interrogation process!

Therefore, Xu Xiaoshou pretended to be muddle-headed and stuttered for a long time.

He only mentionedman in black andquestion.

If he could tell the details of the interrogation process, the trial officer in front of him would start doubting the authenticity of the information.

As expected, seeing that the little girl was unable to tell him any of the key details, the trial officer fell into deep thought.

He knew that the Chief of the Transformation Division had accepted Rao Yaoyaos mission before interrogating Mu Zixi.

He put himself in Yis thoughts.

If he were the Chief of the Transformation Division and had such a noble identity, it was indeed impossible for him to target a little girl and let her leave behind all the memories of the interrogation process.

In other words, even if he were to ask her in this manner, he wouldnt be able to get anything out of her.

The trial officer muttered to himself.

He knew that he wouldnt be able to get anything out of her, but he still had to go through the process of asking questions that required him to beat around the bush.

“You, do you still remember me”

The trial officer pondered for a moment before using mental guidance to change the image of himself in the little girls mind into the image that Yi often used — the little girl.

There was no reaction at all.

The little girl on the ground seemed to have seen a stranger, and she did not give any response at all.

“Yi did not use this image…” the trial officer understood.

He once again put himself in Yis position, thinking about what methods he would use to interrogate the little girl in front of him if he were Yi.

First, the normal interrogation: approach Mu Zixi as a normal trial officer, ask questions normally, not using mental guidance, but this is easy to be deceived.

The trial officer ruled out this option.

He had tried it just now.

Yis image of a little girl was too cute.

It wouldnt be of any help to the interrogation process.


Second, the gentle interrogation: make use of the person close to Mu Zixi to beat around the bush and get the answer he wanted.

As the trial officer thought this, he used mental guidance to change his image of the little girl on the ground to “Young Master Xu”.

This time, the little girl reacted.

“Boohoo… Xu Faction Leader… give it back to me…” the little girl who was on the ground was extremely aggrieved and began to sob.

The trial officer quickly ended this mental guidance.

If the opponents emotions were over fluctuating, he could break free from the interrogation procedure ahead of time and even leave her with great mental damage.

“Its not Young Master Xu either…” the trial officer thought, but he quickly felt relieved.

Mu Zixi and the guardian Xiaoqing had appeared on another mountain after Yis death.

Rao Yaoyao had shown him these spirit mirror images when she gave him the mission.

According to the Cloud Realm images that he had seen…

The two of them had clearly never seenYoung Master Xu during Yis interrogation — theYoung Master Xu that Yi had transformed into!

If they had seen him, based on the little girls temperament, she would definitely cause a huge ruckus.

Yis interrogation did not last long and he left very quickly.

Then, he was ambushed before he died.

If he wanted to transform intoYoung Master Xu…

He would probably spend most of his time under the mental guidance asYoung Master Xu to apologize to this little girl!

He had to stoop so low! He was the Chief of the Transformation Division!

From the looks of it, there was only one possibility left.

Third, the violent interrogation: a violent and exaggerated mental imaget would directly attack the soul of the interrogator.

With sufficient pressure, coupled with mental guidance, the interrogator would be able to get the answers to the questions in a short period of time.

This was the most likely way after considering the time spent in the process of Yis interrogation.

Thus, the trial officer spoke gently and cutely, “What does the person you met after taking a walk look like”

The little girl on the ground suddenly trembled.

“Tall… dark… devil…”

There were three adjectives in total.

The trial officer immediately confirmed that Yi used this method.

Only through this method could he quickly get the answers he wanted.

And clearly, after asking, Yi did not get the result that he suspected.

That was to say, there was nothing wrong with Mu Zixi, so he left directly.

After he left, he encountered another ambush…

That must be the case.

“Hes not a devil.

Hes just an expert.

In fact, hes not scary.

Look, he didnt attack you, did he” the trial officer comforted her gently at first.

After the little girl calmed down, he asked again, “So, do you still remember how long he interrogated you”


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